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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Not long after Xie Sen sent the message, he received a red packet from the other man. A whole 2,000. Xie Sen smiled and replied with a thank you, then went to the forum and anonymously placed 2,000 star coins on the ‘Go’ side.

The forum was abuzz within a few minutes after he placed his bet, for no other reason than that almost all the students who bet on this board were spectators, and very few of them bet more than 100.

The sudden appearance of a two thousand star coin bet was very shocking. Not to mention it was on the side where not many people were betting.

[Who is this Three Trees? Which rich and brainless second son of our school is this?]

[Student, you didn’t make a mistake by shaking your hand, did you?]

[Maybe he’s rich and capricious. The other side has such a low multiplier, and there’s no reward for winning.]

[Who’s here to win money? It’s all about the accuracy of the bets to get the title of Star City University’s King of Luck this year.]

[Yeah, I’m here for the title.]

Xie Sen looked at those echoing words, then read the description of the betting board. It turned out that every year, the forum would select the student with the most accurate bets according to the number of bets and the accuracy rate, and give the title of King of Luck with rich rewards.

No wonder so many people placed bets. Although the amount each person bet wasn’t much, since almost no one was on the opposite side, the odds rose up at once.

He finished his meal at exactly twelve o’clock. The bet was closed at five minutes past twelve. He simply sat in the far corner of the cafeteria with his back facing out, so that no one could see him. He kept his eyes on the clock. When there was still half a minute to go before the board was closed, the odds suddenly dropped a bit. As soon as he looked at it he froze. Then he saw the forum blow up once again.

[Someone actually put down 2k on the ‘Go’ side again. Is this too much money?]

[I’m at the arena now. A’Meng has arrived, no Scrap Xie in sight. I heard he turned in his exam half an hour ago. He probably fled the school long ago. Still betting on the ‘go’ side now, isn’t that silly?]

Xie Sen looked at the information of the latest student who had placed a bet. His anonymity was provincial and his personal information was empty.

At five minutes past twelve, the board closed, and the final multiplier for ‘Go’ was x128. Xie Sen calculated in his mind. 2,000 multiplied by 128 meant a total win of 256,000!

His whole body was stunned, as if he had won the jackpot. He closed the bracelet with joy, quickly left the cafeteria and went to the arena.

There were four rings in the arena, and he saw a large number of people surrounding the number one arena from afar. As soon as he walked in, he instantly felt countless gazes fall on him.

“Is that him?”

“It seems to be.”

“That’s him! Xie Sen was wearing this outfit during the exam.”

“I shouldn’t have been blind. He actually dared to come.”

“…” As Xie Sen approached, all sorts of chatter reached his ears. He was spitting madly in his heart. Did he look that wimpy?

“I thought you hid at home and cried under the covers!” The maroon-headed Mang scoffed as he clasped his hands to his chest.

Xie Sen walked up the stairs to the platform. It was large, and slightly higher than the flat ground with a good view.

“It’s now one minute before the appointed time. I’m not late.” Xie Sen said, as he swept his eyes around him. “Where’s your contract beast? Did you forget it’s your contract beast that’s fighting me solo?”

A’Meng grunted lightly, and clicked on his bracelet. The next moment, a wolfhound about 1.3 meters tall appeared beside him. It rubbed against him frantically, as its tail wagged rapidly.

Xie Sen looked surprised. “Where did it come from?”

Mang snickered. “You don’t know about the contract space? No wonder. After all, you haven’t even awakened a contract beast, it is no wonder that you don’t understand the relevant knowledge.”

Xie Sen wasn’t embarrassed, just still amazed. This contract space definitely involved a space dimension. He didn’t know anything about high technology.

Scoffs came from the audience offstage. “Don’t you even know common sense when you haven’t awakened a contract beast? Isn’t that a mandatory course? I’m sure you’re a loser, you can’t learn anything.”

Xie Sen looked down at the stage. The man tilted his head, and stared at him, “What are you looking at?”

Xie Sen deflated speechlessly, as he retracted his eyes. He saw a tall figure and immediately stopped his gaze. He thought that the handsome man also liked to watch the fun. He could see Maine in the crowd. Not because Maine was tall enough to stand out, since all the males here were tall, but because there was no one within half a meter of Maine, as if his own aura separated people.

