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Chapter 22: Who’s the Person Who Marked Him?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Monkey of the KarateChop kind


There was blood dripping from his fingers, drop by drop on the ground, but Gu Ang didn’t feel any pain. The words were like a mantra in his ears, and his brain hurt.


Was that him?

This doctor was really joking with him and he got the wrong result, right?

Gu Ang remembered that when he was very young, Qin LeHe took him for a gender genetic test.

He especially remembered the old doctor touching his head with pride, ‘Little boy, your genes are very powerful, you will definitely differentiate into a super brave Alpha.’

After that statement his family had been training him according to a standard elite Alpha since childhood. But when he was a child, he wasn’t very obedient, so from day to day he acted arrogant and harsh, his mind wasn’t used for learning.

He didn’t train properly and didn’t study hard, until he met Ye Fei.

Ye Fei pulled him back countless times in the training, letting him experience the feeling of the power of the strong against enemies. Later, he led his team to fight in wars, suppressing rebellions, saving innocent people, and making remarkable achievements, and his youthful ambition became a soldier’s responsibility.

This was his mission, and he enjoyed it.

But now, someone told him, this was not so.

He differentiated into an Omega.

Trembling, weak, powerless, out of control because of a broken, rusty pheromone.

He didn’t believe it, and he didn’t accept it.

The doctor lifted his eyes from the report sheet and after noticing his injured hand, he exclaimed, “Hey how did your hand get cut? I’ll call the nurse to bandage it up for you.”

After speaking he quickly went to the door to call someone over.

Gu Ang tensed his back and pulled out a faint smile, “It must be someone with the same name, a mistake.”

“There’s no mistake in the report, it’s yours, the name and age are correct.”

The doctor sighed, “I know you can’t accept it, but that’s what the labs came back with. I just euphemized it a bit, and although your reproductive tract isn’t fully formed yet, the Omega gender hormone in your body has reached a very high value. We haven’t come across a case like this before, so I will send your blood sample to the headquarters for another exam.”

Gu Ang’s heart thumped. So the stomach pain that day was the reproductive tract forming? What was growing inside this changed body?

He looked sideways and saw his face in the reflection of the window, as if he was looking at a monster he didn’t know.

Gu Ang’s heart harbored a last glimmer of hope, “Doctor, inform me as soon as possible of any new results.”

Dr. Zhang patted his shoulder, “You should be prepared though, because with the current results, there is basically no escape.”

Although the words were a bit harsh, if the young student didn’t accept the truth, it was also self-deception.

Gu Ang slightly raised his chin, pulling his jaw in a taut straight line.

The stubborn look of a teenager in an unyielding struggle with fate.

“I remain unconvinced, I don’t believe it.”

The nurse pushed the door in, brought medicine and bandages, squatted next to Gu Ang and pulled his hand, “Why are you so careless? It will be a little painful but bear with it a little.”

The glass fragments shattered in the palm of his hand, and his beautiful hand was pierced into a bloody mess. The alcohol soaked into the wound, but the teenager’s expression didn’t move at all.

Gu Ang couldn’t feel the pain, it was like a huge stone was pressing down on his heart, almost breaking his breath. Bandage after bandage was wrapped around his hand, and those glass shards that pierced into his palm were also stabbing his heart to pieces.

“Bandaging is done. Be careful so it doesn’t touch water.” The nurse explained a few precautions and went out.

Gu Ang sat in the chair and looked at the doctor steadily.

Only after a long time did he whisper, “Give me the test results.”

The doctor handed over the photocopy of the sheet and put the original in the drawer, “Don’t worry, the hospital’s test results will not be leaked. I will inform you when there are new results.”

Gu Ang clutched the lab slip in his hand, his face expressionless, “Okay, thanks.”

