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Chapter 24: Why Did You Wear My Clothes?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: yeknoMpohCetaraK


Bai SiNing’s place was very close to the school, only three minutes away. After receiving Ye Fei’s message and being blackmailed and forced to give out the address, he sat down on the couch, in a state of confusion. Even if this rivalry was a fight, why were they all running to him? Was his place a temporary hotel? And they both came to him, so what was the difference between living in a dormitory?

The point was, he didn’t have so many beds either!

Bai SiNing thought, I have to tell Gu Ang.

He was typing slowly and deliberately when the doorbell rang. He had to put down his communicator and get up to open the door, and when he saw Ye Fei leaning against the door, his expression froze.

The usually cool-looking imperial god, wearing an expression of refusal, leaned against his door with a small pillow. He was indifferent, detached, with a hint of aggression.

This scene was really shocking.

It was like he had been kicked out by his wife; incongruous.

“God Ye, you’re here…” Bai SiNing smiled awkwardly, “Ohhh, why did you suddenly think of visiting my home?”

“I have no other place to go.” Ye Fei raised his eyebrows, “You don’t welcome me?”

“No, my place is small, it’s just a little inconvenient.” Bai SiNing thought to himself, When is Gu Ang coming? What if they meet and fight again?

This small dormitory couldn’t withstand the destruction of Ang who could break the black crystal stone with one kick.

Ye Fei tapped the door, “Any friends here?”

“No, not yet.” Bai SiNing scratched his head, “Forget it, you can come in first.”

Ye Fei walked straight in with his pillow and saw a neatly laid out tatami bed in the small living room. He curved the corners of his mouth, “You acted pretty fast, thanks.”

Bai SiNing was wailing in his skull with grief and anger. This isn’t for you! Wake up!

But that was only in his mind, his mouth didn’t dare to retort. Why did he think of going to the same table with Ye Fei when school started?

The easygoing A’Ang, didn’t he smell it?

The small dormitory fell into silence, the two awkward for a while. Bai SiNing opened the conversation, “Why did you suddenly want to move out of the dormitory?”

“We had a bit of a falling out.” Ye Fei lowered his eyes and made up an excuse. He wasn’t lying, Gu Ang was now squirming like a little wife.

Bai SiNing gave an “Ah!”. It was really as A’Ang said, they did have a fight. But the word ‘fight’ sounded a bit ambiguous. This topic seemed to be a little bit touchy and he couldn’t continue to ask about it.

He rubbed his hands and poured Ye Fei a cup of tea, “Are you tired of walking? Drink tea first then rest.”

Ye Fei didn’t drink much tea, just gave it a light sip.

The tea was Biluochun, and the fragrance was quite strong and pleasant. He lowered his eyes and blew away the tea leaves, remembering last night when he bit on the neck of Gu Ang, the sweetness of the scent lingering.

It was tempting, refreshing, with a seductive unawareness of the innocence that made him want to go crazy.

Bai SiNing sat on the sofa and crossed his legs, smiling, “Good tea, right? I brought it from home.”

Ye Fei was quiet for a few seconds and decided to be honest, “This tea is average.”

He had walked too fast and forgot to bring his white peach oolong.

Bai SiNing was paralyzed on the sofa and felt like he needed oxygen.

This person is so difficult to serve!!


Gu Ang sat on the bed in deep thought. He threw Ye Fei out of their room, a little unkindly.

He didn’t do anything wrong, was pushed out the door, so he’d think it was unfair, right? Blame my overwhelmed pheromone, which made me do it.

In retrospect, it seemed like he was bullying him. He blamed Ye Fei for being good-tempered and actually leaving.

Gu Ang suddenly realized his conscience and muttered in a low voice, “No, I’d better move out. What’s the point of kicking someone else out?”

Anyway, his luggage was packed already, so he needed to leave today, and then call Ye Fei back. He dragged his small suitcase out in the direction of Bai SiNing’s place. Bai SiNing was kind enough to send him the address and a small map right after hanging up the phone.

