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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Princess Ani was Julius’ cousin and one of the more active members of the royal family today. She often appears in front of the public for various charity events and diplomatic activities, and this morning, she got up early in the morning to prepare to go to the studio because she was scheduled to be a guest on the Empire reality show. However, just as she was getting ready to leave, she was suddenly greeted by someone from the military.

Looking at the Colonel in front of her, who was dressed in a neat military uniform, she took the snow-colored velvet handbag that her attendant was carrying for her with her lace gloved hand and asked gently, “What are you doing here so early in the morning?”

Colonel Wood lowered his eyes slightly, showing respect for the royal family, but at the same time he kept his tone strong, “I’m sorry, but Her Highness Ani’s program today needs to be canceled.” He said, “You will not be able to attend.”

Princess Ani furrowed her well-drawn eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

Colonel Wood said, “As of today, any public conversation by a member of the royal family will need to be submitted and reviewed by the military.”

What kind of nonsense was this? Princess Ani looked at Colonel Wood incredulously, “Do you know what you are talking about?” Her ebullient aristocratic accent was provoked to tighten up, “Who are you to control what the royal family says? Whose orders are these?”

“Of course it is the general’s order.” Colonel Wood said meticulously, “It is also for the sake of the nation.”

“What for the nation? That’s ridiculous!”

“Recently, members of the royal family have been making irresponsible statements outside.” Colonel Wood waved his hand, and the soldier chief next to him handed up a document that was the outline of the talk that Princess Ani was preparing for today, and he said, “Today, Her Highness Ani is also going to talk about the Marl Galaxy on the program, right?”

Colonel Wood looked at Princess Ani’s slightly changed face, and he said firmly, “It is not difficult to understand that any speech involving the strategy of the Ministry of the Army needs to be approved by the Ministry of the Army in a uniform manner. We have already informed the television station for Her Highness that Her Highness will be absent, Her Highness Ani need not worry.”

Princess Ani took a deep breath and resisted the urge to throw her handbag at Colonel Wood’s face, she turned around in anger and stomped back to her room on her high heels.

This incident soon spread to the Royal Council of Prime Ministers, and also reached the ears of Theodore III. The orange cat-like emperor showed a momentary look of anger, but he immediately adjusted and then ordered his attendant, “Contact the general.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

And at this time in the middle of the military department, Super Wolf beside Ewan was plowing the floor, while Ewan was meeting with the captains of Sky Wolf Legion through an online conference.

“Wellin, since we have now found the whereabouts of the people, you will immediately go to Utos Black City, this time we must not let anyone get away again.”

“Yes, General.”

“Major General Anne, you lead the ninth team to the place where I was ambushed in the first place.”

“Yes, General.”

Weifield stepped forward and had no choice but to interrupt the meeting, “General, it’s Your Majesty.”

Ewan raised an eyebrow slightly, it came quite quickly. “That will be all for today.”

Bringing the meeting to a close, Ewan gestured for Weifield to take the communication over, and then within the office, an image of Theodore III appeared. The two men looked at each other across a table.

“Your Majesty is well.” Ewan was never wrong in this aspect of etiquette.

Theodore III sneered, his naive face was now full of seriousness, “General, what do you intend to do?”

“I wonder what Your Majesty is referring to?”

Theodore III questioned, “The other day, you restricted the crown prince’s freedom of movement and did not allow him to leave the palace at will, and now, you are restricting the royal family’s freedom of speech, what exactly do you want to do?”

Ewan smiled softly at his words. In fact, Ewan’s term of office as general was still short, only two years, but his body has a kind of authority unique to long-standing high positions, he said in a non-salty tone, “About this matter, is it not the royal family’s own choice?”

Super Wolf next to him was holding a flower vase and nibbling on it, and turned over and slept on all fours.

Ewan continued, “Before, I informed the royal family that if they spread the news irresponsibly again, trying to use public opinion to bully the military ministry, then the military ministry can only severely review every statement made by the royal family.”

His voice was not heavy, but it had a weight that one did not dare to take lightly.

“As for the Crown Prince…” Ewan gave a slight pause, and his eyes revealed a harsh light, “Your Majesty is still more in charge, so as not to go astray.”

After ending the call with Theodore III and watching the figure dissipate in his office, Weifield knocked on the door and pushed in, placing the report he had just received on Ewan’s desk.

At the same time he asked, “General, there are quite a few voices of opposition within the Ministry of the Army, believing that this move by the Ministry of the Army is out of bounds and has treasonous intentions.”

“Take down the list of those people.” Ewan looked over the report that was brought to him, it was the modification program that Sean had done to the mental test chamber for the mental breakthrough for Baylor afterwards. He looked at it carefully, and then Ewan took a pen to make changes in some places.

Only after that, he took out another report, which was an investigation report on Baylor.

“This time is still the same as last time, and there is no suspicious person investigated around Mr. Baylor…” This was already the third wave of people sent to TL7 planet, Weifield hesitated for half a second, but still couldn’t help but ask, “Who is General looking for? If there is a general direction, they may be able to find some clues faster.”

The investigation report was indeed similar to the last one, and there wasn’t much that was new.

Ewan snapped the report shut, and he said indifferently, “Pull the men back.”

So repeatedly looking, can not find a trace, then continue to look, there will be no results.

“There is one more thing.” Weifield reported, “According to the usual practice, the 68th recruits will be responsible for the guardianship of the ancestral stones mine for a week in recent days, about this matter, does General have any instructions?”

Ewan sniffed and looked at Weifield curiously, “What instructions are needed?”

