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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Xie Sen’s food event went very well, and the lucky audience and invited friends were so satisfied with their food that they wanted to stay on stage and stall for time to eat dinner together. Many of the audience had experience and brought jerky with them, so they ate it with the aroma, and were happy and miserable.

It was almost 1:00 before the event was over, and everyone was stuffed to the gills. The audience, and their friends, thanked Xie Sen and left satisfied.

When Xie Sen and Maine returned home, Xie Sen felt his stomach. “I have to take a walk, otherwise I will want to sit down when I see a stool, and my stomach is bursting.”

He was used to eating more lately, and unlike when he first ate vegetables and fruits, he always wanted to eat until he was full. Today, the atmosphere was too good, the people next to him were eating too well, and he didn’t control himself.

Maine reached out and touched it. “Do you want to take some digestive medicine?”

“No, medicine isn’t good for your health.” Xie Sen shook his head. “Let’s walk together.”

The two of them walked from the entrance of their home to the accommodation area of the contract beasts, stayed for a while, and slowly walked back again.

After he woke up from his nap, Maine gave Xie Sen a glass of juice. Xie Sen sat on the couch in the living room as he drank it and watched the news. The news page was dominated by the food event. He didn’t read the official news, just clicked on and read the hottest post. He finished it quickly. Most of the responses were copy-pasted super exclamations.

[I’m the first to see so many edible plants!]

[The original edible plant was so great! Want to eat!]

[Is there a kind person to describe the taste? Imagination barren. I actually can not think of. Failing!]

[I decided, from today onwards, every day squatting in the live room, the next event will definitely get drawn!]

[Plead with the anchor to sell food. I’m black. I pay money but still can’t get? How much money you say?]

[Yeah, had I known about the provision of venues that can eat lunch together, I would have booked the location immediately.]

Xie Sen swiped a few pages of replies, looking at the rising floors, and didn’t continue to read, since he knew how the netizens would comment. He closed the post, just as his bracelet rang. It was Jay’s communication. He had a guess in his mind as he connected.

“A’Sen, I didn’t disturb your break, did I?” Jay was polite.

“No, is it about the contract beasts?” Xie Sen asked directly.

Jay smiled. “Mn, I was still trying to figure out how to ask. Is this a good time?”

Xie Sen looked out the door, towards the contract beasts in the distance. “I’ll ask first, and get back to you later.”

Jay was a little confused. “Ask who?” Then he immediately added, “Okay.”

Xie Sen contacted Mu Lin and told him that someone from the General Department had come to him and wanted to try to bond with the contract beasts. “Can we make bonds with the contract beasts that we brought back from the lab?”

He asked Mu Lin first deliberately. If the answer was no, he would have to separate them from the other contract beasts if someone from the military department came.

Mu Lin, “A normal bonding is fine. Their mental condition isn’t good, and bonding will help them. The people from the military department have high combat power, and their success rate with bonding is also high. If you can arrange it, it is best for all of them to succeed in bonding.”

Xie Sen, “All of them? Okay, Jay will be happy to know.”

Mu Lin said, “In the past two days, Luo and I have been making plans to contact the military. Let the Aben Family try first, and then contact the rest of the legions. If only the Aben Family legion tries, it will be too conspicuous.”

Xie Sen had only considered that he had a deal with the Aben Family and hadn’t thought too much about what it meant. But when Mu Lin mentioned that, he immediately understood. “Mn. I will contact every legion.”

After he spoke to Mu Lin, Xie Sen contacted Jay. “Do you have a candidate? I have time this afternoon.”

“We’ve got ten.” Jay said excitedly. “All of them are A class beast masters. You have their contract beasts there.”

Xie Sen, “Then have them come over this afternoon.”

Jay entered with ten officers. As he looked at the contract beasts that were lying around, his eyes glowed. “A’Sen, I’ve brought the men.”

Xie Sen looked behind him. There were exactly ten people, all dressed in military uniforms. Their bodies were extremely fit, and all had particularly handsome appearances. However, on second thought, there were no unattractive people around, just different degrees of good looks.

The pop-up screen instantly exploded. [Ahhhhh, so handsome! Lick the screen!]

[I can’t get a good deal on my own. I’d like to ask if you’re single.] 

[The second right little brother is mine. Don’t grab him.]

