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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The military examination did not allow students to leave any video data, so about the legendary 170th candidate, many people who did not have time to watch the examination could only learn from the forum through the text, this year’s examination among such a bullish character. Because they didn’t see it with their own eyes, many students were skeptical of the 170th’s deeds and thought that the students were exaggerating.

It’s just a candidate, even if he’s good, how good can he be? As far as they are rumored to be fabulous?

This was especially true when the appearance of this 170 was exaggerated in the forum.

This was even more unconvincing.

An omega, better looking than the stars, and more powerful than the chief of their school’s single-armed department, and not too young. This has to be what kind of god? An author would not dare to write such a novel.

Until the United Military Academy’s forum posted a photo of an omega student who happened to meet the 170 while dining out, and then the two took a photo together. Seeing the person in that photo, the voices of those skeptical of the 170’s appearance calmed down. Other than that, in the face of this piece, the forum was not a lie.

But that’s all there is!

Strength was certainly not that exaggerated! Anyway, the face and strength, there must be an exaggeration! And those students who watched the test with their own eyes to these people directly rolled their eyes, you can’t really wake up a group of people that are  pretending to sleep. Just because they can’t do something they still think that no one in the world can do it, this was simply scraping the bottom of the well, narrow-minded!

For this reason, the school was divided into two distinct factions, in the forum from time to time because of this matter will start a fierce war of words. They even went so far as to find the candidates who went to take the test, and let them come out to testify.

Of course, most of the time the candidates did not pay attention to them. After all, they were eliminated and were very sad. They still had to work hard to prepare for the next test. He was not aware that he was already a celebrity in all the major military school forums, and was still somewhat of an urban legend, and that a photo of him with that little fan had appeared in the terminals of countless students, and had even been printed by some of his ardent fans as a small card and placed in their wallets. He was just following the map given by Sean, groping for the school’s cafeteria to prepare for his lunch.

The 1st Imperial Military Academy’s architecture was both high-tech and classical, with stone arches in the middle of the campus, air-rail school buses suspended in the air, and a maze of air corridors connecting the ornate and ancient buildings.

Baylor had been to school, but it was after registering as a sentinel and entering the Tower training, went to the school under the tower. The school had only one building, more like a tower than the Tower, with few outdoor facilities, a playground, but that was all.

But Baylor felt that one of the advantages of his old school was that it was easy to find your way around. The cafeteria was on the negative first floor, the classroom for so-and-so was on the 13th floor, the professor’s office was on the 43rd floor…

Unlike now, he looked at the map loaded in the terminal and felt confused. Where the hell was this? Obviously following the map, how come they went to a dead end? The map showed only half an hour’s journey, and he had been walking for an hour!

Baylor stopped at the spot and was very upset at the map that kept giving instructions.

The map said, “In 100 meters, turn right.”

Baylor did not move.

The map continued to remind him, “In 100 meters, please turn right.”

“Turn right, turn right your ass!” Baylor couldn’t help himself, he gritted his teeth and cursed, “I’ve turned right several times! There’s no way ahead! What kind of crap are you? Do you know how to give directions? You can’t even point out the route in half an hour!” While cursing furiously, Baylor viciously turned off the guidance system, “Shut up! You don’t know how to give directions, and you’re still there!”

“Are you looking for the canteen?” At this moment, a cold female voice suddenly came from the side.

Baylor was now angry, obviously it was already a slightly cool autumn. He also had a head of sweat, turned his head to look over in a bad mood, and saw a female alpha holding a book. She has a cold face, I don’t know how long she’s been following Baylor, but she knows he’s looking for the way to the cafeteria.

Baylor did not answer.

The female alpha was obviously very sure of Baylor’s intentions and his current need for help, she walked straight ahead and said, “I’m going to the cafeteria too, you’re coming with me.”

Very decisive and tyrant air.

Baylor unhappily tightened his lips, but still took a step to follow. After all, the map didn’t work, he didn’t really know how long he would have to wander on his own, and the roads in this school were complicated, just like a maze.

As it turns out, the wayfinding system was not wrong, it was indeed to turn right, only after turning right you need to enter an elevator next to the building, then go downstairs, through the lobby and then continue to walk. Because the location of the elevator was somewhat hidden, Baylor did not find it even after half a day of walking around there.

The female alpha seemed to come simply to lead the way, not saying a single extra word along the way, which made Baylor feel quite comfortable, and then when she reached the cafeteria, she also led Baylor to the ordering system, at which point she said her third word so far.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll order for you.”

Even the thick nerves such as Baylor, but also feel that this was a bit wrong. Why would she order for him as if they were related?

Baylor shook his head decisively, “I’ll order it myself.” 

Sean gave him his dining account.

The female alpha didn’t push, she nodded coldly, “Okay.” The next second, she handed out a card, “Here’s my contact information.”

Baylor: … Baylor looked at the card and was confused for a moment. Why did she suddenly give him his contact information?

“Lisa Ensky.” The female alpha persistently maintained the pose of handing the card, her expression was ancient and calm from beginning to end, she spared no words to introduce her name before saying, “I won’t lose to you next time.”

“…” Baylor looked at her persistent posture, subconsciously took the card, the card he had seen similar, was a record of the terminal communication method of the card, directly in front of the terminal a drop will be able to immediately establish contact with the other terminal.