The doctor understood this kind of trauma-like blow, afraid that Gu Ang couldn’t think clearly, he added, “Nowadays technology is advanced, so there’s nothing that can’t be solved. Don’t do something stupid.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Gu Ang remained calm from the beginning to the end. Like the calm before a storm, the silence was terrifying.

Dr. Zhang kindly made a final reminder, “You differentiated in a peculiar way, so you may not endure estrus. Ordinary inhibitors have little effect on you, your situation is serious. You can only self-isolate. If you want relief, you can have an Alpha mark you.”

Gu Ang hung his head and mewled, digesting this new second gender note. He was clearly an Alpha himself, so why did he need another Alpha to mark him? It wasn’t as if he hadn’t taken a physiology class; it was self-evident what Omega marking meant.

To be in heat, to be marked, to be pregnant, and to have children was a lifetime that many Omegas went through in their long years. He and Ye Fei were both Alphas, and these things had never been considered, so how did they fall hard on his head now?

Leaving the hospital, Gu Ang didn’t know where he should go. His mind was a mess, he couldn’t stop thinking about it, yet couldn’t sort it out. He wandered aimlessly around the school, where the hormones were booming all over the military academy.

Some were sweating on the basketball court, some were fighting in the boxing ring, some were shooting in the shooting range, and there were strong, hot-blooded Alphas everywhere.

Betas like Bai SiNing were already a minority in the military school, and the delicate Omegas were excluded.

He, however, became an alien among the students.

Gu Ang wandered around the school, dizzy from the blazing sun.

He didn’t want to go back to the dormitory to face Ye Fei, nor did he want to see any familiar faces, he just wanted to find a corner where he could hide and digest this nightmare by himself. Gu Ang looked up and saw a small bunch of withered greenery hanging down from the roof of the building.

The rooftop above was the place where Ye Fei proposed to him, with an unobstructed view of the night sky at night.

Gu Ang hesitated for a few seconds and walked up the stairs to the top floor, where the door lock was covered in dust and looked like no one had been there for a long time.

He violently broke the door and shattered the lock completely with little force. Pushing the door open, the rooftop was deserted.

Gu Ang closed the door, then randomly found a corner to sit against the wall. The ground was full of dirt, no one had cleaned it for a long time.

He didn’t care if it was dirty or not, he didn’t feel like thinking about it. He spread out the laboratory test, the indicators were stated clearly, the results were also clearly written.

[Second gender differentiation result: Omega]

But anyone who could read and write could understand.

It was really too ironic, it was like someone slapped him hard.

Trampled his intention and arrogance to the ground.

There were many chaotic thoughts in his head. How could he stay in the strong military school in the future? Would this body, which he disliked, become increasingly vulnerable until it was easily defeated?

He didn’t know, and didn’t dare to think about it.

His body was getting hotter and hotter, and Gu Ang was panting softly against the wall. The scent of white peach oolong was spreading unrestrainedly outward, and the fragrance of tea with a slight sweetness enveloped him richly.

Anyway, since no one was around, Gu Ang didn’t forcefully suppress it.

So this was an Omega’s rutting period. In the past he thought his pheromone was delicate, but now it was fitting, even his gender was delicate. He suddenly missed Ye Fei immensely.

He wanted to ask him for a hug and a kiss, wantedYe Fei to tell him not to be afraid.

The communicator was stuck on Ye Fei’s call screen, but he never dared to press the call button.

Ye Fei wouldn’t laugh at him, and wouldn’t dislike him.

Bai SiNing sent him a message: [Ang, I heard from God Ye that you went to the hospital again when you were not feeling well. What was the result?]

Gu Ang snorted mockingly and typed slowly: [No big problem.]

He quickly flipped through his contacts and surprisingly couldn’t find a single person to confess this to. Everyone thought of him as the strongest Alpha, and he didn’t want to show weakness.

Gu Ang’s fingertips suck into his palm, reopening the wound.

He leaned against the wall, his mind filled with thoughts, and finally fell asleep in a blur. After the chaos and dizziness, some fragments of memories stuck into the dream, indistinguishable from reality.

