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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Maine usually wore a pullover T-shirt, but today, because of the cooperation meeting, he was wearing a suit and shirt. When he went out to pick up Xie Sen, he took off his suit jacket. The top two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, which revealed his delicate collarbone, beautiful and very elite.

However, right now his face was very ugly, and his gaze was dark as he stared at Julos. When he saw the knife that swung towards him, he wasn’t the least bit alarmed. He moved sharply sideways and dodged Julos’ attack. Then he pinched Julos’ wrist, and threw a kick toward Julos’ ribs.

Julos’ knees bent, his wrists turned. He pressed against Maine’s wrist, and used the force to jump sideways to avoid Maine’s attack, while the knife blade moved towards Maine.

Xie Sen was startled, but managed not to shout out, for fear that he might distract Maine by doing so. He stared at the pair, and his eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. He hadn’t expected that in just ten days, Julos’ skills would improve a lot. With Julos’ previous skills, he simply couldn’t dodge.

Maine’s eyes were cold as he let go of Julos’ wrist, then he moved his feet left to avoid Julos’ blade. Julos followed with a twist of the wrist, and the blade chased after him again. Maine took a step back, quickly moved to the right, and then took a step forward. He grabbed Julos’ right hand tightly with his left, and slashed his right hand on Julos’ upper right arm, at the same time he brought his left hand downward with force.

“Ah!” Julos’ forehead veins immediately burst out from the pain. The hand holding the knife loosened, and the knife fell to the ground with a snapping sound that mixed with his cry of pain. Julos’ face was red. With intense hatred in his eyes, he raised his left hand towards Maine’s neck.

Maine leaned back slightly at the neck to avoid Julos’ hand.

Julos’ hand slid down and grabbed Maine’s collar. He used so much force that half of the buttons on Maine’s shirt were ripped off, and a large part of his chest was exposed.

Maine’s eyebrows furrowed. He grabbed Julos’ hand, turned his back to Julos, bent over, and threw him to the ground with a sharp over-the-shoulder slam.

“Mhn!!” Julos cried out in pain, but his eyes were set on Maine’s chest. His lips were trembling, and his gaze was full of disbelief. “You, you…”

Due to his emotional ups and downs, Maine’s white chest showed his imposing beast pattern. Julos clenched his fist. How could it be a flying lion beast?!

Maine bent down and picked up the knife. He put it into his backpack, then walked up to Julos. Maine stepped on Julos’ waist, then stared down at him coldly, his voice dark. “Don’t hit him, or I will make your life worse than death.”

As he said that, his foot pressed so hard that Julos curled up uncontrollably, and coughed violently.

Xie Sen rushed forward and grabbed Maine’s hand. When Maine turned his head to look at him, his violent look disappeared instantly. Xie Sen shook his head. “Killing him will be troublesome.”

Maine retracted his foot in response. He looked at Julos as if he were dead, then followed Xie Sen towards the shuttle. Julos covered his belly, and sat up. He coughed as he stared at the disappearing shuttle. The disbelief in his eyes gradually turned into fear, and then into ruthlessness.

Maine was actually a master of the flying lion beast!

Grandfather and Father must never know! Maine must be taken care of before they find out!

“Young master!” Two bodyguards came running up in a hurry. When they saw his appearance, they helped him up, and one said nervously, “Who did it?”

The other one said, “I’m going to get the head of Gold Medal to transfer the surveillance. Madam will never forgive him when he finds out!”

Julos had a look of panic in his eyes. “Yes, hurry up and get the surveillance. Tell them to erase all the surveillance tonight, and not keep any records.”

“Young master, you want to cover it up?”

Julos said fiercely, “Do as I say.” He thought about it, and felt uneasy. “No. I’ll go with you.”

One of the bodyguards said, “Young master. The Lieutenant General was very angry to find out that you ran away from home. He told us to bring you back as soon as we found you. Moreover, Gold Medal’s people may not do what we say.”

Julos’ face changed again and again. He said through clenched teeth, “Go back to my dad first. He will surely have a solution.”

