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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


The SUV was speeding down a suburban highway, with a few cars following it in the distance like a shadow.

“Who are they?” Luo ZhouZhou turned his head to look through the rear window.

Chu Feng looked straight ahead as he answered, “I’m not sure, but it proves that we’ve come to the right place. This person should be the one we were looking for, he must know something. I’ve been asking about the badge for the past few days, and they wanted to get rid of the one who knew about it and we just happened to run into him.”

After Chu Feng finished speaking, he raised his right hand and gave Luo ZhouZhou a thumbs up and praised, “Zhou Zhou, you have impressed me today.”

“Not bad, just so-so,” Luo ZhouZhou said as he looked at the car chasing behind them. “My aim wasn’t very good.”

“When did you learn to use a gun? You weren’t scared when you were aiming and shooting?” Chu Feng looked in the rearview mirror and continued to step on the gas pedal.

Luo ZhouZhou turned back to look at him and replied, “I wasn’t afraid, what’s so scary about hitting people? I dare to hit even more people. But I have never learned to use a gun, just point it at people, it’s quite simple.”

Chu Feng said, “As long as you are calm and courageous, it’s quite simple, just point it at someone and pull the trigger. I’ll teach you the rest later.” 

“Okay, and I’m not even scared now as they are chasing after us.” Luo ZhouZhou spoke, staring at him.

“Huh?” Chu Feng reacted to what Luo ZhouZhou said, looked in the rearview mirror and praised further, “Then you are really amazing.”

Chu Feng’s car was a specially modified military off-road vehicle with excellent performance that ordinary vehicles didn’t have, and he quickly pulled away from those cars. But at that moment, two more vehicles appeared in front of them, rushing head-on in their direction.

As they got closer, someone leaned out of the sunroof and pointed a gun at them. Chu Feng turned the steering wheel and drove into a fork in the road on the left. At the same time, there were a few thumps and banging sounds, and sparks flew from the SUV.

It was a farming road, lined with woods on both sides, potholed by large farm vehicles, and Chu Feng was driving so fast that Luo ZhouZhou felt like he was going to be jolted out of the sky.

The cars followed them on the farming road, and they shot the SUV in the back from time to time, followed by a sharp cling sound.

“Don’t worry, my car is bulletproof.” Chu Feng said, gripping the steering wheel steadily. 

“I’m not worried.” Luo ZhouZhou touched his buttocks and said, “It’s just a little bumpy.”

“Bear with it.”


At that moment, there was a blood curdling scream from the back of the car. Luo ZhouZhou glanced at it and stated to Chu Feng, “He woke up.”

“It’s okay, he was probably injected with a sedative, so he was sleeping until now.” Chu Feng replied.

Luo ZhouZhou managed to crawl from between the two seats to the back, peeked out his upper body and asked, “Are you awake?”

Lying in the back of the car was a middle-aged man with a waxy face, who looked at Luo ZhouZhou with half-open eyes, then weakly asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Luo ZhouZhou,” Luo ZhouZhou replied, “Someone just tried to transport you away, probably to do something to you, and then we kidnapped you.” Before the man opened his mouth, he added, “Don’t worry, we won’t do anything to you. I just want to ask you something.”

Luo ZhouZhou turned around and asked Chu Feng, “What is the name of the person you are looking for?”

Chu Feng answered without turning back, “Ding An.”

Luo ZhouZhou said, “Is your name Ding An?”

The man looked at Luo ZhouZhou without making a sound. At that moment, there were two more sounds of bullets hitting the door.

“Look, they are still chasing you, if you don’t tell us, we will leave you alone.” Luo ZhouZhou said.

The man nodded his head slowly and confirmed, “I am Ding An.”

“Ding An, since we have rescued you, are you willing to answer our questions?” Luo ZhouZhou leaned over and asked.

Ding An pondered for a moment, but then relented, “Go ahead and ask.”

Luo ZhouZhou turned around and loudly repeated, like a megaphone, “Go ahead and ask.”

So Chu Feng asked, “Those twenty-eight Special Forces soldiers who died in the Bavo church, were you present at the mortuary?”

Luo ZhouZhou turned to Ding An again, “Those 28 special soldiers who died in the church in Bavo, were you present at the mortuary?”

Ding An weakly whispered, “You don’t have to repeat what he said, I can hear you.”

Luo ZhouZhou then repeated loudly to Chu Feng, “You don’t have to repeat it, I can hear you.”

Chu Feng didn’t make a sound, but still drove the car.

