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I’m Really Just an Ordinary Person

 by Lifting the Curtain Lights

我真的只是个普通人 by 帷幕灯火

Year: 2020-2021

Genre: BL

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 111 Chapters, 4 Extras (Ongoing)

Translator: Addis

Editor: Karatechopmonkey

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Shen Si was an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, until one day, the unlimited flow world collapses and all the survivors returned to reality, setting off a ripple.

His gentle neighbor, Bai JunYi, was the God of Light in the other world, with the strength of faith that could shake the world’s rules.

His affectionate ex-boyfriend, Jian Nian, was the God of Killing that even ghosts and gods fear, and the rumors are more frightening than each other.

His distant cousin, Xi Luo, whom he has never met, was the unlimited flow world dark boss, leading countless ghosts and monsters. 

Ordinary person Shen Si: ????

Onlooker crowd: So many big brothers have relations with him, he must be the hidden most powerful person!


Unlimited Flow means novels where people are summoned to unique spaces separate from the real world and have to complete tasks, generally stuff like puzzles, survival, or horror games. Unlimited flow (aka infinite flow aka 无限流) originated from “infinite horror” which is why most unlimited flow novels invoke lots of people dying after failing the games in the subspaces/instances.


Chapter 1: New World

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Don’t run around, everyone! Listen to the guide’s instructions! This is not the place to take pictures, the cliff edge is very dangerous!” Yi Mingchi shouted at the top of his lungs to the crowd that was already running around taking pictures on their own. He sighed helplessly and wiped a handful of sweat from the corner of his forehead before starting the task of bringing back the wayward tourists for the third time today. “Shen Si, you stay with the people first, I’ll go find someone.”

“Okay.” The young man called Shen Si calmly responded, and he led the rest of the group to wait in the shade, and the tourists were happy to rest, chatting on the spot and taking pictures.

It was a very hot day, and the scorching sun was spilling on the ground like it was splitting the surface. Shen Si took a sip of the water he had brought along with him, and a drop of sweat trickling down the corner of his forehead when he tilted his head. At that moment, there was a click, and Shen Si looked towards the place where the sound came from. A red-faced girl hastily hid her phone and nodded at him somewhat shyly.

“That’s only the first one? But it can’t be helped, you’re just too eye-catching.” His colleague, Lin Qi, patted Shen Si’s shoulder with a teasing tone.

It was clear from his comments that this had happened more than once.

Shen Si’s appearance was excellent, he was tall and thin with very white skin. He was wearing white sportswear, and under the sun visor his exposed, stray locks were also white. His whole person was glowing in the sunlight and he didn’t look like a guide at all, more like an entertainer preparing to perform at a talent show.

Taking the visor off, Shen Si fanned himself twice with the hat, “Are you talking about my hair?”

“I didn’t think you’d really go and dye your hair silvery gray either.” Lin Qi spread his arms helplessly.

Shen Si glanced behind him, Yi MingZhi had already returned with the people, and he slowly exhaled, “Let’s keep going. We’re not far from the top of the mountain.”

“Understood, the weather is really abnormal this year, it’s already autumn and still so hot.” Lin Qi wiped the sweat on his face, “Hurry up and end this trip, if it’s delayed until one or two o’clock, I’m afraid the tourists might get heatstroke.”

Lin Qi began to urge the tourists to continue to depart, and they tacitly exchanged positions with Yi MingZhi and Shen Si. After a gesture to follow, Shen Si walked at the end to prevent the tourists from being left alone.

Shen Si, Yi MingZhi, and Lin Qi were colleagues in the same tourism agency, the company’s main tourism projects were quite different from other companies’ services: they preferred steeper mountains and forests, hence their name, Close to Nature. Due to the slightly higher difficulty and the requirement of good stamina for continuous exercise, the company’s business is far from good during the summer months.

This year was even more strange; because of the still hot-as-furnace autumn weather, the company’s business was visibly poor.

That’s why the company focused on Shen Si. Shen Si was the youngest and best-looking tour guide in their company. They used the most handsome tour guide as a mascot to attract tourists but didn’t expect it to actually work. Shen Si’s colleagues were joking with him that if he dyed his hair white he could almost go on a talent show. Who knew the next day Shen Si really walked in with a head full of white hair.

Putting on a white tour guide uniform, he looked like a white-haired elf.

“Everyone, keep up! We’ll be on top of the mountain soon!” Lin Qi led the tourists in the front.

Following the crowd, Shen Si looked at the trees on the mountain; they were lush and green, and they could hear the rustling of insects hidden in the leaves. It was not just the extreme heat, even the tree leaves did not fall according to the season. Last year, at this time, the leaves on the trees had almost half fallen.

A gust of wind blew over, the leaves rustled, but the gust of wind brought was not cooling. The weather was still stifling hot and was getting hotter with every passing day.

Shen Si took out his phone to look at the temperature of his location, and it was indeed a blistering heat.

“It’s hot.”

“I should have known better than to come, I’m a little out of breath.”

“When will we get to the top of the mountain?”

The tourists complained, and Lin Qi, also suffering and sweating from the heat, quickly turned his head to appease them, “Do not give up! We will soon arrive, hold on a little longer!”

Lin Qi pointed ahead, “Do you see that pavilion? Over the pavilion is the top of the mountain, there are cold drinks for sale up there!”

Once they heard cold drinks, the crowd’s eyes lit up. They weren’t far from the pavilion, so the crowd gathered their breath and continued to follow Lin Qi,. The team’s marching speed was faster in an instant.

“This is called looking for plums to quench your thirst.” Yi MingZhi helplessly sighed, he sped up, not only the travelers’ but even the guides’, who had climbed this mountain countless times, throats would tighten a bit once they heard ‘cold drinks’.

