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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shen Si’s ability was time, a fact that had been completely established, but the problem was that he couldn’t control his ability and couldn’t use it as he wished. The occasional time regression was not obvious, except Bai JunYi, no one noticed it at all. Even He Xin, who was the nearest person to Shen Si, didn’t feel any problem with time, until Bai JunYi’s face changed and he ran into the ward.

Only then did he suddenly understand: Oh, time just now rewound a few seconds.

This feeling made He Xin suspect that he was back in that time playfield where no one noticed the time refutation. He Xin was just about to say something, when the phone in his pocket rang, and he fished his cell phone out of his white coat pocket.

“Hello, Ning Yangze?” He Xin listened to the other side speaking, and after a moment he frowned slightly, “Yes, I know, no problem, Shen Si is fine.”

“What’s going on?”

After hanging up the phone He Xin looked at Bai JunYi, “Ning Yangze failed to capture the person, the only thing in the room was an empty shell that was thrown away, and Qin Yu was just parasitized, now he and his men are bringing Qin Yu back, so he told us to be careful.”

“Ning Yangze said that Parasite may have set their sights on Shen Si.”

Bai JunYi’s fingers twitched as he frowned and sat beside Shen Si’s bed, his face a little ugly.

Parasite had always been like this, they liked to parasitize powerful people, and make those people into their puppets. Many A-Rank Survivors and even the S-Ranks had been attacked by these people, but unfortunately the success rate of attacking higher ranked Survivors was really too low.

But now there was Shen Si, the real little lamb.

He had the perfect S-Rank talent, just awakened his time ability, and couldn’t protect himself nor control his ability. He was the best target. 

Was this what they were after?

“Eye on me?” Shen Si didn’t quite understand and asked directly, “Although I don’t know who you are talking about, I’m just an ordinary person. Even if I have awakened an ability it had only just awakened. Why would I suddenly be targeted?”

“I don’t know why, but it looks like they knew about your ability earlier than we did.” He Xin looked at Shen Si, “Shen Si, we will be here to keep you safe, but if something happens and we are not with you, remember to use whatever abilities you have. Never be manipulated by a parasite.”

Once the ability of time was abused, the consequences would be unimaginable. He Xin didn’t want to put any restrictions on Shen Si, nor did he want him to be harmed because of this ability.

In the world of unlimited flow, Survivors had their own difficulties, as they constantly did things that broke through their lower limits in order to survive. Having an ability was the supreme thing, but now it’s different. Whether it was in an open playfield or an ordinary person awakening an ability, He Xin hoped that this ability wouldn’t become something that limited human beings.

Especially Shen Si, this rational and desireless person, if possible, he hoped he could keep going like this.

Although he didn’t understand much, Shen Si nodded, sitting on the hospital bed not knowing what was going on, looking a bit quiet to the point of excess.

“Ning Yangze is back with his men. Bai JunYi you stay here with Shen Si while I go check on Qin Yu.” He Xin glanced at the message he had just received, “Remember not to let anyone in.”

After saying that He Xin turned around and left the ward, then hurriedly rushed towards the entrance of the special hospital where Ning Yangze happened to arrive with his team.

“Ning Yangze.”

“Over here.” Ning Yangze waved at He Xin, then his men pulled open the rear compartment, and the person on the stretcher covered with a white cloth was presented in front of He Xin, “Come and see.”

He Xin pulled away the white cloth, and the face that was covered up was immediately exposed.

Qin Yu’s face was hideous, pale, he was unusually thin, as if he was dead and dried in the sun for several days. His mouth was open and at the corner was a withered branch that was so dry, it could be broken with a pull. He didn’t look like a person except for the outside layer of dried skin.

“It’s really worthy of the Devil’s Silk Thread.” He Xin put the white cloth over, “Where is Qin Yu’s father? That dream playfield survivor.”

“His father was moved before found out there was something wrong with him, and is now under treatment in another ward.” Ning Yangze told his men to move the body inside, “The man is dead, can we still find clues?”

“We won’t know until we try.” He Xin put on his glasses and started checking his tools as he walked, “There’s Bai JunYi on Shen Si’s side, no need to worry for now.”

Ning Yangze nodded, and just then, his footsteps lurched, this abrupt pause in his steps caused He Xin to be slightly stunned.

“What’s wrong?”

Ning Yangze looked to the end of the corridor, a white patch of clothing disappeared as a doctor had just passed by there.

“He Xin you go ahead and check, I’ll go over and take a look.” Ning Yangze let go of his hand, and rushed straight out of the corridor. Just as he turned the corner, he saw the doctor in the white coat clutching a stack of medical records, while walking and flipping through them, nothing looked wrong at all.

Ning Yangze went up to him, “Doctor?”

“Hmm?” The doctor turned his head, looked at Ning Yangze with some surprise, then closed the medical records, “Chief Ning? What can I do for you?”

“Nothing.” Ning Yangze looked into his eyes.

This was a general doctor, whom he remembered; when the private hospital of the Special Unit was established, he personally recruited this doctor, so he was indeed a familiar face, but something was amiss.

