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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The leader of Parasite wasn’t caught. They had only arrested a small member of the organization, a D-Rank Survivor, a lucky guy who only survived the first game. He had no knowledge of the organization’s inner workings, and came here because he received orders from the organization’s leader. The leader promised to give him a considerable reward if he completed this task.

Whether it was a fluke or foolishness, this man arrived here as ordered and was caught by Jian Nian.

In the office of the Special Unit, Ning Yangze and Xia Leyu were sorting out information about Parasite. Not far away, Jian Nian was leaning back in his chair looking at the ceiling, his face expressionless, but a little more gentle than his usual smiling face.

At Jian Nian’s side, Shen Si was lying on the table, sleeping peacefully. Even if he was using his powers unconsciously, Shen Si would fall asleep because of fatigue. The Special Unit didn’t feel comfortable with Shen Si leaving their side, so they brought him into the office.

Xi Luo and Bai JunYi were also there, only, they didn’t come together with Jian Nian.

“I did a test on Qin Yu’s body, and the one who was just captured was also checked.” He Xin took off his goggles as he walked into the headquarters office of the Special Unit in his white lab coat, “These are the results of the tests.”

Xia Leyu took the file and looked at it in comparison, “Although there are some numerical differences, these two test results are basically the same.”

“That means… That’s good.” At the entrance of the Special Unit, Wu Qiu cautiously looked inside, and only after He Xin nodded to her did she dawdle in like a frightened hamster. She put the things in her hands on the table in a fumbling manner, and her tone was timid, “The Team Leader and I conducted secondary tests on both sides, and the results were like this: The reason why the members of Parasite’s organization can use the same parasitic abilities as their leader is because they themselves have been parasitized, they just still retain some consciousness. Truly worthy of Devil’s Silk Thread… this type of skill is truly disgusting.”

Bai JunYi glanced at Shen Si, who was still sleeping, before looking at He Xin, “Can you find the location of Parasite’s leader?”

“It’s hard.” He Xin sat on the chair, “I suggest you don’t put your hope in us, even if Parasite’s target is Shen Si now, we are by no means certain of the details. Parasite’s leader is very timid, he almost never appears with his original face, a real rat hiding in the dark.”

Bai JunYi clenched his hand, and he didn’t speak, nor did he make the next move.

The Special and Inspection Units were busy, they would soon be caught up in their work due to various matters, and the Parasite problem was one of them, the opening and handling of playfields was another.

Bai JunYi stood with his hands in his pockets in the corridor at the entrance of the Special Unit, he looked through the window to the night sky. The dark night sky was full of stars and it looked like tomorrow would be a good day.

“Mr. Bai seems to be very concerned about this organization.”

Bai JunYi froze, he looked behind him. Shen Si, who was still sleeping just now, leaned against the door frame. He seemed to have not woken up completely, his whole body still showed a dazed state. His white hair was also slightly sticking up, under the light, looked as if he was glowing.

“You’re awake?”

“Been half asleep, can hear you guys talking.” Shen Si pulled the clothes on his body, “I don’t know much about you Survivors, but it looks like even the mild-mannered Mr. Bai doesn’t like nasty Survivors.”

Bai JunYi smiled helplessly, “Yeah, even I don’t like nasty Survivors, because there are many times when you can’t imagine how bad a person really is.”

“There are bad people everywhere, and it’s not limited to Survivors.” Shen Si answered this way.

“The survival game of the unlimited flow world evokes the dirtiest part of a person’s heart, and that can’t be helped.” Bai JunYi walked up to Shen Si, his voice was a little low, with a little bitter smile his voice was as gentle and kind as ever, “I just met the dirtiest part.”

Bai JunYi obviously did not want to talk about this matter, Shen Si also did not want to ask the reason why. Even though he had awakened an ability, Shen Si still thought of himself as an ordinary person.

He had not been to the unlimited flow world, although he had been into the playfield, he did not get any valuable experience. It was easy to awaken an ability, it was a different matter to control it. Now this ability was a burden, not a reward.

Shen Si very much missed the days when he was a normal guide.

“Shen Si, do you feel that your existence is not justified?” Bai JunYi suddenly spoke up, “Or rather, a feeling of why it’s me?”

“Hm?” Shen Si looked at Bai JunYi blankly, “Why would you think that?”

“Because Shen Si has always lived a casual life, and seems to enjoy living a casual life like this, suddenly being noticed to this extent, you will be very distressed, right?” Bai JunYi looked at Shen Si, with a little complexity in his eyes, “and then attracted the prying eyes of those guys, you can’t even return home.”

