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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai



“I will go to D1 next week.” Ewan, who had been unable to wait for Baylor’s reply, drowned out Baylor’s softly spoken voice, and finished speaking before he wondered, “Did you just prepare to say something?”

“No, nothing.” Baylor felt rather bored and averted his eyes. Ewan hadn’t confessed to himself, so how could he think to ask if he was going to be his mate? Baylor turned to ask, “What’s D1? Where is it?”

“It’s not that far, it’s a three day voyage, it’s one of the Ya’an Empire’s moons.” Ewan replied, “The military’s large weapons training base is there, and we need to go there recently. And next week you’ll be patrolling the ancestral stones mine.”

It looked like they were all going to be busy next week.

Baylor asked, “So a mental breakthrough this week?”

Baylor’s attitude towards the matter had been very simple and brutal compared to Ewan’s caution, he just wanted to get started and finish quickly.

Ewan was slightly silent, but he had expected such impatience from Baylor, and his voice was slightly helpless as he said, “Let’s wait until next week, the instruments are still being adjusted.”

Of course, in his private heart, Ewan still hoped Baylor would never try it.

“After next week.” Baylor yawned, looking a little tired.

Baylor needed two days of school in the middle of the week, so later Baylor made another trip to school. This time, the students were obviously more enthusiastic about him, and the most obvious thing was that the classroom he was in was suddenly full of students. Otherwise, many serious students in their own classrooms would have no place to do so.

Eric was one of them, but he also had a class with Baylor, that is, battlefield strategy class. Eric’s attitude was very direct and firm compared to other candidates who lost to Baylor in the test, “Baylor, when will you fight me again? I recently analyzed that fight carefully, and I’m confident that I won’t lose this time. I did hesitate last time, but you were very good at catching my hesitation and making a decisive move. We were partners in the restaurant before, for the sake of that time, let’s compete again.”


He was simply annoying.

Baylor thought he was already a fighter, but Eric was even more fanatical than he was, pestering Baylor to fight him with almost every word. Normally Baylor would be happy to agree to fight with each other, but Baylor was obsessed with studying these days and didn’t want to fight, and was so wrapped up in Eric’s rebelliousness that the more Eric wanted to fight with him, the less he wanted to agree. 🙂

Compared to Eric’s stalking, his brother Aynor seemed much more sensible. Since the first day’s conversation with Baylor, Aynor, after knowing Baylor’s meaning, stopped thinking about pestering Baylor all the time and thought carefully about Baylor’s proposal.

So when Baylor went to class the next day, Aynor didn’t go back to Baylor.

The following week, as planned from the beginning, the 68th class had their first assignment after entering the military.

The task of inspecting the ancestral stones mine was similar to military duty, and would be rotated among the classes of recruits who had just entered the military within two years, and each time would be performed by one old and one new class together. And this time with Baylor with the 65th, many of them have entered the legion, the task was busy, and this would be the last task of their recruiting period.

The ancestral stones mine they were to patrol was not on Daugherty, where the Ya’an Empire was located, but on the natural moon D7, two days’ flight away from Daugherty. Ancestral stones as a military strategic resource, the average person may not have real contact with it in their lifetime.

And for this group of recruits who just joined the military, ancestral stones were also limited to the knowledge in textbooks.

As soon as they arrived at their quarters in the mine on D7, Baylor’s roommate couldn’t hide his excitement and said to Baylor, “I’ve seen a specimen of ancestral stones in a museum, although it was only a small piece, it was colorful and very beautiful.”

Here Baylor did not have the special treatment of a single room, and even the dormitory was a six-room. Baylor looked at the student whose name he couldn’t remember, and he replied, “No, it’s a rock, and I’m not interested.”

The Crusader who arrived with him at the Ya’an Empire also had ancestral stones, which were resources given to the Ya’an Empire by the TL7 planet in order to defect, and even included him in this gift of resources. But Baylor’s only impression of this ‘companion’ was – very expensive.

He was planning to steal a few ancestral stones on the ship and sell them for money. Baylor suddenly remembered that the interstellar pirates attacked Crusader for the purpose of the ship’s ancestral stones, so he asked, somewhat suspiciously, “This mine is patrolled by recruits?”

At that time the ship’s two tons of ancestral stones can let the interstellar pirates with such a big battle to rob, this was ancestral stones mine, not that he was presumptuous, but his contemporaries can be the real newcomers, even if there was another class of ‘old man ‘together, was not also a little too risky?

He did not think that such a group of people could fight against the group of interstellar pirates who attacked the Crusader.

“Of course not.” Someone replied, “Every mine will have legion’s official troops stationed here, and this place is also used as a training base, we are just minions.”

“Moreover, because there is a felony prison here, the security is very strict. In fact, saying that they let us patrol, we actually have nothing to do.”

Baylor’s ears twitched as he turned his head, revealing a bit of curiosity, “A felony prison?”

The man nodded, “Yes, I heard that it holds an important prisoner of war from Alix Galaxy, you know we always know very little about Alix Galaxy, this prisoner of war is also a very important person in Alix Galaxy, other mines have only one official unit stationed, here there are three teams stationed.”

