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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


“To see this year’s newcomers.” The man’s voice was low but not hoarse, more like he didn’t want to disturb the person’s rest. His eyelids dropped, his eyes fell on the person lying on the hospital bed, taking a trip to the examination. It was easy to recuperate for a while and his slightly healthier body again became bruised and battered. Ewan’s heart was a little annoyed, and then to cover up he added a word, “Passing by.”

The doctor and Eric did not know how to react at once. But more or less, they were a bit surprised. After all, by the way… This test site was in the middle of nowhere, what kind of place do you have to go to to get here?

“How are his injuries?”

The doctor hastily replied, “Fine, fine… Mainly muscle tears, the candidate was pushing himself too hard, as well as an old injury on his left shoulder, but it’s been taken care of.” After all, there was no real test, even if the injuries were mostly superficial, with a healing blue light, it could be healed.

Ewan’s frown, like water ripples, shallowly wrinkled, “Then why is he still not awake?”

“This is caused by exhaustion. The impact is not significant, and after a good rest, he will soon be able to wake up.” The doctor subconsciously added, “General doesn’t have to worry.”

Ewan was silent for a moment, he looked at the doctor with a cold expression, “I was just asking.”

The doctor stiffened, realizing that he had said the wrong thing, he hurriedly nodded his head, “Yes, yes.” It was mainly because the way the general asked the question gave him the illusion of being a family member that he subconsciously said to the general what he would normally say to a family member.

At that moment, the door of the medical room suddenly opened, “General.”

Another big shot was here. Today’s medical room was really busy…

The doctor hurriedly greeted first, “Instructor Sean.” 

Eric, who didn’t dare to say anything, looked at the man in the examiner’s uniform with long hair and a ponytail at the back of his head. This was the first time he saw this famous instructor up close, noble-born Beta, but in his youth, he left his family and entered the military incognito, won five stars in the battlefield and quietly retired to become an instructor, training a number of brave warriors for Empire, including Sean’s mate, Admiral Von, and Ewan –the youngest general in Empire’s history, a once-in-a-century war hero.

All the students of the military academy want to enter his discipline and become his students. Eric suppressed his excitement and continued to be a transparent person, unqualified to introduce himself to them with his current status as a loser.

“Mr. Sean.” Ewan turned around and greeted very politely. Even though he was already a general, in front of Sean he maintained the same habits as when he was a student.

Sean faintly showed a teasing and pleased look. As soon as he got the news that Ewan came here, he immediately rushed over. After all, it was a rare scene, he could not miss. But this was not the place to talk, so he said, “General, let’s talk somewhere else.”

Then he turned around and left the medical room.

Ewan wanted to follow immediately, but once he took a step, he caught a glimpse of Eric standing next to Baylor’s bedside. The boy’s face was covered with gauze, but he still had a pleasant face and was a popular figure in the school. So Ewan’s footsteps suddenly stopped again.

“What’s your name?” He asked, looking at the man.

“Eric, 1st Imperial Military Academy 3rd year in the single soldier department, will be entering the mecha department next semester.” Eric didn’t expect Ewan to speak to him, his palms slightly sweaty, his gaze full of suppressed enthusiasm and excitement.

The mecha department was not something you could just apply for, you had to have strong single combat skills and a level of mental strength that could withstand mecha training to be able to enter. In other words, the students in the mecha department were the best in the military academy. And for Eric to enter the mecha department in his fourth year, he was indeed a very good talent.

“Very good.” Ewan said in an appreciative tone, “Your performance in the examination was very good, although you failed this time, I am looking forward to seeing you next time among the newcomers in the military department.”

Eric did not expect to get Ewan’s attention. Of course his goal had always been to become a powerful warrior like Ewan, and he always believed he could do it, but he did not expect Ewan to watch such a small military examination and appreciate his performance. He couldn’t hide his excitement and replied, “Thank you General, I’ll definitely take the honorary rookie position next time! And then apply for the Sky Wolf Legion!”

Ewan nodded lightly, “Good.” In a casual voice with a few words of caution, he said, “The most important thing for you to do right now is to focus on your training and not get distracted by anything other than training.”


“Especially puppy love and other things.”

“Yes… Huh?” Eric froze for a moment, then looked at the indifferent looking man with some confusion.

Ewan saw this reaction from him and raised an eyebrow, “What?”

Eric shook his head, “No! Thank you General for teaching me, I’ll keep it in mind!”

Only then did Ewan leave satisfied.

Eric watched the door of the medical room close, he thought carefully about what Ewan had just said to himself, especially the phrase ‘especially puppy love and so on’, he thought about it and remembered Ewan’s famous phrase – ‘Only weak people need a mate’, and Ewan’s long-term style, he instantly understood.

General must have had high hopes for him, which was why he told him not to get caught up in his feelings and focus on training, just like the general.

Eric frowned. So then he would have to say goodbye to the cute omegas for now? This thought made him feel reluctant. But the general said so…

Eric made up his mind. Okay! An omega would only affect his speed of drawing the sword!

