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Chapter 3: Rainbow Farts

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Huh? Hadn’t they agreed to turn a blind eye and pretend they didn’t know each other? What am I supposed to say to such a sudden greeting?

Finch was silent for a while before he laughed awkwardly and said, “Long time no see.”

Cesar’s gaze was dark and obscure, and it seemed to be so sharp that it could pierce through Finch. After a while, Cesar said dully, “Are you acquainted with her?”

Finch thought, Cesar interrogated Ceci like she was a criminal for so long. Just then, he saw me being quite intimate with her, so is that why he wants to speak with me? Finch didn’t know what authority he had to do these things, as he remembered that Cesar’s occupation didn’t seem to be as a police…

Ah, I accidentally got carried away. Anyways, it turns out that he’s questioning me because of the murder case! Finch relaxed quite a bit, yet he still felt an inexplicable twinge of regret. He replied quickly, “Yes, she and I just met.”

Cesar’s gaze trailed downwards and landed on Ceci’s hand that was clutching Finch. The corner of his lips curled coldly and he said, “Come with me. I want to ask you about some things.”

Upon seeing that Finch was about to leave, Ceci didn’t really want him to, but she was so frightened from Cesar’s frigid stare that she let go immediately.

Seeing this, Finch consoled her gently and chivalrously, “It’s okay, I’ll just go outside to talk with him for a bit. I’ll be back in a moment.”

Ceci could only nod.

After saying that, Finch saw that Cesar had already turned around and left, so he hastily quickened his pace to match his. He calmed himself down and smiled. “What did you want to ask me about?”

Cesar stopped next to a window, and the grimness of his face was intensified under the murky black of night, making him seem even more mysterious. He glanced at Finch expressionlessly and then looked back down to pop out a cigarette from a paper box. He put it in his mouth, and his lowered head made every one of his eyelashes distinguishable and clear. His slender fingers were graceful, and his overall figure appeared languid and elegant, yet with an indescribable coldness.

Finch looked at him and was stunned for a moment.

He could only feel that the man in front of him was familiar yet also a stranger.

Cesar seemed familiar because they had been quite intimate with each other, and had stuck to each other like glue in those two months. If Finch had to define their feelings for each other, then he would probably say that it was love that came from their appearances.

They didn’t ask each other where they came from, nor where they would go. They were together because they liked to be, and they also broke up for insignificant reasons. 

Thinking of it now, Finch had treated their relationship as a fling… And for Cesar, it was probably the same, so when they had broken up, neither of them had thought of contacting the other.

In merely two years of not seeing Cesar, he was still easily able to capture all of Finch’s attention. What a blessing it must be to have that face; if he had gone to the entertainment industry with just that appearance and no connections, then he would probably rise to fame very quickly anyways, but Cesar also happened to have a wealthy family and high status!

Envy coursed through Finch, finally making him come back to his senses from his yearning.

Mn… seeing Cesar’s estranged and cold attitude, picking up where we had left off is practically impossible, what a pity…

Ah, why had he been so blind at the time!

What’s potentiality? That was potentiality!

Finch had mixed feelings as he cautiously asked again, “What’d you want to ask me about?”

Cesar looked at Finch, the depths of his pupils as black as ink and with an unreadable expression. Suddenly, Cesar lowered his hand and snuffed out his cigarette and enunciated slowly in a low voice, “Why did you come here?”

Finch was as honest and earnest as he would be if he was facing a police officer, and he replied without hesitation, “Because I was invited!”

It was such a good opportunity, and it was hard to obtain an invitation card; only a fool wouldn’t come!

Cesar was silent for several seconds and then looked at Finch the way one looks at a fool. After a while, he said dully, “From now on, stay by my side.”

Finch was shocked. What was that supposed to mean? Could it be that since Finch and Ceci knew each other, Cesar suspected him now? And he even wanted to keep an eye on Finch himself?

Finch hastily pointed his fingers to the sky and swore, “I’m not connected to the killer in any way! Ceci couldn’t have killed someone either, so don’t worry!”

He didn’t know why, but after saying this, Finch seemed to see Cesar’s expression become even colder. Cesar said, “Is that so? You know her that well?”

Finch was deflated in an instant.

After two years of not seeing him, Cesar’s become so scary. Is this the aura of rich people from the rumors? The closer I look, the more insufferably arrogant he seems…

Ah, after two years of not seeing him, I shouldn’t even think about getting back together. I’ve accidentally become a suspected criminal.

