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Chapter 128: Extra – Post-game interview

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


When Baylor appeared, everyone was surprised to find that the Sycamore Church Army standing in line was slightly bowing their heads in unison and showing respect to the ensign. A respect that wasn’t shown when facing the master of the planet.

At this moment, the audience watching the opening ceremony, the staff on the field, and the participants from other countries were all clearly aware of one thing – Baylor’s identity as a saint might not be a fake. The title could be a mere imitation, but the heartfelt respect could not be an act.

So he’s really the Son? How did he become one? Was it just to please Ewan?

Most people’s faces are invariably filled with confusion and inquiry, which only Wellin and others without the slightest surprise.

Admiral Von and Sean read the report about the rescue, while Wellin witnessed the ‘miracle.’ Not to mention with the religious atmosphere of the Marl system, even if he was an atheist, he could not help but be a little shaken that day.

The spiritual influence that had enveloped the entire planet, communicated in the same voice in everyone’s brain… This was not even believed when you talk about it. And as he dealt with the aftermath, he heard that those who were in the basement with Baylor were all in a frenzy, chanting ‘hell,’ as if they had actually seen an evil spirit.

The experiences pieced together from their broken language were also chilling.

Wellin was afraid to be left alone with Baylor, partly because of Ewan, and partly because he thought Baylor was really creepy. It might not  be a God-knows-what, but the ability to have the same kind of power, how to look like they do not look like the same people.

The opening ceremony ended quickly and not too fast and not too slow. Of course, here for Baylor, that was the same as a grandmother’s shroud, stinky and long. When it was finally over, Baylor was ready to leave, almost without a moment’s hesitation. However, how could those wolf-like journalists be satisfied letting Baylor go. They were so “thirsty” that their eyes were red with hunger.

So as soon as Baylor returned to the players’ lounge, he was immediately surrounded by people.

“Ensign Baylor, can you tell me if you are free now? We’re reporters from Channel XX, and we have some quick questions for you.” 

“Second Lieutenant Baylor, we are from the XX newspaper…”


The young man seemed to be surrounded by cold air, the pair of crisp eyes tinged with a layer of agitation, eyebrows lowered, as if there was a storm brewing in a shadow from the West. However, those reporters did not smell the crisis. A voice came from the side, in time to save them.

“This is not the time for interviews, you are violating the rules.” The voice sounded familiar and Baylor turned her head to see a familiar figure, Toynbee, whom he hadn’t seen in a while. After handing Baylor over to Ewan, Toynbee had met him briefly during the attack on the hotel, and then left the Ya’an Empire for another planet because his work had been completed.

Now he was following the team sent by TL7 planet to come here, also on official business. As soon as he left the Arena, he saw Baylor being surrounded by reporters. Although Baylor’s business was no longer his business, seeing the familiar premonition of Baylor’s face that was about to get angry, he still subconsciously stepped in as a matter of habit.

The reporters, who had memorized the list of players for the tournament, looked at Toynbee and looked at each other. Toynbee was right, this was indeed against the rules. But there was one thing that concerns them, Toynbee was a diplomat of TL7, and the youth was also a member of TL7, now Toynbee comes forward, does it represent the defense of TL7 for the youth?

Is there a layer of political meaning in the partnership between the two? But before General Ewan also took TL7 president’s beloved son to court and deported him, what was the situation now?

As journalists, they were extremely sensitive to any slightest movement, and at this moment they were nearly floating on their feet.

Toynbee walked to Baylor’s side at this time, as a diplomat, he was extremely comfortable with this kind of thing, “If you really want to interview, according to the rules, this is not the time to interview, have you asked Mr. Baylor to book an interview according to the schedule?”

No one could catch him, how can they book an interview? There was no choice, the group of people could only reluctantly retreat. But he might hide for a while, but he could not hide for a lifetime, since Baylor was a contestant, they could always catch a chance!

When the reporters left, Toynbee also conveyed this matter to Baylor.

“Right now they are in the wrong, so we can stop them, but afterwards at the regular interview time, they will not stop, you better be prepared.”

Then Toynbee saw Baylor’s face was indifferent, while carelessly lifting his feet in the direction of the exit, while saying: “Do what psychological preparation? I’m not afraid of them?”

This person really has not changed at all… In only a few minutes, Toynbee suddenly dreamed of the days when he escorted Baylor to the imperial capital, and the feeling of heartburn was so damn familiar. The feeling of exhaustion was so damn familiar.

“The press can’t beat you, but they can turn white into black with one mouth, and you’ve felt the power of public opinion before, right?” Toynbee followed Baylor’s footsteps and said in a serious voice next to him.