“Look at Qin LeHe’s condescending look every day. Her husband engaged in same-sex cheating with another. Two Alphas getting together, it’s amazing.”

“That’s true. That means old man Gu just wanted her womb to give birth to a child, just so he can pass on the family name.”

“Really, eh, her parents raised her in order to give her away as a fertility machine, too ridiculous.”

“I heard that his son inherited the old Gu’s tendency and is also in a double Alpha relationship. In other words, the family genes are really hard at work.”

“I noticed that she didn’t dare to show up recently, she must feel ashamed.”

Qin LeHe had a snow-white face, her hair was disheveled and she was in a trance. She took a pair of scissors and walked around the house haphazardly, cutting up the flowers in the house one by one.

The flowers were scattered all over the place.

Gu Ang went up to grab the scissors, afraid that she would hurt herself.

The scissors cut his hand, which hurt more than his heart.

The maids in the house whispered, not daring to go forward: the lady’s gone mad.


In the next scene, Gu Ang felt like he was locked in a dark, cold room, and except for water and food, there wasn’t even a light. He sat frozen in the room, his voice, which had been overused, became hoarse and could barely make a sound.

The room was a special secret room with iron walls, and he couldn’t get out even if he tried.

Gu Ang thought about his combat skills, but he had lost his way here. He guessed that Ye Fei knew he was missing and must be very worried, but there was no way to send any message.

Communication was cut off, the doors and windows were seamless, and he had lost contact with the world. Would that person be looking for him all over the world? Was he panicking so much he couldn’t eat and sleep?

He couldn’t remember how many days he was there, and every day he just sat in front of that small window. The darkness swallowed the light little by little, and the sun rose stubbornly on the next day. He seemed to be very sleepy, but kept on holding on.

It seemed to be the seventh round of sunrise when he was released.

Weakened, he hadn’t even taken his first sip of water yet when he heard that his mother had died.


The colorful picture suddenly turned to black and white.

Gu Ang felt like he had entered a bright study, where the light was clearly bright but everything had lost its color. The bookcase next to him was filled with medals with the same name written on them: Ye Fei.

Oh, come to think of it, this was Ye Fei’s study.

He fiddled with the buttons on his cuffs in annoyance and glanced around the room, which was empty. The button fell to the floor, and Gu Ang got down on the floor to pick it up, finding a safe under the desk. He struggled to drag it out to try some combinations, like their anniversary, birthday, and after the third guess, the box opened.

Ye Fei loved him very much, the password was the day he first beat Ye Fei. He didn’t expect this man to remember.

The only thing in the box was a paper agreement that hadn’t been signed yet. Gu Ang read it carefully and put it back calmly.

He remembered that he had come to Ye Fei to ask for a divorce, and his heart had wavered in his decision.


The next scene also had Ye Fei in it, this person was even more haggard than he was, his already harsh face contours looked even sharper. The two stood for a long time across the street from each other, with pedestrians hurrying by, and they looked at each other like this, neither wanting to take a step forward.

They were afraid that if they took this step, they would become strangers.

Gu Ang finally waved at him and asked him to come over.

Ye Fei always listened to him and walked to him in silence.

“Brother, you’ve lost weight and haven’t eaten properly.” Gu Ang smiled at him.

Ye Fei had no expression, only his Adam’s apple rolled, “Can’t eat.”

“Mn, I know.” Gu Ang nodded, “Thanks for coming.”

He didn’t know where to start, and couldn’t open his mouth to explain those things to Ye Fei one by one. He couldn’t let Ye Fei’s heart ache any more, so he had to end it here.

Ye Fei asked in a low voice, “Do you have all the documents with you?”

“Yes, I even brought my birth certificate, just in case you made a trip for nothing.” Gu Ang did his best to liven up the atmosphere and make the last memories of the two people less embarrassing.