Baylor remembered what Sean said earlier, Alix Galaxy was different from this side, there was more advanced spiritual research over there. I wonder what the civilization over there would really be like?

And at this time, in the middle of this planet’s felony prison, a beautiful man with long seaweed-like hair dressed in a prisoner’s costume, leaned against that cold wall with his eyes closed and the corners of his mouth still slightly raised, like a fine sculpture.

Even in such a despondent situation, he still maintained a transcendent elegance and serenity.

This room was wrapped in high-density explosion-proof glass, and then there was a layer of hard stone walls outside, and the guards were three layers inside and three layers outside.

And such a battle lasted 375 days.

This was the 375th day since his arrest, and he still hasn’t said a word.


The cold climate on Planet D7, covered with snow and ice almost everywhere, was perfect for Super Wolf. As soon as he arrived at the mine, under Baylor’s instructions, he found an unoccupied place to run and roll, just like a stimulant.

But Baylor and the others were not so happy, putting on the use of special fabrics, to ensure that the light while still resistant to cold military uniforms, without a moment’s rest, they were immediately called to gather to start the task. The two squads were disorganized into 20 groups, each group had 5-8 people ranging from four groups responsible for standing guard in an area.

In the middle of the snow, there are several huge pits, almost ten stadiums large. These pits are ancestral stone pits.

There was only one pit in an area, and Baylor their group was responsible for the area.

The cold wind was biting, although there was a system of cold resistance, but the face exposed skin and contact with the cold air will be able to freeze almost paralyzed. Shiyel restrained himself from shivering while looking around in confusion.

Lindsey, a ‘veteran’ of the same group, scolded, “What are you looking at blindly there, stand guard properly and don’t take it lightly.”

Behind them was a loud roar coming from the pit, that was the sound of the mining machine breaking through the rock layer.

Shiyel looked at the almost endless snowfield in front of him and said, confused, “This is a mine and a training base, why is there no fence?” 

Of course, he was not just referring to the fence, but some protective measures. However, it seemed to him that the mine, or the garrison where they were living, was completely exposed. Lindsey frowned, obviously not very favorable to Shiyel’s move of raising doubts. But because she also came from the stage of new recruits, she probably understood Shiyel’s feelings.

So she explained, “The protective layer here is invisible to you, it’s in the sky.” She ended the gun in her hand and continued, “The protective layer directly wraps the whole planet, so it is very safe here, you are quite lucky, the 1st patrol mission is to come here, just follow the steps to complete the task of standing guard.”

Just finished explaining, Lindsey suddenly noticed the other person in the team was different. She looked at the omega wearing windshields and questioned, “What are you looking at again?”

And at that moment, Baylor’s eyes were staring intently at the pit behind them, which was almost bottomless, making one wonder if it had all drilled the entire planet. Baylor didn’t answer Lindsey’s question directly, but instead asked, “Can we go down and take a look?”

Go down? Why should we go down? This question surfaced in the minds of everyone present.

Nowadays, the mining in the pit was all done by machinery, and there was only one duty room below, where the technical staff will monitor the progress of mining 24 hours a day. There was no need to go down there.

Lindsey replied decisively, “Our task is to stand guard here, nothing else will do.”

The wind rolled up the snow almost like a fog-like texture, and through this layer of ‘misty fog’, Baylor cared to stare at the pit. Was it his illusion? Why did he feel a faint mental energy fluctuation coming from inside that pit? It was like floating silk.

Looking deep into the pit, Baylor put the earplugs in his hands into his ears, blocking out the mechanical roar that was comparable to noise.


Standing in the cold wind all afternoon, Shiyel felt almost like an ice sculpture. At dinner time, he went into the cafeteria, took off his foggy windshield, and let out a long sigh, “This is still four days of standing.”

Fortunately, their shift ends today, and another group of soldiers will be standing guard next. Although he felt that there was no need to stand guard, the sky was shielded, and the ground was deserted, so it was hard to know what they were looking at.

Baylor looked at his schedule, after dinner was the rest time, until 3:00 a.m. needed to go back to change the guard. In other words, until three o’clock was free time.

After finishing dinner at a very fast pace, Baylor put on his warm gear without saying a word, and then immediately dove into the snow and wind again. There was no moon on this planet, and there was only light in the darkness when the back was turned to the stars. At this time, the wind and snow had not stopped, and it was difficult to see beyond a hundred meters with the blurred light.

Super Wolf had been playing outside almost all afternoon, the too many inches of snow for others were to speak of as flat for it, in the case of very low visibility, it followed the smell and found Baylor.

Baylor was in the snow canopy outside the A area pit, and when Super Wolf came back to him, he squatted down and stroked Super Wolf’s thick fur, then Baylor asked, “Super Wolf, do you feel the spiritual power fluctuations in the pit?”