It wasn’t until someone sent a watermelon rain, and Xie Sen heard the sound of the gift announcement that he remembered he was live. Probably because the giant black leopard beast had turned it on in the morning, and left it on.

He had long ago gotten used to being live at all times, and recently he didn’t even have to worry about what he ate being seen, so he had relaxed and didn’t purposely turn off the live stream.

He opened his bracelet to scan the pop-ups, and couldn’t help but smile. “Okay, later you can ask, but for now we’re temporarily off the air. I’ll tell you the results next time during the live broadcast.”

[No!!! Don’t turn off the broadcast.]

[Continue to broadcast. Why do you want to turn off the broadcast?]

[Is it not to tie the deed ah? It’s not like we haven’t seen each other before live!]

Before Xie Sen could press the button to turn off the broadcast, the audience had already brushed a bunch of pop-ups. He looked at them and said, “Sorry, it’s not possible to broadcast live right now.”

When they saw the blacked out screen, the live audience went crazy in the chat channel as they brushed ‘cry’ emoticons, then they soon started talking about the handsome little brother they just saw, and buzzed with speculation about why the broadcast was closed.

Although the live broadcast was closed, the popularity of the live room was still particularly high, and the new viewers were confused, [Swollen fat thing?] [Squatting broadcast?]

[Come on, come on. The good people will give you a refresher…]

When the ten officers behind Jay saw the contract beasts, their excitement showed under their professional expressions.

Xie Sen pointed to the right hand side and smiled. “Follow the procedures. Let’s measure the synchronization rate first.”

Maine had already put the tester in place, and he was surrounded by ten different kinds of contract beasts. He was looking at Jay and them, while opposite them were the rest of the contract beasts, who were lying on their backs as they discussed the beast masters.

“Not bad looking, pretty muscular.”

“Let’s guess. Who will succeed in the bonding? Whoever is right, will block the sun for Sen tomorrow!”

Xie Sen couldn’t help but laugh at this. In order for the shadows to completely cover him, the contract beasts that blocked the sun were usually particularly close to him, and the contract beasts were changing their methods every day to select the lucky beasts.

The synchronization rate test was particularly fast. Xie Sen read out the name of a person, and the corresponding contract beast name. The officer then stepped forward, while the contract beast also came forward to stand in the required positions. A few seconds later, the synchronization results were shown on the display, then the person and beast moved out of the way for the next pair.

Jay was stunned, and the ten officers stared in amazement at the contract beasts that matched their patterns. Someone couldn’t help but say, “They’re so smart!”

Xie Sen used the opportunity to say, “The intelligence of the contract beasts is very high. If you want to bond, you should treat them as real partners.”

The synchronization rate of all ten officers was above sixty-five, with two above 75. Xie Sen knew when he saw the results that these people were definitely elites. In the end, two officers succeeded in forming a contract. Both were contract beasts that came out from the lab. One was a giant gray wolf beast, and one was a giant tiger beast.

The remaining eight officers looked a little gloomy, and glanced away from the contract beasts very reluctantly.

Jay was happy. Out of ten people, he had two make successful contracts. That was already a very high probability.

Xie Sen stroked a contract beast that was about to leave with its master, and told the two masters, “You should have seen the news. They were both rescued from the lab. They have just finished surgery, so their bodies and spirits haven’t recovered. You have to take good care of them.”

With serious faces, they nodded in understanding. Xie Sen added, “If you have any questions, you can contact the Institute of Contract Beasts. President Mu knows them very well. If they want to come back to their friends, you can bring them here anytime.”

The two men said gratefully, “Thank you.”

Xie Sen smiled and rubbed the sides of the beasts’ necks, “Go say goodbye to your buddies.”

The two scampered into the group of contract beasts, and the voices of the various contract beasts all tangled together, but Black Leopard and Big Tiger were easily heard. “If you are bullied, I will bring my brothers to help you get back!”

Xie Sen thought about the film they watched together yesterday afternoon, and felt deeply that the next drama to be banned would be much more serious than a family dispute drama.

Over the next two days, Xie Sen contacted the heads of the major legions, including the Aben Family, and asked them to choose someone to try bonding.

Eventually, there were only eleven contract beasts retrieved from the lab that hadn’t found beast masters. Since Xie Sen stayed at home every day, and was close to them most of the time, they were still in good spirits.