“Then let’s go in.” Ye Fei let out a sigh.

Once the documents were handed over, their marriage was officially dissolved, and their four-year relationship came to an abrupt end.


Gu Ang frowned, physically resisting. Every single image was so unpleasant that he reflexively tried to shake them out of his head. The communicator kept vibrating and his eyelashes fluttered before Gu Ang opened his eyes.

It was Ye Fei’s call.

He moved his neck a little, trying to pull himself out of the nightmare, before answering the call. The sky was already dark, with black clouds looming above, gloomy and heavy.

Ye Fei asked, “You’re not in the dorm, have you returned from the hospital?”

Gu Ang’s voice was dry, “I’m back, but I have some other things to do.”

Ye Fei heard that the voice wasn’t right, “What are the test results?”

Gu Ang pinched the palm of his hand and tried to tell Ye Fei several times, the word ‘Omega’ slipped into his mouth, but was swallowed back. He also has his pride, not to mention, there were going to be further test results, right?

Gu Ang pretended to be relaxed, but his voice was a bit shaky, “It’s fine, no big deal.”

Ye Fei noticed his abnormality.

In the past, when Gu Ang had any problems, he always exaggerated to make him feel distressed.

When it came to something really serious, he used such a calm and unpredictable tone, like during their divorce. The breakup was mentioned lightly, and the tone was irritatingly undulating.

“Where are you? I’m coming to you.”

Gu Ang blinked slowly, watching a bird fall from the treetops and unable to get up, “Don’t come looking for me, I’ll be back to the dorm later. I have something to do, so I’ll hang up now.”

After saying the last word, he pressed the off button of his communicator.

Ye Fei sat on the small sofa in the dormitory, deep in thought. There must be something wrong with the hospital checkup and Gu Ang was hiding it.

He was like this every time something happened. Not saying a word, wanting to carry everything down by himself. Ye Fei re-medicated his back wound, sprayed on an ordinary brandy masking agent to cover his smell, and decided to go to the hospital.

He thought back to what Gu Ang had said in the morning, the school hospital, which was their Ye family affiliated military hospital, relatively easy to deal with.

But, if Gu Ang really detected something wrong, it wasn’t quite right to use their relationship to check. The more people who knew, the greater the consequences.

He called the university hospital and just asked about Gu Ang’s doctor.

In order to avoid the surveillance camera to capture his front, Ye Fei first went to the bathroom to change his face, then found a hat and mask, covering himself tightly.

It was nighttime and only the emergency room was lit at the university hospital, most of the doctors were already off duty.

Ye Fei went straight to Doctor Zhang’s office, but the door was already locked with the lights out. He took out the card he had brought with him and swiped it against the door to open it.

There was a small pile of medical records stacked neatly on the desk, and Ye Fei went up to look through them, quickly finding Gu Ang’s.

The first few pages of the record were all lab sheets, and after a quick flip, he stopped at the last page.

Ye Fei’s always calm eyes suddenly tightened.

He carefully confirmed twice by the moonlight, making sure he wasn’t mistaken.

Gu Ang, he re-differentiated into an Omega.

Thinking of his recent series of abnormalities, the inner fog was blown away. Gu Ang’s reaction was indeed like an Omega’s in heat.

Ye Fei finally understood that the casual tone of Gu Ang’s words just now was a cover for panic and confusion. The bottom of his heart was flooded with a massive heartache, like dense needles were stuck in his heart.

The proud Gu Ang, could he accept it?

The Gu Ang who had to compete for first place in everything; the Gu Ang who never allowed himself to fail when he went to war; the Gu Ang who still refused to compromise when they were in bed together for years; the Gu Ang who seemed to live forever at the age of eighteen, full of passion and arrogance.

Now hiding in an unknown corner, like a wounded trapped beast, licking his wounds alone.

Just imagining that scene, Ye Fei’s heart hurt so much that he wanted to go crazy.

