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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


It was the next morning when Jian Nian was called away by the Special Unit. He didn’t really want to leave Shen Si because he felt that Shen Si had become very strange after he came out of the playfield, and that strange feeling wasn’t the same as other times.

It was like if they didn’t watch him, he would just disappear. Although it sounded a bit worrying, Jian Nian’s heart couldn’t help but be in a mess. He hoped the Special Unit really has something important enough, if it was just to talk to him about something trivial, don’t blame him for being merciless!

Before he left, Jian Nian kept telling Shen Si to wait for him to come back, that it was too chaotic out there and no one could tell what attitude the organization had towards Shen Si. If Shen Si left without permission and met them, what would happen if he got into a conflict?

After bugging him no less than three times, Jian Nian left in a hurry, seemingly wanting to return within half an hour to solve the problem.

From the hospital bed, Shen Si looked to the balcony.

The bunch of yellow flowers on the balcony were no longer there, probably because the buds wilted, so the nurse replaced the flowers with a bright red flower. Shen Si reached out and touched the petals, watching the petals tremble a little, as if frightened. He withdrew his hand.

When the subconscious action was done, he looked at his fingers as if he had reacted, with a little doubt in his eyes. Why would he subconsciously withdraw his hand? Nothing happened at all, right?

It seems that after this playfield, it feels like something had ended and something else had begun.


“Special?” Jian Nian raised his eyebrows slightly, “What do you guys think is so special about Shen Si? Shen Si is indeed a special person in my case, but only I would treat him as special. What exactly do you guys mean?”

“No, we didn’t act like we were against Shen Si, nor did we mean to do anything strange, now it’s just speculation.” Xia LeYu hurriedly stood up to round up the situation as he raised a courtesy smile, “Because Mr. Shen’s situation is just too special, and I don’t know if you feel it, Mr. Jian? Rather than awakening and evolving, it’s more like Mr. Shen is taking back his abilities bit by bit.”

Jian Nian sneered, his eyes taking on displeasure, “What are you talking about?”

“Of course not only this, Shen Si’s ability is enhancing too quickly, he himself cannot control such a powerful force in such a short period of time, resulting in the collapse of his entire ability phenomenon.” He Xin pushed the information in his hand to Jian Nian, “We want to find the source of Shen Si’s extremely rapid power enhancement.”

Jian Nian looked at He Xin, and after a moment he picked up the information on the table and glanced at it, the data about Shen Si’s ability was clearly displayed on the table.

Those crazy soaring data was still going on, according to this situation, Shen Si would enter one more playfield to completely catch up with the current stage of S-Rank Survivors. This power was too dominant and came too easily, good things didn’t just fall from the sky. The Inspection Unit was very worried about Shen Si’s situation.

“So, is there anything special about Shen Si?” He Xin looked at Jian Nian, “For example, did he show anything different from the norm when he was a child? Even after you came out from the unlimited flow world, I suspect that it is likely that there were also special ability people who weren’t really obvious before.”

“Are you serious?” Jian Nian laughed a little, as if he had heard a joke, “How could there be any special ability people before the appearance of the unlimited flow world? What a waste of time.” Jian Nian pushed the information back, he stood up, the smile on his face looked extraordinarily gloomy, “Shen Si is an ordinary person, he was before, he is now, and will be. And what if he has the ability of time? He never cared about the power, and will not use this power to irrevocable things. “

“So we are just guessing, not that that’s really the case case.” Xia LeYu continued to beat around the bush, “We also just want to help Mr. Shen, absolutely no offense was intended!”

“All right.” Jian Nian turned to leave, “That’s it for today.”

The door to the Special Unit closed, Jian Nian leaned against the door, his mind echoed with He Xin’s words. The special ability that was there before the world of unlimited flow?

Jian Nian straightened up and walked towards the hospital area. He knew that if he told the Special Unit about the incident, the result would be something Shen Si wouldn’t like, and he might even touch Shen Si’s scars, a past that he didn’t want to remember, or even forget about.

The scene of the car accident was repeated three times, and he was unintentionally seen covered in blood. Shen Si had told himself that his parents’ accident had been rewound twice in time, but they were still dead.

Time regression wasn’t everything, and if Shen Si was disgusted with his own abilities and the past because of this, it was indeed a fairly normal thing to do. As well as… Could it be that the time regression that appeared eight years ago was really because Shen Si had a special ability that existed before the playfields?

With a mind full of unspeakable thoughts, he went back to Shen Si’s hospital room. At the door of the ward, Jian Nian sorted his face out, smiled and pushed open the door of the ward, “I’m back.”

The smile on Jian Nian’s face froze immediately afterwards, because there was no one in the ward at all. He hurriedly ran to the nurse’s desk to ask about the situation, and the head of the nurse’s desk hastily retrieved the surveillance, in the clear surveillance equipment, Jian Nian saw Shen Si change out of the hospital gown and into the clothes he was wearing, and then in the next instant, disappear from the camera.

“Time pause?” Jian Nian frowned at the surveillance.

Shen Si used time pause to leave from the sickbay without a trace, and he was completely unaware of it. Obviously, when Shen Si first awakened his ability, Jian Nian could still slightly notice that something was wrong with time, but now he was already unaware of it?