Could anyone be more unfortunate than me?

Cesar stuck a hand into his pocket and looked sideways at Finch, and seemed to be a bit impatient. His voice was still cold as he said curtly, “It isn’t safe here.”

Finch suddenly looked up at Cesar in surprise.

Could it be… Cesar was worrying about my safety? So that’s why he wants me to stay close to him? Could it be that I wronged him earlier, and that he’s actually such a kind person! There’s actually a gentle heart underneath his cold exterior!

Sure enough, time does deepen relationships!

I’ve misunderstood you.

Finch was so moved he almost cried and he immediately said, “Okay!”

Cesar was speechless. He pressed his temples and sighed, “Come with me.”

Cesar walked off at once and arrived at a sofa at the edge of the hall. There were a few fuerdai and their lovers sitting on the sofa, but when they saw Cesar come with his chilly gaze, one of the fuerdai immediately smiled obsequiously. “Mr. Yu, 1 please sit.”

As he said this, he pulled up his companion and left quickly, and the packed sofa became empty at once.

Only after they had walked far away did the one of the fuerdais’ lovers, who wwas still dazed, complain about why they had to give up their seat so readily, but she was rebuked.

Cesar said to Finch, “Sit.”

Finch was speechless. He wanted to refuse; he had come here to cotton up to people, but now he seemed to be showing off. That’s not good…

Later, when people find out that you and I aren’t very close, will they take revenge on me…?

Ah, but I indeed have been standing for a long time. They’ve already been driven away, so I might as well sit.

With only him sitting on the spacious sofa, it appeared very empty. When Finch remembered that Cesar was well-intentioned, he patted the space on the sofa next to him and asked tentatively, “Do you want to sit?”

Cesar glanced at him. Finch didn’t know if he had seen it wrong, but he felt that the hint of a smile had flitted past the depths of Cesar’s eyes, though it had disappeared very quickly.

Cesar said, “Wait here.”

He turned around and got a slice of shortcake from a nearby table and returned to stand in front of Finch. “For now, there’s probably still no way of going home. There’s no way of predicting how much longer we’ll be here, so you should eat something first.”

In reality, before they found the murderer, no one knew how long they would have to stay here for.

Cesar glanced at the gloomy sky outside the window, so dark that nothing could be seen.

Anything could happen.

Finch knew nothing about the situation, and they had no way of going anywhere far. How long would their return be delayed? Maybe, the police were waiting on the dock now, as even Zheng ZhiRui had said that everything was fine.

But because of Cesar’s good intentions, Finch took the cake.

Coincidentally, a chubby figure was squeezing towards their direction with great difficulty. Luo JinYi wiped off the sweat on his forehead, and his eyes brightened when he saw Cesar. He waved and said, “Ah, Mr. Yu. I heard that you were around here.”

When he came closer, he saw that Finch was also there and was sitting alone on the sofa. Luo JinYi was stunned. “Little Finch is also here…”

Isn’t that the little-known actor who had agreed to be myine toady, but ran off before I could even say much? It was as if he had come specially just to trick me. When Luo JinYi thought this, he had mixed feelings.

Finch stood up in a flash. Uh oh, I didn’t expect Luo JinYi to come so suddenly. Even my boss is standing up, so is it appropriate for me to be sitting down and eating something?! That’s definitely not appropriate!

Finch laughed awkwardly, “Mr. Luo.”

Luo JinYi nodded slightly. Although he had been displeased about Finch just then, he didn’t have the time to bother with a small actor like him. He said to Cesar, “Mr. Yu, what’s the situation like in your opinion…”

Cesar’s attitude was very casual and he very clearly didn’t seem to want to explain further. “The situation is just as you see it.”

That attitude! Can’t it wait for another time?!

Finch’s eyes widened at once. What if Mr. Luo gets angry? And worse, Mr. Luo probably wouldn’t get angry at you, but would get angry at me?! What if he takes his anger out on me? You can do whatever you want, but I still need to fawn over my boss!

Finch wanted to get on his boss’s good side, but he also felt that only talking now would be very awkward. He had to use what he had at hand, so he held the slice of shortcake he hadn’t eaten yet in front of Luo JinYi and said obsequiously, “Mr. Luo, are you tired? Why don’t you eat something and rest for a bit?”

