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Chapter 6: Little Male Dog

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kuneho/Kate/UA


As the sky darkened, Xie Guanze interviewed the last family in the village. The family’s pet was quite special. It was a tall white-headed spider raised by a boy who just went to high school.

“I heard that spiders eat cockroaches. I bought a high-legged spider with a white forehead. Now it’s a spider woman.” When the boy said this, he was unpacking the express delivery. Xie Guanze saw that the express delivery was a small pink skirt.

Xie Guanze: It seems that the otaku had new hobbies…

The spider happily took the skirt to try on the new clothes. Taking this opportunity, the boy whispered, “The only bad thing is that she thinks cockroaches are delicious. She always wants to share the delicious food with me, and she specially catches cockroaches from the neighbor’s house. The neighbor is very happy…”

Xie King looked behind the boy and said, “Are you happy?”

The boy turned his head slightly and saw the spider coming back. His expression twisted and he squeezed out a smile: “Happy…”

Kong Qin: “Pfft!”

After leaving the household, Kong Qin constantly boasted about his own guppy, “It is better to raise fish, they are quiet and good-looking.”

Xie King squinted at Xie Guanze, waiting for his performance.

Xie Guanze looked at the angry parrot and said dryly, “Well, my bird is also very good.”

Xie King’s eyes were cold, “I’ll cook dinner for you tonight.”

That was a perfunctory compliment.

When Xie Guanze thought of fried cabbage worms, he twisted his expression and quickly changed his voice. “Ah, it’s better to raise birds. My parrot is handsome and lovely. He can fly, and cook, and can knead my shoulders and rub my back. It’s very considerate! I like my King the best!”

Xie King slowly turned red due to Xie Guanze’s theatrical performance. He turned his head and said, “Why do you say so much in front of others…”

Xie Guanze: …….

Didn’t you threaten me to boast?

Before the sunset, the three got on the return bus. There were not many people on the bus in the evening. Xie Guanze liked to use the last row of the bus and habitually went to it. The other two followed him. Kong Qin sat directly at the innermost position near the window and went to sleep. When Xie Guanze arrived at the station, he woke him up.

It was hard to walk on the dirt road in the countryside. Kong Qin had gone to see Duke Zhou at ease. When the bus arrived near the village entrance, two young men got on the bus. They wore black and white, with bright color contrast. Some leaves were also caught on their clothes, as if they had just come out of the woods.

“Two dogs,” said Xie King in a low voice.

The two young men moved their ears and looked at them at the same time.

Xie Guanze saw that both of them had black hair and black eyes, which were not very different from human beings. They were tall, thin and pale.

Xie Guanze said with a smile, “Hello.”

The two young men sat directly next to Xie Guanze, and Xie King moved inside.

The tall, dark man sniffed, his eyes shining in the dark bus, “Hello, my name is Wang Da Jian. “

The shorter,  light-skinned man simply said, “I am De Mu.”

“Went out to  play?” said Xie Guanze.

“Yes, hehe hehe.” When the fierce looking Da Jian laughed, it gave people a kind of simple and honest feeling. “After working for a long time, I finally have time to have a holiday. It’s so cool. It’s really fun in the countryside!”

Da Jian opened the conversation by himself and didn’t let Xie Guanze say a word.

“I’m going to find a little bitch, my spring! I like the little bitches in the country! Very excited!”

De Mu laughed.”You seem to have seen a lot of little bitches, but I don’t see any bitches talking to you.”

Most police dogs were Scottish and German shepherds. Scottish shepherds had high IQs and gentle temperaments. They were also more elegant after transforming into human forms, unlike De Mu. De Mu’s face was dark, his temperament was cold and his solemn face was gloomy and fierce after he turned into a man. He didn’t look like a good man, not like Da Jian.

Sitting at the front, side by side, were two fashionable young female passengers. The woman sitting outside could hear the words. She directly raised her voice and said angrily, “You really have no class , calling a girl a bitch.”

Da Jian apologized quickly, “I’m sorry, force of habit.”

The woman in white was even more angry, “Force of habit? That’s what you call girls? You are too much.”

Da Jian scratched the back of his head and said, “I’m sorry, I’m uncultured.”

“You!” The woman in white felt that Da Jian was ironic and scolded, “Get out!”

Da Jian: ???

The girl in white said to her friend, “We actually met a straight male that calls a female bitch… This kind of man is disgusting……”

The friend replied, “Curse him to be unable to find a girlfriend all his life!”

The police dog, Da Jian, with excellent hearing: …

He was not a man but a young male dog. Since he was a male dog, he liked female dogs. What was wrong with that?

“Cough, where are you travelling to?” Seeing this, Xie Guanze interrupted them and changed the subject, “Do you have money with you?”

