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Chapter 127: Extra – The opening ceremony of the military competition

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Although the media reporters could not find the legendary Omega, and even made speculations about withdrawing from the competition, they finally saw Baylor’s name on the announced competition list.

“Excuse me, I don’t seem to see Ensign Baylor, when is he going to show up? Is there a change of heart? Will Ensign Baylor be at the opening ceremony?”

In the private interview time allowed, the Federation reporter asked the captain of the Ya’an Empire team and the diplomatic team in front of him with great concern.

Captain Trimos: What could have changed, just took a leave of absence to go on vacation, which was granted by the General, and was personally accompanied by the General. He replied steadily, “Of course he will attend the opening ceremony.” Well, the leave note was written like this. The diplomat next to him replied in a much more rounded way, “Ensign Baylor is a member of our team who cannot be singled out, and is only temporarily absent because of some business, and will rejoin us before the opening ceremony, thanks to the media reporters for their interest in our team members.”

The reporter nodded, and then asked: “I heard that General Ewan will also attend this time, I wonder if this attendance is related to his partner, Ensign Baylor playing?”

Isn’t that fucking bullshit?

The Ya’an Empire diplomat smiled gently, “We have always attached great importance to the Alliance military competition, and the General’s presence also represents the importance of our country.”

“General Ewan has always declared that he would not seek a partner, but recently changed his marital status on the official military page and announced his partnership with Ensign Baylor. Will General Ewan be making an official statement about this? The marriage of General Ewan is a matter of great interest to people all over the world and everyone is looking forward to seeing a big wedding.”

Aren’t you an event reporter? Why are you now a gossip reporter?

The diplomat of the Ya’an Empire replied with a calm but firm face, “These are personal matters of the General, and I believe the General has his own arrangements, and we have no right to answer this question. If there are no other questions, then today’s interview can be concluded.”

This interview was posted on the Internet, although there was actually little content, but because of the human heart that can not stop the gossip and attract the attention of many netizens, the topic instantly soared.

“Imperial General ah, with such an identity, so low-key a marriage is not normal, even skipping a wedding, is there an inside story ah?” 

“Worthy of being the General’s partner, said late rendezvous on late rendezvous, the frame really big.”

“Why in the end did he become the Holy Son of the Church? Is it because General Ewan gave him the title in order to raise his status?”

“This Omega really, every day on the hot search, I am numb, and want to rebel.”

A few months ago, a storm of public opinion centered on Baylor has cemented the name “Baylor” deep into the hearts of the people, whether they are concerned about the gossip, most of them know of the existence of such a person. The official page of Ewan’s website was changed from unmarried to married, and the name Baylor was written in the partner section.

The story was a huge hit on the Internet. Then the two parties were out of sight, the media reporters simply could not catch people, of course, part of the trip away from the group was public, but also no journalists dared to block the military General. First-hand information was important so, for this reason, questioning whether to jail or not was unnecessary.

So far the masses have not waited until two people have responded positively to this matter. This military alliance competition would be the first time the two people would officially appear in front of the public, they could imagine the degree of concern about this issue.

The result was that, until the opening ceremony, Baylor did not appear. He was really keeping everyone’s appetite hanging.

On the last night of the working day, the opening ceremony of the military alliance competition was held, the constellation of Alix and the Marl system of the major mainstream cultural circles synchronized live, involving the simultaneous translation of 600 languages.

Many people went directly into the virtual world of the Star Network and sat together with their partners from all over the galaxy, watching the live broadcast on the network. Thousands of virtual communities are now showing the opening ceremony of the military alliance competition.

Of course, those who were in a position to do so are going directly to the site, such as the military cadet exchange group led by Eric and Kana. But those who had no vacation time could only stay on the home planet to watch the live broadcast.

“Now the Internet seems to be betting on whether Baylor will appear or not.” The student next to Eric said, “These people are really boring.” Eric nodded in a serious way, then immediately put his head down and sent a message to Baylor: Are you there yet? You didn’t forget the opening ceremony? You’re not not going to be there today, are you?

A minute later, a message came through – nagging. 

Eric put away the terminal, said to his companions: “Yes, what’s the bet, appear or not, we will know later!

At this time, the front row of the audience, Sean and Admiral Von were sitting in civilian clothes. Wellin was also there, he came following his brother, but Weifield as Ewan’s secretary general, needed to attend with Ewan, and was located in  the special area reserved for dignitaries.

“The Church Army also sent a team, I do not know how they will perform.” Admiral Von was sitting upright, casual clothes not giving a sense of military formality, he said: “This is a good opportunity to understand each other’s strength.”

Wellin nodded, facing Admiral Von, his usual unreliable attitude converged, said: “The last battle was not a head-on encounter after all, and the time was very short, many places were not tested.”

Admiral Von said, “Well, this time the Crystal Swallow Federation’s team is also very strong, over the years they have made a lot of breakthroughs in mecha sympathetic technology, greatly enhancing the mecha’s combat capabilities. They have been hiding their light, we also need to pay more attention to them.”

“The admiral is right.”