Luo JinYi was speechless.

When Finch said that, his back seemed to be freezing, but he didn’t pay any attention to it and assumed it was nothing, and continued to look at Luo JinYi with fawning eyes.

Luo JinYi, who had originally been about to rebuke Finch impatiently, gradually froze from Cesar’s icy stare. He thought, When did I do something wrong? Why is Mr. Yu’s expression so scary, as if he’s going to kill me?

At least he was a big boss in the entertainment industry which he had worked hard to get to, so Luo JinYi definitely wasn’t an idiot. Thinking back to it now, he had been careless just then! He actually hadn’t noticed such an obvious and clear unusualty! Cesar was still standing, yet Finch was sitting alone over there, so could it be that they knew each other? What exactly was their relationship?

Luo JinYi didn’t dare to underestimate Finch anymore, so he changed to look at the cake, conflicted.

Should he take the cake or not?

Finally, under Cesar’s chilly gaze, Luo JinYi cautiously took the cake from Finch and smiled at him affectionately. “Thank you.”

Finch had long since forgotten about Cesar as he looked flatteringly at Luo JinYi. He really was worthy of being a big boss. His restraint was exceptional; Finch had clearly behaved poorly before, but Luo JinYi didn’t mind. Rainbow farts 2 began spewing out, “You’re welcome, you’re welcome. Being able to serve Mr. Luo is my pleasure. Please sit, sir!”

As he said this, Finch bent over and dusted off the sofa that wasn’t even dusty to show that he was a diligent, dutiful toady!

Luo JinYi was speechless. If he sat down, would the sofa be burning? After all, Cesar was still standing.

Cesar, who had been ignored and regarded as if he didn’t exist ever since Luo JinYi appeared, couldn’t watch on any longer. His eyebrows creased as he placed a hand on Finch’s shoulder and said in a low voice, “Everyone can sit.”

As he said this, he looked at Luo JinYi and said in an unreadable tone, “Mr. Luo has always been amiable, so you wouldn’t mind, right?”

Luo JinYi shook his head vigorously!

A faint smile finally appeared on Cesar’s face, and he nodded as he motioned for Finch to sit down.

Finch thought, My boss is so amiable. The others all said Mr. Luo’s really unapproachable, and that he’s in a different world than us. Before he had come, his friends had all advised him not to risk getting rejected, so this was a slap in their face! Sure enough, opportunities were left for people like him who were prepared and weren’t afraid to try!

Cesar looked at Finch, his expression hard to describe.

So you’d rather fawn over Luo JinYi, yet not even glance at me? Could it be that you don’t think I’m able to help you? If you knew who I was… at the time, would you have hesitated when we broke up?

Cesar chuckled softly.

What hopes did he still hold for Finch? Weren’t some things… already made clear two years ago?

But Finch not being aware of the situation didn’t mean Luo JinYi wasn’t aware of the situation. That old fox 3 had already noticed that something wasn’t right.

Luo JinYi, who was very self-aware, cautiously glanced at Cesar, and he felt a bit wronged, thinking, Mr. Yu’s expression became even more scary. Haven’t I already taken the cake and sat down?

What else does he want me to do?

Do you know how miserable it was for me to lose weight? Usually, I don’t even touch something with so many calories as the cream on this cake, okay? Not to mention I don’t even like sweets… Luo JinYi was so distressed he wanted to hug his chubby self.

Luo JinYi ate a bite of the overly sweet and greasy cake, and had to do his utmost not to completely destroy his image. He said slowly and tentatively, “Mr. Yu, you and Little Finch are…”

When Finch heard this, alarm bells started ringing in his head! No matter what, he couldn’t let Cesar say that he was his ex-boyfriend! Then, he would be relying on Cesar’s power to bully others! Furthermore, ‘ex-boyfriend’ didn’t sound too good.

After all, people saying they were still good friends after breaking up was usually bullshit!

Finch hastily spoke before Cesar could, “I’m good friends with Cesar!” As he said this, he winked vigorously at Cesar.

Brother, 4 do me a favor.

Cesar’s expression was indifferent. Oh, so it turns out you do know that you’re relying on my power.

Cesar glanced at Luo JinYi expressionlessly and was silent.

