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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


One hand on the shelf, shelves blocking the light, casting a shadow for them, and the other hand around the young man close to him. The wound on his chest hurt, but he could not hide the heartbeat in his chest at the moment, and the softness of the skin against his.

This was not the first time Ewan held Baylor, in the fight on the ship, during that temporary mark, his hands had been around him. But it seemed that only this time, he seriously felt the presence of the other in his arms, he realized that although Baylor was always arrogant and unforgiving, like steel and iron, but his skin was soft, his waist was small enough for his hand to wrap around, fragile as a small beast.

The staff quickly came to move the shelves out of the way and the light fell back on.

Baylor looked at Ewan’s silent appearance, frowned slightly, a point of discomfort rose in the heart.

He did not know what he was thinking after holding him so long, and the shelves were removed, so Baylor also did not wait for the other to take the initiative to let go. Fortunately, he removed the man’s hand and was able to get away.

Super Wolf, this douchebag, simply was asking for a fight! It was okay to take revenge on Ewan for tearing down his home, but what’s wrong with involving him? He looked strangely at Ewan, who was still sitting dumbly on the ground, “Are you… Are you hurt?” 

Why didn’t he move?

Then he watched Ewan’s goose gray eyes flicker, then quickly lowered his eyes and avoided his gaze, “No, I’m fine.”

Ewan felt the remains of the omega’s body heat left in his hand and clenched it into a fist. He silently got up from the ground, patted his clothes, raised his eyes, and saw Baylor’s back.

Baylor went to find his spiritual body to settle accounts, and then he found Super Wolf with a ball in his mouth running towards the child not far away, and then lowered his head and let go, throwing the ball in front of the child.

The child watched the ball float back through the air, but was not afraid, he knelt down to pick it up, and then said into the air, “Thank you, little fairy.”

He couldn’t see Super Wolf, but the child always believed in fairies.

Super Wolf grinned and wagged his tail. Baylor faintly froze, looking at Super Wolf like that, he suddenly remembered his own childhood with Super Wolf.

At that time he did not know what a sentinel was, and after Super Wolf appeared, he did not even know that it was his own spiritual body, but only thought it was a puppy that had been abandoned. Super Wolf was afraid of being left behind and always brought back to himself what he found, wagging his tail and asking himself not to abandon him. He and Super Wolf were probably the strangest sentinel and spiritual body ever.

One does not know that his spiritual body was a spiritual body.

One does not know that he was the spiritual body.

Super Wolf knew he had made a mistake and came over with his tail between his legs and head down, then rolled to the ground when he was still a few steps away from Baylor, exposing his belly.

Baylor pursed his lips, stepped forward, crouched down, and, regardless of how it looked to others, reached out and rubbed Super Wolf’s head before he said fiercely, “Try that again!”

Super Wolf admitted his mistake with skill and good manners, and he gave a pitiful ‘awo’ cry.

At this moment, Baylor keenly felt the approach of Ewan’s pheromone, he turned his head and met Ewan’s sight. He thought Ewan might also be here to teach Super Wolf a lesson, after all, to cause such a big scene.

So he thought for a moment and said in a protective tone, “He won’t do that next time.”

Ewan gave Baylor an amused look, then skipped him and headed straight for the supermarket staff, not to teach Super Wolf a lesson, as Baylor thought, but to clean up the mess for the man and the dog.

The supermarket staff couldn’t see Super Wolf, in their eyes, the shelf fell down by itself, so when Ewan offered to pay compensation, they were suddenly confused.

“That’s… How can this be.” Wasn’t he the victim?

Ewan pondered slightly, and then said rightfully, “It was my little friend who caused the trouble, so we should pay compensation.” 

Even though Super Wolf was invisible to everyone, he couldn’t just walk away and let Baylor learn. Who would say no to someone who was willing to cover their losses?

Only in the end, the staff took the compensation and looked at each other in confusion, where did the kid come from?

Because the staff was upset, the money for this shopping was waived, so Baylor sat in the car and threw the free toys for Super Wolf in the back. He saw Ewan cover his chest, and he pursed his lips. Because he had been in the dream, he knew how badly Ewan was hurt. Although it had been a while, he should not move before he had properly recuperated, afraid that the injury was not yet healed.

It was not as if the injury was aggravated by protecting him just now, right?

Baylor leaned back, looked straight ahead, and said in a somewhat hard tone, “You should not have come to my rescue, my body is better than yours, unlike your chest that has such a heavy injury.”

Ewan listened to these words and thought they sounded familiar, and on second thought, wasn’t this what he had said to the other on the boat? He was amused, slightly hooked the corners of his lips. This boy really had such a childish temper, and would give a penny for every one given.

Ewan’s voice was tinged with a little laughter as he said, “Don’t worry, I’m not that fragile. My body has almost healed, but you… If your injury affects your recovery, you will not be able to participate in next week’s military examination if you fail the doctor’s test.”

Doctor’s test? How come he had never heard of it?

Baylor frowned at Ewan, “Weifield didn’t tell me about this stuff this morning.” 

Didn’t they tell him to go straight to the test next week? How could there be a chance that he wouldn’t be able to take it?

“It’s…” Ewan paused for a moment and then deliberately changed his words, “It’s for your safety, knowing how much General values you.” He also deliberately said “General” to aggravate him.