Although he was no longer in the empire, he had been following Baylor’s situation, and the storm of public opinion driven by Austin was frightening to watch, with all the slurs against Baylor… Toynbee shuddered to think how angry Baylor would be to see those words. And to be honest, with any psychological weakness, mental breakdown is too normal in the wake of the network violence.

“Power? What power?”

But not wanting to, Baylor heard Toynbee words, some puzzled to look at him, “I can beat every single one of them, so what power do they have?”  Baylor coldly snorted, “If you have the guts to come in front of me, single file or as a group, I will accompany you to the end.” As for those who have no voice, what does it have to do with him?

The person in front of him was not an ordinary person. Toynbee curiously asked: “You see those words scolding you, and you aren’t angry?” Really does not care at all?

“Hm, I’m not that boring.” Baylor said indifferently: “And it’s too long, I don’t even bother reading that.” But it’s true, those people were long-winded, he scanned it and at a glance wasn’t interested, how can he have the patience to read all these words?

And originally he didn’t use the Star network or that high-tech equipment in his home, and occasionally he got bored while watching TV shows. Recently, because of Ewan stirring things up, he didn’t even have time to watch any TV series. The guy was not used to being left alone. A military General, how could he have felt useful recently? Also, he took a week’s leave to go on vacation with him. Not at all afraid that he is going to lose his job.

Baylor thought about it and found it very convincing, so he suddenly asked: “Is the Ministry of War ready to replace someone as a General?”

Toynbee: ????! What was this shocking revelation?

Although the topic of conversation, because of the explosive nature of the content, Toynbee did not have time to think about how Baylor turned to this topic, he just immediately looked around vigilantly, and then pulled Baylor to the side, lowering his voice, “What did you hear? Are there any recent rumors? Division told you?”

Baylor frowned and used Toynbee’s hand. He didn’t like people touching him. “I didn’t hear it from anyone, I just asked it off the top of my head.”

Who let Ewan be idle like a hobo recently?

How can you not be surprised hearing such news? Although Baylor said it was a casual question, such an idea can not be unfounded, Toynbee’s face became serious. If it was true that the General would really step down, regardless of the final result, it would certainly cause a big storm.

Baylor was eager to say: “the God of War, this position, changing the person is a good thing.” Baylor has no pursuits, and no family ambitions, but he was excited about Ewan’s title of God of War, to take that, to be the strongest one.

To participate in the military competition was his first step towards becoming the God of War.

When Toynbee heard this, he was stunned. What happened? Did Baylor also take sides? And not the General’s side? Who was on the other side? Who was it that made Baylor fall in line?

After a few seconds, Baylor saw Toynbee’s heavy expression as he said, “I’ll leave you now, Baylor, don’t tell anyone about this.” And then he left in a hurry.

Baylor: I haven’t seen Toynbee for a few days, but he has gotten even weirder.

What Baylor did not know was that Toynbee immediately used his connections to find out what was going on in the military department of the Ya’an Empire as soon as he returned, and then the news spread to the ears of others, and one by one, all of a sudden, people were in a state of panic.

But at this moment, everything was still calm. When he returned to his hotel, Baylor looked at his room which had been inexplicably upgraded into a suite, and his things which had already been moved over. He frowned, looking at the living room, him in another room from Ewan, and asked: “What is this? Was there a good reason to change rooms again?”

He hung up his jacket, turned around, and walked toward Baylor while untying his tie.

“You have a game, I’m afraid that sleeping together will affect your rest.” When he passed the bed, he threw the tie onto the bed, “How come you’re so late? I thought you would be back as soon as you finished.”

“Got caught up by the press, and then met Toynbee so I had a little chat.”

Ewan raised his eyebrows slightly, not asking further questions, and reached out to lift the tail of Baylor’s neck hair, “Glands still hurt?”

Baylor was still angry, he glared at Ewan, and snapped his hand away, “Are you a dog? Why did you keep biting me?!”

“….” Ewan was a little weak, “I didn’t pay attention, next time I’ll be more gentle.” The main thing was that Baylor was restless, and he lost his focus for a while. “You go shower first, after washing up, I will help you put medicine on.”

“I don’t need you to do it, I can do it myself.” Baylor’s eyes were full of caution, “Don’t come into my room today.”

Baylor cursed while walking to his room, “You keep biting my glands, if I trust you again today I would be stupider than Super Wolf.”

The afternoon was spent just fiddling around a bit, then it all went to hell. He was just trying to play in the water on the shore, but was dragged out into the ocean to surf.