At the moment of seeing the result, he almost immediately empathized with Gu Ang, from the nerves to the muscles, all pain to numbness. Previously an endless stream of people were sent to his door, some covering his family’s wealth, while some coveted Ye Fei.

He wanted no one to step over the Ye family threshold.

He used to think very little of the second gender, and he still did.

Regardless of being an Alpha, Omega, or Beta, it wasn’t that important, the focus was only Gu Ang, his person.

When he got his certificate, he made a vow that no matter how rich or poor he was, or how old or sick or dead he was, they would be together for the rest of his life. So regardless of his second gender, Gu Ang was still the same Gu Ang, no difference.

But for Gu Ang, it became a significant matter.

He could even imagine the desperation of the collapse of years of faith. If the two really divorced because of them being two Alphas, he would prefer to remain the same as before, as if nothing had changed.

He only wanted Gu Ang to be happy.

But the most crucial thing now was to find him.

Ye Fei forced himself to calm down, guessing the current situation of Gu Ang over and over.

Gu Ang was so proud, he would definitely find a corner to hide.

An absolutely secluded and relatively safe place… 

Surrounded by no one, to avoid being affected by the pheromone released by other Alphas…

A place with poor air flow that prevented his pheromone from dispersing.

A place flashed in his mind — Moon River House.

It was Gu Ang’s property, and based on the Gu family’s caution, there should also be secret rooms, which was a perfect place for him to spend this period.

Thinking of this, Ye Fei changed his face back, used a mecha to go towards the Moon River House and rushed over.

He recalled that every time he went to Moon River House, Gu Ang always had a sudden change of temperament. The two were sitting across the long table from each other, like they were talking about an underground relationship.

Ye Fei once asked, “Why are you hiding so far away?”

Gu Ang stammered several times before saying, “My mom doesn’t like us being together.”

Ye Fei grunted coldly, like a rebel returning, pulled a chair and insisted on sitting with him.

“But you’re so high-profile, don’t you want the world to know?”

“Yes, who made me like you?”

Gu Ang shrugged his shoulders, “But in my mom’s place, dare I stimulate her under my old man’s nose? She clearly turned a blind eye to it, but if she directly provokes me, I’ll also rebel. In case my living expenses are cut off, will you feed me, ah?”

“I have more than enough to support you.” Lieutenant General Ye answered gently as he fiddled with scallops.

“Fuck living expenses, I don’t want it.”

Gu Ang propped up his chin and looked at him for a while, then directly hooked the back of Ye Fei’s neck and kissed him deeply.

Later on, Qin LeHe, who saw the surveillance, was angry half to death.

At that moment, Gu Ang was straightforward and hot, like a sun that was always shining.

But then, what happened to make Gu Ang break up with him without saying a word?

Ye Fei returned to his senses, walked to the entrance of the Moon River House, went straight to the hotel’s administrative office, and without knocking on the door, he pushed it straight in. He knocked on the countertop, “Have you seen your young master?”

The staff looked up, “…Young Master Ye, what are you doing here? The young master hasn’t been here since the last class party.”

Previously, Gu Ang’s first place win was made into a rolling video loop by Qin LeHe, so getting second was also not hard to remember.

Ye Fei pondered, He’s not here? He thought it was a waste to ask a staff member about the whereabouts of the young proprietor. He turned around and went out, going around Moon River House from side to side, but he still couldn’t find any trace.

As for the secret room…

Ye Fei mentally measured the distance by footsteps, and then combined the structure of the building and the overall footprint.

It seemed unlikely.

Ye Fei secretly cursed an expletive, complaining that he had lost his head in the confusion.

Right now Gu Ang didn’t even want to see his parents, so how could he hide here?

He plunged into a new conjecture about the back of the hill behind the examination room of freshman competition, behind more than forty degrees of the barren slope there was a pit. The two of them went back to school a few times after graduation and always ran there.