Again, he was putting in a good word for himself…

Baylor was slightly speechless, looking at Ewan’s gaze with a bit of admiration, and did not expect him to be so brazen. So he asked knowingly, “Oh, why does the General think highly of me? He hasn’t met me.”

Ewan did not change his face and even said extremely smoothly, “He knew about the battle at that time, so he knew how you performed on the battlefield, and it was because he thought you had great potential that he made an exception and let you take the military examination directly.”

Although Baylor was angry with Ewan for deceiving himself, he had to say that Ewan’s words sounded very comfortable, especially when he knew that he was the General himself.

So Baylor turned his head and looked out the window, hiding the slightly upturned corners of his mouth as he replied, “He’s got a good eye.”

Ewan’s eyes were tinged with laughter.

So easy to coax.

Baylor’s eyes were suddenly drawn to an island-like structure in the sky, and he asked, with concern, “What’s that?”

There was no such building in his previous world.

Ewan’s eyes raised, looking at the white building floating in the sky like a cloud, he averted his eyes and replied, “Cemetery in the sky. People here believe that the closer you are to heaven after death, the closer you can get to heaven, so there are cemeteries built in the sky.”

No matter how technologically advanced the world was, it was true that people had some unrealistic fantasies about death.

Baylor stared at the beautiful cemetery and said, “If that’s the case, why not just put the cemetery in the universe?” 

It would be closer to the sky.

Ewan let out a laugh, “You’re right.” Without looking up at the cemetery, Ewan’s voice dropped slightly, “It’s just full of boring and stupid people.”

Baylor turned his head, because of the mask, he could not see Ewan’s expression, but probably because he carried his mark, he was very sensitive to Ewan’s emotions. Just like this moment, even with the mask, he seemed to see through his face of indifference and mockery, like a sharp blade out of the sheath, revealing a sharp edge to force people to retreat.

Baylor looked at the tomb again as if he felt something, and his body leaned lazily on the chair.

Was there someone he knew there?


“At present, Mr. Baylor’s injuries are recovering well and will not affect his daily activities much, but he is still not fit for strenuous exercise.” The doctor concluded after examining Baylor’s physical condition.

Baylor decisively ignored the last sentence and turned his head to Wellin who accompanied him for the examination, “I can take the military examination now, right?” 

The doctor had said he was fine, and had to make the extra effort to come for an examination. Weifield was originally in charge, but because Weifield was busy, he sent Wellin, who had been quite free recently.

Wellin clasped his hands and said firmly, “You’re not suitable for strenuous exercise.”

Baylor’s eyebrows were pressed and he looked at Wellin with displeasure, “Are you deliberately picking a fight?” He said, “What kind of strenuous exercise is a military examination?” 

Without a fight to the death, it doesn’t count.

Wellin laughed mockingly, “Although it is only a newcomer test, I advise you not to underestimate it. This test is a simulated combat, and you may encounter dangerous situations. Each year there are countless people who are injured.” He looked up and down Baylor’s slender body, “To be honest, I really do not understand why the general let you participate. Isn’t this just you looking for death? It’s not like you’re as skilled as other omega’s and can be a technical soldier.”

At first, on the ship because Baylor was wearing armor, Wellin had never connected the brave figure on the battlefield with Baylor, although he had always felt that Baylor was not simple, not like an ordinary ‘gift’. But this did not prevent that in his eyes, Baylor was always just a pretty soft omega, topped off with the additional label of General’s person at the moment.

Faced with Wellin’s question, Baylor’s eyes narrowed slightly, the corners of his mouth hooked diagonally as he stood up sharply and said to the doctor, “Give me a certificate of eligibility for the test.” Turning his head, he looked at Wellin, raising his jaw lightly, the pair of ink pupils were full of arrogance and coldness, “I remember that the first name of your military examination is some kind of honorable newcomer, right?”

Wellin was taken aback by the glow in Baylor’s eyes, slightly lost in thought, but immediately pulled back by the lazy voice, he subconsciously replied, “That’s right.”

Baylor put his hands in his pockets, a slight pause, he slightly raised the end of his eyebrows, clear voice slightly lower, slightly lighter, like a feather into the heart, “Oh, for the sake of our acquaintance, congratulations, you already know in advance who your honorary newcomer is this year,” he reached out his hand, patted Wellin’s shoulder He said, “See if there’s any bets going on. Or don’t blame me for not giving you this chance to make money.”


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December 19, 2022 7:18 pm

Confidence indeed, Baylor! I doubt it’s misplaced either.
Ewan thinking Baylor is easy to coax ~ if only he realised he’s already been found out.
I expect Ewan does have someone in that cemetery (perhaps more than one).
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 19, 2022 7:33 pm

The confidence is oozing out of my screen! Help!

I wanna bet too! Are they presenting other candidates in the next chapter??!?

December 20, 2022 9:42 am

Love Baylor’s attitude. The General lies to him, he lies to the General. “Wellin, want to make some money?” 🤣😂🤣❤️ Thank you for your hard work❤️❤️

March 9, 2023 4:17 pm

So annoying when one is judged by their appearance. Hope he wipes the floor with whatever they put in front of him.

April 1, 2023 8:42 am

I love Super Wolf so much, so cute!

Thank you for the chapter!

August 30, 2023 11:10 pm

I already read this novel, but everytime i reread it, it always gives me an excitement 😊

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