Back at the Cox residence, Julos was called to the study by a stern-faced Lieutenant General Meyer, who scolded him in a deep voice, “What did I tell you? Who told you to go out?”

Julos bowed his head, and kept his voice very soft, “Father. I just heard that Gold Medal had another giant lion, so I wanted to see it. But they stopped me from seeing it,” he looked up at Meyer, and his voice rose sharply with indignation, “Father, Gold Medal doesn’t recognize my family at all. “

Meyer’s face was even harder. “Don’t play games with me! Are you trying to get me to suppress Gold Medal? Has your dad spoiled you for so many years? Now you’re lawless. Do you think that everything must be done according to your wishes? You don’t even know the details but want to change them. You don’t even know what you can do. I will send someone to teach you about the distribution of power on Brandt Star, and when you change your self-centeredness, I will consider letting you out.”

“Father!” Julos subconsciously tried to plead, but he was interrupted by Meyer, his expression serious. “Go to your room. If you dare to run again, you don’t have to come back.”

Julos clenched his hands into fists. His lips twitched, but seeing his father’s resolve, he bowed his head and said, “Yes, Father.”

He went back to his room. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and the more he kicked at everything he saw.

“Baby,” Soria pushed open the door, hurried to his side and took his hand. “Be careful, you’re hurt. Come on, sit on the couch and let the doctor look at you. They say you’re injured.”

Julos was obediently pulled by Soria to sit on the sofa, where the doctor treated his injuries. When Soria saw his bruised abdomen, his eyes instantly turned red and he said viciously, “Who did this? I’ll break his leg!”

Julos’ eyes were also ruthless. He didn’t answer directly, but waited until the doctor had finished treating the wound and sent everyone out. That left him and Soria alone in the room.

“It’s Maine.” Julos thought of how Maine stepped on him and looked down at him with contempt, and his chest rose and fell violently in anger. He took Soria’s arm with a fierce look in his eyes. “Dad, he can’t live.”

Soria was startled. It was the first time he had seen Julos with such an expression. He touched Julos’ face gently, “You are aggrieved. Don’t worry, Dad will make you feel better. He’s already an adult, so the injuries on your body can definitely send him to prison. When he gets inside, I have a way to make his life worse than death.”

He finished and asked, “Where did you meet him? I’ll get the surveillance, use it as evidence, and have the doctor issue an injury report later.”

“No,” Julos grabbed Soria’s hand with uncontrollable force. “Dad, the surveillance is not evidence. You have to get someone to get rid of the surveillance between 6:00 and 6:30 in the Gold Medal parking lot. Don’t leave any trace.”

“Why? Do you want to let him go?” Soria was both surprised and puzzled.

Julos had a look of anger and jealousy in his eyes. “I fought with him. I ripped his clothes, and I saw his beast pattern. It was,” he paused and gritted his teeth. “A flying lion beast!”

“What?” Soria’s voice rose abruptly, then immediately lowered. He asked anxiously in a quiet voice, “Are you sure you saw it right? I saw his beast tattoo when he was a child, and it was a giant lion beast.”

“There’s no mistake,” Julos’ tone of voice was firm. He looked at Soria. “Dad, you must quickly kill him. If Grandfather and Father know, they will certainly try to bring him back to the Cox family.”

The Cox family ancestors were flying lion beast masters, and had strong abilities. This created the Cox family’s honorable history, and the flying lion beast master in the Cox family had an extraordinary status. Unless there was no flying lion beast master in a certain generation, the Cox family was always headed by a flying lion beast master.

The Cox family was currently powerful because Admiral Cox was a flying lion beast master. He was also the only Cox family member to be a flying lion beast master. The more Julos thought about it, the more anxious he was. He knew very well that if Maine was recognized and taken seriously, his good days would really come to an end.

Soria looked cold and stern. “I should have known better than to let him grow up like this!” He pondered for a moment, and patted Julos on the shoulder. “Don’t be afraid, Dad will arrange it. You listen to your father and stay at home. Don’t make him angry again. I’ll get him to let you out in a few days.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Julos rubbed his face against Soria’s arm. “Dad is the best to me.”