Gu Ang followed the directions and went upstairs, stopping at the innermost room and knocking on the door. When the door opened, Bai SiNing’s pretty little face came into view, with a touch of weird embarrassment.

It felt as if the atmosphere suddenly froze.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Ang frowned and pulled his suitcase to continue walking inside.

Just after moving two steps, he saw Ye Fei sitting idly on the sofa in the small living room. His legs were crossed, a few strands of hair had fallen, slightly covering his forehead. His eyelashes were drooping, giving off the impression of a svelte scum.

Wait, why is this person here? This is fucking awkward.

Gu Ang froze, not knowing for a moment whether to keep going in or turn around and run. He nailed it in place and chose to remain calm, “What are you… Why did you come here?”

Bai SiNing bitterly covered his face and didn’t dare to look. Here it comes, the world war that should come is finally here.

Ye Fei raised his eyes to Gu Ang, “Didn’t you kick me out? I came to join Bai.”

Bai SiNing turned back to Gu Ang wide-eyed. Fuck! Brother Ang was a bully and dared to drive God Ye out of the dormitory. Worthy of his idol. He puffed up his chest, feeling that he played a great role in this war without smoke.

Two people had a conflict, and both went to Bai SiNing, now it was rowdy.

Bai SiNing spoke with arrogance, “Why don’t you two discuss who lives here with me? There’s only one bed here.”

Gu Ang didn’t look at the person, but the words were for him to hear, “You should return, I have brought my luggage.”

Ye Fei swept him a glance and said after a few seconds of silence, “Forget it, the tatami isn’t as comfortable as the dormitory.”

At this moment, Bai SiNing, who was kind enough to take people in, was ignored as air, and felt like he was running out of oxygen again. Do you really look like you just had a fight with such humility? And why do you sound like you dislike the tatami mats so much, don’t come then!

He said with a look of despair, “Why don’t I leave you guys here and I’ll go to your dorm?”

He didn’t want to care.

Ye Fei ignored him and gave Gu Ang another deep look, “Go back, it’s late.”

Gu Ang held his suitcase, neither entering, nor leaving. Seeing Ye Fei, this person, who could never do anything against him, Gu Ang’s steel heart softened into a bubble, “Then I’m going back.”

“Mn, take care on the way.”

Bai SiNing sent the person back to the door, lowered his voice and asked, “Fuck, what’s going on?”

“Nothing’s going on. Treat your guest well.” Gu Ang pushed his head back in.

After circling around, he went back to the dormitory.

During that night, he was tossing and turning, exhausted. Gu Ang went to the bathroom and took a shower, changed into pajamas and laid down on the bed. The mattress was very soft, indeed it should be much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor, but there was no one next to him, so the strangeness was uncomfortable.

Gu Ang didn’t know if it was because he had just differentiated, but even his emotions were becoming contrived.

Even if Ye Fei didn’t do anything, lying next to him made him feel safe.

That person should be asleep.

The weather had recently cooled down a bit, and it should be quite cold to sleep on the floor. And it was also hard, wouldn’t he be very uncomfortable?

After thinking about a bunch of things, Gu Ang felt very conscious. He got up and walked to Ye Fei’s closet, pulling out his usual robe. One piece wasn’t enough, so he pulled a few more pieces and wrapped them together.

Gu Ang buried himself in the pile of clothes, put it to the tip of his nose and sniffed.

He felt a little perverted in this act.

But the smell of brandy on it, unlike the poor substitute on the mystery man last night, lightly tickled his heart. Gu Ang carried the large pile of clothes back to his bed, casually crumpled them into a ball and stuffed them into his arms.

Mn, now he was more at ease.

Maybe it was the intoxicating smell of liquor, or maybe he was really tired, but when Gu Ang woke up, it was already eight fifty.

He washed up haphazardly, rushed to grab his school uniform from the bed and changed into it, hooking his tie as he walked and tied it to class. Gu Ang, who had lived a new life, was determined to honor his mother in this life and be a good boy who took his classes seriously every day. However, he didn’t expect to miss several days of class because he differentiated and went into heat.