Then he continued to sit on the stool next to Baylor’s bed, guarding him. And did not feel the least bit wrong. After all, in his eyes, Baylor did not count as an omega. 🙂

“What are you doing back there?” Sean was a little confused, he had been waiting outside for Ewan for a while.

Ewan replied, “Nothing, Eric is a good talent, I’m encouraging him.”

Sean nodded, “Indeed, there are many good candidates in this year’s examination…”

The people in the corridor watched Ewan and Sean talk and leave, they took a big breath and then looked down and crossed their ears.

“So the general is here to look for instructor Sean, I wondered how he suddenly appeared here.”

“I really envy the people who passed the test in this class, they not only can be noticed by Instructor Sean, but also have the possibility to be appreciated by the general.”

“Don’t be silly, with a crazy guy like 170 in front of them, and Eric, the scenery is all taken by them, who can still be noticed?”

“That’s true… I really envy them.”

No one thought Ewan had come to see Baylor on purpose, after all, it was the general who never talked about love.

Sean took Ewan to an unoccupied consultation room and closed the door behind him, raising his eyebrows teasingly, “What, you’re here for someone so soon?” There was still almost a day left before the examination was over and they would return, but Ewan did not even want to wait for this day, and came directly to pick up the person himself. Tsk, it seemed that his stubborn student was really trapped.

Ewan replied lightly, “He has an old injury. The examination is over, I’ll take him back for systematic treatment.”

Sean laughed lightly, he leaned against that table half sitting, looking at his student who was really not at all frank. But he did not continue to tease Ewan, but let him off the hook and said, “Okay, let him recuperate when you get back. There’s an honorary newcomer ceremony in three days. Don’t forget.” He continued, “After the ceremony, have him report to me.”

Ewan wasn’t surprised that Sean would take Baylor on as a student, and in fact it would be great for Baylor to have Sean teaching him. But he frowned slightly, but subconsciously reluctant, “So soon? He needs more rest.”

Sean watched Ewan’s protective look playfully, and when he’d had enough, he said slowly, “It’s not like we’re going to start training, so what’s the rush?”

Ewan choked.

Sean said again, “Let him come to me to report first, in order to break the ideas of others, you do not know how many people want your baby now. I want to start first, maybe those old people will not grab him.” Other than that, Ensley was ready to go to Baylor once the assessment was over and convinced him to go there.

So Ewan would pick him up in advance, but he also wanted to eliminate a group of people to end Baylor’s harassment. Let them pounce then!

Ewan looked at Sean’s gradually bright smile, and years of teacher-student friendship let him immediately know that Sean was playing some bad thoughts again. So he was silent, not wanting to draw fire to himself.

Thinking of those people’s expressions afterwards, Sean, in a good mood, continued, “Of course, by the way, we will also do some tests for Baylor.”

Ewan raised his eyebrows with some concern, “What kind of tests?” He couldn’t let anyone else do the qualification tests on Baylor, then Baylor’s qualifications would be exposed as having changed drastically in a short period of time.

Fortunately, Sean was not thinking about the qualification test, and he replied, “The physical test, and most importantly – the mental strength test.”

A single soldier, no matter how powerful, was limited in his abilities on today’s battlefield. Only if one could become a mecha warrior could one become a general who could take charge on his own.

Baylor felt a refreshing wave of pheromone wrapping around him in his sleep, and his mental energy, which had been overexerted in battle like a weary beast, put down its defenses and rested in the wrapping of that pheromone. So when he woke up, apart from the physical pain, there was no other discomfort.

Only he was surprised how he woke up, that he was not in that dense forest, nor in the airship, but in his own room. As for how he recognized it at a glance, after all, as soon as he opened his eyes, there was a huge dog’s head, the sight was too familiar.

“Super Wolf, get down!” Baylor’s mouth twitched and reached out his hand to move the dog’s head that was pasted to his face, making it somewhat difficult for him to breathe. As a result, when his hand moved, his face quickly changed, and then he whimpered.

This sore painful feeling. His soft hands fell and he was like a corpse in the bed that dared not move.

A hand grabbed Super Wolf’s neck scruff, pulled Super Wolf away, to avoid Super Wolf putting further pressure to Baylor’s wound. Then Ewan’s figure appeared in Baylor’s field of vision, he stood by Baylor’s bed and spoke coolly, “Now you know it hurts?”


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December 31, 2022 6:39 am

I like Eric; as long as he doesn’t get any ideas or feelings towards Baylor, he’ll be fine! Ewan’s advice made me giggle.
Mmm, suddenly everyone is interested in and wants Baylor in their hands (figuratively). That’s not always a good thing; popularity breeds jealousy ~ Austin’s grows by the minute, for one.
Loving this.
Thanks for translating and editing.
Happy New Year everyone! 🎆

December 31, 2022 6:55 am

Looks like Ewan is hooked😊 although he won’t admit it yet, he is definitely on the line😂 ❤️ glad Baylor is recovering and I am looking forward to more of their story❤️❤️ thank you for the update ❤️

December 31, 2022 11:45 am

Great General’s advice made me give myself a face slap! Too dense for his own good.

Wonderful that Baylor can have Eric as his friend, since Eric does not see him as a weak omega.

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