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Chapter 4: Streaking

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kuneho/Kate/UA

“I don’t have a good feeling.” At this time, an acquaintance, Kong Qin, a colleague of the police station, came to register. What Kong Qin raised was a guppy named Kong Jue. It was a gorgeous white man with beautiful blue hair.

Kong Jue had a long and watery body, white and blue skin, which reminded people of a legendary chimaera. Kong Jue had a quiet temperament. He sniffed in the hall and said with disappointment, “There are no fishes.” Moving his ears again, “There are no females.”

“Ah!” He sighed and looked at Xie Guanze and Kong Qin with reproach.

Raising guppies, one generally had a tank with a male and five females. Adult fish were appreciated for their gorgeous colors, and their reproduction appetite was exuberant, making them good at breeding. But Kong Qin took an unusual road and raised a male fish alone.

While Kong Jue was taking photos, Xie Guanze asked about it.

Kong Qinxin swore, “I’m a single dog. What’s wrong with making him a single fish?”

“All right, just be happy.” Xie Guanze said nothing, “As long as you are not afraid that he will come back to beat you when he realises the treatment of other male guppies.”

Kong Qin felt guilty: in fact, he was too poor in technique. All the females he raised together had died, so later he simply decided not to raise them.

On the first day of registration, Xie Guanze’s busy lunch was casually settled in the canteen, and Xie King and Fu Wentu could only eat in the canteen together. Xie Guanze thought that Xie King would dislike the canteen. Unexpectedly, he searched the canteen dishes over and over again, and his voice was surprised, “There are insects!”

Xie Guanze, “Wait!”

Xie King had stuffed the cabbage worm into his mouth, “The food in your canteen is very good!”

Xie Guanze: ……

Fu Wentu stared at his plate and didn’t want to move it.

Sparta flipped around the plate curiously, eating while playing.

Only Xie Guanze was in a complex mood. Unexpectedly, the canteen dishes of the police station didn’t normally have such high evaluation, and he was sure that Xie King was giving sincere praise.

After a busy day, Xie King performed better than Xie Guanze thought.

In addition to eating snacks, he kneaded his shoulders and massaged him. Occasionally, if the registered pet-people were birds, he would join in the exchange and make many friends with the same kind.

Xie Guanze was also relieved to be busy. As soon as he got off work, he went to buy a mobile phone for Xie King, just so that he could communicate with his friends.

On the street, Xie Guanze felt the changes after pets became human beings.

In Computer City, the salesman, a handsome blonde boy, was helping sell cell phones as his master lay on the chair and yawned, “Finally living a happy life with my dog raising me…” 

Sparta: “Woof! It’s a field dog!”

The blonde was also very happy, “Woof! Buy my mobile phone, my owner said if I sold it, I could get a commission to buy drumsticks! “

Sparta: “OK! Woof woof!”

Fu Wentu: …

Xie Guanze: …

Was this the way the villagers saw each other and barked together?

“I don’t like dogs. Get a bird salesman,” Xie King said.

Xie Guanze: ……

Will you only buy mobile phones from a salesperson of the same race?

In the end, they still couldn’t calm the two pets. The two owners bought mobile phones one from the dog salesman and one from a starling salesman, respectively.

Xie King also despised the starling salesman for his problem with hair color and language ability. The two angry birds almost started a scolding battle in Computer City, which led to the two owners finally breaking up the fight.

Xie King grumpily bought it from the starling, thinking that this bird hasn’t flown to foreign lands.

Xie Guanze: ……

After buying a mobile phone, they walked out of Computer City. There was a food street outside and many stalls were lit with lights and decorations. The two pets, who became humans for the first time, were curious about the world and wanted to experience everything.

Xie Guanze and his colleagues often had dinner in the night market after work on weekdays. They simply brought three people to the big restaurant they usually went to.

Just after walking to the big food stall, Sparta suddenly rushed to a barbecue stall for a grilled fish, and to the little girl with black clothes and black hair. Then he reached up and stretched out his tongue to lick the other’s face. It scared Fu Wentu to think that he was going to have a sexual harassment charge on his hands.

“Sparta!” Fu Wentu rushed to grab Sparta’s clothes and felt extremely distressed. He couldn’t hold the 1.9 meter tall Sparta! 

It was not easy to separate Sparta from the beauty. Sparta was still in an excited state, “Cat! Cat! Master, she is a cat!”