Without the reminder of his roommate, Gu Ang was late for class once again.

Standing at the door of the classroom, greeted by the eyes of his classmates and the teacher with deep meaning, Gu Ang returned to his seat with embarrassment.

“Ang is awesome, so many days of not coming to class, then coming late.”

Bai SiNing stared squarely at the blackboard without turning his eyes, only touching Gu Ang with his right elbow and slightly twitching his mouth.


Waiting for Gu Ang to say something, they heard Bai SiNing, who was sitting upright next to him, covering his forehead… and holding half of the chalk.

“Are you elementary school students? Whispering in class? Listen carefully! The following topic is the most important!” Wang Chuang spoke, and the crowd once again turned their attention to him. “On October 13, two weeks from Monday, Red Flame’s annual Undifferentiated Combat Games will kick off. It’s a team competition, limited to two per person. Students are welcome to sign up.”

“Che, only fools go.”

“Some years ago, they showed an initial show of strength but finally lost.”

“We also have some chances with Gu Ang and Ye Fei in this class.”


Red Flame liked to do all these things all day long, and everyone had heard about this so-called Undifferentiated Combat Games.

Gu Ang propped his head up, a little bored. Naturally, he knew about this traditional event, but in his last life and now, he didn’t want to participate. In his last life, he was too calm, in this life, his strength was abnormal.

Of course, he wanted to conceal that he had differentiated into an Omega and become this weak thing. Gu Ang didn’t want to admit it.

It wasn’t easy to accept the fact that he was an Omega, but his strength wasn’t tested and he was afraid to lose face. Forget it, he could find a reason to push it away.

“Hey, Brother Ang, this is your chance to show off your skills. It’s a chance to leave Red flame. You don’t know, the ‘undifferentiated’ in Undifferentiated Combat Games refers to the grade, gender, college, so to speak…”

Gu Ang, who was spread out on the table like a salted fish, watched Bai SiNing’s mouth next to him open and close, and became a little sleepy again.

He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

If he said he wouldn’t participate, he wouldn’t participate, and it was useless to persuade him.

“Shut up, all of you!” Wang Chuang bellowed from the podium, drowning out all the noisy discussions of the students.

Gu Ang, who was about to pass out, was half awake.

“We’re Red Flame Military Academy, the cradle of Imperial Admirals! Any student who graduates from our Red Flame Military School will be the example of our Empire’s people, the future! You young people, who think about being cowardly before battle all day long, are you worthy of being students of my Red Flame Military Academy?! Now, immediately, assemble at exercise ground 8 for me to personally select the cadets to compete.”

After a burst of anger, Wang Chuang played the inspirational emotional card, “You may not go, you can also not give your best during the selection… I just hope that your decision now… To be worthy of the Red Flame emblem on your school uniform… To be worthy of the Red Flame name that your seniors have forged with their lives!”

After saying that, Wang Chuang walked out of the classroom without looking back.

The students followed and headed to the exercise ground.

Wang Chuang, who was walking in front of the group, had a smile on his lips.

This was an annual event among teachers at Red Flame Military Academy. After the entire class of thirty people was snubbed, the prize money would be doubled this month.

The crowd stood at exercise ground 8, lined up, and tested their physical fitness one by one. According to the test results, they were classified by Wang Chuang according to speed, strength, and endurance.

When Gu Ang’s turn came, he feigned breathlessness, walked up to Wang Chuang and spoke, “Teacher, I’m sick, my body is weak. I don’t want to be a deserter, but I’m just afraid of discrediting the class…”

The reason was a bit of a stretch, but it didn’t matter as long as it worked.

Currently he didn’t know exactly what kind of power state he had and didn’t want to blindly make a fool of himself.

In case his strength was weak, his interstellar fierce Alpha persona would collapse.

“Stop it, there are still two weeks before the opening of the Undifferentiated Combat Games, what illness can’t be cured by then?” Wang Chuang looked up at Gu Ang, but when he saw that his face was really bad, he casually reassured him with a few words, then pointed to the tester in front of him, “Measure your strength first.”