The young nurse, who watched the monitoring, paled and hurriedly called the Special Unit headquarters. Jian Nian looked at the empty ward, and a moment later he rushed straight out. He thought of a place, if it was Shen Si, he entered the playfield for this, then he must also go to that place!


The cold wind whistled, Shen Si walked on the desolate path, his feet on the dry weeds issued a crisp sound of click, click, click, because the weather was too cold, the snow here hadn’t melted away, but he could see some footprints, albeit sparse, and not as much as the footprints of cats and dogs.

The scarf around his neck was blown up by the wind, carrying the cold smell of the air, Shen Si stood by the abandoned highway, looking at the roadway covered with an empty layer of white snow in front of him.

“It should be about time.” Shen Si muttered.

The clock with half of its dial shattered appeared in the air, and the moment it appeared it turned into a light laid in front of Shen Si. Shen Si grabbed a point in his hand on the time line, and then pulled the time back and forth, until eight years ago, May 23, the time of the car accident.

With a slight wave of his hand, that image instantly separated from the timeline, and it rapidly expanded and wrapped around the present, a sign that it could be manipulated for viewing. So, let’s start with the timeline that was not rewound at the beginning.

A light flashed, Shen Si subconsciously closed his eyes, just as the white light disappeared, Shen Si’s ears constantly ringing alarm bells, and the sound of various vehicles, Shen Si opened his eyes when he saw several police cars and ambulances parked here, yellow police tape surrounded the place.

In the middle of the cordon was the private car that had been extinguished.

“Well? All the people inside… Are they all gone?” A young police officer asked in a whisper.

“Ah, the people inside were stuck when the vehicle caught fire and couldn’t escape, both were burned to death.”

Shen Si walked over, he looked around, followed by masked staff carrying out the white cloth covered with something. Shen Si’s eyes followed them, he knew exactly what was under that white cloth, he clenched his hand tightly, his nails pierced hard into the palm of his hand but didn’t feel it.

Barely letting his eyes move, Shen Si looked at the scene, which was the first timeline without rewound time, so that meant that, in this timeline his parents died because the vehicle caught fire after the accident.

In the next moment when the bodies were transported to the car, Shen Si heard the noise, he and the officer next to him looked towards the side at the same time, where he saw himself as a teenager, as well as the people around him who came to watch after hearing the wind.

“How sad, are they all gone? Only a child was left behind.”

“How can a child live like this?”

“I heard that the child has no relatives, he will not be sent to an orphanage, right?”

Shen Si walked up to himself, but when he reached out his hand, it passed through, and yes, it was just an image of the past, of course he couldn’t touch himself.

But this timeline was normal.

His parents were in a car accident and he heard about it at school, so he rushed from school to the scene, at which point the police had taken care of everything and the bodies were carried to the car. Shen Si watched as the police came over and calmed his young self, and also chased away the onlookers, telling him seriously how this happened and how it was handled.

He listened with his head down, not knowing how much he had heard and whether he understood the current situation. The police car was evacuating, Shen Si watched himself being led forward by the police, and as he was planning to leave,he saw himself looking back towards the place.

The sadness that overflowed from those black eyes for a moment made him cover his chest.

“Can it be changed?” He said, “Is it possible to change the past?”

The scene came to a screeching halt as Shen Si slowly sat down on his knees and pressed his chest but his heart was beating faster and faster. He breathed heavily as if he was out of breath, the aching feeling made his heart ache and even his throat began to tighten.

This was the feeling of sadness and pain, a feeling that he would not feel at all now.

He leaned backwards, he lay on the snow and looked at the sky, the white exhaled from his mouth into the air. Shen Si closed his eyes, the burning temperature rushed into his heart, as if the long frozen blood flowed again.

“…So cold.” Shen Si murmured, he put his hand out, his frozen red fingers felt like they were grasping the clouds in the sky, with a vague outline.

That’s why he hated the past.

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April 20, 2021 12:25 pm

I really hope Jian Nian comes to comfort him-
Thanks for the chapter! ^^

April 20, 2021 12:58 pm

So teenage ShenSi went to the past twice to try to save his parents, but failed. And that’s why he does have any emotion anymore and hates the past.
Did PTSD make him forget??
Oooh…… poor baby.

April 20, 2021 11:42 pm

I think the theory is correct. It’s like the ability is recovering the functions it should have from the beginning, but since he was too young and not strong enough when he first used it, it couldn’t have fully manifested itself, laying dormant untile the unlimited world’s collaps. This time god truely has it tough. Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 19, 2021 10:25 pm

Ah its the typical ‘the unlimited flow world is not the one that gave powers to people, there are people with dormant powers all along and the horror instance just brought out (stimulates) their potential to awaken it to survive’ kinda thing but Shen Si is a special case

May 23, 2021 10:02 pm

Maybe cause he was too young when he tried to use his ability it shattered??? And now we know he did have emotions before.

June 1, 2021 2:57 pm

How sad.
Thank you for the chapter.

June 27, 2021 8:34 pm

Gone back time twice but still unable to rescue his parents
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