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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Baylor hadn’t forgotten what happened on Planet D7. Because he had to go to class, Baylor simply took Super Wolf to the hover car, which Ewan had specially prepared for Baylor, with autopilot, so that he would not have to bother someone to pick him up and drop him off again and again.

Super Wolf was not too happy to go to school, now lying on the back of the seat opposite Baylor, temperamentally lying his body down, from the head to the buttocks were tightly attached to the seat, only the tail like a small duster, still in a small sweep. He gets sleepy when he goes to school, mostly because he gets bored in the classroom when Baylor doesn’t let him move around.

It’s better to be at home, or go to the military with Ewan, and still be able to wander around. He was very independent and needed a little space for himself once in a while.

Baylor had long been accustomed to this little temperament of his spiritual body, he did not take it seriously, he crossed his legs. Since it was autumn, he wore a loose long-sleeved, loose collar, you can clearly see the delicate collarbone.

Baylor wiggled his feet and clasped his hands, listening to Super Wolf’s grunting voice, he said mercilessly, “Going to school isn’t like picking your skin off, it’s so hard for you.”

Super Wolf nosed out and gave a grunt. He felt that Baylor had betrayed their alliance, and Baylor used to hate classes.

Baylor was helpless, “Okay, okay, next time I won’t let you go, I have something to ask you today, who told you to run to Ewan early in the morning and pout?” Baylor said, “Can we have some dignity, although it is a dog, but you are at least a spiritual body, every day pestering people to let him jerk you off is what is going on.”

It was fine before. Now because of the re-established spiritual connection with Super Wolf, Super Wolf’s feelings could be clearly and unmistakably transmitted to Baylor here. The result was that Ewan was petting Super Wolf, and Super Wolf’s comfortable and pleasant feelings were transmitted… It’s almost as if he was being pet himself.

Although, from the feeling Super Wolf transmitted, Ewan’s petting technique was indeed gaining a lot and making Super Wolf very comfortable, but this was too strange. Super Wolf grunted again, saying that he liked being petted, and that’s the fun of being a dog.

No. You have a lot of fun.

Baylor’s mouth twitched and he stopped messing with Super Wolf and asked, “When you were on Planet D7, did you see a man in that prison?” Although he was able to communicate directly with Super Wolf spiritually, he was still accustomed to expressing his thoughts orally, after all, he never knew that Super Wolf was his spiritual body back then, and had long since developed the habit of communicating in this way.

Super Wolf turned his head, his ice blue eyes clearly reflecting Baylor’s shadow. It saw many men, who was the boss referring to?

“The most special one, the one who was locked up in the prison.” Baylor helped Super Wolf recall, “That time to leave, you came out of the depths of the prison, where did you go at that time?”

The appearance of a man suddenly appeared in Baylor’s mind. It was the memory conveyed to him by Super Wolf. That man wore long curly hair, wearing a prison uniform, his age looked in his thirties, in fact, his face looked very young, just the whole person had a kind of flamboyant and calm serene aura, like an ancient lotus in a pond. At that time Super Wolf followed a strange spiritual fluctuation and then reached all the way to the cell where the man was kept.

And when it entered that cell, the man did not interact with it too much, but Super Wolf knew he could see himself. For the pair of silent eyes were fixed on its figure.

This man’s sight did not make Super Wolf feel very repulsed, but rather had a gentle feeling of closeness. Coupled with the spiritual fluctuations coming from this man, Super Wolf tentatively approached that man at that time.

When it approached, it heard the man open his mouth and say a word.

By definition, Super Wolf could not understand his language.

But the man’s communication was not only on a linguistic level, but also on a spiritual level. The strange phrase that came out of his mouth, like a magic spell, broke away from the limits of human language and created a spiritual signal, which was then successfully communicated into Super Wolf’s brain.

It was the five words that Ewan had once told Baylor – ‘The divine revelation has come’.

However, it was not only that. There was an additional signal than what Ewan and the others saw, a signal that was wordless and existed only on a spiritual level.

[Are you here to save me?] That signal, not to Super Wolf, but to another person.

Baylor was stunned, he had long known that Right River must have been picked up and left, but never thought that it would be exactly when Super Wolf was present that Right River managed to connect with that person.

This kind of signal couldn’t be transmitted far, only that person was nearby at that time.

Baylor asked impatiently, “Did you notice anyone nearby?”

Super Wolf ‘owled’ and said no. Then it sensed Baylor’s presence nearby, and it followed the scent to Baylor.

Baylor frowned deeply.

Super Wolf could only convey to him the images he still remembered, and if Super Wolf didn’t pay attention, it would be difficult for him to find any more clues from Super Wolf’s memory. But… It would be good to know that the person was nearby at that moment.

Super Wolf couldn’t remember. But Security cameras do.

Baylor remembered that there were monitors all around Right River’s cell, and none of them were missed. Although all the monitors were destroyed when Right River escaped, Super Wolf was there when the security cameras were still working, so he must have captured the prisoner who escorted Right River out. He immediately sent this information to Ewan, and when he saw that Ewan had read his message, Baylor once again turned his attention to Super Wolf.

He asked, “That man, does he have a spiritual body on him?”

Super Wolf was attracted to a strong spiritual wave, Baylor was standing in the corridor and also felt that spiritual wave from afar, if there was no existence like Super Wolf who was constructed out of pure spiritual power around Right River, it was impossible to produce that kind of spiritual wave.

