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Chapter 7: We are not good people

Translated by Yu of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kuneho/Kate/UA


When Da Jian got off the bus following her, the woman in white was so scared she staggered a bit, almost twisting her high heels. Her friend who was wearing a handsome athletic outfit, stared at Da Jian with alertness.  She blocked the lady in white with her body and they quickly left.

Afterward, the two men in black also left, while sneakily looking at Da Jian one more time. 

“What are you looking at!” De Mu acted very coldly. 

“Hey you two, do you want to earn some extra money?” Said the younger of the two youths, wearing a flat cap. 

Da Jian replied full of enthusiasm: “Oh, how do we earn it?” 

Flat cap explained in a low voice: “Ok, so, we have this difficult plan. If you guys cooperate with us……

Once they heard the other’s plan, Da Jian and De Mu both laughed: “Okay, but we need some money first, the rest can be paid after we finish the job.”

“Deal! I will transfer the money to you guys right now!” 

Once they heard they wanted money, not only were the flat caps happy, but they also felt that they got the evidence. If they’ve already participated in black market activities, can they escape once they hopped on board with the illegal plan? 

Da Jian and De Mu were also very happy. First, they can get a sum when they are getting tricked, then get some more after the deed is done. It is so easy to make money! 

“The money is transferred, big brother, should we act?”

“Let’s go!”


The lady in white made an appointment with her internet friends to meet at an abandoned warehouse. After it was abandoned, it was changed into a music industry park, with nightclubs, open spaces, etc. After dark was when the wonderful nightlife starts.

When Xie King arrived, following the directions given by Da Jian, the lady in white and her internet friends had already successfully met up, and the three people were talking about something in front of the club. 

Xie King flew on top of a nearby lamppost, crooked his head and openly eavesdropped on them. 

Once he took off his flat cap, Zhang Tu’s look was extremely deceptive. He was tall, with deep facial features, and had an aura of bright handsomeness. 

It was obvious that the lady in white liked him, just by looking at the hearts shooting out her eyes. 

Xie King chuckled in his heart: they are still better animals, they have urges that are not just breeding, such as this kind of human trafficking!

“Ah, it’s you!” Xiao Xiao remained alert, recognizing the other person, “Aren’t you the one from the bus?”

“What a coincidence.” The man offered his hand as a sign of friendliness. After taking off his flat cap he looked like a gentleman, indeed very handsome. “I am Zhang Tu.” 

Xiao Xiao didn’t fall for it, stating coldly, “Then you also come from the city? Didn’t you tell Ming Mei that you rented a studio here to live in?”

Zhang Tu still remained polite as he explained with a smile: “My guitar is broken. The instrument I had before was sent for repairs.” 

“You also had a partner, didn’t you?” Xiao Xiao remembered. Previously, it was two dreary men in black, the other one looked like a large middle-aged man. 

She scouted the surroundings with alertness, but Ming Mie, the woman in white, already had her heart set on Zhang Tu, swinging Xiao Xiao’s arm: “Xiao Xiao, he might have been a friend……” 

“That was the owner of the music store, he was just following me on his way. One of the bands he likes is performing tonight, so he already left.” While Zhang Tu was talking, he took Xiao Xiao’s hand and spoke to her instead. 

“Xiao Xiao is right to be on guard, girls going out at night is indeed dangerous. I am happy that Ming Mei has this kind of friend, thank you for caring for Ming Mei.”

Xie King continued to complain in his heart: Sure enough, humans are powerful. The man sounds better even than the singing parrots. If it was a bird, there would be new female birds every year. 


Once Zhang Tu dissipated Xiao Xiao’s doubts with his explanation, he continued to suggest: “My performance is pretty late. If you get hungry, there are desserts at the nearby cafe. You girls will like it.”

“Uh no,” Ming Mei glanced at Xiao Xiao, “Xiao Xiao came here to see her boyfriend and he is waiting for her to eat under the candlelight together!”  

Zhang Tu exclaimed regrettably: “Ah, so that is the case, it’s a pity.”

Xiao Xiao left quickly: “Yes, I will leave now. You guys take your time talking.”

She left as soon as the words came out of her mouth. She looked at the cafe Zhang Tu was talking about and purposely chose the opposite direction, leaving in large steps. 

Xie King: …… 

The one called Ming Mei, does she wish to die soon? The two girls are both in danger, and she purposely tried to separate herself from her friend? 