Only during the freshman competition would it be used, and during other times it was basically a closed down wasteland. It was deserted and remote, exactly a place where Gu Ang would go.

Ye Fei breathed a sigh of relief and untied his collar to catch his breath.

If it was really in that pothole, Gu Ang wouldn’t be in danger at such a vulnerable time.

Having set the destination, Ye Fei could only go to confirm again.

Half an hour later… 

Standing behind the ramp, Ye Fei was disappointed again.

The air inside the pit wasn’t circulating, and with Gu Ang’s current pheromone concentration, he still didn’t smell anything, even after standing at the entrance of the cave.

He’s not here.

He leaned under a tree at the entrance of the pit and lit a cigarette.

An irritation buildup in the chest and a lot of memories of looking at flowers in front of him surfaced. The last time the two of them came here was when the two returned to school before they got married to give a speech as outstanding graduates. They wore their uniforms back then and walked around the campus, reminiscing a bit about the past.

Gu Ang had to come to the pothole to check it, but ended up in a rainstorm just after, and was trapped overnight. The rainstorm wasn’t stopping and the two people leaning together for warmth wanted to laugh at each other.

“Brother, do you want to do something exciting?” Gu Ang was a brave man, so he started to tease.

Ye Fei was a saint, but couldn’t blame the little demon’s seduction, and couldn’t help but be a partner in his ridiculousness. He knew that Gu Ang was afraid of getting dirty, so he had to let the person straddle his lap, and the two of them went wild in this secret little space.

Who would have thought that the admiral, who had just given an excellent speech, could run into the wilderness in the back of the mountain and go crazy?

Ye Fei extinguished his cigarette, he was an aloof man.

But because of Gu Ang, he became affectionate and loving and fell to the mortal world.

His obsession with Gu Ang was too deep, so even if this person had long since let go, he was still clinging to him, refusing to let go. Just like now, it was clear that that person had no relationship with the current him and he still ran around looking for him.

Ye Fei wrinkled his brow and set off again, resuming his carpet search.

The classroom, the cafeteria, the playground, the library… Then he backtracked to the dorm again.

Every suspicious place in the school was searched, but Gu Ang seemed to have disappeared.

Ye Fei panicked, what if he couldn’t be found anymore?

Gu Ang didn’t go back and it was getting late, so the chances of being in danger were increasing.

Gu Ang had just differentiated and was still an Omega in heat. His combat power was unknown and if really met with others…

Ye Fei’s heart chilled and his fingertips were almost pinched to white.

There was a time in his previous life when his superiors were stupid, causing the entire expeditionary force to be schemed by federal marshal Ling Junhan, fleeing with his men all the way to 30,000 star miles and breaking forty-two lines of defense, yet he wasn’t as panicked as he was right now.

His heart was so flustered that he couldn’t think, thoughts stirred into a mess, but he couldn’t make sense of them.

He really didn’t know where else Gu Ang could go.

Ye Fei lowered his eyes and made another call to Gu Ang, but his communicator was turned off. The persistent communication connection sounded like a mockery of his helplessness.

“Baby, next time let’s go to the rooftop together.”

“What’s the point of going to that dirty place?”

“It’s deserted up there, there’s no one there at all, but you can still see the people down there… We can just…”

“Nasty! There are people here, shame on you…”

The words of an unintentional couple passing by woke Ye Fei up from his chaos.

There was the rooftop of the school building!

No one would go there, it was quite deserted, and there was no fear of others smelling one’s pheromones. And the most significant one, the rooftop of the third building, where he had proposed to Gu Ang. How could he have forgotten about it?

Ye Fei really wanted to slap himself.

Thinking of this, he took a big step in the direction of the third building.

Ye Fei had just left, when the young couple that had passed by before came back around the same way.

To make sure no one was paying attention, they turned left and right to a corner near the library.

A teenager dressed in black and wearing a mask leaned against the wall and smoked, quietly waiting for the two to return to report.