Looking at the name on it, Baylor frowned, his mind a foggy mess. Did they know each other?

But after he took the card, the female alpha turned away decisively without saying a word. It was as if she had made the journey just to give Baylor her contact information and show her determination in front of Baylor. But since people have already left, Baylor will also temporarily put this matter behind him. He never clings to things he can’t figure out in the moment.

But when Baylor lowered his head to order, he suddenly felt intense sightings, not one or two, but from all directions. His jawline tightened, Baylor quickly raised his eyes, then saw those students inside the cafeteria looking as if nothing was wrong.

“…” What the hell, odd.

After finishing his order, Baylor went to the pick-up counter and was about to get his food when a student came towards him with two portions of food, one of which was Baylor’s order. This time, it was a male alpha, “This is yours.”

Baylor looked at the tray of food, and then looked up at the man. Didn’t recognize it.

And the alpha explained at this moment, “Just dropped by and brought it for you.”

Baylor pressed his brow incomprehensibly, but could only take his food, “… Oh.”

Then the alpha added, “It’s crowded now, so I’ll show you to your spot.”


Baylor couldn’t help himself, he stopped there and didn’t move, just stared at the man with a puzzled look on his face, and then asked, puzzled, “Do we know each other?”

The alpha choked slightly, and then he introduced himself, “My name is Leibert Franca, and I took the same test as you.” And it was Baylor himself who eliminated him.

Baylor looked at him impassively.

Leibert could only add, “We fought each other.”

Fought? Baylor stared at the face for half a second, trying to find some trace in his memory, but in the end it was in vain. He said, “I’ve crossed paths with too many people.”

So he couldn’t remember anyone at all.

Leibert’s expression froze, but he kept his good manners and said, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember, let’s find a place to sit down.”

“… All right.”

Finding a seat in a corner, Leibert said, “In the test, we fought, and you eliminated one of my squads.” In fact, Lisa was in one of the squads.

Baylor forked up a piece of boiled meat, he looked straight at the other side, “So? What do you want to do?”

“Don’t want to do anything…” Leibert hesitated for a few seconds, then said in a moderate tone, “Of course, if you have time for us to cross paths again, that would be great.”


So it was to get revenge.

After chewing a few times and swallowing the boiled meat, Baylor blinked gently before replying decisively, “No.” He said, uncharacteristically, “I’m here to learn.”

Clearly, he had listened to what Sean had told Baylor this morning. He wanted to use his brain more and his hands less.

Leibert sighed with regret. When he was hit by Baylor in the middle of the examination with a lightning speed to the induction chip, the elimination of the matter has always made his heart very upset. After the examination, he kept replaying that day’s battle in his mind over and over again, and then kept thinking of a better way to meet the battle.

He had already simulated more than four sets of scenarios to be able to deal with Baylor’s attack at that time. He was confident that if he could fight Baylor again, he would be able to take the victory.

When Baylor unexpectedly came to school today, Leibert thought it would be a rare opportunity to make a clean break. But he didn’t force it, he just said regretfully, “Then wait until I enter the military, we will fight again, and if you have any problems in school, you can call me.”

With that, Leibert also took out his own contact card from among his own pockets and handed it to Baylor.

“Then you take your time, I’ll go first.”

Leibert stood up and left with his barely touched lunch. Unable to ask someone to fight, he was not in the mood to continue eating. Baylor looked at the contact card, which was already the second one, and was wondering what the hell was going on when another contact card was suddenly pushed over in front of him.

Again and again, Baylor raised his face somewhat numbly to look at the person who had deliberately approached him.

“My name is Crimea Jus.” This student stared at Baylor closely with a slight aggression, “I’ll see you at the military headquarters later.”

“…” Baylor frowned, thought for a moment, and asked, “You were eliminated by me as well?”

Crimea lowered her brow and didn’t answer directly, but simply said, “I won’t lose next time.”

Oh. She’s also one who got eliminated.

After sending the contact card, Crimea turned around and left in a cool manner. Baylor was thinking that he could finally eat a meal in peace when suddenly his terminal went off and he looked down to see a message from Aynor.

It reads – you seem to be very popular.

What does that mean? The next second, another message came.

–Look out your window.

Baylor turned his head to look out the window behind the flower bed, a testy alpha wearing sunglasses and a duck tongue hat and a trench coat waved his hand at him. Baylor was slightly silent and turned his head and decided to continue with his repeatedly interrupted lunch.

He was so busy today. In every sense of the word.


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January 23, 2023 5:05 pm

Baylor needs personal assistant to counter all the tackle from left & right. Or personal bodyuard? Unless the general himself annouce their relationship officially so that no one would get near baylor with personal interest. He is really a star now.

January 23, 2023 5:07 pm

Oh my! Now that Baylor got the “approval” from Ewan to receive another mark, he ignored Aynor straight away!
I can’t with these Alphas, why challenge Baylor in the school setting?? Haha!

January 24, 2023 6:02 pm

Hilarious; Baylor is so totally unaware of his celebrity & attraction. He didn’t even see people, but purely targets, in all the other students he eliminated in the test.
He’ll have enough contact cards to open a shop at this rate 😄
Aynor doesn’t stand a chance, especially now B&E have reached a kind of agreement.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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