Sean next to him shook his head speechlessly, and then extended his hand towards the serious Admiral Von beside him. Admiral Von looked at Sean’s loose hair, and without changing his face, he took off a delicate silver hair band from his wrist and put it on Sean’s palm.

Sean took the hair band and tied up the loose hair while saying, “Can we not discuss business during the holidays? Simply watch the game, don’t think so much about the mess.”

Although Admiral Von felt that it was necessary to think about this, after all, although he was on a leave of absence, it was impossible to completely put aside the affairs of the Ministry, but to Sean’s words, he has always been unconditionally obedient. So he nodded and said to Wellin next to him, “Sean’s right. Wellin, you should take it easy.”

Wellin:? Didn’t you say it first?

At that moment, along with a rousing symphony, the arena gradually lit up, the originally noisy audience became unified in the quiet, the arena rose up a ring-shaped holographic projection, the flags of various civilizations rotating, like a kaleidoscope. And at the top, a three-dimensional azure number appeared, counting down from 10. The audience and the virtual community began to count down together, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Two large and powerful mecha descended from the sky and then fought in the field.

But this was not real, but virtual imaging, the next second, the arena again into the vast sea of stars, in the universe, a huge barbaric whale leapt out from the nebula, and then headed into the void.

All kinds of cosmic phenomena were concentrated in this circle, so beautiful that the audience was lost in thought, and they were instantly pulled into this magnificent scene by exclaiming in amazement and losing their breath. And then, from among the natural phenomena, huge interstellar ships emerged, breaking through the sea of stars, unstoppably occupying a position in the universe, another miracle of mankind.

After the dazzling and gorgeous scene disappeared, the audience’s emotions had been pulled to the peak, and following a short opening speech, the entrance opened and the players wearing their national uniforms began to come out one after another.

At that moment, the camera swept the audience to where the leaders of various countries were sitting, and even if it was just a quick sweep, a handsome figure attracted everyone’s attention as powerfully as if he had been hit with a spotlight.

The dark gray uniform seems to be tailor-made for this man, the uniform was straight but not rigid, representing his General status with a golden spike belt from the shoulder emblem list across the chest. Hairline swept backward, superior bone structure  visible, full forehead, eyebrows heroic, a pair of goose gray eyes deep and cold, sitting somewhat casually, but it was difficult to hide the temperament of military stock.

When the screen swept over, Ewan had slightly hanging eyes, wearing black leather gloves in his hand holding the opening ceremony flow sheet, next to the chief secretary Weifield who was whispering something.

This instant image was like a detonation of dynamite, in the Internet provoked a wave of brush screen. “How can my god be so handsome?”

“I wish he were mine.”

“This situation, I just want to say four words, not including and standing.” 

“You’re not right upstairs, I’m not right either.”

Then someone relentlessly burst into their fantasy – “Wake up, he’s already a married husband.”

The first time the people who watched the audition live became fans of Ewan and Baylor CP, they took off their clothes.

“General’s skin color is darker than BayBay, when it is time to take off their clothes, a dark skin color with a light one, the sexual tension is not too strong.” 

“They are not licensed. Until they are licensed, go on a honeymoon trip and announce it to all of us, I will not admit defeat.”

What’s the point of this?

There were netizens who couldn’t stand it, “upstairs ghs 1 , reported.”

While some were concerned about this cosmic gossip party, others were waiting for another party to appear. Resulting in a bunch of people waiting impatiently until after the speech for the first to appear, the Sycamore Church Army team from the Marl system.

As guests from far away, they had the honor of being the first to appear, and this group of people from the other side of the human race immediately turned everyone’s gossip around. The audience looked at the soldiers of the church army, who looked no different from them on the outside, and felt mixed emotions in their hearts.

These people were in fact their compatriots, a civilization with the same roots. The other expeditionary team that had left the home planet that year had also embarked on a long journey to continue human civilization.

The audience applauded, and although they didn’t speak the same language or share the same culture, their sincere feelings were conveyed. The two expeditions that had carried the continuation of human civilization thousands of years later, finally ushered in a belated rendezvous.

No one will forget the sacrifices brought about by the friction between the two civilizations, but at this moment, more than looking at the hatred of the past, they want to move towards a peaceful future.

In the audience, Sean watched this scene and suddenly remembered a conversation he had with Ewan at his home – “My attitude has always been clear, as long as there is a second choice, I will not choose to go to war”. With his student’s firm voice still in his ears, Sean subconsciously looked towards Ewan, who was in a special seat, with a calm expression, not showing any fluctuations, except for his share of the applause.

When Baylor was arrested, with that state of mind, the outlying group did not choose to go to full-scale war, but led the team to carry out targeted rescue and deterrence.

Ewan really had never deviated from his own principles. Sean suddenly recalled the scene when he first met Ewan in an autumn more than ten years ago.

It was at a lecture, and the polite, distant child had the maturity of an adult, insightful about everything he saw, but not overly arrogant, and humbly accepting all instructions. The fact that he insisted on bringing Ewan to the imperial capital and taking him as his student was one of the things that Sean felt he had done right. Well, one of the two best things, I guess, was to be with Von.

