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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Ewan’s face had no expression, his eyebrows were harsh and lonely, usually even with a smile it was difficult to melt the frosty distance. At the moment, it was even colder. Just like the pheromones of his body like snowy mountains and glaciers.

Baylor quite liked the smell of Ewan’s body, especially after experiencing the test that a pile of pheromone as broken perfume bottles, suddenly smelled Ewan’s body of that crisp pheromone, so he was happy.

But Baylor felt as if Ewan was angry.

Although he still didn’t know how he had gotten back here, or how the test had gone, and was tempted to ask, it was Ewan who was more important.

“It hurts a little, it’s nothing.” He replied good-naturedly.

“A little?” The body was tossed so tattered and broken but he said it was still a little. Would he have to be missing an arm and a leg, or really have to die, for it to not be a little? Thinking about what he saw in the test, Ewan felt like his heart was pressed against a boulder.

Baylor and the person in the dream were unconsciously seeking self-destruction.

The edge of the mattress slightly collapsed, the person sat on the edge of the bed, against the light, the expression was more obscure. Ewan reached out his hand, but when it was about to touch Baylor, it stopped.

Their eyes met. The pair of slightly light-colored goose gray eyes restrained emotions, Baylor looked at such a line of sight and felt strange, but it also made his heart flutter. Baylor felt like Ewan wanted to hit him. So he raised the end of his eyebrow, “You want to pick a fight with me?”

Ewan: …

Ewan was simply exasperated, he looked at Baylor with sunken eyes, then suddenly dropped his hand, pulled the corner of the quilt and lifted the quilt. Then under Baylor’s wary gaze, he leaned down in Baylor’s direction, his arms passing under his neck and knees, and easily lifted him from the bed by the waist.

Baylor’s facial expression twisted up as his body was pulled, and he bit his lip as he wanted to elbow the man who had touched him without permission.

“Not that it’s a small thing?”

Baylor’s voice was a little weak because he was holding back the pain, but his tone was grumpy, “Where are you carrying me to? Put me down, I have legs.”

Ewan’s tone was muted, “I don’t want to see you do a big kneeling salute to me and lose your life.”

With Baylor cursing, Ewan placed Baylor in a large silver and white barrel-like device. There was a chair inside for him to sit on. Then under Baylor’s bewildered gaze, the device closed, and at once Baylor only showed a head outside the barrel.

“…” Baylor frowned, disliking this unfree position, “What is this thing?”

Ewan was satisfied with Baylor’s current appearance, showing only his head and looking obedient. Super Wolf was also next to keep picking at the device with his paws, very curious.

“It’s called a healing pod, and it can repair your muscle lacerations.” Ewan resisted the urge to reach out and pat Baylor’s head, although Baylor this look was too suitable for being patted.

Moving a stool to sit next to it, Ewan opened the control panel and activated the healing pod.

At once, Baylor felt a cool chill coming from the barrel, soothing the aches and pains in his body.

“Oh?” He was pleasantly surprised, “This thing is good.”

This would allow him to be unbridled in his actions later.

With his legs up and his arms clasped in a lazy, casual position, Ewan asked, “Aren’t you going to ask about the test?”

Baylor wanted to ask, but as soon as he woke up, he felt something was wrong with Ewan, so he put it aside for now. When Ewan mentioned it, he asked, “How did I get back? How were the exams?” 

He remembered that he had clearly fainted in the forest, could it be that he had been eliminated by someone taking advantage of the opportunity?

“It’s over.” Ewan said, “Congratulations, you got first place in the examination.”

Not only did they get first place, but they also managed to get this year’s test into the history books. The number of eliminations was the most in history, and the style of the test was unique, Baylor really went out of the way that no one had ever envisioned.

Baylor was a little confused, how did he get first place? He later fainted, didn’t he?

Ewan saw Baylor’s puzzled look, so he simply told him one by one what happened after he fainted, and after he finished, he also said, “I went to the assessment area to pick you up when you were in a coma.”

Baylor was still thinking that he had managed to get first place by relying on Kana, when he heard Ewan’s words, he came back to his senses, “You went to pick me up? Why?”

Speaking of which, Ewan suddenly frowned and didn’t answer directly, but suddenly asked about something else.

“That Eric… Do you guys know each other well?” The thought of Eric’s focused look at Baylor’s bedside when he went to the infirmary, and the heartfelt conversation between the two during the previous battle, Ewan’s lips tightened into a straight line unhappily, his heart full of annoyance.

Eric? Baylor did not know why Ewan would suddenly mention Eric, but he answered honestly, “Not familiar ah.” I’ve only met him a couple of times and had a fight.

Ewan’s brow widened slightly.

“But he’s pretty good.”

The relaxed brow knitted again.

“Oh yeah.” Baylor suddenly remembered something, “His pheromone makes me feel pretty comfortable.”

That was a rare thing, he hadn’t found anyone’s pheromone to smell good except Ewan’s.

Brow tied in a dead knot, lips pursed, Ewan ‘ooh’d and stood up. He could no longer listen, he looked deeply at Baylor, sneered, then turned and left the room without a word. And left with a heavy step filled with anger.

Baylor: ???? Why was he so angry?

Super Wolf wagged his tail and covered his eyes, he could not bear to look.

