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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shen Si felt the rain when he regained consciousness. He opened his eyes, his body was wet, as the sticky water soaked through his jacket and stuck to his body, with a very wet feeling, as if it had just rained indoors, damp to the point of unbearable.

Shen Si sat up, and the next thing he knew he was lying on the lawn, surrounded by green plants, as if it had rained before, and every blade of grass was covered with crystal drops of water.

Shen Si took a breath of cold air, a small thorn stuck in his index finger. When Shen Si pulled out the thorn, bright red blood beads emerged from his fingertips, and he shook his finger.

The hand peeled away the wet grass on the lawn, Shen Si saw a layer of thorns scattered around the location where he was lying, sharp thorns roots upward, one could accidentally stick to the hand.

“What?” Shen Si avoided these sharp things to stand up as he looked around. He saw an endless green lawn and the drops of blood from his fingertips, fallen on the leaves. The blood beads slid to the middle of the leaves, blending with the water beads, looking like some kind of advertisement.

A foot out of the spiky place, Shen Si walked in the endless lawn.

“Hey, is anyone there?” Shen Si whispered in a low voice.

Shen Si looked at the light in the distance, and then he turned his head to look around, the overlapping black mist was instantly illuminated, their periphery was still familiar.

Shen Si knew where this was.

Playfield: dream.

Shen Si once mistakenly entered this playfield, when he happened to go to the company to sign the separation procedures. But just after signing, before he left, the playfield trapped him inside, for then the memory was still very vivid now, after all, that was Shen Si’s first experience of a cruel playfield.

The death toll was more than half, even his familiar colleagues almost died because of this, and He Xin afterwards explained that they could come out alive all by luck.

Because of luck, the playfield chose Jian Nian to be the master of the dream, because of luck, Jian Nian’s obsession with Shen Si was also inside. Jian Nian didn’t want to hurt Shen Si’s psychology plus his devouring ability to take the rest of the people alive from the playfield.

But the dream playfield wasn’t close to here, even if it was expanded even more, it shouldn’t have pulled them in.

Shen Si wasn’t sure what happened, but now there was no purpose, that pillar of light was the only marker, so he went there first to see if there was anyone.

The clock appeared behind Shen Si, time was suspended, and Shen Si frowned and got up from the ground, shaking off the weeds and dirt. Then he looked down at his feet, to see what just pulled him down.

Green vines formed something like a hand, and in the gap Shen Si saw white bones, like a skeletal hand wrapped around itself with vines.

Shen Si looked around, after the time suspension the stiff weeds were full of such vine arms.

Among these vines from the ground, some could still see the white arm bones sticking out. Shen Si frowned slightly, he wasn’t curious enough to dig up the ground to see if it was a complete skeleton or not.

Turning directly away, Shen Si stepped over those vines, time to move forward again, those vine hands followed behind Shen Si, like a group of peculiar performance artists. Shen Si stopped, they also stopped, Shen Si moved forward so they also moved forward, and when Shen Si looked back, those green arms seemed almost endless.

“Whose dream is it anyway, it’s too weird.” Shen Si took a step backwards, and just then he felt like he stepped on something under his feet.

Unlike the soft feeling of the lawn, this thing was hard and not too small. Shen Si turned his head sharply, and then realized that the path in front of him had changed, turning into a field of skeletons, all buried in the green lawn, with white lilies blooming from the hollow of the eyes.

Shen Si stood in place and watched the scrambling arms as they peeled themselves out of the dirt and scrambled for the skeletons in the lilies, and in an instant the scene became a very comical and very bizarre bridge.

Shen Si stepped back, in front of him, the arms tried to hold the skulls in the crook of their arms, but because only one hand was not enough for holding them, they ended up wrapping the entire skeleton with the arm, then rolled on the ground.

The sound of grunting rolled behind Shen Si, and the lilies in those skulls were still fluttering in the wind when Shen Si turned around.

Time pause was useless, no matter when Shen Si paused time, and no matter how many steps he took, the moment Shen Si restored time again, these skeletons would appear behind Shen Si, and he had been maintaining a short distance, the empty skeletal eye sockets black holes were looking at him.

Whose dream is this? Why would such a thing appear?

Shen Si looked up at the distant pillar of light far away, but even after he walked for so long it didn’t seem to be closer, so he squatted down, eyes to the dense skeleton. Although wrapped by vines, Shen Si was still able to judge, this was the right arm.

Dream playfield was projected by the dreamer, and before the dreamer woke up it was the dream host’s subconscious. After waking up, the dream host personally experienced memory nodes, this was a very scary playfield, because the host couldn’t be identified, the playfield could not be recognized, and there was no way to find a solution.

Also because of this trait, the Survivors who entered this playfield were almost completely extinguished, resulting in no information existing even under the Special Unit’s big data, all depending on the Special Unit’s on-the-spot detection.