Mu Lin contacted him. “There are also various special units that aren’t part of the legions, like the unit that Zhao Hao, Qi Shao and the others belong to. Those who can be selected for those units are the strongest soldiers of the legions. I’ll contact them.”

Xie Sen said, “Okay, but I don’t have time tomorrow. I have to go to school in the morning to get my diploma.”

Mu Lin, “Mn, I’ll contact them first, let them choose the possible people, and stop by your place the day after tomorrow.”

In the morning, Xie Sen sat in the back seat of the shuttle. When he thought about how he would get his diploma today, he was a little excited. He had never seen a diploma during in modern times, since the end times came before he graduated. 

He looked carefully at the notice from his teacher. “After I get my diploma, I have to take a group photo. What about you?”

Maine, “It’s the same arrangement.”

Xie Sen put his hand on the back of the front seat. “So we’ll take pictures with our class, then should we find a place to take pictures together at the school?”

Maine, “Okay.”

After the shuttle landed in the school parking lot, Xie Sen and Maine put on hats and sunglasses, to block most of their notable faces. After they walked to the entrance, they saw that the school entrance was full of people, all stopped behind the movable fence. It seemed the school’s security check was much stricter than usual.

Xie Sen pushed his glasses up and said, “I’m glad I’m prepared.” He swiped his bracelet along with Maine to enter the school.

Maine grabbed his hand and walked him to the Plant Department classroom. It was also full of people. They were all discussing ‘when will Xie Sen come.’

Maine wrinkled his forehead, and sat in the last row with Xie Sen. There were a dozen people in the classroom, who’d originally been in the discussion, but when they saw the two of them, they first looked at each other, then their eyes suddenly became particularly bright. The other people weren’t familiar in the Plant Department, but they seemed very familiar. Those two people looked very strange, but after the group thought about it, it wasn’t difficult to guess their identities.

Xie Sen held his chin. “You go back to your classroom. You’ll be late. I’m fine. I’ll be stared at a lot, at the most.”

The Plant Department was the most neglected department, and the classroom location was also the most remote. The distance between it and the Information Department meant it took at least fifteen minutes to walk there. He had known that he would be recognized by his classmates, so he and Maine came just in time, with five minutes to go until nine o’clock, when every class handed out diplomas.

Maine scanned the classroom and gave his hand a squeeze. “Contact me if you need anything.”

Xie Sen nodded. “Yeah.”

Xie Sen looked out the window high up on the wall, and the figure of a flying lion passed by.

The people outside the door immediately shouted into the classroom, “Xie Sen!”

“Which class is it? What time is it? Don’t you want your diploma?” A serious roar came, and in a flash the people around the door ran, as the teacher walked into the classroom.

The students in the classroom all turned their heads back to look at Xie Sen. None of them looked at the teacher.

When Xie Sen saw the teacher, he took off his hat and glasses as a sign of respect. He smiled at his classmates, didn’t say anything, and looked at the teacher.

“Wow, it’s really Xie Sen!”

“Ahhhhhh, it’s so amazing to be in the same class as Xie Sen!”

The teacher clapped his hands, looked at Xie Sen and smiled. Then he looked at the rest of the students. “Quiet!” After the classroom settled down, the teacher said, “All the students who made it here today are great, but I want to give a special commendation to Xie Sen, who excelled in all his assessment items.”

The applause embarrassed Xie Sen. He hadn’t done anything in the practical assessment, just relied on Ma Qun. He was also a little glad that the previous owner of his body was in the Plant Department. If he was in any other department, he was afraid that he wouldn’t get a diploma. However, after he listened to the teacher’s words, he remembered that to get a diploma, if his overall score failed, he wouldn’t be eligible.

Looking for a job without a diploma would be very troublesome.

On the desktop, his fingers subconsciously wrote down the word ‘work.’ He seemed to have accidentally become jobless? That wasn’t not true. There was the live studio and the farm, so he should be considered an entrepreneur. But everything was going so smoothly that he didn’t feel much of the hardship and exhilaration of entrepreneurship, and instead he had a feeling of insecurity.

The teacher continued to talk at the front, “The electronic file of the graduation certificate will be sent to your bracelets later, now I’ll give you the paper graduation certificate which is for you to keep as a souvenir.”