Baylor was not averse to surfing, and the rapids were physically and mentally enjoyable, but just because he finds it enjoyable doesn’t mean he wants to live in the ocean every day. If it weren’t for the recent workouts that had strengthened his body, he probably wouldn’t have even been able to make it back ashore.

Ewan was right before, Alpha and Omega still have a big difference in physical fitness.

Ewan looked at the door to the other room that had closed with a bang, frowning, some regret. He was not sure that the suite was a good idea. It was better having a room before.

Weifield: … So General you tossed this for what.


The schedule was very tight, and on the second day, Baylor had his first match. Although it was a preliminary round, with Baylor’s special status, this match had attracted a lot of attention. The group of viewers who had followed the auditions and watched Baylor win along the way had no doubts about Baylor’s victory. They watched the match more because they wanted to enjoy Baylor’s fighting. Baylor’s fighting style was just like others, flamboyant and gorgeous, but not a single gimmick. Every action was a machine killer, thrilling the people watching, leaving them in pain and drenched with sweat. All commentators had said, It’s no wonder that every match attracts a large number of fans.

The only thing the fans were sorry to see was that Baylor was competing with a mecha. They had seen Baylor and Eric fight online without the huge mecha. The youth fought with more agility, a ghostly and thunderous stance, and they could also see the youth’s expression when fighting. The cold eyes were full of fury and killing intent which made people want to worship him.

If Baylor had signed up for single-armed combat, they would have once again been able to enjoy the art of gunfighting. Too bad. There was no doubt that Baylor would win the preliminary round. So everyone was looking forward to the post-victory interview. Finally – finally! An interview!

As Toynbee said, the reporters took their chances and didn’t let Baylor off the hook. They had been out of order before, but today they were so out of order that they refused to leave until something came out of someone’s mouth!

So what was supposed to be a small post-game interview was made to look like a press conference. With nearly a dozen reporters gathered on the sidelines, one by one, their cameras pointed at Baylor, who had just won. This was a streamlined crew.

It might not seem like the siege was weak, but the reality was that it is.

Baylor put on his training jacket, zipped it up, and ignored them. In fact, he wanted to leave.

Then a reporter rushed to block him, “Second Lieutenant Baylor, we will just ask a few questions! Just a few questions! Just a few questions! A very short interview!” The tone of voice was very eager, the expression was very pleading.

In short, it was very humble.

What a drop, who was not a weak and helpless worker. If you can’t get an interview, you really have to be fired.


Impatient. Cough, Baylor hand in the pocket of the jacket, stood still, “What do you want to ask?”

!!! The group of reporters’ eyes lit up and they immediately perked up. They went forward to ask questions in a rather orderly manner, in the order they had agreed upon – yes, they had formed a united front in this tug-of-war of interviews, and were companions in a deep revolutionary friendship.

“May I ask Second Lieutenant Baylor if he has any thoughts on this military alliance competition?” The first question was a moderate one.

Baylor said casually: “To win the championship.”

La la la la! What an explosive statement! The reporter, whose eyes were brighter than the lights in the room, asked, “So are Ensign Baylor and the General already registered and licensed? Or are you in a relationship?”

…. So what does this have to do with the question above? Can you at least pretend a little more. Baylor’s mouth twitched, but there was nothing wrong with answering that question, so he replied indifferently, “Oh, yes.”

Claimed! He said yes! You heard me!

“Please, may I ask when did you get married? It is said that the two of you have not been dating for a long time, so is there any reason for such a hasty marriage?”

The question was very misleading, they had hoped to elicit some unknown story, but did not want Baylor to hear the words after the frown, showing some doubts.

“Is it hasty?” He asked. The reporters were stunned, wondering what Baylor meant, when they heard Baylor wonder, “Isn’t it your custom to get a license as soon as you establish a relationship?”

No. There was no such habit. Nowadays, who was still with the old-fashioned like, as soon as the relationship was established to get a license? It’s normal to break up after a relationship. A relationship to get a license, it was called a flash marriage!

A reporter keenly smelled a hint of an unusual scent, “Where did Ensign Baylor hear about this habit?”

The day after the complete marking, Ewan immediately dragged him to do the formalities, he could not understand why he had to be so hasty, a certificate was very important? Then he told him that it was customary. Baylor didn’t care much about it, so he went along with him.

Somebody! Someone was abducting ignorant youths here!

Baylor sensed that something was wrong and narrowed his eyes, “He fooled me?”

“…” This was not something they can take, it’s not their business.

The reporters suddenly felt a chill behind them, the desire to survive made them immediately change the subject, “May I ask Ensign Baylor, your partnership with the General, will represent the Ya’an Empire’s alliance with the TL7 planet?”