The alarms inside the body almost blew up with a bang, as his intuition was reminding him to escape from here. This person in front of him was definitely not the doctor he recruited before.

“I remember you are the resident doctor, right? You’re in charge of the survivors who are currently not out of critical condition.” Ning Yangze stuck his hand in his pocket as he depressed the undetectable alarm device in his pocket, “Why did you, a resident doctor, suddenly appear in the outpatient building with a medical record book?”

The doctor raised his eyebrows slightly as he loosened his hand and the medical record book fell to his feet with a banging sound.

“That’s impressive, really worthy of being the team leader of the Special Unit, to have discovered something wrong so quickly, I thought I would be able to muddle through.”


“That’s right, that’s right, it’s me.” The doctor laughed heartily, “But I’m here and I’m not here, this body is just a puppet I control. I can abandon this puppet for someone else whenever I want, Mr. Team Leader of the Special Unit, what are you going to do?”

“What am I going to do?” Ning Yangze took two cautious steps to the side, then in a flash threw a bottle over.

Parasite greeted it with a smile, and didn’t dodge at all because he knew that Ning Yangze wouldn’t hurt the man.

Ning Yangze was a police officer, the person possessed was a doctor, and a living human being, the puppet was his hostage and his weapon. Parasite had grown so much because of this, and, this way of survival worked even better here than in the unlimited world.

Crash, the glass bottle was smashed at the doctor’s feet, and the green liquid inside flowed all over the place.

“What is it? You can’t bear to do it?” Parasite lowered his hand, his face with an expression that could not be described as pity or sarcasm, “Ning Yangze, you are an A-Rank Survivor, and a famous person in the unlimited flow world, back in the real world you’re weak and ordinary.”

Ning Yangze stood still, “It’s because this is the real world that you can’t be allowed to act recklessly.”

“What kind of joke are you talking about.” Parasite snorted, “Bound by those rules and regulations, obviously possessing great power but having to settle for the status quo, you’re really a fool, just a small hostage.”

“Is that so?” Ning Yangze looked at Parasite with a blank expression, “Devil’s Silk Thread is a plant, right?”

Parasite raised his eyebrows slightly, “What?”

“If it’s a plant, it would be afraid of herbicides, right?” Ning Yangze hooked the corners of his mouth slightly, “As it happens, I have the best herbicide the world has to offer.”

Suddenly his eyes widened and Parasite hurriedly looked at his feet. The green liquid was still slowly flowing, and it had splashed on his feet, already seeped into the fabric. A sharp tingling sensation hit him, and the parasite quickly retracted his extended green roots.

Catching the fallen doctor with one hand, Ning Yangze pressed the long-prepared communicator.

“Jian Nian!”

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” Jian Nian stood on the roof of the building, the wind rustling his jacket, his pale skin and slender body making him look like a terminally ill man ready to kill himself.

In the cold winter landscape, the little green was so prominent that it was difficult not to see. The man with a raised baseball cap was clutching his trembling right wrist, blood dripping down his fingertips, as those green vines continued to shrink into his body.

That’s him.

Jian Nian jumped straight down, his black trench coat bulged by the wind, looking like a floating swallow.

“What is this thing? Ah? It hurts!” The man clutched his wrist fiercely, not being able to resist using his nails to pinch and scratch. The retracted green vines kept gushing out in lumpy bulges, the bulges kept cracking open, looking very alien-like.

“Doesn’t this go well with you? With your disgusting abilities.” Jian Nian stood behind him with a smile in his dark eyes, only, his smile was surface-level.

The man’s body stiffened as he turned to look at Jian Nian and subconsciously backed away, “Jian… Jian Nian.”

“I don’t know where you got the courage to come here to make a fool of yourself, but since you already did so, that means you are actually prepared for it.” Jian Nian smiled and took a step forward, “Then I’ll take my revenge without being polite, and I promise to pull all the roots out of your body.”

“No, don’t!” The man stepped back in horror, “It wasn’t me, I was just following orders to wait here, I don’t know what’s going on!”

Jian Nian padded over and looked at the man’s terrified face for a moment before tsking, “At times like this, even if it wasn’t you, you still have to give me an honest confession, you know?”

“No, it wasn’t me!”

“So disobedient.” Jian Nian stomped on his chest, “I’m in a bad mood, are you ready for this?”

Of course, Jian Nian didn’t go too far, since this was just a minion, but was also the first member of Parasite they caught.

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March 11, 2021 10:52 am

Who is that man? That guy who broke Shen Si’s door? If it is, take revenge Jian Nian!

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

March 11, 2021 12:32 pm

The thing I like about Jian Nian is that he’s such a scary person. I feel like he wouldn’t hesitate to do anything to protect Shen Ji.

March 11, 2021 10:29 pm

Go Special Unit!!! They are so cool! And here I thought they would be presented as an incompetent bunch. And Shen Si’s herbicide is used again, the ultimate weed killer!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 23, 2021 11:22 am

Well since Shen Si’s ability is time maybe part of him knew he’d need an herbicide to take out a plant enemy. Since all my other guesses were wrong might as well try this one!

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Yay they caught parasite quickly!

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