Soria laughed, reassured him a few more times, then got up to go out and make arrangements.

Julos pulled him back. “By the way, Dad, there’s one more thing.” When he saw Soria was looking at him, he said, “The plant beast master of the Plant Department, Xie Sen. He can help a beast master make a bond, even if the beast master can’t make the contract beast submit.”

Soria said in surprise, “Are you sure?”

Julos nodded. “I didn’t believe it when Rohat said it, but today Rohat took his friend’s lion beast to Gold Medal for a bath, and I went with him. I tampered with the lion beast to send it into a frenzy. When Xie Sen came in, he just casually touched it, and it calmed down. When forcing the bond, if the beast master can’t make the contract beast submit, the contract beast will be manic or even hurt the beast master. Xie Sen can calm the contract beast, and the beast master will be able to bond very smoothly.” He had a strange gleam in his eyes. “Dad, if I can find a giant lion beast and catch Xie Sen, I will be able to make the contract!”

Soria rubbed the top of his hair. “There is a giant lion beast in Gold Medal, but the owner of Gold Medal, Long Yu, isn’t easy to deal with. He has a temper, so it probably won’t be easy to negotiate with him. I’ll think of a way. If not, I’ll find another one, and that Xie Sen, I will pay more attention to him.”


Xie Sen pulled Maine towards his shuttle, only to stop after two steps. He let go of his hand, then used both hands to close Maine’s lapel, and to block the view of that white chest. He frowned, “Your beast pattern appeared. Julos must have seen it. Do you have clothes in your backpack?”

His fingertips unintentionally touched Maine. Maine only felt a tingling sensation from his skin that went straight to his heart. He bent down and picked Xie Sen up. He didn’t care much. “It doesn’t matter.”

Xie Sen held onto his shoulders to stabilize himself, and wiggled his feet. “Put me down. I’ll walk by myself!”

“No, I like to hold you.” Maine refused sharply, and took him to his own black shuttle next to Xie Sen’s shuttle, opened the door, carried Xie Sen to the seat and put him down, then closed the door again.

Once the door was closed, his whole body was pressed up against Xie Sen, who was looking outside. “What about my shuttle?”

“Park it here. I’ll send you here in the morning.” Maine said, his right hand pinched his earlobe, then slid down the side of his face. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“No.” Xie Sen blushed slightly. Maine’s clothes were wide open at the moment. The half-covered look was very attractive. Not to mention the action was intimate and ambiguous. He couldn’t help but swallow. The knot in his throat moved up and down.

Maine kissed the nape of his neck, and reached for his waist as he pushed his shirt up and moved his hand against his smooth skin. “Let me check.”

Xie Sen’s body instinctively curled up, and the two of them got closer. Xie Sen’s breathing gradually became unstable. He raised his foot towards Maine’s, and kicked it. He grabbed his hand, and yanked at his clothes. “Drive home!”

If they continued, something would definitely happen. This was a parking lot. There could be colleagues that might pass by at any time. If people saw them, their previous misunderstanding wouldn’t be a misunderstanding. Then he would really jump into the yellow river, and not be able to wash away the color or have another after-dinner conversation.

Maine cupped his chin and kissed him hard. He bent his knee and rubbed it between his legs. “You’re reacting,” his voice was low. “You seem more sensitive than in the bedroom.”

Xie Sen glared at him, and pushed his shoulder. “Nonsense. I’m nervous. Let’s go back, I’m starving.”

Maine wanted to continue, but when he heard him say he was hungry, he caved. He got off him, set a course for home, then hugged him and rubbed his neck.

Xie Sen grabbed his left hand, and squeezed his bony knuckles that wanted to play. “What brings you here?”

“I wanted to see you. You said you had to work late, so I came straight here to pick you up,” he said with a flash of coldness in his eyes. “Good thing I came. What did Julos want with you?”

Xie Sen deflated. “He’s a psychopath, the brain-damaged kind. He probably heard that I’m a plant beast master. He came to say that he wants me to be his mate. Dream on!”