Xie King couldn’t hold it in anymore: “Stupid!”

Ming Mei and Zhang Tu lifted their heads at the same time, spotting the large white parrot resting on top of a lamp post. His small, black eyes were looking their way and Ming Mei could feel that they were ridiculing her. 

The corners of Ming Mei’s mouth flicked a bit: “Is this parrot a pet of someone who lives around here?”

“Probably, this breed of parrot is not worth its price. He was probably pampered too much by his owners, don’t mind it too much.” Zhang Tu put his arm around Ming Mei’s shoulders, walking towards the cafe store, “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to something. Then you can happily watch my performance.”

Ming Mei nodded, full of expectations: “Okay!”

Xie King laughed again: “Idiot!”

Ming Mei turned her head around. The white parrot was staring right at her, very clearly swearing at her. She angrily exclaimed: “This parrot is so annoying!”

Xing King flapped his wings and laughed coldly: “Haha.”

Ming Mei hated it so much that she clenched her teeth. 

Xie King then looked at Zhang Tu and swore: “Snake!”

Zhang Tu’s eyes twitched. A flicker of violence flashed in as he walked towards the parrot and threatened: “This bird looks like it has a lot of meat. Ming Mei, do you like to eat barbequed small birds?”

Ming Mei also said with hatred, “I like it! Especially barbequed parrots!” 

Xie King sneered with disdain and flew away.

He already reminded her. If she wanted to court death, then perish. 

His goal was to cooperate with the two police dogs, expose the hideouts of criminals, and to make sure that no one dies. As to whether or not they are wronged, looking at how dumb the girl was, it’s better if she learns a lesson. 

Xie King did not actually leave when he flew away. He followed the two to the window outside the cafe and stood in front of an advertisement with a white background, so he didn’t look obvious from afar.

Very soon, he saw De Mu wearing the cafe store’s uniform, bringing a cup of coffee.

“Here is the one you ordered, with extra sugar and milk.”

After hearing the code word, Zhang Tu lifted his head and looked at De Mu, smiling and gave the one with extra sugar and milk to Ming Mei, drinking the normal coffee himself.

After hearing her friend’s words, and many stories about being poisoned by internet friends, Ming Mei was careful to a certain degree and did not let the drink leave her line of sight. But there was no way that she would have thought that the coffee had already been altered by the employees at the cafe store.  

She slowly drank all the drugged coffee, without any suspicions, and then was led to the back door of the club where Zhang Tu said he would be performing. 

Without even making it backstage, Ming Mei’s vision blurred and her legs felt weak. Zhang Tu held her up with ease, walking towards and stopping near a van by the back door. 

Not long after, the friend of Zhang Tu that disappeared showed up with Da Jian, carrying Xiao Xiao who had also fainted, onto the van. 

In their van, there was also a driver wearing sunglasses. After he saw that everyone was there, he hit the gas and left for a far place. 

When he got in the car, Da Jian looked towards the sky and saw Xie King making a gesture. 

“A group of idiots, they deserved it!” After scolding, Xie King flapped his wings and followed the van. 

The car was too fast and there were too many cars on the road. If the police dogs were to follow, they would be in trouble, but Xie King was the best fit for this job.

A parrot’s night vision is terrible, so when Da Jian and De Mu were acting as spies, Xie Guanze had already called the police. Then, they took a taxi to tail them……

When Ming Mei woke up again, it was caused by Xiao Xiao kicking her. 

“What’s wrong?” Ming Mei did not realize it when she woke up, but she was lying on an old hotel’s bed. She didn’t know when was the last time the bedsheets were washed, as they were giving off a sour smell, causing Ming Mei to frown in discomfort. 

However, when she wanted to sit up, she found that her hands and feet have been bound by ropes. 

“Quickly, come here so I can untie your ropes, then you help me untie mine.” Xiao Xiao had been bound similarly and thrown to her side. 

“This……” Ming Mei was shocked, finally realizing that she had been tricked. 


“Stop saying useless stuff, if you don’t want to die then come over here.” Xiao Xiao said without patience. 

Ming Mei felt awful. She knew that because of her stupid actions, both of them were in such a dangerous situation. She followed Xiao Xiao’s instructions, turned around and moved her tied arms close to Xiao Xiao. At the same time, she listened to Xiao Xiao explain how she was sneakily attacked by the middle-aged man using anesthetics. 