“It’s not my fault, being noticed or being watched.” Shen Si leaned against the wall with a calm voice, “The fault is theirs, right?”

Bai JunYi froze in place, he looked at Shen Si. After a moment, he took a step back, a smile was on his face, he was a little uncomfortable. He apologized, then turned and hurried away.

Looking at Bai JunYi’s back as he hurriedly left, Shen Si leaned against the wall, he rested his head against the wall, his dark eyes filled with a little daze.

“Is that so?”

Bai JunYi’s words just now were not so much asking Shen Si as they were asking someone who didn’t exist here, who was looking through Shen Si at another person who, like Shen Si, had been targeted by Parasite because of his suddenly awakened powers, and perhaps with some terrible consequences.

Was it himself?

In that case, an S-Rank Survivor did not just enter the unlimited flow world as an S-Rank. He Xin once said that an S-Rank Survivor’s ability tended to evolve, that is, not too strong at the beginning, and eventually became what it was now after evolving again and again. Bai JunYi swallowing the God of Light’s godhead was his final evolution.

Before that, what happened was normal.

In Shen Si’s memory, Bai JunYi had always been a gentle and mature enough person, no matter before he disappeared or after he came back. He should be the wave least affected by the unlimited flow world.

But even so, he still showed such an expression.

“The world of unlimited flow is really a sinful world.” Shen Si murmured, “Whether in the past or the present, there are people everywhere who suffer because of it… When will it end.”

“What to do, what to do…” The man who had wrapped himself in his jacket kept murmuring, his eyes wide open as he stared at the computer screen with the surveillance around the Special Unit headquarters, which was filled with people. The Special Unit was under martial law, and whoever went in needed to be cleared and even sprayed with herbicide.

“What the hell are these things?” The man kept scratching his wrist, at his wrist, green branches wilted and dangled next to each other, blood fell down the branches, looking wounded.

Although it was separated by two people to control that doctor, contact with those green liquid still left him feeling discomfort. Those green things were his natural enemy, everything stung, and it was difficult to heal.

No matter who was parasitic, they could not enter the Special Unit anymore, and must think of a new way. He did not want to give up, this was his only chance to go further!

The man did not have a name, because he was a vagrant, no family, no friends and no one he knew. He lived by wandering and living secretly in other people’s homes, he would hide in the ceiling, in the attic, hidden in places that everyone did not expect to survive. It was a life he had long been used to.

Sometimes he would be found by the owner, then he would escape and find another temporary residence before the police found him.

After entering the world of unlimited flow as well, he awakened the ability of the Devil’s silk thread and survived by boarding inside others again and again, building up the organization Parasite. Growing stronger and stronger, he was able to get everything he wanted!

But even though his ability worked well, he didn’t have the potential to become an S-Rank Survivor.

Becoming insecure, he knew he must become stronger, so that then he could live better, live more comfortably, and take everything for himself!

That’s why the man would get close to the Special Unit, to find hosts with potential, to stare at Shen Si whose potential was strong enough. He was the darkest part of society, yet he preferred to live a better life than those in the light.

Constantly biting his fingernails, biting them with a creaking sound, the man stared intently at the screen, his other hand twisting his coat hard. Just staring for a few minutes, the man suddenly spat out his fingernails, he cocked his head and smiled, “How about if it’s in a playfield? In a playfield, it would wrap everyone in it, there would be no weed killer, chaos and crowds everywhere!”

The man smiled and stood up, “That’s a great idea! But where do I go to find a playfield? And how do I get a playfield to show up at the feet of the Special Unit?”

The man sat back down on the floor, after a moment of thought he opened a page and started searching, after entering some conditions the man smiled and slapped his thigh, “Found it!”

He Huiwen, female, D-Rank Survivor, ability appetite, she can swallow down some non-human creature for a short time, followed by spitting it out of her mouth after five minutes, she hardly ever used this ability, except for nausea, this ability will cause her a great physical burden.

Once she swallowed something bad, she could easily die from the backlash.

After coming back she went to the Special Unit for a file, and because of psychological problems did a long period of psychological counseling in a special hospital, and only recently managed to be discharged to return to normal life.

The man began to find out where He Huiwen was currently located, and at the same time investigated if any playfields would open.

His cuscuta ability would amplify the Survivor’s ability when parasitized, and to a certain extent deceive the Survivor’s own ability was only auxiliary. As long as this ability was used, in the moment of parasitizing He Huiwen, use her amplified ability to devour the playfield, and then put it into the Special Unit headquarters.

It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter if the person dies, they’re just a tool anyway.

All he wanted was Shen Si!


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