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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“…It’s completely different.” Ning Yangze muttered, “It’s completely different from the dummy I met before.”

Bai JunYi looked at Ning Yangze and finally couldn’t help but ask, “Team Leader Ning, what the hell are you doing?”

Turning his head to look at Bai JunYi, Ning Yangze’s gaze was still full of doubts, “Mr. Bai, you really can’t see anything?”

“What exactly do you see?” Bai JunYi walked over and stood in front of Ning Yangze, looking around strangely, “Team Leader Ning has been acting strange since a while ago, suddenly saying that there was someone behind me, then pushing me away like he was ready to attack something, and just now talking to someone. But I don’t see anything; if there is someone here, I should be able to feel it.”

Ning Yangze scratched his hair, as he frowned fiercely, “I don’t know how to explain to you, but, there is indeed a dummy behind you, that dummy is Mr. Bai, but not born from my memory because I don’t understand much of what he said.”

“A dummy?” Bai JunYi once again looked back around.

Indeed, there was nothing behind him, just a magic formation under his feet, and there was no one else here but himself, no dummy. But he didn’t think Ning Yangze would say something to deceive him on purpose since he was the leader of the Special Unit, and there was no reason to say such a thing to deceive him.

So, there really was a dummy behind him and a dummy in his image, only that he couldn’t see it himself.

“Why can’t Mr. Bai see it? This playfield shouldn’t have such a setting.” Ning Yangze pondered, “And this dummy is not quite the same as a normal dummy; I have a very wrong feeling that this playfield may not be that simple.”

Bai JunYi looked at Ning Yangze, and after a moment, he smiled a little. Still crouching, he continued sensing the magic, not paying any more attention to the dummy that he couldn’t see.

“Mr. Bai?” Ning Yangze blinked, “Aren’t you worried?”

“Worried that only you can see him? Since I can’t see it, for now, there is no need to dwell on that.” Bai JunYi closed his eyes to detect while answering Ning Yangze’s question, “Since he has been behind me but has not caused me any harm for so long, that means he will not hurt me, and I am safe now. The most important thing I should do now is to find Parasite than to focus on the unseen.”

Ning Yangze stood still, the cool and cold rain falling on his body, and at that moment, the cold rain made his mind instantly clear. He suddenly discovered the connection between the dummy and Bai JunYi just now.

The same obsession with Parasite, similarly standing in the rain with the same face and the same smile; if he excluded this person as a real dummy, Ning Yangze would almost think that that person was Bai JunYi.

So… Not a dummy shaped by the memory of a bystander, but a dummy shaped by his own memory and perception?

Ning Yangze quickly grasped this point, and the moment this thought came up, Ning Yangze felt that it must be right in any way he thought, because it was Bai JunYi’s own self in his own eyes, and that’s why he was saying words and acting exactly the same way that only he knew.

In other words, it was also the person Bai JunYi perceives himself to be.

“I’m trying hard, right?”

While Ning Yangze was thinking, the dummy suddenly spoke. Ning Yangze was stunned as he looked up, his eyes gazing at the dummy behind Bai JunYi, who he could see smiling gently through the rain screen, those similar golden eyes staring at Bai JunYi, who was in the process of detecting something, and never moved away.

“To be able to completely leave everything behind and continue his purpose after knowing that I won’t do anything to him, I’m always saying that Shen Si is too rational when in reality, I’m the one who is so rational that I would rather take the risk alone.”

Ning Yangze’s eyes widened slightly.

“To become stronger for the pillars and purpose, to become the best and strongest by going out of his way to devour God of Light’s Godhead, even if it means becoming abnormal.” The dummy smiled and crouched beside Bai JunYi, “He is me, I am him, so I understand very well.”

Ning Yangze opened his mouth and could feel his fingers trembling, but nothing came out when he wanted to say something.

Bai JunYi stood up after opening his eyes; at that moment, he felt the aura of Parasite, although not his true body, even if it was the host body, it didn’t matter. It was better to find him than having no news at all, and Ning Yangze watched as Bai JunYi left in a particular direction, with the dummy following him from behind as well.

Not relieved, Ning Yangze followed him but kept his attention on the dummy.

About ten minutes away, Bai JunYi directly released a light arrow, and the Special Unit member manipulated by Parasite twisted his body to avoid it. He looked at Bai JunYi, face full of vicious expression; it seemed he had been found by Bai JunYi many times, not to mention attacking Shen Si; Parasite was even afraid of not being able to return to his original body.

Directly releasing magic, the strong energy shook this playfield; Ning Yangze could even feel the ground was shaking.

The dummy stood in place, looked at the Bai JunYi’s spread his wings in the air; his voice was gentle and light, “What has sustained me until now is actually guilt.”

Parasite scorched himself from Bai JunYi’s attack, so he quickly abandoned his current host body, and just a moment before he was ready to flee, he saw the dummy standing here. Although it was not clear why Ning Yangze didn’t finish off the dummy around him, Parasite quickly turned around.

He thought it would be a very nice surprise to smash the dummy now.