Super Wolf was decisive and gave an ‘ow’. It also thought there was a spiritual body at that time, before approaching. But it searched carefully near the man, and did not find the spiritual body. Super Wolf as the spiritual body did not find the spiritual body, then not only did not see the spiritual body appear, but did not feel their own kind.

Baylor’s face showed heavy silence. Right River had no spiritual body, but could directly communicate with the spiritual level … Was this the strange ability of the Marl Galaxy?

At this moment, Super Wolf’s bark attracted Baylor’s attention. Because Super Wolf said: That man’s feeling was very similar to Ewan’s.

It was at this moment that Baylor’s terminal rang, and he looked down to see a reply from Ewan. It was a very short few words – checking it out.

Baylor finished reading these three words, he thought about what Super Wolf said, and his voice slightly lowered, tinged with a bit of thoughtfulness among the crispness, “Sure enough, you also think Ewan is a bit strange.” His eyes narrowed slightly, “At that time in the spiritual picture, I remember that there is indeed another spiritual body.”

In contrast to Baylor’s uncertainty, Super Wolf had no doubt about it. Yes there is! I have a feeling it’s a pretty one, and I like the sound of it, but why doesn’t it come out?

Right. If Ewan really was completely differentiated into a guide and had a spiritual body inside him, then why didn’t Ewan himself notice the presence of the spiritual body? Just when Baylor was puzzled, the hover car arrived at the school.

In order to avoid taking the wrong path, this time he set the destination directly to the nearest intersection of the mecha classroom. That’s right, since Sean had made sure he could control the mecha yesterday, he had been placed directly into the mecha classroom, which was held twice a week, so Baylor wasn’t too tired.

However, because it was at school, the mecha sessions were actually virtual network matches, and the students didn’t really get to operate the mecha. The classroom was the same one Sean took him to yesterday.

Baylor led Super Wolf to the classroom, and it was break time between classes, with many students running from classroom to classroom, and some standing in front of their classrooms waiting for class to start. When Baylor walked into the building, both Baylor and Super Wolf felt a veiled and darkly probing gaze.

Baylor’s shapely brow frowned slightly.

From the time he came to this school, he knew that these people seemed to care about him. But today’s sight was different from the previous ones. The previous ones were simple curiosity, even with some admiration, but today’s were mixed with a bit of malice.

Super Wolf, relying on the fact that those people couldn’t see him, directly came up to a student who was sneaking a peek at Baylor, and then stepped on that person’s shoe with his paws.

“Ouch, who stepped on me?!”

“I didn’t move.”

Baylor ignored the commotion and walked straight towards his destination with no stopping his feet.

The students were slightly relieved to see no fluctuation on Baylor’s face, and only after watching Baylor’s figure gradually disappearing did they boldly continue to cast their eyes on the figure that was somewhat out of place with the surroundings.

“I never thought he would be such a person.”

“It’s him, right?”

“This year’s honorary newcomer, isn’t that him? He was making a lot of noise before.”

They thought they were speaking in a whisper and would never let the real owner know, but those scattered words reached Baylor’s ears without missing a beat, and while Baylor was puzzled in her heart, she also pursed her lips with some impatience. Sometimes it’s not a good thing to have too good a hearing, everything can come to your ears.

What are these people pushing for?

Pushing open the door to the classroom, the students inside turned their heads in response, and Eric was standing next to a training pod, chatting with the students around him. As a student who had just entered the mecha department, this class happened to be one of his major courses.

Professor Snow, the main professor of this class, walked into the classroom, “Is everyone here? You can find your own seats and sit down…” His gaze settled on Baylor, who was appearing in the class for the first time. He asked, “Are you Baylor?”

Baylor nodded, “Yes.”

Professor Snow had never met this rumored student, but he was familiar with Baylor’s story, for no other reason than that he had been the one who had corrected the analysis papers for the initial military examination.

There were many students who submitted more than ten pages of papers, describing the candidate’s deeds from beginning to end, the language of vivid, detailed descriptions, just like writing a novel, which was equivalent to let him read the 170 in the assessment of the personal show from beginning to end a few dozen times it. And, there were some military instructors constantly chanting in the teaching group, annoyed.

Yesterday, when Sean approached him to place someone in his class, he thought it was finally time to see the true face of the mountain. The Ministry of the Army had high hopes for this person.

“When you arrive, find yourself a seat, today’s class is mainly mecha collaboration, later I will arrange a partner for you.”

Baylor looked around and was searching for a seat before he saw Eric’s enthusiastic eyes as he kept gesturing for Baylor to go to the seat next to him. Baylor’s mouth twitched, and then headed in Eric’s direction.

However, at this time, someone suddenly stood up from his seat, an alpha with an inch of hair, and he said to Professor Snow with a stoic face, “Professor, what makes him able to parachute into this class? We are all selected to enter the mecha department and learn mecha operations, he is not even a regular student, yet he has to train with us. Is it fair to the students who are his partners?”

The man looked askance at Baylor, his gaze slightly contemptuous and hostile.

Baylor’s instincts told him that it had to do with the students’ comments in the hallway earlier.


The author has something to say: 

Dragon Hunter – Tyrant – Super Wolf.


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