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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The autumn morning sun was cool, and because it was class time, the 1st Imperial Military Academy’s large campus was filled with a sense of calm even though some students were not in class and were still wandering around the campus. At this moment, in class number 3189, ‘The Alliance: The Past and Future of New Human Civilization’, Sean was standing at the podium, with the brilliant galaxies of the air above him.

“One of the expeditions arrived at Alix Galaxy to establish the radiation sphere of the new human civilization and to genetically fuse with the indigenous civilization, the Ancient Beasts, to develop glands to replace the ancient human gender system with the ABO gender system. Then another expedition arrived at the Marl Galaxy system and established another new human civilization radiation sphere.

The two civilizations belonged to the same family, but because of the limitation of technological development in the early stage of development, the distance between the two civilizations was too far, which led to the obstruction of communication, and gradually developed an unbridgeable gap. Gender system…”

Originally, the students should have been listening intently to the lecture.

But at this moment, they unconsciously looked towards a figure in the corner of the classroom.

In that classroom of light and shadow, the stars are gorgeous, but that person’s eyes reflecting the stars are more magnificent and soft than the stars, it was difficult to ignore.

The two pairs of declining eyes of Baylor are half closed and not closed, and they look sleepy. Because he was not in the military, he wears a loose, casual T-shirt as he prefers. The outline of such clothes on others would only have a feeling of wearing a sack, but on him there was a kind of style.

Listening to Sean’s history, Baylor could not help but yawn again. And then Sean’s voice gave a slight pause before he said gently, “The paper due this Friday requires an analysis of what was presented in class today, and watching one of the students can’t help you finish it.”

The students’ eyes returned to Sean in unison.

Except for Baylor. Because Baylor yawned again, those eyes brimming more like watery waves from the tears produced by sleep.

Galactic history was interesting, so when can we get out of class?

Baylor’s presence here began with a discussion Sean had with Ewan yesterday. After just finishing the discussion about Baylor’s spiritual power, Sean, who was sitting on the iron swing at that time, suddenly remembered something else.

“Ewan, do you think Baylor is a little lacking in common sense?” This was what Sean found when he discussed the mental power test with Baylor before. Baylor had no concept of what normal mental power was, and didn’t even feel that his performance was the least bit special.

Even if he didn’t care much about mental power before because he didn’t come into contact with mecha, wasn’t he also a bit… Too insensitive?

Ewan sniffed, his hand pausing as he gathered his floral tools, remembering Baylor’s description of the temporary marker and his sluggish reaction on the pheromone, Ewan nodded, “Mn, a bit.”

That’s an understatement, more than a little, Baylor’s perception of common sense was out of their world.

Sean had read Baylor’s profile before and speculated, “Was Baylor’s upbringing too closed?” In the past, there weren’t any friends or relatives on the TL7 planet, basically staying in the president’s house, with little contact with the outside world, it was not very strange to develop such a perception. Sean said, “I think we should let Baylor go to school.”

Ewan remembered the ‘fan’ he met at dinner that day and subconsciously frowned.

Sean did not notice Ewan’s unusual emotions, he just said his own thoughts, “I remember that Baylor will not turn until 20 next month, at this age he should have been in college. To be honest, even the recruits in the same class as him are two or three years older than him, and there will still be a generation gap when they get along, Baylor still needs to get along with more people his own age…”

The 26-year-old Ewan’s hand tightened violently, the rattan wood cylinder in his hand was crushed flat, Ewan wrinkled his eyebrows, his face unhappy mixed with a few hints of doubt, “How there is a generation gap between two or three years?”

Sean looked at Ewan’s face and said with amusement, “What, do you have an inferiority complex?”

Ewan, who had always been the face of the word ‘young and talented’, was silent. The youngest general and God of War in the history of the Empire suddenly had self-doubt at this moment, was he really a bit old?

“Don’t worry, I don’t think Baylor really cares about age.” Sean said indifferently, “And these days human life expectancy can generally live to more than a hundred, I am not even old, you and Baylor in my eyes are still children.”

“…” Ewan said with a smile on his face, “Teacher, you can stop saying that.” The more he said, the more he got upset.

Turning his head, Ewan looked at the shiny branches in the sunlight, he said, “Actually, I’ve thought about sending Baylor to military school, training and learning at the same time…”

Sean raised an eyebrow, “And?”

It’s just that with Baylor’s fan backing before it made him hesitate for a moment. Ewan once thought that the major military schools have so many people thinking about Baylor, his brow was like a knot general, his eyes are thick with irritation and annoyance. Especially now Baylor’s heart was uncertain, although it looks less interested in the matter of feelings, but who can know if he will suddenly be abducted by which person.

Ewan thought about the list of 20 S-class alpha other than himself in his mind, fortunately there was no S-class alpha in the military school, at least to rule out the possibility of Baylor being abducted by someone else’s pheromone.