Xie Sen’s name was read out by the teacher at the end. When he received his diploma, the teacher was full of gratitude, and said many words of praise and encouragement. When he finally finished, he patted Xie Sen on the shoulder, and waved to the students in the classroom. “Come on, let’s go take graduation photos.”

The location of the graduation photo wasn’t far from the classroom, but was still more remote in a corner of the school. The wall also had two tall trees. In a plant sparse world, that was considered good, and the Plant Department’s activities were successful.

The teacher said, “You stand together, and I’ll take a group photo of you first.”

Immediately a student said, “I want to stand next to God Xie!” and ran to get next to Xie Sen. But after only two steps he was pulled back by another person. “That’s my place!”

Xie Sen looked at the students around him as they pulled and tugged. He felt confused and helpless.

The teacher scolded them, “Don’t you know that Xie Sen is pregnant? Don’t fight, and don’t touch him!”

Then students were honestly lined up according to their grades, with Xie Sen at the center, and finally the group photo was finished.

“Okay, now you are free to take your own pictures. Xie Sen, come and take a picture with Teacher.” The teacher smiled and said.

Xie Sen didn’t refuse, and took a picture with the teacher, but when he was done, his classmates all came over to him, and tried to take a picture with him.

The teacher stepped in front of him. “I told you not to push.” He looked back at Xie Sen. “Xie Sen, who do you want to take a picture with?”

Xie Sen couldn’t think of any names, so he simply raised his hand to hold his forehead, and frowned. “Teacher, I’m a little sick. I want to go home to rest.”

“Then hurry back. Do you want me to drive you?” The teacher asked quickly.

“No, thank you.” Xie Sen turned around and ran, as he waved his hand behind him. “Goodbye Teacher.”

He put on his hat and sunglasses, ran to the back of the school buildings, looked up the school map, and headed for the Information I class. The Information Department had more people and more academics, so more people came to get their diplomas. The speed of issuing diplomas was definitely much slower than the Plant Department.

If the teacher talked about career planning, it would be even slower.

Xie Sen decided to wait in front of Maine’s classroom.

At this time, there were very few people in the school, and few departments had finished as fast as the Plant Department, so almost all of them were still handing out diplomas.

Xie Sen had been walking for a few minutes when a shout came from behind him. He turned around, and a somewhat familiar, gentle-looking male quickly approached. “Xie, can I take a picture with you?”

Xie Sen hesitated, and the male said, “I’m in the same class as you. If it wasn’t for the teacher, I would have caught up with you. I’m a fan of your live stream, and would love to take a picture with you.”

Xie Sen thought back for a moment. No wonder he looked familiar, just then in the group photo, he had indeed seen this person.

Since he was in the same class and came after him on purpose, he nodded. “Sure.”

The male approached, and smiled. “Thank you.” He stood next to Xie Sen, and held the camera in his right hand. “Look at the camera, one, two, ah…!”

Suddenly, there was a harsh shout next to his ear. Xie Sen was so scared that he jumped to the side, as he rubbed his ear and looked at the male in surprise. He saw a seed embedded in his left arm. The seed had pierced his arm like a knife, in a short time there was a lot of blood, but his hand was curved and folded. He was holding a syringe in his hand.

Xie Sen was shocked to see him in that position, but immediately understood that as he was taking the picture, his right hand was holding the camera, but his left hand was making small movements behind Sen’s back, which had been discovered by Little Aoi.

Little Aoi had branches and leaves about the same length. As it stood on Xie Sen’s shoulders, it’s flower pointed at the male, ‘biubiubiu’ and spat seeds. Each seed’s momentum was extraordinarily harsh.

The male recovered from the pain, as he dodged, while he summoned his contract beast, which was a giant lynx beast. It had black fur and a huge body. It was extra intimidating.

At the same time, as the contract beast appeared, the male took out a knife with a shining silver blade then put on a helmet at the same time.

Xie Sen’s summoning of the chili gave him a breath, while his fingers tapped twice on his bracelet to contact Maine and Qi Shao respectively. He barely finished tapping when the giant lynx, and the male attacked him at the same time. The male was hit in the shoulder by the seeds and his movements stalled. The giant lynx darted towards him, and Xie Sen was lost in its shadow.

Xie Sen gritted his teeth, and summoned two vines. One tied around him then pulled him quickly away, while the other formed a net to stop the giant lynx in mid-air.