Maine’s expression sank. His eyes were cold as he nibbled at Xie Sen’s neck above his collar. “Not even in his dreams.”

Xie Sen was tickled by this. He laughed and shrank his neck down. He put his hand against his head. “You’re a dog. Why do you always like to nibble me?” He tilted his neck back. “You can’t mess around. Julos has to be dealt with, but you must not be involved.”

“I know that in my heart. He isn’t worth it.” He held Xie Sen’s hand hard. “After we touch, I want to be close to you. It’s not enough. I want to rub you into my body. No one else is allowed to covet you!”

Xie Sen looked into Maine’s gaze, and ran his fingers over his eyes. “Is it because I make you insecure?” That’s why he always wanted to leave something on him, like an animal’s territorial instincts.

Maine’s eyes gazed at him deeply, “You are mine.” He lowered his head, and kissed the corner of Xie Sen’s mouth. “I can only be sure of that when I touch you. I like being intimate with you.”

Xie Sen thought to himself that he was really insecure. Maine would probably be able to get used to it as the two of them spent more time together. Even now it was okay. It was not a bad feeling when the person he liked enjoyed clinging to him. Maine had a good grasp of his strength, and although he liked to nibble, it didn’t hurt. It was just that there were more marks.

As he thought of this, he pushed Maine away from him in case he attacked again. His hand was propped on Maine’s shoulder as he pointed to his collar and cuffs, “This is the boundary. No marks on the exposed parts!”

Maine’s eyebrows knitted. “Then how will they know you’re mine?”

Xie Sen’s mouth twitched. “I explained to you, I’m telling them I have a boyfriend. It’s embarrassing to be seen with a mark.”

“Why would you be embarrassed?” Maine pointed to his neck. “You can also bite.”

Xie Sen looked at his delicate collarbone and swallowed. He raised his hand, touched it, then closed his clothes. “I don’t like to be surrounded by people. I also don’t like anyone seeing the red marks and guessing what we did. These are very private things. Do you have a change of clothes? What are you going to do when you get out of the parking lot like this?”

Maine thought for a moment. “I’ll be careful later.”

He took out a black pullover T-shirt from his backpack, let go of Xie Sen, and changed his clothes neatly.

Xie Sen couldn’t help asking, “Did you buy a dozen of the same clothes at once?”

Maine nodded. “Convenient,” he said, as he put the shirts into his backpack.

The two returned to the apartment and ate dinner together. Xie Sen took out a watermelon, cut it in half, and gave Tuan Tuan a two-palm sized piece of the rind. Maine went to the kitchen to do the dishes. Xie Sen looked at Tuan Tuan who was pecking happily at the melon rind, and couldn’t help but glance at his claws. His scalp tingled at the memory of how it had caught a snake before.

When Tuan Tuan finished eating the watermelon rind, he reached for Tuan Tuan. “You are too dirty. Let me take you to wash.”

Tuan Tuan looked at him with its round little head tilted. It opened its wings, and spun in place to show that it was clean.

Xie Sen said, “You have to wash or you won’t have melon rind to eat tomorrow.” 

Tuan Tuan chirped, and jumped into his hands.

Xie Sen took him to the sink, and washed his little claws carefully. The water inevitably wet the rest of his feathers, and the fleshy Tuan Tuan shrank a little.

“Chirp!” Tuan Tuan looked at himself in the mirror. It wasn’t startled like the first time, but it raised its wings and pointed at the hair dryer that hung on the wall. It knew that was something that would make it beautiful.

Xie Sen suppressed his smile and placed it over the vanity. He held it vainly with one hand to prevent it from being blown away by the wind of the hair dryer, and with the other hand he held the hair dryer to blow its feathers.

Maine came into the bedroom after he washed the dishes, grabbed him around the waist from behind, rested his chin on his shoulder, and looked at Tuan Tuan with a mischievous look in his eyes. “Why are you being so nice to it?”

Xie Sen teased. “You’re not jealous of it, are you?”

“Yes.” Maine replied dryly. “You haven’t even given me a bath.”

Xie Sen, “…”

Is this a concept thing?