Xiao Xiao put everything she knew to use, quickly untying the ropes of Ming Mei’s hands. Ming Mei understood that she must rely on Xiao Xiao as she didn’t even bother untying the ropes on her feet. Instead, she untied the ropes on Xiao Xiao’s hands. Xie King, who was spying outside the window, thought maybe those women could still be saved. 

She was just a big romantic. When she was met with a romance, her intelligence disappeared. 

Xie King tilted his head as he stood on a tree branch in front of the window. The hotel room was on the second floor and he could see both the room and outside the hotel. 

At this time, he saw the two men leading Da Jian and De Mu away again, after the two were dropped off. 

Not long after, the van returned again to the hotel. Zhang Tu and the driver wearing sunglasses brought a few other unconcious women. This time, Da Jian and De Mu were not there, as if they had been purposely led away. 

The middle-aged men who stayed at the hotel on guard, came out to make a switch. Not long after, he walked towards the second floor. 

Xie King saw the two girls in the room have already been set free from the ropes and were ready to open the door to escape. 

Xie King fluttered up to the window sill and tapped on the window, scaring the two girls who were already in a panicked state. 

“It’s that parrot again!” 

Ming Mei recognized Xie King with just one glance. After all, this eye-catching shape and the white eyes full of taunting were rare amongst birds. 

“It’s not something that Zhang Tu left behind to spy on us, right?” Ming Mei was very scared. The first time she saw Xie King was when she was with Zhang Tu and now she was very suspicious of whether it was Zhang Tu’s accomplice. 

Xie King: ……

He thought wrong about what can be saved. Clearly her IQ had some problems and couldn’t be saved. 

The footsteps from outside were getting closer. The two were able to hear them without even needing Xie King to remind them, and they were getting extremely scared. 

Xie King couldn’t bother with them any longer. He flew back to his tree and hid – if these bad people had a hunting rifle, then he would actually become a dish. 

Ming Mei started panicking: “What should we do? It must be them, they’ve returned!”

Xiao Xiao quickly went forward to lock the doors, then pushed all the desks and tables in the room against the door.

Because they made too much noise, the people outside heard the sound of moving furniture and they started knocking frantically, causing Ming Mei to become even more scared. 

“Jump out of the window!” Xiao Xiao pushed open the window, assessing the height with her eyes and stated,” This is the second floor. If we jump, we will at most break our legs, but we won’t die!” 

“I don’t dare, I’m scared!” Ming Mei was close to crying. 

Xiao Xiao looked at the bedsheets: “Would you dare if you slid down using this?”

Ming Mei tested it by pulling on it, the material was very bad, one rip and it would tear.

“No, I won’t!”

“Use two bedsheets, don’t worry, it won’t rip.”

“I won’t!” Ming Mei continuously shook her head, looking at Xiao Xiao with anticipation, “Do you have a gun? Or even a knife?”

“Even if I did, it would have been confiscated, even our phones were taken away.” Xiao Xiao saw that the door was close to being opened. The tables and desks were pushed aside by a group of large men. Just the two girls pushing against the tables and appliances would not be enough to go against their strength. 

Xiao Xiao became certain and said to Ming Mie: “We don’t have any time, jump! I will be at the bottom to catch you!” 

As she said it, she walked to the windows and immediately jumped! 

“Ah——” Ming Mei screamed. 

A “peng” was heard, at the same time Xiao Xiao touched the ground, the desks and tables were turned over. Ming Mei even heard Zhang Tu’s lecherous laugh: “Continue to hide, let’s see where you guys can hide!” 

“Ming Mei, quickly jump!” Xiao Xiao screamed from outside the window, very quickly attracting the treacherous traffickers from the hotel. There were sounds of fighting coming from outside of the window. 

Ming Mei walked to the window sill and yelled: “Xiao Xiao move!”

She closed her eyes and jumped off! 

This time her heart was very ruthless, she slammed herself against the trafficker who was hitting Xiao Xiao, wanting to kill that wretched man. 

“Quickly, get outside, two women jumped out of the windows and escaped!” Zhang Tu became nervous. 

The middle-aged man tsked, “Bah, did we not give them enough drugs? They woke up so quickly. “

“If we used more, they would have become dumb. Idiots don’t sell for a high price. 