“Brother Mu… We have followed your instructions… So now…”

The teenager, whose feet propped up against the wall, exhaled a mouthful of smoke, “Since the deal was made, I’ll keep my mouth shut. Those little videos of you being caught on public surveillance, I promise not to circulate them anywhere.”

The girl blushed, “That’s good… If there’s nothing else, we’ll leave first.”

The young couple didn’t want to talk to him too much and intended to leave.

The teenager grabbed the boy’s hoodie, “But tonight, you should be able to help that other ‘friend’ of mine keep the secret.”

“Of-of course… Brother Mu’s friend is… is our friend.”

Looking at the two people in front of him who were distressed to the core, the teenager laughed lightheartedly and patted their shoulders, “Get going.”

Waiting for the couple to leave, the teenager spit out the last mouthful of smoke and took the mask off. The white face glowed in the moonlight, revealing Lin XuYong.

He hooked the corner of his mouth, Student Gu Ang and Ye Fei, with my little help, you two now each owe me, a ‘friend’, one.

Ye Fei arrived at the entrance of the rooftop, the lock on the door had been smashed to pieces. This violence was definitely done by Gu Ang.

He put his fingertips on the door handle, debating whether to use this changed face or his original appearance. But right now, the last person Gu Ang wanted to see was him, probably even preferring that the care came from a stranger.

He was thankful in his heart that he had sprayed ordinary brandy masking agent before leaving, so he could disguise himself more authentically.

Ye Fei rubbed his brow, fixed his hat and covered it tightly with the mask, before pushing the door in.

Gu Ang’s rut should be at its most explosive stage. The rooftop was obviously empty, but the air was filled with the smell of white peach oolong. The wind, the clouds, the night, blended perfectly together, creating a subtle allure.

Ye Fei opened the door and scanned around, finally noticing the person cowering in the corner.

Finally, he found him. He was really here.

A man who was obviously quite tall, now cowered in the corner like an abandoned kitten. He looked like his cheeks were caked with red, and his eyes were foggy, clearly looking unwell.

Gu Ang heard the movement, moved some sore back, and lifted the eyelids. That pair of dark inky black eyes above the mask, sharply shaped, filled with indifference… Who else could it be if not Ye Fei?

“How did you find your way here?” Gu Ang was a little surprised to see him covered so tightly, it was quite weird.

But Ye Fei found him, which meant he really came back from their eight years together.

Gu Ang was half elated and half resistant, and his mind became complicated.

Happy that in this indistinct and vast universe, he didn’t know how many parallel worlds there were, but they still met. Resisting, yet wanting Ye Fei to find out the fact that he had become an Omega.

Ye Fei hummed under his mask, his voice low, “You’re in heat, are you okay?”

Gu Ang caught the key word; he wasn’t talking about the susceptible period, but the estrus period. His eyes were blank, “You know?”

Ye Fei didn’t confirm, but simply implied, “Your pheromone’s going to drown me.”

Gu Ang asked outright, “Why? Are you planning to mark me?”

Like a puppet with a broken string, he had a smirk on his face, not explaining and not intending to explain.

“If you need, I can help.” Ye Fei weighed his words. He was afraid that if he wasn’t careful, he would touch Gu Ang’s scales of rebellion.

“I don’t need it, I’m an Alpha,” Gu Ang’s words were barely out of his mouth when his long, slender fingers pressed against his gland. The cool touch with the evening mist made the restlessness inside go down a bit and Gu Ang almost let out a soft cry.

Ye Fei squatted in front of him and rubbed his fingertips over the vulnerable spot, “Is it here?”

“Don’t touch me.” Gu Ang turned his face away, but his body couldn’t stop wanting to get closer.

Those fingers were like an antidote, touching a place that could relieve the heat, and he wanted those long hands to peel away his clothes and caress his whole body with abandon.

No, you can’t. If you mark me, I will really need to admit I’m an Omega.