That’s when everyone realized. It was hard to change the nature of dogs who liked to flirt with cats.

“Stupid dog.” The little girl with short hair rolled her eyes and when she saw Xie King, her eyes brightened. She stuck her nose up in the air, her saliva was almost running down her chin. “You smell delicious…”

Xie King’s white hair immediately stood up, “Fuck off!”

“Demeanor! Grace!” Xie Guanze hurriedly pulled Xie King, “Be gentlemanly to girls!”

“Stinky cat!” Xie King rolled his eyes. “You smell fishy!”

“I’m sorry, my little Blackie has just turned into human shape, but I can’t change her nature.” The barbecue girl hurriedly pulled at the short-haired beauty, “Today, I’ll give you a discount to make amends!”

“Show us some human food.” After Xie Guanze said that, Xie King’s face went from cloudy to clear, and he was interested in the dishes from the barbecue stand. He turned to the green vegetables, looking at them one by one, and then put them down disappointedly, “No insects…”

Xie Guanze: ……

This barbecue stall without worms felt like a waste of his time.

Little Blackie stared at Xie King and salivated, “I know where insects are. I’ll take you there.”

Xie King gave her a wary look, “Liar. Abductor. Do you want to find a dark corner to eat me?”

“No, no, I’m not that kind of a cat.” Little Blackie shook her head and felt very guilty.

The two hosts were embarrassed to hear this conversation. How could it be like a strange millet luring little Lori? Oh no, it was the aunt luring little Zhengtai. Seeing the racial conflict between the two, Xie Guanze could only ask Xie King to find a seat first.

Xie King looked at the vegetables once one in disappointment. After turning his mouth in disgust, he ordered a bunch of meat. Xie Guanze looked at them, and noticed they were all his favorite.

He was really his bird. Moved, Xie Guanze took Xie King to his seat and brought him a milk drink.

Behind him came the sound of Little Blackie swallowing her saliva, “Miao ~ shoveling shit officer, this is a bird I haven’t eaten. I want to eat him. Miao~”

The barbecue girl advised, “Wait, I remember Uncle Wang was selling Roasted Quail, I will buy it for you later…”

“Okay,” Little Blackie yielded, “but I haven’t eaten this kind of bird. It’s so tempting…”

Xie Guanze: ……

Even in human form, racial instinct still prevailed.

“Stinky cats are the worst!” Xie King found a place to sit down.

“No, cats are the most fun!” Finding the right place to sit down, Sparta looked at the little beauty, who looked at Xie King with warm eyes.

In the eyes of people who didn’t know what was going on, they might think it was a love triangle, but it was just a hunting triangle. Dogs liked to tease cats and cats liked to pounce on birds. Sparta was too excited to care that Fu Wentu sat in his seat. Xie King hated Little Blackie and stayed in his own seat.

Xie Guanze ordered at the barbecue stand alone and chatted with the barbecue girl.

“Little Blackie used to be a stray cat on my doorstep, I think she came here every day. It’s also a kind of fate, so I raised her.” The barbecue girl looked at her companion and laughed happily. “I didn’t expect that she would become a human and help me cook fish. I’m much more relaxed now! You’re my lucky cat!”

“Miao~” Little Blackie habitually used her head to rub her face against her owner’s cheek. The two young girls, who were in their youth, became a beautiful sight to see.

In less than three seconds, Little Blackie suddenly pointed to a man who came to have barbecue and screamed, “I caught you! Dead pervert, you take pictures up girls’ skirts every night. We animals despise you because you are such a beast!”

The man was flustered, “What nonsense!”

“I’m not talking nonsense. I’m a stray cat who used to come here. One time you took a picture of my owner and I scratched you, and you kicked me with your feet! Asshole!”

There was a strange look in everyone’s eyes.

“I didn’t expect to die a hooligan. The cat has become a human and can tell the truth.”

“A human being with human character. Even animals can do something now.”

“Call the police. He’ll be honest in a few days.”

The man, seeing that he was condemned by all the people, ran away under the eyes of the public. Little Blackie said, “Finally! It’s so cool to be a human!”

The night market business was very busy, but the barbecue girl, who had an extra helper, was also very efficient. They soon finished the ordered meals and delivered them in person. As for Little Blackie, she was forced by the barbecue younger sister to stay in front of the barbecue stall to avoid new conflicts.