Weifield hesitated for a second, “That… Naturally, it’s about Mr. Baylor.” Hasn’t the general always given special treatment to Mr. Baylor’s affairs?

Ewan pondered for a moment and asked, “When are they going?”

“This Sunday.”

“He’ll go when he’s supposed to, no need to ask me.”

It would seem out of place for Baylor not to go to something that everyone else was doing. And… This was also good, he also recently needed to leave the Empire, just in time for Baylor to come back after the spiritual power breakthrough.

Thinking about Baylor, Ewan’s gaze turned distant as he looked at the information.

I wonder how Baylor was doing in school? I hope nothing will go wrong.

In the evening, Ewan deliberately put off his overtime schedule and went to 1st Imperial Military Academy to pick up Baylor. The general parked on the street in front of Baylor’s assigned building.. Watching Baylor walk out of the building, he does not look out of place in this environment, but his looks are really a little too outstanding, standing there like a school idol.

When the omega got in the car, Ewan said, “I’m going home today, not to the military.”

Baylor first hugged Super Wolf who rushed towards him, petted him a few times, and then said casually and perfunctorily, “Okay.”

The hover car was not allowed to fly in the air within the campus, so while driving on the ground, Ewan was distracted by the nostalgic architecture of his alma mater and asked, “How are you feeling today? Do you want to go to class yet?”

“Not bad.” Baylor’s resistance to school did fade at the moment, after all, Sean’s words to him had some effect, and after a pause, he said, “But the floorplan is so annoying.”

Ewan’s voice was tinged with laughter, “What? Got lost?”

Baylor gave a grunt.

Ewan said, “Next time let Super Wolf come along and let him find the way.”

Super Wolf gave a reluctant wail. He didn’t want to go to the lesson.

“What about the others?” Ewan asked, “Did you come across anything interesting?”

Interesting things… Interesting doesn’t count, but rather special does. Baylor stroked Super Wolf’s fur and then said, unperturbed, “I got confessed to.”

The sudden change in the car’s movement caused a lot of students on the school road to pay attention to the car, and inside the car, Baylor was pulled back by the seat belt because of the sharp braking while Super Wolf lurched forward.

“Shit!” Baylor glared at Ewan grumpily, “What are you doing?!”

Ewan’s brow was now pressed, he felt his heart clenched and his blood almost flowing backwards, he doubted his ears and asked, “What did you say? You’ve been confessed to? And then what?”

Damn! He knew it wouldn’t work for Baylor to come to a place like this, full of bloodthirsty youths, and it was only the first day, and someone actually dared to confess to Baylor!

The cars behind him were getting impatient and started to look ahead to see what was going on. If it wasn’t for the fact that honking was not allowed in the school zone, they would have honked their horns. Ewan’s goose-gray eyes were dangerously half-small, and he pursed his lips, “You… wouldn’t say yes, would you?”

Baylor rubbed his shoulder, which was strangled by the seat belt, and at the same time rubbed Super Wolf, he looked at Ewan in a bad mood. This man was simply in shock. Despite his irritation, Baylor was quick to give his answer, “No.”

Ewan exhaled as his heart fell from his throat back into his chest with that answer. Starting the hover car up again, Ewan then had time to focus on other things. He said, “Well, these students are always unpredictable, so it’s good that you refused.”

Baylor leaned back comfortably into the back of the car seat, then dropped another bombshell, “Not by a student, but the film emperor Aynor.”

What?! The hover car’s driving was instantly unstable again, the car speeding up violently-

Baylor looked puzzled at the extremely perverse Ewan, who said sarcastically in a cool tone, “If you can’t drive, let the autopilot drive.”

The car was driving better than he was. The car finally left the campus and rose smoothly to the third driving height, Ewan’s obscure voice sounded inside the car, “Aynor, he went to school to look for you? And confessed to you?”

As he spoke, Ewan’s voice was gradually tinged with a bit of gnashing of teeth… He knew that this Aynor would not give up easily, but he did not expect that he would be like a fly in the ointment. But Ewan thought that Aynor had been rejected by Baylor, and he looked a little brighter, “Now that you’ve rejected him, stay away from him in the future.”

Baylor stared at Ewan’s clouded expression, then remembered what had happened at noon today. What he didn’t say was that after rejecting Aynor’s request for a relationship, he had asked the other if he wanted to be his mate.

When Aynor heard this question, his face was shocked and confused. Then he replied, “Well… I’m not ready yet, can I think about it for a while?”

Baylor shrugged, his tone casual, “There’s no rush, take your time.”

Something like mates was not so easy to decide.

Aynor asked thoughtfully, “Maybe… We could start with the premise of becoming a mate?”

Baylor shook his head decisively as he lowered his head and began preparing to find his way to afternoon class, “No.” He said unperturbed, “No trying in my case.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not forced.” Raising his eyes to touch Aynor’s torn expression, Baylor added, “I don’t have to look for a mate either.”

That was the truth. Even Baylor didn’t expect it. It was the only relationship he would allow.

“What do you keep looking at me for?” Ewan asked curiously, noticing Baylor’s gaze.

Baylor stared at the man with whom he had established a “marking contract”, and a question suddenly came to his mind. Would Ewan be willing to be his mate? In the end, how long was the duration of the “marking contract”? Ewan had only said long-term, but not until when. After a little hesitation, Baylor’s lips slightly opened.


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January 25, 2023 4:06 pm

Oi! Is Baylor going to ask if Ewan wants to be his mate!? YES❤️ hope so😉 thank you for the update ❤️❤️

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