“If their legs break they won’t sell for a high price either.”

“It’s better if their legs are broken, then they won’t be able to run. First, pull them out to greet the customers, then sell them when their legs get better.” While they were saying this, Zhang Tu already surrounded the two women, who ran away, with a few of his partners. 

Xiao Xiao knew when she jumped that she must protect the important parts of her body so only her skin was hurt. Ming Mei closed her eyes when she jumped. Her calf bone was broken, requiring Xiao Xiao’s help to even stand. 

But according to her plan, she slammed a trafficker to half to death. 

Ming Mei looked at Zhang Tu who organized the plan to put her in this position. Looking at the handsome and bright face, she was unable to imagine this type of man was actually so wicked inside. 

Ming Mei saw a few traffickers coming close, immediately shouting: “Help! Help! Traffickers are kidnapping people to sell them!”

“Everyone around is our people, it will be useless even if you scream……” Zhang Tu smiled ferociously. 

This broken-down, old hotel was already in the stage for demolition. The nearby civilians have mostly moved away, the neighbourhood was empty, and the big red “Take Down” sign made it look like a dilapidated building. 

Even if a few random people walked by, they wouldn’t dare to look for too long after seeing Zhang Tu and his large group of people, leaving immediately. 

Ming Mei had almost given up, but Xiao Xiao looked up as if she had an idea, searching for the white parrot with her eyes. 

Xie King hid within the canopy of the trees, suddenly speaking: “Over here!” 

Ming Mei was suddenly attentive: did the police come to save us? 

Zhang Tu frowned and talked towards the tree where Xie King was in: “This bird again?” He picked up a rock and threw it towards Xie King. 

Xie King flew away after he willingly exposed himself, landing on the shoulders of Da Jian who was coming near. 

It is as if Ming Mei saw a light in complete darkness, yelling towards those two: “Help! Help! They are traffickers!” 

When the Zhang Tu bunch saw Da Jian and De Mu, they smiled. 

When Xie King witnessed this scene, he smiled as well. 

Zhang Tu even purposely relaxed his hold, letting Ming Mei escape while wobbling, jokingly waiting for Ming Mei’s hope to give away to despair. 

As soon as Ming Mei arrived in front of Da Jian, he suddenly put his arms out, ruthlessly grabbing Ming Mei’s hands to restrain them. When she was staring at him with shock, he calmly said, “We are also not good people.” 

Xie King reached out his wings to cover his face: this police dog is also a drama queen, can’t even control himself when given the chance to act…… 

Ming Mei bit her lips and was about to cry. She thought that seeing an acquaintance would mean that she could escape danger, but she escaped from the wolf’s cave into the tiger’s den. 

Zhang Tu saw a flash of light- this brother is a talented person, his acting skills are not bad. 

He purposely asked: “Big boss, which route are you on?” 

Da Jian tried to recall the plan he came up with the boss, saying surely: “We are looking for an organ donor, different from you guys.” 

“Keke, Big Boss that’s not right, the person has to be already dead.” Zhang Tu saw the look of desperation on the two girls’ faces and felt a skeevy moment of excitement, trying even harder to act along, “We won’t cause any deaths here, but do you want to collaborate?” 

Da Jian said: “How to collaborate?” 

Zhang Tu: “Pick a kidney first, before selling them to the buyers.”

Ming Mei cried for real this time, so scared that her whole face turned white. Xiao Xiao’s face showed despair, as if she had lost all her confidence. 

At that moment, Xie King saw De Mu reach into his pocket where he kept his phone. 

Da Jian and De Mu smiled at each other, letting out a satisfied smile at the same time: “Okay, let us look at the goods first. If we are satisfied, there will be a large reward.” 

The prize was a silver handcuff, as well as a complete luxury combo that included eating and staying at the prison. 

Zhang Tu walked up to take the two women away again but at that moment, De Mu and Da Jian suddenly went into action! 

Xie King flew into the sky, the white features even more noticeable in the evening skies: “Catch the criminals! Catch the criminals!” 

Xie Guanze brought the police to quickly surround the old broken-down hotel. Until that moment, Zhang Tu was still a little bit lost. 

“Why would you guys betray me?!” Zhang Tu stared at Da Jian in shock, “Were you acting just then?”

Da Jian lawfully said: “Sorry, we are police dogs.” 

Zhang Tu: ???

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