Barbecue little sister smilingly said, “Four grilled fish, and side dishes. Do you need any other drinks?”

Xie Guanze specially looked back and saw Little Blackie’s eyes, which were full of longing as she looked at Xie King.

The nature of this race….

At this time, the drinks on the table had been finished. Xie Guanze asked, “Sparta, King, what else would you like to drink? I remember dogs can’t drink.”

“Milk! Milk!” Sparta sat on the chair and shook his buttocks as if he still had his tail. He looked at Little Blackie as he did so. “I’ll find Little Blackie for a drink!”

Fu Wentu’s face was black, “Sparta, sit down for me. I’ll get it!”

Seeing Fu Wentu stand up, Little Blackie and Sparta drooped their ears at the same time, and their eyes were sad. Finally, after a normal eating and drinking pace, Xie Guanze was worried that the human food would hurt the spleen and stomach of the two pets, and gave them light food first.

At last, it was found that after they became human, their intestines and stomachs became more human too. The parrot who liked eating worms and nuts also liked eating fish and meat. The dog who liked eating bones also liked eating eggplants and green vegetables. They were curious to challenge any peppers and were flicking out their tongues.

The alcohol was too stimulating though. Xie Guanze and Fu Wentu didn’t give them any, and in order to avoid the pets’ curiosity, they cooperated and didn’t drink either.

When they paid at the barbecue check-out, there was a commotion coming from four college students at the next table.

Sparta began to get excited again, “Cat! Woof! Woof! There is another cat! A male cat!”

The four turned their heads together and saw a young boy with blond hair, with a newly folded Hibiscus in his mouth, walking towards a girl with long curly hair.

The girl with long curly hair stood up in surprise and recognized the other at a glance, “Orange, you’re back! I thought you were going to run away with your girlfriend!”

“I’m not such a stupid cat.” The handsome boy took off the flower and handed it to the girl with long curly hair. “Here you are. I heard that your human form is called Mu Furong [Hibiscus], which matches your name very well.”

The girl with long curly hair accepted the flowers shyly. Her happy cheeks were red. The girl at the table shouted, “Wow, it’s so romantic!”

“For you, master.” At the barbecue stand, Little Blackie, who was watching the activity, was inspired and handed over the eggplant, baked by herself, to the barbecue girl. “You taste it, check how delicious it is! I remember that you like baked eggplant the most!”

“How sweet!” The barbecue girl was very moved. Unexpectedly, Little Blackie, who only liked fish, was also learning to bake eggplant by her owner. She tasted it happily, and repeatedly gave praise before she tasted it again. “You have good craftsmanship!”

A group of diners looked envious, “Happiness is having a cat.”

It was all flowers and barbecue. Cats were angels~

However, even though the group had envious eyes, some people became sour.

“Well, you’ll be very happy to have a bird, too,” said Xie King.

Xie Guanze felt something was wrong. “Wait a minute, King!”

However, it was too late to say anything. A white shadow flew from the collar of the clothes and the speed made Xie Guanze feel helpless. Xie Guanze could only cover his face and see his ward run naked again. The white bird soon disappeared into the night, flapping its wings and diving again.

Xie Guanze looked at the man with the flower in his mouth. He felt dazed.

“Do you like it?” Xie King landed gracefully, with a big rose in his mouth. When he took out the flower and handed it to Xie Guanze, he gave a proud look at the orange cat man, “My flower is redder than his.”

The orange cat rolled his eyes and covered the eyes of the girl with long curly hair, “Silly bird!”

Xie King, “Say it again, stinky cat!”

Xie Guanze picked up the clothes from the ground and gave them to him, “Put them on first.”

Running to pick flowers and giving them to his owner while naked. It was reasonable to say that one should be moved when receiving flowers from ones parrot for the first time. If only it was the right occasion…

There were screams from the barbecue stand:

“Ah, pervert!”


“Call the police! Report the streaker!”

Xie Guanze covered his face: … Why was his bird so competitive that he would run around naked…?

While fleeing, Xie King questioned angrily, “It’s not fair! It’s all flower picking. Why is it that when the stupid cat did it, it’s called romance, but when this King does it, I am called a pervert?”


The author has something to say:

Xie Guanze: I dare not tell King that his name also has a deeper meaning…

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