Super Wolf stopped his pampering and stood still, his ears pricked up majestically, his ice-blue eyes looking keenly through the haze of snow and wind at the pit, which seemed to be connected to another world. The pink nose twitched slightly as it caught the faint mental energy fluctuation in the air, and it immediately gave an excited ‘woof’.

This was an affirmative answer.

Baylor subconsciously continued to pet Super Wolf, yet his gaze was just like Super Wolf’s, staring intently at the pit that was hidden in a blanket of snow and fog at the moment. His senses were indeed correct.

What he felt this afternoon was indeed a spiritual power fluctuation.

The people of the Ya’an Empire also had the concept of psychic power, and Baylor could also feel the presence of a guide-like element from the S-class alpha. But the spiritual power fluctuations like the Sentinel guides had never been felt.

Generally speaking, people with spiritual bodies would have spiritual power fluctuations, that was the sign of spiritual body activity. However, at this moment, he felt the ancestral stone pit and Super Wolf existence had similar spiritual power fluctuations.

So… There must be a spiritual creature in the pit.

Baylor’s gloved fingers rubbed Super Wolf’s ears and he said without hesitation, “Super Wolf, let’s go down and take a look.”

It wasn’t the right thing to do. But he and Super Wolf both like to do things that are not in line with the rules. Super Wolf immediately let out a high wolf-like howl, which could override the violent mechanical roar of the pit. Baylor, of course, would not be foolish enough to rush over, he waited quietly in the snow canopy, waiting until twelve o’clock in the morning, when the personnel standing guard began to get a little tired. He bypassed the guard area, agile and lightly approaching the pit.

In the afternoon he had been paying attention to the route of approach avoiding people’s sight, and thanks to the wind and snow at night, the visibility at this time was extremely low, greatly reducing the possibility of Baylor being discovered. Rolling to the side, avoiding the back and forth sweeping light, Baylor successfully approached the mine nearby.

The closer he got to the mine, the more deafening the sound of mechanical operations like the roar of a trapped beast, Baylor immediately took the earplugs out of his pocket and plugged his ears.

The mine had an elevator, but there were also steps that could be used to prevent power failures. Baylor decided to give up the elevator and took Super Wolf down towards the iron stairs.

The walls of the mine were attached to the lighting system, so standing on the stairs, looking down he could see the stairs circling down, the middle of the mine was like a gravitational force that attracts people who want to fall down. Even if the body was still standing on the stairs, the consciousness seems to have been swept up in the vortex, making people dizzy.

As he went down, Baylor more and more clearly felt that spiritual power fluctuation.

Baylor’s brow furrowed. Could there really be a Super Wolf-like spiritual body inside?

The duty room was located at the bottom of the mine, connected to the elevator, and the stairs are located just beyond the duty room. After about forty minutes of running, Baylor finally arrived at the bottom and let Super Wolf take the lead to check the duty room. Then at Super Wolf’s signal, while the technicians in the duty room were not paying attention, Baylor dashed through the duty room with a short body. He then jumped over the railing in the technicians’ blind spot, jumped on top of the device, and ran to the where the excavation was taking place.

The excavation device was a black cube device that breaks through the hard rock layer, and then robots go in groups to sample it for a higher level of excavation. It was so dusty in here that Baylor covered his mouth and nose and followed his senses, stepping forward on top of that rubble, next to him were half-human-tall robots meticulously carrying out their tasks.

And Super Wolf was the first to rush ahead. Then Super Wolf stopped in front of the wall and let out a high bark.

Baylor immediately accelerated his own pace. The feeling of spiritual power fluctuation was getting stronger and stronger, as if there were several spiritual bodies ahead, but to Baylor’s surprise, he did not find a spiritual body.

Except for Super Wolf, there was no independent life spirit power in this cave. The source of the spiritual energy fluctuation was not the spiritual body, but – the wall of the flowing colorful fluorescent stone.

Baylor suddenly remembered today in the dormitory, someone said, ancestral stones look multicolored fluorescent, very gorgeous.

Are these ancestral stones?

Baylor frowned slightly and stretched out his hand to those stones, the surface of the stone was not as cold as he thought, but warm and hot, different from the environment it was in and different from its identity as a ‘dead thing’.

It was like a living thing, with a human body temperature…

The moment of contact, Baylor felt his own spiritual energy active, as if he had met a friend of joy. Baylor looked towards Super Wolf, who was now also attached to the ancestral stones, constantly rubbing his head, even trying to stick out his tongue to lick.

Baylor only felt his brain was full of questions, as if there was a layer of fog that would be tightly wrapped around him. Why do ancestral stones have spiritual power fluctuations?

He heard Toynbee said, ancestral stones were the core energy of the warship mecha today, will this have a relationship with its spiritual power fluctuations? Just as Baylor was wondering about the energy coming from the ancestral stones under his hand, a hostile intent stabbed him in the back from behind, and Baylor and Super Wolf instantly entered into combat.

A twist turned around, an infrared ray aimed at his forehead.

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Baylor doing his own thing.
I wonder if he’s actually from the Alix Galaxy, but doesn’t realise it?
Thanks for translating and editing.

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