Otona Gokko!

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Artist: Minaduki Yuu
Language: English

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Complete Volume— Mediafire (Posted 1PM PST March 1st, 2019)



Serious and kind, Noboru-sensei is a favorite at Atami Preschool. Arima-sensei is the gentle and lazy “puppy” who adores Noboru-sensei. Everyday Arima-sensei expresses his love whole-heartedly, but Noboru-sensei refuses to recognize his affection. Will Arima-sensei have no choice but to become a wolf to make his love accepted…!?

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Volume One (Part One)

Volume One (Part Two)

Sono Ki Ni Sasete
Futaribocchi no Ever After

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  1. (♥→o←♥) Happy 2nd Anniversary! (≡ε≡;)
    Thank soo much for all your great work, i really enjoyed your project so far !!
    I was able to read so many great yaoi, and nove! !!!
    You got all my gratitude !!! ⊂((・▽・))⊃

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