Gu Ang was weak and struggled a little, trying to avoid his touch, but his shoulders were squeezed by strong hands. Ye Fei pressed down a gasp of air and threw reason to the back of his mind, considering himself as a villain, despicably trying to invade this body.

It was because seeing Gu Ang suffer so much was too much for him to bear, and he made excuses for himself against his conscience.

“Close your eyes.” Ye Fei’s right hand covered Gu Ang’s eyelids, blocking his vision fully, not letting in a single ray of light. He quickly pulled down the mask and pressed his lips to the white neck, instantly feeling Gu Ang’s entire body become tense and tremble slightly non-stop.

“No.” Gu Ang gasped, struggling violently to escape from this drowning desire.

He was both conflicted and bewildered, his body craving the canine teeth to pierce his skin, while his heart desperately resisted.

Gu Ang tried to push the man away, but the next second his hands were pulled behind his back and he was held in a strong grip, unable to move. Breath was tantalizing his skin as he felt the other’s lips and tongue sucking his neck heavily, followed by canine teeth piercing his glands without hesitation.

The second he bit into it, Ye Fei felt himself almost going crazy, reason restraining himself from hurting him, but unable to resist leaning in and biting deeper. The soft flesh was held in his mouth, bitten into harder and harder, without hesitation, injecting pheromone into his body with each bite.

Ye Fei almost pinned Gu Ang to the ground, their bodies close together, inseparable. The eyes have become red, like a beast dominated by desire, his movements completely losing their calm svelte.

Don’t struggle, there’s no escape.

I want to leave a lifelong mark, I want to imprison you forever, along with your body and soul, so you will belong to me alone.

“Mmm…” Gu Ang held his breath, but let out a heavier gasp. He felt the pheromone invading his body forcefully, directly, violently, crashing into his soul. He tried to make a sound, but found himself like a dried up fish, only able to gasp for air and be slaughtered.

It was pitch black in front of his eyes, and he could see nothing.

All his senses converged on the place of his neck, and it felt like the canine teeth entered into his deepest part, getting more and more vicious, like it wanted to take him entirely.

It was a long and unbearable process.

Gu Ang’s hands dropped to the sides of his body, giving up the struggle and allowing himself to be marked.

His fingertips touch Ye Fei’s hot arms, grabbing onto his skin stimulated by the pleasure, like a naughty cat, leaving ambiguous scratches.

He couldn’t tell him, but wanted to offer more.

Brandy and white peach oolong entwined, just like in the old days, lightly turning into  an aphrodisiac. The touch made the breathing ragged, the soul torn apart, leaving only the screaming of the straightforward desire.

Your body, your smell, are all seducing me, making me want you.

Gu Ang completely indulged in the pleasure of marking. If time could be stretched into eternity, he wanted to die in this ultimate pleasure. The heat subsided little by little, and the fierce nibbling turned into licking and kissing.

They were like a pair of lovebirds, unrestrainedly intertwined in the water.

Ye Fei slowly let go of him, his face still buried in his neck, and was hesitant to change his face back when Gu Ang grabbed his hand holding the mask.

Gu Ang came back to his senses in a lustful gasp, and his consciousness gradually became clearer.

The smell of brandy in the air was almost the same as Ye Fei’s, but there seemed to be a slight difference.

It was the smell of cheap and ordinary liquor, with less heaviness than the fine-aged brandy’s.

He propped up his upper body, reached out and lifted Ye Fei’s chin, and instantly froze.

The eyes were clearly Ye Fei’s, the smell of pheromone was also highly similar, but the lower half of the face was both familiar and unfamiliar, resembling… his own face.

The person who marked him was not Ye Fei.

Gu Ang violently pushed him away, his face turned cold, “Who are you?”


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March 27, 2023 2:27 am

Oh crap!
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April 9, 2023 8:23 am

Ah he still your ex husband😉.. only wearing a disguise

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