Sean saw that Ewan didn’t say anything for half a day, but just looked fixedly at his bush with a bitter expression. He didn’t bother to wait and decided directly and painfully, “If there’s no reason why he can’t go, I’ll bring Baylor to class this week.” It’s just as well that he’s going to teach on Monday, and since Baylor was going to make a mental breakthrough, he shouldn’t be overworked these days and needs to rest to keep his energy up.

“…” Ewan was silent for half a second and finally said in a complicated tone, “Okay.”

Putting aside his own emotions, Baylor did need to go to school to learn. He couldn’t be too selfish.

And Baylor, as the person in question, was given two days a week to attend classes at the 1st Imperial Military Academy. Baylor thought it was outrageous. He was not a child, so why did he need to go to school? He had completed his education in the tower! Although his marks in all the classes except for the combat-related practical classes were not good, he did finish! And it’s been two years since he graduated! Why did he have to be dragged back to school?

But his protests didn’t help a bit with Ewan and Sean. Early in the morning, he was dragged to school by Sean and then pressed into his seat to listen to the class.

Super Wolf, as Baylor’s spiritual body, things like master type, full of knowledge of the classroom was also very repulsive, so directly abandoned Baylor, and followed Ewan back to the military.

The military department had Wellin, so the school could be much more fun. The military instructor Alfonso, who was told that Baylor’s special situation would not participate in the training today, was in a much happier mood, and without the prick in, he felt that the training today had become much easier.

The happy military instructor Alfonso sternly scolded the recruits in front of him, who were carrying nearly 7 kg of sniper rifles and doing exercises with them, “What are you shaking for? Whoever drops a bullet casing from the muzzle of their gun, if they drop one, they get an extra hour of practice!”

When the class finally ended, Sean walked up to Baylor, who was eager to get up from his position, and asked, “What have you learned?”

Baylor moved stiffly, thought carefully, he said with a frown, “Well… some galaxies have the same ancestors.”

“…” Sean almost lost his breath for a moment, but then, he looked at Baylor with amusement, “Don’t like listening so much?”

Baylor finally felt like Sean was his own teacher’s substantial feeling, after all, this question and he was in the tower in the first class, the teachers to his headache attitude were similar.

On some memories of his student days.

Baylor mulled it over for a moment and said, “It’s all military school, let me take the combat class.”

As long as he doesn’t have to sit through a long lecture, it’s fine. If it’s a fight, he’ll enjoy the class.

Sean laughed lightly as the classroom was scattered with only three or two people left, after all, the students’ schedules were full and they were going to catch the next class soon, even if they wanted to stay here and wait for a chance to talk to Baylor.

Sean asked, “Baylor, what do you think wins or loses a battle?”

Baylor looked at Sean, thought about it, and replied, “The soldiers’ ability to fight and their tactics.”

Sean nodded, “Yes, in simple terms it is, so do you think in the battlefield, is the combat ability of a single soldier more important or tactics?”

Baylor knew where this was going, and fell silent.

Sean said, “War is not two men fighting each other, a strong fighter may give our side an advantage, but least of all will it be the key to victory in the end.” He nudged Baylor’s brain with his finger, “Fighting is not enough on the battlefield, wisdom is a much more lethal weapon than mecha. Ewan is not only called the god of war because of his fighting ability, because he is also the top battlefield commander, he is qualified to be called the god of war. Don’t worry, you will have combat class in the afternoon, but not fighting, but the strategy of combat.” Sean wrote the afternoon classroom on a piece of paper and handed it to Baylor, “To become a battlefield commander, don’t just think about fighting in school.”

Sean left and Baylor looked at the classroom on that paper into silence.

And at this time, in the middle of another classroom on campus, Eric was suddenly tapped by his own companion, “Eric, you know what?”

Eric was puzzled, “Know what?”

His companion said excitedly, “That omega, the one who defeated you, 170, he came to school. He was just in Professor Sean’s class, people in the class said so, now the forum above is discussing crazy.”

Eric froze, “Baylor?”

Baylor actually came to school? Eric’s eyes lit up and he wanted to go out and find someone, but class was in session. Looking at the professor who walked in, he had no choice but to restrain himself from going out to look for someone for the time being. But he couldn’t resist the desire to share. 

So he deserted and opened his terminal contact system and found his brother. Then he typed in the following string of text–

–Baylor is here at school!


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I agree with Professor Sean, wisdom and strategic knowledge is an unrivaled weapon. Thanks for the translation!

January 22, 2023 5:06 pm

It is just the first day, Baylor will warm up to classes later on. It will only be 2 times a week! Even Super Wolf already finished school in the tower. So, they are from the Marl Galaxy huh?

Eric is back, and so is Aynor! mwuahahah!

January 22, 2023 5:49 pm

Baylor getting sound advice.
Oh dear, I sense conflict ahead.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Aynor again. At least Baylor doesn’t seem really interested in him.

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