Only then did Luo ZhouZhou react and he shut his mouth.

Ding An shook his head slowly and said, “I wasn’t present at the mortuary.”

When Luo ZhouZhou showed him a face of disappointment, Ding An gasped, and then continued, “Although it wasn’t me who prepared the corpses, I was there when the coffins were carried in the back.”

“Do you know the cause of their deaths?” Chu Feng asked.

Ding An responded, “I don’t know. But to die without conducting an autopsy or notifying the relatives, and to immediately seal the coffin and cremate the body, one can imagine that it was not simple.”

Chu Feng mulled over it then asked, “If you don’t know anything, then why did they deal with you?”

“Probably because when I carried the coffin, I found an empty one,” Ding An said.

“An empty coffin?” Luo ZhouZhou asked bewildered.

Ding An took another breath and went on, “There were twenty-eight wooden coffins, one of them was very light and obviously empty, but I knew there were things I shouldn’t ask, so I didn’t.”

When Luo ZhouZhou heard this, he looked back at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng didn’t seem to have any abnormalities, he was still concentrating on driving, but his back was straight and his hand was straining so hard that his knuckles were white. At that moment, a roadblock appeared in front of him where the road met the highway, and it looked like the farming road was coming to an end.

But the car behind was still clinging to the narrow dirt road surface, whipping up dust all over the sky.

“Sit tight.” Chu Feng shouted.

Luo ZhouZhou buckled himself in, and Ding An in the trunk clung to the seat beside him.

Chu Feng stepped on the gas pedal, and the military SUV let out a dull roar, knocking the roadblock in the path out of the way. Then, at the sound of screeching brakes, he swung his tail, turned right, skidded a few meters to the side, and stabilized the car.

Then, he quickly turned back to the steering wheel straight and continued driving at high speed along the flat road.

A few seconds later, there was a crashing sound behind them.

When Luo ZhouZhou looked back, he saw a pursuing car hadn’t braked, ran straight off the road, plunged headlong into a deep cliff more than ten meters high, and tumbled to the bottom of the cliff.

The car following behind quickly stepped on their brake, swerved in their direction, and continued to catch up.

“Zhou Zhou, are you okay?” Chu Feng asked anxiously.

“I’m fine,” Luo ZhouZhou replied.

As the SUV sped down the highway, Ding An hugged the seat tightly and said, “Actually, I knew something would happen to me, but the people who were involved in the mortuary all disappeared one after another. Although I was only carrying coffins, I knew my life was in danger.”

Luo ZhouZhou and Chu Feng listened attentively, without interrupting.

After coughing for a while, he continued, “Fortunately, I was sick during that time, and to show my attitude, I told them that I needed to be discharged from the military to recuperate. The military department not only approved my report, but also sent me directly to the sanatorium, only from then on, I was not allowed to go out, nor see outsiders, not even my wife and children were allowed to come to visit me.”

“I lived each day with fear and trepidation, knowing that if nothing happened, it would be fine. If anything changed, they would never leave me alone. As soon as these two showed up today, I knew it was over. But at that time, I lied, saying that I had a recording with a friend, and if I were to die, I would ask him to send it out for me, which saved my life for the time being.”

“Who are you referring to when you say ‘they’?” Chu Feng asked in a deep voice.

Ding An replied blankly, “I don’t know, I’m just a logistician, I’ve never met any big people, and I don’t know who really wants me dead.”

The military off-roader sped along, but the car behind it began to speed up, and could not be shook off.

“It’s okay, we’ll be in the city soon, so they won’t be able to do anything.” Chu Feng read a series of numbers and spoke to Luo ZhouZhou, “This is Chen SiHan’s terminal number, tell him to bring his men and wait at the intersection of ShiPu Avenue. I’ll bring the ones after us.”

Luo ZhouZhou wrote the number down and started to call Chen SiHan’s terminal. After only two rings, the SUV suddenly slowed down and braked to a stop.

Luo ZhouZhou fell forward, was bounced back by the seat belt, and hurriedly asked, “What’s going on?” 

Chu Feng didn’t answer, just looked ahead.

Luo ZhouZhou looked out and saw that there was a tire puncturing barricade several meters wide on the road.

Behind the barricade, two men with blasters on their shoulders crouched, aiming at the SUV. Behind them were seven or eight other men, among them a tall man in camouflage pants, a black undershirt, and dyed red hair.

“Get out of the car. Otherwise, we’ll have to use a blaster.” The red-haired man turned his neck and shouted to the cross-country.