Luo JinYi, seeing that Cesar didn’t deny it and how tolerant he was of Finch whereas he was so cold towards Luo JinYi, finally came back to his senses. Could it be that Cesar was displeased that Luo JinYi had disturbed him and Finch?!

Luo JinYi couldn’t sit for a second longer!

He couldn’t offend the Foundation, so he definitely couldn’t offend Cesar either! Luo JinYi had made it to today, so he definitely wasn’t blind, nor would he do anything offensive!

When he was aware of this, Luo JinYi hastily stood up and chuckled heartily. “Then since you two are here, you must want to catch up with each other, so I won’t disturb you two. I also happen to have something I need to talk to Zheng ZhiRui about, so I’ll take my leave now.”

Finch looked at his boss reluctantly. He was going to go just like this? Finch still had a lot of things he wanted to say, such as if he could give Finch an opportunity for an audition…

But Luo JinYi indeed seemed to have urgent matters to attend to, as he had left without even looking back, and even seemed to be hurried.

Finch could only say diligently, “Goodbye, Mr. Luo!”

Only when he saw Luo JinYi’s figure disappear did Finch look regretful…

Cesar’s expression was cold the entire time.

As Luo JinYi wasn’t there anymore, Finch finally noticed Cesar’s expression. His heart skipped a beat; just then, he had only bothered to fawn over his boss, and hadn’t worried about Cesar, but… it wasn’t too big of a deal. After all, Luo JinYi was Finch’s boss, and no matter how rich or powerful Cesar was, he was merely an ex-boyfriend…

An ex-boyfriend that was cold as frost, too.

These days, people are all of the same class in society, and you’re not my boss, so do you really expect other people to regard you as their superior? Finch felt that he hadn’t done anything wrong!

But inexplicably, against Cesar’s cold eyes, Finch felt a bit pressured as if he hadn’t exactly done the right thing just then. After all, Cesar had even helped him save face and went along with his lie. Finch smiled and said, “Ah, haha, it really has been a long time no see. Say, how have you been lately?”

Cesar uttered a single sound, “Mn.”

Finch didn’t mind and continued lamenting, “I really didn’t think I would bump into you here. At the time, we just went our separate ways. I called you after but couldn’t get through. Did you change your number? We haven’t contacted each other for so long…”

“We never exchanged phone numbers.”

Finch, who had never called him and whose bluff had been ruthlessly exposed, was speechless.

There was an awkward silence.

Why be so serious! That was from two years ago!

Finch laughed awkwardly and changed the topic decisively, “Right, did you suspect Ceci earlier? She’s a young lady, and you were so fierce it frightened her.”

Cesar’s gaze hardened and he pressed his lips tightly into a line. He said slowly, “She’s the first person to have discovered the corpse, and she was the only person there at the time. Logically, she’s most likely to be the murderer.”

Finch didn’t agree, “But…” Logically, she didn’t have the time nor the strength to commit the murder, and a young lady couldn’t have dismembered a corpse in such a short time without alerting anybody.

Cesar suddenly bent over and pressed down Finch’s wrist, and his grim face came closer.

Finch was stunned, and his heart sped up. This distance that was almost close enough to kiss was enough to make one embarrassed. Could it be that Cesar still had lingering feelings for him…?

He watched Cesar come closer and closer. Suddenly, screaming and shouting erupted from behind him. 

Cesar let go suddenly, and his expression changed as he turned around and rushed towards the source of the noises without hesitation!

He was extremely fast.

Finch also followed him quickly, and was behind Cesar by a few steps. They quickly arrived at the source of the screams, and looked into the restroom, of which everyone else’s gazes were directed at. On the marble floor of the restroom, there was a mangled corpse, and blood had seeped everywhere. A head just happened to roll to the door to face them.

The girl’s lifeless eyes weren’t even closed.

Finch still remembered how, around a dozen minutes ago, she had been clutching his hand and saying that she wanted to go home.

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Translator Notes:

  1. In case you forgot, Cesar’s last name is Yu, so Mr. Yu refers to Cesar.
  2. Rainbow farts (pinyi caihongpi), are basically over-the-top compliments that fans say about their idols no matter how ridiculous or exaggerative said compliments are.
  3. Foxes are known to be pretty sly, so calling Luo JinYi an “old fox” means he’s pretty sly.
  4. They are not brothers. In China, it is common to address someone older than you as “brother” or “sister” casually, even if you are not related to them.


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