“I broke one last time, so if I break one this time too, that wouldn’t be too good. And even if I have enough pocket money, I don’t intend to contribute it all to the school.” Gu Ang’s brain spun fast, and found a reasonable excuse.

The heartfelt feelings were sincere and touching.

“It’s okay, this tester cap is twice as high as before. If you can still break it, teacher will compensate.” As he spoke, Wang Chuang was fired up.

Before a punch broke the tester, Gu Ang lost money, but he also got his bonus deducted, so they both lost.

As a soldier, he had made a mistake, and a general who led the team couldn’t do it alone.

Poor Teacher Wang, gnashed his teeth as he swallowed this into his belly.

“All right.” Gu Ang wheedled his way to the tester and took a deep breath. He shook his fist, pretending to warm up, while his mind raced to analyze the current situation.

The last time he had broken the tester with only thirty percent of his strength, a small blow. Now that he had differentiated into an Omega, his power was weaker, and he shouldn’t be able to break it again.

From the beginning of being differentiated to now, his body quality was completely out of control. The chaos of his pheromones in his body resulted in him having no way to calculate the current level of his strength.

If a punch was less than 100kg, the taunts from all sides would smash his self-esteem to pieces. This time, he didn’t dare to hold anything back.

He slightly stepped to the side and held his arm by his waist. Gu Ang took a deep breath, no longer held back his fist and punched at the new tester.


The tester once again shattered to the ground with a loud explosion.

The whole audience was watching, whistling and cheering.

Only Wang Chuang, standing next to the instrument: “????”

This unexpected twist made the already not rich wallet further deflate, making him simply want to die.

Gu Ang also walked back with a bewildered face, not yet figured out what the situation was now. He thought he had become weak, but he turned out to be as strong as a mountain, unexpectedly fierce.

Strange, how come, even though he had differentiated into an Omega, he felt stronger than before?

Ye Fei, who was still in line, watched the whole scene, and his expression cracked slightly.

Had Gu Ang really differentiated into a delicate Omega? This punch was like a hormone-infused mutant oddball species with amazing power!

His back sweated slightly. If they made up later, would domestic violence be an issue with Gu Ang?

Both men wore a not-so-normal expression, but didn’t say anything to each other as Gu Ang brushed past. Ye Fei returned from his doubts, his eyes sharpened and he grabbed Gu Ang’s sleeve, “Wait.”

“What for?” Gu Ang stopped in his tracks.

Ye Fei’s eyes fell on the number 002 on his sleeve, and he spoke slowly and deliberately, “Why did you come to class wearing my clothes?”


The author has something to say: 

If you like Guang Guang and God Ye, I’m pointing you to another novel!

It’s another ABO! Already very fat and can slaughter!!!

Can Read Minds and Not Marked [interstellar] by Zorun. 会读心与不标记[interstellar] by佐润

Lin Han, the best omega of the Empire, the core mecha designer of the National Military Academy. In addition to his amazingly high concentration of pheromone and spiritual power, no one knows that he has also awakened a bizarre ability – mind reading.

Just put your hand on someone else’s hand, you can know what is in the other person’s mind.

The situation in the empire was changing and the storm was coming, and Lin Han, as the most outstanding mecha designer of the Military Research Institute, met with that high and mighty general of the empire.

Lin Han had to take off his gloves and shook hands politely with this cold and icy male god of the empire.

[Smells good.]


[Want to mark.]

Lin Han: “????”

The youth coldly lowered his face and drew back his hand expressionlessly.

Sorry for the intrusion.

“Let me imagine that among the stars, there is a star that is guiding my life through the unknowable darkness.” –Tagore

MonkeyNote: This novel can also be found on our website. It’s really good.


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I do feel for Gu Ang; I thought he was nesting earlier 😉 How will he explain wearing Ye Fei’s clothes, I wonder… grabbed the wrong ones?
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This chapter made my day, really hilarious! I read “Can Read Mind and not Marked” and is really really good. Until now this novel is going to be very enjoyable. Thank you for this and the following chapters!

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