Then they saw the youth silent for a few seconds. Only then did he respond sluggishly, “Oh, I forgot, I was from Planet TL7 before.”


Then, Baylor raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Didn’t Planet TL7 and the Ya’an Empire make an alliance a long time ago?” And sent him there as a gift.

This was very solid. Who does not know that the two civilizations signed a vassal contract with each other?

A reporter asked ironically: “There were rumors on the Internet that Ensign Baylor was given as a gift to the Ya’an Empire by TL7, is this true or false?”

Saying that the gift was all in good taste, the word circulating at the time was plaything.

The reporters next to him all looked at this person, with a slight admiration. The question was how dare you ask this question, really not afraid of death.

However, Baylor did not show any strange emotions, no anger or embarrassment. Like he was chatting, Baylor lightly replied: “Well, yes.”

This reaction was not quite the same as what they thought?

“In this matter, I would like to thank the President of TL7 for his generosity in this regard on behalf of the Ministry of Military Affairs of the Ya’an Empire.” Suddenly, a footstep came from the side, the reporters turned their heads to look, saw the person, and had a change of face. Baylor did not turn his head to look, because he did not have to look, he knew who it was.

After a while, the familiar breath came to the side of the group, Ewan said to the reporters: “If it were not for their generosity, we would have lost a gifted warrior in the military, and that would have been a great loss to the Ya’an Empire.”

Although it was a bit suspicious for Ewan to say this, no one can deny that he was telling the truth.

If TL7 hadn’t sent Baylor here, how would the Ya’an Empire have had a super S-class mental genius warrior? And now Baylor was also the holy son of the Sycamore Church, directly to the power of the Marl system busy firm.

Baylor was a person, the Ya’an Empire in the cooperation between the two star systems on the first opportunity.

This TL7 planet was really generous to the point of being a little silly, right? This kind of talent was not kept by themselves, but given to other countries, was really selfless to the point of tears. The reporters suddenly wanted to interview the government officials of TL7 and ask them what kind of mentality they had when they sent such a person out.

“If there are no other questions, then this is the end.” Ewan said casually: “It’s time for dinner.”

So this was a deliberate attempt to pick someone up for dinner?

The reporters, who were inadvertently shown a face of love, did not dare to stop them, it was after all the Imperial General, who dared to do anything, so they could only silently watch them leave.

As they walked, Baylor asked sideways: “Didn’t we say we’d meet at the restaurant?” 

Ewan talked to Baylor as if no one was watching: “You were talking to Toynbee earlier.”

“Mn, you didn’t get back to me, so I stopped by, and by the way, what did you say?”

Baylor:? Baylor blinked, not quite remembering, “What did I say?”

Ewan: … Ewan thought about the report he received today, and his eyes took on a look of helplessness and amusement, “Do you remember?”

“I forgot.” Baylor said very frankly.

“Then let me help you remember, did you tell him that the position of General will be replaced?”

Baylor was stunned for a second, “Oh, it seems to be the case, why?” He just blurted it out.

“Thanks to you, there are rumors of a change in the Ministry of War everywhere.”


“That the General’s partner has given up and is looking for someone else.”

“What the hell?”

By now the two had reached the depths of the corridor, and in the shadows, Ewan stopped, took Baylor’s hand, turned his face sideways, and asked in a deep, teasing voice: “So who are you going to find to back you up?”

Baylor did not understand how this could be said to be so. He said speechlessly, “I mean I’m going to defeat you to become the new God of War, okay?”

“So you’re not going to find another backer?” Ewan raised an eyebrow.

“Who can I find?”

“Mn, that’s good to know.” Ewan nodded in satisfaction.

“… What a boring bunch of people.” Baylor spat out a sentence, finding Ewan seemed to have no reaction to his words “defeat you”, he frowned, “you do not have anything to say?”


“I said I’m going to defeat you and become the new God of War.”

Ewan looked at Baylor, his gaze was deeply tender, but his words were not ambiguous, “Okay, I’ll wait for that day, but the title is not so easy to get, I will not give you water.”

Baylor is very disdainful, “Who needs your water?”

“Mn, that first step, your physical strength still needs to be practiced.”

Baylor listened and nodded, and he felt the same way.

Then the next moment, he heard Ewan say quietly: “So we should sleep together tonight, right?”


“The game is over today, your next game is in two days.” They’ve been sleeping apart for a few days now.


“Not doing anything.”

Baylor gives a suspicious look.

Ewan asked, “If there’s anything to do… Grooming Dragon Hunter together at night?”


The author has something to say: 

the little angels said they wanted to see the details, the author thought for a long time, and came up with a foolproof plan. This, you go to bed, I will give you a dream tonight (serious face).


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