Chu Feng turned to Luo ZhouZhou and said, “You stay in the car, don’t get out.”

When he finished, he opened the driver’s door and got out of the car.

Luo ZhouZhou leaned toward him and grabbed him by the corner of his shirt in panic, “Don’t go out.”

Chu Feng smiled reassuringly at him and said, “Don’t worry, it’s fine, aren’t I a General? They just want Ding An to shut up and don’t dare to do anything to me.”

When Ding An heard this, his face was as white as a sheet of paper, and his voice trembled as he asked, “Then, what will happen to me?”

Chu Feng took one look at him and said, “Let’s leave it to fate.”

At that moment, the car chasing after him also caught up, and seven or eight thugs-like people had jumped out of the car and surrounded the SUV with guns.

Chu Feng opened the door and got out of the car, holding his hands in front of him, and said loudly and slowly, “What are you doing? I stopped my car. Are you robbing money? Or people? Or are you here to kill?”

The red-haired man stopped the others and said, “Be polite, this is General Chu Feng of the Alliance.” Then he smiled at Chu Feng and said hoarsely, “General Chu, we only want Ding An. Why do you intervene?”

Chu Feng put his hand down and said with a smirk, “Is it your turn to interfere in my affairs or not? Sky Wolf, who the hell do you think you are?”

“You know me?” The red-haired man asked in shock, a trace of fear flashing in his eyes.

“Sky Wolf of the Underground Fighting Arena, who once won twenty matches in a row and finally lost to who? Let’s see.”

Chu Feng thought sideways, with a sudden look on his face, and said, “Yes, you lost to Sharp Blade, and then disappeared from the arena. Sky Wolf, it turns out that after losing the fight, you chose to become someone’s foster dog.”

Sky Wolf’s face instantly sank and he grit his teeth, but made no more noise.

In the car, Luo ZhouZhou was dialing Chen SiHan’s terminal, but he couldn’t get through.

He was anxiously redialing over and over again, constantly checking Chu Feng’s side.

“Don’t try calling. It won’t get through, they set up a signal jammer.” Ding An suddenly spoke up and said in panic, “This is to silence me.”

“General Chu, I don’t dare to touch you, I can’t do anything to you, but the person in the car has to be left behind,” Sky Wolf repeated. 

Chu Feng smiled coldly, “What if I don’t agree?”

Sky Wolf thought about it and said, “Then I’ll have to give you a hard time.”

As soon as his words ended, Chu Feng suddenly rose without any warning and jumped on the people crouching behind the barricade. The men, who were carrying blasters, could not get up in time, and two of them were knocked down instantly.

When Chu Feng landed on the ground, he wrapped his arms around one man’s neck and strangled him with all his might. The man’s head hung down with a crack, and the blaster on his shoulder fell to the ground and rolled forward with a clatter.

The other man tried to get up, but before he could roll over, he saw that a fist was in front of him.

When Chu Feng landed the punch, the man’s nose broke, his facial bones caved in, and he fell to the ground spurting blood.

By the time the others reacted and pointed their guns at Chu Feng, he had already taken down two men, pulled out the gun at his waist, pointed it at Sky Wolf, and pulled the trigger. As soon as Chu Feng raised his gun, Sky Wolf reacted very quickly, dodging the shot by jumping out sideways. Then, he came back with a spinning kick, trying to kick the gun out of Chu Feng’s hand.

Chu Feng quickly leaned back, dodged the kick, and pulled the trigger on Sky Wolf again.

Click, click, click. The gun didn’t go off, only the trigger clicked; there was no bullet in it.

Chu Feng threw away his gun, rushed two steps forward, and engaged Sky Wolf in close combat.

The two top Alpha fighters exchanged punches and kicks, releasing their respective intimidating pressures. The others around them were shaken by the pressure and didn’t have the courage to get close.

“Go and finish off the people in the car.” Sky Wolf shouted out an order.

The three people closest to the car looked at each other and ran over to the SUV.

Luo ZhouZhou rolled down the window to rack the barrel of his gun out of the car, when he saw someone jumping at the car, so he quickly retreated from the window, locked the door on his side of the car, and jumped up to lock the other door.

Just as Luo ZhouZhou’s hand touched the lock button, the door was pulled open and a person came up to the car. As soon as the man came up, he received a heavy blow to the head and fell backwards out of the car door.

At some point, Ding An climbed into the back seat, holding a jack in his hand. When he saw the man get knocked out of the car, he panicked and shouted, “Quick, close the door, close the door!”