Sean’s thoughts were racing when an unusual commotion erupted in the arena again, and Sean looked at it and realized that teams from many countries were already standing in formation, and the team now entering the arena was wearing a familiar dark gray uniform – the team from the Ya’an Empire.


And the commotion in the field at this time, partly because of the appearance of a strong team, partly because they have been waiting a long time for this figure to finally appear.

From a few months ago, everyone was waiting, and several of them thought they would see someone, but their expectations were not met, to this moment, everyone’s patience was almost exhausted, if that person does not appear today, there was no doubt that some people may be ready to go directly to the gate of the military, although it has not been done before.

The huge procession of the Ya’an Empire came out neatly and solemnly, like a dark gray wave.

“Do you see him?” Eric wore magnifying glasses and searched carefully among the ranks. “No, so many people, how can he be found immediately.” 

“I can’t see Baylor anywhere.”

The pop-ups on the live stream were also asking if anyone had seen the amazing Omega.

The team had almost completely entered, but they had not seen the key figure, many people began to wonder, was he really not present today? It’s been so many days of waiting! The company’s main goal was to make sure that the company’s customers are not too busy.

In the middle of the screen, the handsome young man with black hair and cold skin was following the procession without expression, and faintly, he could still see the impatience between the eyebrows. It was obviously wearing the same military uniform, but the style he was painted in was not quite the same as the people next to him, always leaving people feeling he was unreal.

“It’s BayBay!” Baylor’s fans posted a pop-up: “Finally, I see you again after so many days! Still so beautiful!” 

“If he doesn’t come out again, I’m going to suspect that he disappeared into thin air.” 

“Alas, this lens is well known, 360 degrees focus, the photographer has chicken legs.”

Probably the camera crew also had a heart for gossip, or perhaps for the program effect, or perhaps just by chance, the camera then cut away and then immediately cut back to a different angle, and finally turned around Baylor in a circle, thoroughly shooting him and the surrounding people.

So, we can see some unusual spots.

Baylor’s neck was slender and long, black hair was probably just trimmed, the tail of his hair swept across his neck, exposing the back area with his neck gland. There was a square flesh-colored medical sticker on the gland. Not a gland sticker, nor a blocker, but an ordinary medical sticker. 

The netizens: …. . emmmm this is very intriguing. This medical sticker, also can not block the pheromone, it is attached to the gland,why?

At this time, the netizens screenshotted it for enlargement, Baylor’s skin tone was cold white, any traces on the above appear extra obvious, so in the enlarged picture, in the hidden place behind the ear below the piece, a dark with pink traces were quietly revealed.

Netizens: …. . emmm my brain suddenly has something not quite decent.

And at this time the camera once again swept across this stunning Omega, Omega’s face had a cold color, could not see the slightest hint of his thought, which mirrored a certain well-known General in the audience, elbows leaning on the armrest, wearing black leather gloves hand slightly covered lips, the whole body look with the same nothing expression as always, bland.

The netizens: … Maybe it’s just a bug bite, during military training, mosquito bites are more common, our thoughts are pure.

Of course, those fans who have driven up before were now directly wolf howling and ready to go to their own little world to write a 800-word mini-essay.

Baylor did not know what those who were looking at themselves were thinking, he just wanted to hurry up and finish. What the hell was the opening ceremony, and he had to wait outside for so long, and come in to listen to a bunch of nonsense. No next time, he will never participate again.

The swelling and pain that came from the glands at the back of his neck at this point was a direct result of the depression in Baylor’s eyes. (Bee-) Ewan was a dog, [bleep-] then his mental body was a dog, he was like a dog! That old man almost bit his neck off!

When he thought about this afternoon, he found out that his glands were so swollen that he couldn’t wear a barrier. Baylor wanted to rush over and bite Ewan right now. No, I’m going to bite back today.

Ewan hid his lips, his eyes were deep, his face expressionless, he looked inscrutable, no one could tell what he was thinking in his head.

Baylor usually dressed casually, in the military department he also wears training clothes. Today for the first time he was in a full set of the military uniform, looking at the belt revealing the slender waist, and the straight military pants under the even more slender legs, he just wanted to unbutton that tightly buttoned uniform one by one.

And he did. Then he accidentally lost control. Now it seems a little too much. Ewan frowned slightly and began to reflect. Recently he bit too much, he needed to restrain himself a little, mainly Baylor had been playing and needed to rest.

So he turned his head and said to Weifield, “You can arrange another room for me.” 

Now he was living with Baylor, but obviously he could no longer share a room with Baylor.

Weifield was stunned, and wondered why the General had suddenly thought of this, he nodded and wrote it down, “Yes, General, I’ll arrange it right away.”

After two minutes, Weifield suddenly heard the group beside him say in a deep voice: “The room next to Baylor.” 

… Weifield’s face did not change as he responded, “Understood.”

Weifield turned his face sideways and looked at his own General frowning slightly, he could not help but the corners of his mouth twitch, so what was the big difference between a suite and a room now? What was the point of changing?


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Translator Notes:

  1. means something like talking dirty


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