These days it was almost always with Ewan, the guide was so attentive to the boss’s test and had been watching. Once the boss’s live broadcast was over, this guide rushed straight to the people. As a result of picking people back up, the boss was boasting that others smelled good.

As a dog it could look down on its owner! He was too scummy!

Baylor stayed in the treatment cabin and thought hard about why Ewan was angry.

Then he thought, if Ewan complimented someone else’s pheromone smells good, he would probably be uncomfortable in his heart, after all, guide and sentinel belong to each other. The instructor said during the class in the tower, it was very difficult to find a mutual match, so once matched, it will become a one-to-one loyal relationship.

Just like him and Super Wolf. He couldn’t see Super Wolf sticking to anyone else either, except Ewan of course.

When the treatment time in the treatment bay was over, Baylor waited for a few minutes and when Ewan didn’t return, he simply decided to fend for himself. Fortunately, after the treatment, he also regained some of his ability to move freely, fumbling around inside and opening the treatment chamber by himself.

With great effort to stand up, he scrunched up his face, sucked in a breath of cold air and stood there for a while before moving slowly towards the door. The speed of that move was comparable to turtle speed, Super Wolf followed in the side of the straight spinning, wanting to directly drag him away with his mouth.

When he finally reached the door, he held the door frame, ready to go out, but as soon as he stepped out of the door, Ewan’s voice came from the side, “Where are you going?”

Baylor looked up and found Ewan walking up from downstairs, looking like he was about to go back to his room to find him. The expression was still a cold one. But angry was angry and people still can not be ignored.

Baylor was happy to see Ewan, saving himself some effort to find him. He grabbed Ewan who was walking in front of him, tilted his head, and said very seriously and decisively, “Don’t worry, your pheromone is the best smell!” He said firmly, “I’m not interested in other people’s pheromones.” 

Even if someone else’s pheromone smells good, it’s not a guide element.

Ewan was grabbed by the hand and his eyebrows twitched: …

What kind of scum tone was this? Why would there be an illusion of the emperor visiting the harem to comfort the concubines? But Ewan’s expression was still a little softer, but his tone was still a little cold and hard, “Who’s pheromone you’re interested in is your freedom, no need to deliberately say that to me.”

But Baylor’s attitude was firm. He was a sentinel, not an omega, not interested in alpha pheromone at all. It was rare to find a guide element in this world, let alone one that was such a good match for him. Ewan was unique. It’s just that Baylor didn’t expect the punch in the face to come so quickly.


Three days later, through daily non-stop therapy, Baylor finally stopped feeling like a robot with a malfunctioning body, so he put on his newly acquired military uniform and headed to the awarding ceremony.

The uniform belt was closed to reveal the waist, and the pant legs tucked into the dark military boots, made his legs look long and straight. The dark gray uniform made Baylor look like a strong pine, straight and upright, elegant and handsome.

The ceremony was held at the palace, in charge of the minister of ceremonies, and Ewan went to the palace with Baylor in his car, but not for the purpose of attending the ceremony.

The general of the army was not required to be present at a small ceremony for new recruits. He was going to the palace to meet with His Majesty to discuss matters.

As to whether it was a side trip to send Baylor to the palace or a side trip to see His Majesty, that only Ewan himself knows. But according to Weifield, his deputy, it was probably only incidental to go to the palace to see His Majesty. After all, Ewan disliked meeting His Majesty the most, and he never came to the door himself if His Majesty did not take the initiative to summon him.

“You come out after the ordination ceremony, Weifield will wait for you outside, I may not finish so soon, you guys just go back first.” Looking at Baylor in his military uniform, Ewan instructed almost without turning his eyes.

Baylor nodded, then suddenly asked, “Where’s Wellin?”

Weifield strained his ears, how could he bring up his unconscious younger brother for no good reason?

Ewan also raised an eyebrow in confusion, “What are you asking him for? He’s been on a mission lately.”

Baylor asked about Wellin, naturally, remembering the bet he made with Wellin. So he said disappointedly, “He didn’t believe I would pass the test, so I told him I would get honorary rookie, and I wanted to see what his face would be when he found out.”

Ewan and Weifield: …

So the bloodbath was all because of Wellin’s provocations in front of Baylor?

Weifield silently condemned his younger brother for those candidates in deep water, and then he promised in a solemn tone, “Don’t worry, Mr. Baylor, I will definitely inform him.” Let him know how much he has sinned, and repent well!

The couple separated at the entrance of the palace, and to avoid suspicion, Weifield waited outside the palace in a hover car, while Ewan entered the palace on the wrong side of Baylor. The guiding attendant brought Baylor to the front of the medal ceremony, which was not a large medal ceremony, so there were not many people in the auditorium, only the ceremonial officer and the few people in charge of the military department.

This was how it should be. However, when Baylor stepped onto the red carpet and walked into the auditorium, his steps suddenly stopped and he froze as if he was down. The reason was that he smelled pheromones, which was very important.

It was the fragrance of orchids.

What’s more–

–That fragrance carried a pleasant and comfortable aura for his spiritual power, just like the pheromone on Ewan’s body.

This was clearly… It was the guide element! And just at this time, the sound of announcement came from outside.

“His Highness the Prince has arrived–“


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