Now not to mention the owner of the dream, he couldn’t even see a normal person, in addition to the grass skeletons in front of him.

Just then, there was a very low collision sound, Shen Si looked up and the black fog was spinning. The speed wasn’t fast, and not too smooth, and in Shen Si’s line of sight the fog gradually dissipated, and soon, the wall outside the fog dissipated as well, revealing the void inside that couldn’t generally be seen at the boundary of the wall.

“What is that?” Shen Si frowned slightly, “The playfield is changing? It’s not quite the same as before…”

Before Shen Si could think further, he heard a shout, a familiar voice calling his name. Shen Si turned his head to look over, a man in a black jacket standing on the lawn waving to him, a bone-scraping sound rushed into Shen Si’s ears. It was Jian Nian, and what was following behind Jian Nian.

“Jian Nian?”

“Finally, I found you.” Jian Nian hurriedly ran over, and with every step he ran there was a clutter of sounds behind him. When Jian Nian got behind Shen Si, he finally got a good look at what was following Jian Nian.

It was a neat piece of leg bones.

The pair of leg bones were upright on the ground, the green grass blocking their feet, and those things jumped forward behind Jian Nian, with lantern-like flowers swaying on the leg bones with each jump.

It was a lily of the valley.

Jian Nian pulled Shen Si up and down several times until he was relieved to make sure Shen Si had no problems other than his clothes getting wet, then he noticed Shen Si’s eyes, looking back somewhat subtly at the countless leg bones behind him.

“This thing has been following me since I woke up and I can’t get rid of it, but it didn’t attack me.” Jian Nian explained.

Shen Si nodded, “I also had a lot of these following me.”

“I have no idea what the hell this is.” Jian Nian pulled out a grass from the ground, then threw the blade of grass toward the leg bones behind him, and the next instant those leg bones immediately moved away, directly giving way to an empty circle.

If not close to these things Jian Nian would have grabbed these things to observe, his ability was to devour, and he didn’t know how many terrible things he had devoured before. Although it sounded a bit disgusting, to know what this was, the best way was to swallow it.

It was a pity.

Before Jian Nian could finish his sigh, a bone scraping sound rang out from behind Shen Si. Jian Nian froze for a moment, he and Shen Si looked at each other, then they looked together behind Shen Si. A green vine emerged from the ground, those arms and heads blocked up by the green grass speeded up and passed by Shen Si.

The arms wrapped in skulls broke right into the leg bones, as Shen Si had seen, in an unspeakable melee.

The arm and leg bones were tearing apart, the skull rolled beside it, and the lilies inside were still in beautiful bloom.

“…This fight is a bit like the undead skeletons in metaphysical novels.” Jian Nian tsked, “This is a dreamplayfield, right? Whose dream is this, so peculiar.”

Shen Si shook his head, “Let’s not worry about that, have you met anyone else on the road?”

“Although not encountered, there were traces of others walking.” Jian Nian said with a smile, “A playfield open location and the Special Unit is very close, although the surrounding households are few but not none, it is estimated that a lot of people got pulled in. When in fact, it’s fine, since it’s the second time this playfield appeared, so the people here came in with a little psychological preparation. “

“In that case we have to find the others first, so that we can find the dreamer.”

Jian Nian looked at Shen Si, then he put his hands in his pockets, with a little relief in his voice, “But now I did find out a little, I guess the dreamer is also a Survivor.”

“Hm?” Shen Si looked at Jian Nian with some surprise.

“See these things?” Jian Nian pointed to the surrounding nothingness for Shen Si to see, “Know what those are?”

It wasn’t fog, nor was it a border, all that could be seen was a void, a void that wasn’t white or black. It was hard for Shen Si to describe what it felt like, after thinking for a long time he only came up with one sentence: anyone who saw this place would understand in their heart that it was a place where they couldn’t go to the border.

“What is that?”

“That is the edge of the unlimited flow world, the emptiness that Survivors saw every day.” Jian Nian looked at the thing with a little subtlety in his eyes, “Once there was a Survivor who didn’t believe in evil, so he walked into it to find out what was out there, but he probably died in the playfield, because he never came out. Only Survivor had been to the unlimited flow world, so the person who dreamed in this playfield is a Survivor.”

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Or is it?

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I feel that this time this playfield won’t be “easy” to break.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 24, 2021 1:10 am

My only guess about this playfield is that it will give Shen Si whatever information he needs to wind in time and save everyone.

June 5, 2021 5:40 am

Plants, skeletons following him around no matter how much he uses his time power, and signs of other people around him but only Jian Nian has any sort of real presence. I’m going to guess that this is Shen Si’s dream. If he’s really gone back in time, he’s probably seen some unlimited flow stuff before and just forgotten, right? Maybe?

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