The vines were too thin, and the pulling motion was too fast. He was held tightly around his ribs and felt some pain. The giant lynx swung its claws, and tore a huge hole in the vine net. Xie Sen immediately summoned three potatoes, and smashed them on the giant lynx’s head from the highest place he could drop them from.

“Dodge!” The male yelled, the giant lynx beast tilted its head. One potato smashed into the side of its head, while the other two hit crooked.

Xie Sen’s brow knitted tighter, this man had definitely studied his attack method carefully.

“Go!” The male glanced behind him, and yelled in a hurry. The giant lynx beast tore through the vines and leapt down, without even trying to turn its head as it ran, while the male bent his knees, and jumped towards its back.

Before he could jump up, he was bound by vines. His wrist flicked and another dagger appeared at his wrist. He folded his arm, cut the vines, broke free and jumped to the back of the giant lynx beast, which immediately ran and dodged snake-like, to avoid Aoi’s attack.

Xie Sen sneered. “Want to run?” He rushed to the System to exchange a plant.

The giant lynx was moving extremely fast, so when a row of tall trees suddenly appeared in front of it, even though the male shouted and his eyes were wide, it couldn’t stop.

“Bang!” There was the sound of a huge impact. The giant lynx beast was covered in blood, and immediately fell to the ground. Because of inertia, the male on its back, flew off the lynx into the trees and was instantly knocked unconscious as he slid down the tree trunk.

“A’Sen!” Maine leapt down from the flying lion beast, and grabbed Xie Sen’s shoulder to survey him. “Are you hurt?”

Xie Sen rubbed his lower ribs. “No.”

Long Teng jumped down from the flying dragon beast. “A’Sen, are you okay?” 

Xie Sen replied, “Yes.”

“Seriously, where did this person come from? How dare he lay hands on Xie Sen?”

“Don’t you want him to die? Go get him!”

Xie Sen turned around, and saw a dozen tall males were jumping off contract beasts, while two of them rode their contract beasts directly to the fainted male.

“Wow! This is a potato, right!”

“Hahahaha! Big seeds, delicious!”

Xie Sen came back to his senses. He happened to have a seed at his feet, and was about to bend down to pick it up, when a man rushed over to pick it up. He grabbed it and instantly scampered away to the side to click, click, click, peel and eat it.

Long Teng grabbed two sunflower seeds in his hand, and was also doing click, click, click, eat.

The people who found the potatoes were very surprised and immediately put them in their spatial packs, but there were still two potatoes on the ground.

In a moment when no one was looking, someone grabbed the chance to pick up the vine on the ground, and put it in his mouth.

Xie Sen hurriedly said, “You can’t eat that.”

Maine wrinkled his brow, and held Xie Sen away from those people. “Leave them alone.” He touched Xie Sen’s ribs. “Does this hurt?”

Xie Sen, “When I was escaping from the giant lynx beast, I wasn’t fast enough so I used the vines. I was squeezed by the vines, but it’s not serious.”

Maine pursed his lips, and slid his hand to his abdomen. “Does your stomach hurt?”

Xie Sen shook his head. “No, don’t worry. I avoided my stomach.”

At that time, two students carried the male over, and threw him in front of Xie Sen. “Xie Sen, what do you want to do with him?”

Maine looked at the man on the ground with cold eyes. Just as he raised his foot, he was pulled back by Xie Sen. “I informed Qi Shao. This guy is in my class. There must be something wrong, so we should let the military department investigate.”

Maine withdrew his foot. “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“Maine, the diplomas haven’t been issued yet.” The men who brought the man over to Xie Sen said.

A military shuttle stopped not far away. Maine and Xie Sen were surrounded by more and more students, but they didn’t dare to approach as almost all the Information and Combat Department students were there.

Qi Shao brought his men over, and casually kicked the unconscious male. “One?”

Xie Sen nodded, then pointed to the tree in the distance. “And his contract beast.”

Qi Shao surveyed him. “Is everything okay?”

Xie Sen nodded his head. “Yes.”

Qi Shao tipped chin towards the man on the ground. The soldier behind him picked him up with one hand. Qi Shao swept his gaze over the crowd of onlookers. “You guys go back first. I need to speak to the principal and ask about the situation.”

Qi Shao left two of his men behind, and went to find the principal.


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