But at that instant, two more men rushed up to the car door.

The man in front of him threw a punch at Ding An, and all that could be heard was a muffled thud, and Ding An fell silently into the back seat, the jack in his hand falling out.

Luo ZhouZhou had just raised his gun when the man behind him struck him in the wrist with a hand knife. He felt his whole arm go sore and numb, lost feeling in it, and his body also fell to the ground with a thud.

Chu Feng was fighting with Sky Wolf, and his heart sank as he saw someone get into the car. He kicked out, forcing Sky Wolf back two steps, and then tried to run towards the cross-country.

Sky Wolf saw what he was doing and shouted, “Hold him off.”

The few people standing beside him did not dare to disobey his order, and even if they were shocked by Chu Feng’s overwhelming pressure, they still shivered and jumped on him to block his way.

Sky Wolf took the opportunity to jump forward and threw a punch, becoming entangled with Chu Feng again.

Inside the car, Luo ZhouZhou was struggling desperately. His gun had just been knocked down, and as he turned to open the door, his arm was tugged.

After struggling twice and not being able to free himself, he raised his foot to kick at the man, and when he let go, he went to open the door again, but his hair was pulled back and an arm was wrapped around his neck.

Because he was holding his breath, Luo ZhouZhou felt as if his lungs were about to burst.

A great fear washed over him, and he reached out to break the arm around his neck, but the man’s arm was like an iron band, and Luo ZhouZhou could not break it no matter how hard he tried. His eyes went black, and he reached out and groped on the ground, and finally came across the jack that Ding An had dropped.

He grabbed it and struck it hard at the person behind him.

“Ah!” The man let out a cry of pain, his arm loosened, and blood spurted out from the top of his head.

A gush of fresh air rushed into his throat, and Luo ZhouZhou took the opportunity to press the door lock, gasping for air as he opened the door to jump out.

As soon as he could get his upper body out, his legs were yanked back by the man, and he fell down on the seat, while the man’s hands grabbed him by the throat again.

“Sky Wolf only wants Ding An, let the other go. He follows General Chu, so don’t harm him, we don’t want to provoke General Chu.”

“He might just be a small love affair, but he also smashed this old man’s head in. So let me just kill him and get it over with. Any problems will naturally be taken care of by the boss.”


“Chu Feng…” Luo ZhouZhou’s head was hanging out of the car door, and he was struggling to look sideways at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng, who had just kicked the people around him out of the way, turned his head to see this and shouted, “Zhou Zhou!”

All but two people in the car were now attacking Chu Feng, trying to slow him down.

Chu Feng’s moves were even more ruthless, as he fought desperately. Two people each got hit with a punch in the chest, directly flying out four or five meters, spitting blood, lying on the ground convulsing.

He saw an opening and rushed out, knocking one person blocking in front of him straight to the ground. But Sky Wolf, who was also a top Alpha, blocked him again.

The others rushed around him.

Luo ZhouZhou collapsed on his back on the seat and looked sideways at Chu Feng.

His vision was blurring, and the sounds of the outside world were beginning to disappear. The world quieted down, and all he could hear was the sound of his own heart beating.

Thump… Thump… 

He wondered, If I die this time, will I go back to the old world and become a vampire again?

That would be nice too, but… 

But I can’t let go of Chu Feng… 

Sky Wolf looked over there in the gap and was so shocked that he cursed, “I told you to take Ding An away, who the hell touched the other one? Do you know who he is? You can’t pay for him even if you had ten lives. Hurry up, we’ll hold him back, and you two take Ding An.”

The man who was strangling Luo ZhouZhou let go of his hand and turned to drag Ding An, who was unconscious, away from him.

Luo ZhouZhou’s hands hung down weakly, his eyes were staring blankly ahead, and his life force was draining out of him.

Chu Feng looked at him from a distance and suddenly stopped in place.

In an instant, his body was hit by several punches and kicks, and he was shaken twice. However, he seemed to feel nothing at all and didn’t fight back. He only stumbled to his feet and pulled something out of his pocket.

It was the silver lighter he never left his pocket, lying in the palm of his hand, reflecting the silvery white light of the sun. Chu Feng quickly unscrewed the back cover and took out a small syringe from inside.

The syringe was only a few millimeters thick, the length of his little finger, and it was filled with a clear liquid.

He looked at Luo ZhouZhou with determination, and while shaken by several consecutive punches, he steadily stuck the needle to the side of his neck.


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