He smiled toward Maine, as he secretly lamented the charm of handsome men, which made others not want to squeeze him.

Maine nodded slightly. Xie Sen withdrew his gaze, and looked at A’Meng.

A’Meng’s eyebrows knitted. “You know Maine Cox?”

“Who?” Xie Sen paused. He felt the name was particularly familiar. Soon he remembered. Wasn’t this the villainous boss in the novel he was reading before the end of the world? He said with surprise, “You know that too?” It was difficult to believe that the author of that novel had also come to this world.

A’Meng rolled his eyes speechlessly. “Who at school doesn’t know?”

“So famous,” Xie Sen was surprised. When he thought about it, the book was, indeed, set in an interstellar world, so maybe it was more in line with the taste of Beast Star people. “Do you know who the author is?”

“What author?” A’Meng frowned. “You’re not stupid, are you?”

“The author of the Maine Cox book. You’re the one who’s stupid!”

“What book? He’s a person. Didn’t you just smile at him?” A’Meng was practically freaking out. “I don’t talk to stupid people. Time’s up. Start fighting, it’s annoying.”

Xie Sen blinked and glanced in Maine’s direction. “Are you saying his name is Maine Cox?”

“Nonsense, he’s not the only one famous one here. The other two celebrities at school are here too. This sparring session where I teach you a lesson will definitely make the school headlines.” A’Meng’s eyes glowed.

Xie Sen thought to himself what a coincidence that it was as memorable as the names of the people in the novel. He looked toward the audience and found that there were indeed two people in the same situation as Maine, having no one within half a meter.

One was a dark-haired, baby-faced teenager who was standing at the far end of the room, who was jumping around with excitement and shouting, “Go, go!”

The other was a clean-cut boy with long white hair who stood quietly at the outermost edge, as if he was watching the scenery, not watching a sparring session, with half a meter of empty space around him.

“Woof!” A loud bark brought Xie Sen back to his senses. A’Meng retreated to the edge of the arena, while the wolfhound walked towards the middle. A’Meng said, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s starting! Focus.”

Xie Sen looked at the half-a-human tall wolfhound. His expression was awe-inspiring, as if he had gone back to the very beginning of the apocalypse. He quickly opened the System in his brain, looked at the red chili pepper next to the exchange, and selected quantity: 1.

“Exchange one energy for one chili pepper?


In a flash, a red chili pepper grew from the top of the longest branch of the red chili pepper bush Xie Sen chose to fight, and the chili pepper bush appeared next to his left shoulder.

At that moment, the wolfhound stomped on its hind legs, and lunged at him.

As Xie Sen backed up, he ordered in his head, “Super Hot. Rainstorm Chili Powder. Spray it in the wolfhound’s face.”

The branch with the red chili pepper suddenly elongated, and attacked the wolfhound’s face like a phantom. The moment it was close, the red chili pepper exploded like a firecracker and countless amounts of chili powder fell on the wolfhound’s face.

“AWOOO!!” The wolfhound fell to the ground halfway, and kept howling. His closed eyes flowed wildly with tears, his nose reddened, and his tail was between his legs as he ran towards A’Meng.

“What’s happening?” Half a dozen seconds passed before someone came back to their senses, and asked what was on the minds of all the viewers.

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January 13, 2022 3:21 pm

Never get into a fight with a chili pepper! 🌶🔥😂

January 13, 2022 4:00 pm

That’s not how I thought the fight would go down, but a win is a win. And he got rich! Good job Xie Sen and ya spicey pepoer!

January 13, 2022 4:54 pm

Poor Wolf Hound; but a fight’s a fight! Pepper packin’ Xie Sen 😁
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 13, 2022 10:04 pm

Fighting with a chili pepper, you’ll end up in tears, not knowing what hit you. Xie Sen 1: A’Meng big fat 0.

So it seams he transmigrated into a book he read? Will that help him in any way?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 24, 2022 4:04 am

Pepper spray interstellar style jejejeje

Sue R
Sue R
February 21, 2022 8:20 pm


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That must be painful being sprayed with chilli peppers🙈🙈🙈

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Chili pepper power! 🌶💥

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That was unexpected.

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