This weather was really miserable for hiking.

As soon as they reached the top of the mountain, both the tourists and Shen Si were relieved. Lin Qi mixed in with the travelers and took three bottles of cold drinks, and there was still plenty of time for the travelers to take a half-hour photo break, after which they would take the people down the mountain to avoid the hottest part of the day.

“Here you go.”

Shen Si took the cold drink Lin Qi handed him, “Thanks.”

“No need, the view is really nice.” Lin Qi sighed as he stood next to Shen Si looking at the foot of the mountain, “No matter how many times I ascend, the moment I see this view I can’t help but sigh once.”

“This is the miracle of nature!” Yi MingZhi made a profound observation next to him.

After drinking the cold drinks, the three of them watched the tourists scattered about to prevent them from going to any dangerous places for the sake of taking photos, as there were people every year who ran off on their own and then got separated from the tour group.

Just then, Shen Si turned his head slightly to look at the sky. Just then, he seemed to hear the sound of breaking porcelain, and broken ceramic pieces fell to the ground with a very clear and crisp sound.

Flying birds made a sharp sound, scurrying out of the woods all over the sky. The animals also seemed to be fleeing for their lives, wildly running out of the forest. This sudden change made everyone freeze for a moment, and the air carried a thick sense of agitation, and every breath felt hot, like exhaling fire.

“Lin Qi! Take the people to safety immediately!” Shen Si was the first to respond.

“Could it be…” Yi MingZhi’s face went white; as a senior tour guide, he often read about this phenomena in books.

It was an earthquake!

Shen Si and the others quickly led the people to the side. There was a clearing there and it was very unwise to run down the mountain now. Once there were falling rocks, the consequences would be unimaginable. The tourists did not know what was happening, but seeing the faces of the three guides, they could determine that it wasn’t anything good. They scrambled to the side while Shen Si and the others maintained order and tried to keep the situation from turning chaotic.

“Ah, it hurts!” Shen Si looked back, the young girl who had previously snuck a photo of him got up from the ground. Her knee was gashed, blood kept gushing out. She reached out in panic, “Help, help!”

“Lin Qi you take the people and keep going, I’ll go help her.”

“I know, you be careful!” Lin Qi nodded towards Shen Si and then continued to carefully maintain order as Shen Si turned and ran back to the girl, who was panicking while trying to stand up, but unfortunately couldn’t move at all.

Shen Si looked at her wound, then took out bandages and medicinal alcohol from the backpack he was carrying, to barely stop the bleeding. Time was pressing, so he carried the girl directly on his back. He was just about ready to take her away, when, with a boom, the whole earth shook.

The girl let out an ear-splitting scream, and Shen Si hurriedly dragged her to a relatively open place. The earthquake lasted about ten seconds before the mountain became calm. The animals also gradually quieted down. Shen Si let go of the girl, as he stood up to look around.

Thankfully, there was no damage to the top of the mountain, even though the pavilion was still intact, the things in there were scattered all over the place, the simply built store half-collapsed. The girl sat dazedly in place, looking like she was completely unresponsive.

“Are you okay?” Shen Si asked in a whisper.

The girl blinked, staring at Shen Si for a few seconds, then she shook her head vigorously, “I’m fine, thank you!”

Shen Si picked the girl up, then carried her to a safe place in the open area. Yi MingZhi had been glancing in their direction, and after seeing Shen Si, he let out a long breath, full of gratitude. He ran over, with a little dust on his face, but his whole appearance was quite spirited.

“It’s good that you’re both okay.” Yi MingZhi patted Shen Si’s shoulder, “More, fortunately, this was not an epicenter, so no one was injured.”

Shen Si nodded. The girl lying on his back was also emotionally stable. Just when they were about to go to a safe place to wait for rescue, a cracking sound came, Shen Si and Yi MingZhi subconsciously looked towards the sky, only to see a point gradually become larger and finally, something fell, smashing into the top of the mountain.

“Hey! That was a person, right?!”

The person who smashed down was wearing rags, and his whole body was covered with wounds. He sat up somewhat surprised, then cautiously looked around, and after seeing Shen Si and the others, he paused looking quite puzzled.

After ten seconds of staring at each other, the man slowly lowered his head, and then Shen Si and the others heard the sound of sobbing.

The man cried and shouted, “I’m back! I’m finally back!”

Yi MingZhi looked at him blankly, “What do you mean you’re back?”

“I’m more concerned about something else than him coming back.” Shen Si looked up at the sky and then at the man who was still crying, “He fell from that high place and smashed the top of the mountain into a crater.”

“I’m surprised he’s still alive.”

Yi MingZhi froze, “Yeah, how is he still alive?!”


In October 2030, an earthquake erupted that affected the whole world, and lasted only 10 seconds.

Immediately afterward, hundreds of thousands of missing people around the world returned, who had been deep in an unlimited flow world 1 struggling to survive, fighting tooth and nail to stay alive. Until that day, the unlimited flow world suddenly collapsed and all those who were still alive returned to where they were when they disappeared.

They still carried the terrible power from the unlimited flow world, calling themselves Survivors. The world set up an organization dedicated to dealing with these people, and new laws were created because of this.

A new world had arrived.


The author has something to say.

Let’s start the new novel!


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Translator Notes:

  1. Means novels where people are summoned to unique spaces separate from the real world and have to complete tasks, generally stuff like puzzles, survival or horror games. Unlimited flow (aka infinite flow aka 无限流) originated from “infinite horror” which is why most unlimited flow novels invoke lots of people dying after failing the games in the subspaces/instances.


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