The moment the green vine emerged from the earth, the dummy slowly lowered its head, the abrupt green reflected in those golden eyes.

Ning Yangze’s eyes widened, and at that moment, the parasite quickly climbed up along the dummy’s ankles, and the dummy held down the parasite’s roots as soon as it could. At the moment the parasite couldn’t break free, Bai JunYi’s light arrows came in quickly, and the light arrows penetrated the green vine as well as the dummy’s body.

Crack, Bai JunYi heard the sound of breaking glass; he looked at the air in front of him strangely, but the air was still air, and there was nothing.

“Hey…” Ning Yangze took a step forward, “You don’t even know how to hide?”

The dummy smiled towards Ning Yangze and stretched out his index finger to Ning Yangze, then made a hush gesture and then turned into pieces instantly. At the last moment, Ning Yangze could only hear the last voice of the dummy.

“In that case, I can’t let him parasitize others, and the next time I detect Parasite’s real body…”

Ning Yangze suddenly remembered what the dummy had said at the very beginning.

It said, “I must find the parasite, no matter what, as long as I can find him and kill him here, that’s my purpose.”

Bai JunYi retrieved the light arrow behind him and looked at Ning Yangze, “Team Leader Ning, what’s wrong?”

Ning Yangze lowered his head, slightly shaking it, “Nothing.”

A dummy who was willing to die to be able to find a parasite, a dummy who was stripped of Bai JunYi’s ego, why? Was there something wrong with this playfield?

Seeing that Ning Yangze wasn’t talking, Bai JunYi also didn’t continue to ask and sounded mildly relieved.

“Although I don’t know why Parasite stopped, the result is that the parasite has been seriously injured, so he has no way to parasitize others in a short period of time and should have gone back to the body to recuperate. Now, as long as we find his body, I will be very able to finish him.” Bai JunYi squatted down to continue drawing the magic array, “Then try to see if you can detect it.”

“That’s right; it’s going well.”

The familiar voice caused Ning Yangze to jerk his head up as he looked at the dummy standing behind Bai JunYi in shock; Ning Yangze couldn’t conceal the surprise on his face.

What? Wasn’t it shattered by Bai JunYi himself just now? Why was it still standing there?

Seemingly sensing Ning Yangze’s confusion, the dummy smiled and turned his head, “Until he can see me, his attacks are ineffective against me, even if they shatter me.”

Just then, footsteps came from the side, and Ning Yangze hurriedly raised the sword in his hand until he saw Shen Si pulling Jian Nian from the end of the corridor.

“Mr. Shen? And Mr. Jian!” Ning Yangze hurriedly put his sword away, and then he saw another dummy following behind Jian Nian.

What happened? Wasn’t it just Bai JunYi alone?

“Mr. Bai and Team Leader Ning!”

Shen Si let go of Jian Nian’s hand and wanted to walk over, but just two steps out, he looked at Jian Nian behind him. Jian Nian lowered his head, not looking too good; his whole body was soaked in the rain, he looked wet and much more wretched than usual.

With a slight sigh, Shen Si took off his jacket and put it over Jian Nian before speaking, “Use this to keep the rain off.”

Jian Nian froze for a moment; he grabbed the jacket in his hand and was a bit lost in thought, but honestly put the jacket over his body to block the rain.

Although Shen Si’s jacket was also wet… 

Shen Si walked up to Ning Yangze, his eyes gazing at the other dummy behind Bai JunYi.

“You can see that too?” Ning Yangze looked to Shen Si, “I saw the dummy behind Bai JunYi when I met him, but Bai JunYi didn’t seem to notice that there was a dummy following him behind him.”

“The same goes for Jian Nian.” Shen Si pointed to Jian Nian, who was honestly standing in place, “Completely unaware of the presence of a dummy behind him.”

Ning Yangze nodded, “Then what exactly is it?”

“Self-awareness shaped by oneself.” Shen Si replied, “Very fragile and non-aggressive, if they are shattered by other people’s attacks, the original will be implicated and die together, so never break them, and protect them when necessary.”

“…Really?” Ning Yangze looked at Shen Si with some surprise.

So, the first time he saw this dummy, he would have killed Bai JunYi by now if he didn’t stop?

Ning Yangze couldn’t help but shiver in hindsight.

This playfield was really not as simple as they thought; there were literally dangers everywhere.

“But why do you know?” Ning Yangze looked at Shen Si, “Is it because you have met He Xin?”

“No.” Shen Si shook his head, “It was Jian Nian’s dummy who told me that as self-perceptions shaped themselves, they seemed to be almost identical to one’s self, meaning they’re exactly the same person.”

So Jian Nian’s dummy just told Shen Si the truth?

Ning Yangze suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Sure enough, an ordinary person pursued by an S-Rank Survivor can do whatever he or she wants.

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XD That last line got me! And maybe Jian Nian is just cherishing Shen Si’s jacket.

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So once the person is able to see the dummy shaped like himself and break it, the playfield will let them go? Ahhh I see some major psychological changes coming. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Really glad i found this
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