It was no wonder that what he asked was so straightforward. It was really a lesson from how Xie King was spending money. Even if pets had the concept of money, they wouldn’t be able to count when they entered a society.

De Mu was more polite, “It’s not easy to have a holiday. I wanted to walk.”

Da Jian was much sharper, “No, boss… The boss is too poor. I feel sorry to ask him for money. We plan to do it ourselves.”

Xie Guanze: “Do it yourself?”

At this time, Xie King’s eyebrows moved. He looked at the two men in black with hats on the other side of the front passenger aisle, and slightly frowned.

Xie Guanze felt Xie King jabbed his elbow into his side, urging him to look over there, just to see the man in black looking up from under the cap and secretly looking at Da Jian.

The man in black quickly withdrew his eyes, vigilantly not looking again.

Xie Guanze thought something was wrong. In the evening, the light was dim, and the bus had not turned on the lights. Why would someone wear a hat? He was pressing it so low and could only peep at them from under the brim.

This scene also attracted the attention of the two police dogs. After all, they were trained professionals who had participated in various criminal cases. They had keen senses. At the same time, both of them lowered their voices, and their words became code.

“Haha, just like before, back to the old business.” Da Jian took out two cell phones and turned the news to Xie Guanze. “You see, we’ve been on the news.”

Xie Guanze saw an acclamation of the police dog’s great contribution in the process of tracking the murder suspect with a reward. The picture above was the German shepherd, De Mu.

“The murder… is very serious…”

Da Jian: “That vote earned a lot, and the boss divided a lot of good things…”

De Mu nodded repeatedly, “Although the boss is not here, we will be proficient if we do more. We can do it ourselves.”

Xie Guanze said, “Your business is very risky. If you are not careful, you will die.” He really admired the police dogs.

Da Jian puffed out his chest, lifted his sleeve proudly, and there was a long scar on his arm. “This is the injury I suffered when I was helping with a case when they were selling human organs. The boss felt bad for me but I lived like a god. The boss was very kind to me!”

De Mu said calmly: “You are still alive. Every time you take the post, some brothers die… But you have to take risks to do it. It’s good to survive…”

The girl in white listened to their words. She was scared and peeped a little. She saw the ferocious scar on Da Jian’s arm. She shrank in her seat and whispered with her friend. She looked at the road ahead from time to time and couldn’t wait to stand.

Out of the vigilance of the two men in black, to keep their identity secret, Da Jian used “boss” instead of “Captain” and “brother” instead of “teammate” when they talked. When they talked about “out of duty”, they immediately changed their words, but to other people’s ears, it sounded different.

Especially in the evening, there were only two girls on the old bus on the country road, and the rest of the male passengers didn’t look like good people. Xie Guanze heard the white girl’s passenger, the one sitting outside, comforting her friend: “It won’t happen. He said he would wait for me there. We will be there soon.”

The friend: “It’s still night, it is the suburbs, doesn’t it feel wrong?”

“It’s okay. I checked the place in advance. It’s very busy. It’s not a remote place. He said that he has a performance tonight, and he invited me to come to see his performance! Maybe he’ll let us on stage!”

“I also brought you with me, and you can have fun too. If he’s problematic, then I’m depending on you!”

Her friend rolled his eyes and said, “I’m both a third wheel and a bodyguard. I must have had a debt with you in my previous life.”

Xie Guanze touched his nose. Love made people blind. When he saw the girl in white, he didn’t know whether she was lucky or unlucky.

The bus stopped slowly, and the driver said in a loud voice, “Here we are! Come on, get off the bus.”

This station was already at the terminal. All the rest of the passengers got off.

Xie Guanze and Kong Qin needed to change buses to move on. The girl in white and her friend hurried to the distance. The two men in black with hats also left one after the other.

Before Xie Guanze left, he specially exchanged contact information with Da Jian. Da Jian’s WeChat name was “Where is my spring”, which was an authentic single dog name.

Kong Qin and Xie Guanze didn’t live in the same direction. They needed to take different buses. As soon as Kong Qin was on the bus, Xie Guanze received a new message via WeChat. It was from Da Jian, who had just left. 

Where is my spring: [Some people just came to abduct us. It was interesting. ]

Xie Guanze: ……

Xie Guanze showed the information to Xie King, who felt it was incredible, “King, do you think they are tired of living?”

What was the difference between looking for police dogs to abduct and sell, and looking for the police? Were they that impatient?

Through the screen, Xie Guanze saw the deep excitement behind Da Jian’s word “interesting”.

Where is my spring: [This gang of traffickers is an organized crime syndicate, there must be many victims. We’re going to go undercover and visit their nest. You will wait for our news on the outside. ]

Handsome crown sky: [Okay.]

Xie Guanze: I seem to have predicted the future of these human traffickers…

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