It didn’t take long for Tuan Tuan’s feathers to dry. It chirped at Maine, rubbed its little head against Xie Sen’s hand, and then looked at Maine again.

Maine reached out. “I’ll throw it out.”

Tuan Tuan took off with a wave of its wings, and smartly flew away.

Xie Sen was putting away the hairdryer, when the communicator rang. It was Long Teng. He spoke quickly, and finished quickly. Xie Sen’s eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle. “Mn, I know. I didn’t do it. Thank you.”

“What is it?” Maine brushed his fingertips against his brow.

Xie Sen pulled Maine out of the washroom. “Long Teng said that someone tampered with the surveillance in the Gold Medal parking lot, and damaged the surveillance records after six o’clock. I happened to be in the parking lot before that, so security suspected I had something to do with it. Since Long Teng and I are friends, they told Long Teng about it directly, and asked him how to handle it. “

Maine snorted. “It’s definitely that idiot.”

Xie Sen nodded, “Normally speaking, he was injured by you, so he should have taken the opportunity to copy the surveillance to charge you, but instead he destroyed the surveillance. I can only think of one reason…” He raised his hand, pulled down Maine’s collar, and nodded at Maine’s white chest. “He didn’t want anyone to find out about your beast pattern.”

Maine grabbed Xie Sen’s hand, and pressed it against his chest with a little force, so that Xie Sen’s hand was flatter and tighter against him, and whispered, “The Cox family has a tradition of having a flying lion beast master as the head of the family, so of course he wouldn’t dare let anyone see my beast pattern.”

Xie Sen’s palm felt the strong heartbeat. He was amused and helpless. This person seemed not only to like clinging to him, but liked him to touch him as well. He grabbed Maine’s hand with his other hand, and pulled the person to sit on the sofa. Maine put his hand around his waist, and held him directly on his lap.

Xie Sen sat face to face on Maine’s lap. This position was too suggestive, and he couldn’t help it as he turned red. He glared at Maine. “Talk about business! He knows who you are, and doesn’t want, or fears letting anyone else know. Just destroying the surveillance isn’t enough to reassure him.” Speaking of which, Xie Sen paused and worried, “There’s a good chance that he will come after you.”

Only when Maine didn’t exist would it be safe for Julos. A dead man couldn’t reveal his identity, and even if he did, a dead man would be of no use.

The violent look flashed in Maine’s eyes, “If he does come.” Here he bit Xie Sen on the chin. “You don’t need to worry. I’ll be careful. I’ll pick you up and take you to and from work for now. You have to be careful at Gold Medal too. He might even hit you.”

Xie Sen patted him on the shoulder. “It’s okay, I’m not a vegetarian, I can protect myself.”

Maine drove Xie Sen to and from work every day for the next three days. Xie Sen’s coworkers saw him a few times, and made fun of him every now and then. They said that he and his boyfriend were really in love, and spread dog food every day.

These days were also calm and quiet. No accidents happened. It was Friday, and Xie Sen was planning to go to the orphanage to see the children on his double holiday. When he thought about how he wouldn’t be at Gold Medal for two days, he decided to say hello to the beasts.

When he walked into Zone 4 and 5, he raised his eyebrows unexpectedly. Ever since the projector was installed, every time he came these big guys were lying in a ball watching various programs and discussing them from time to time.

But today, the projector wasn’t showing anything. The contract beasts were lying together in a circle, as all sorts of grunting sounds mingled. He didn’t know what they were talking about.

Xie Sen walked over and rubbed the long snow-white fur of the giant wolf beast, who was nearest. “What’s wrong?”

He didn’t think the projector was broken this time. The day after the installation, the TV show they were watching had finished, but no one helped to adjust the channel, and the noise they made almost scared the feeders to death.

If the projector had been broken, they would never have been so quiet.

The giant wolf beast said, “We’re talking about making money.”

Xie Sen froze as the giant tiger beast stretched out its paw next to his calf. “A’Sen, we’ve decided to start a live stream to make money!”

“Huh?” Xie Sen was stunned. As he got ready to ask questions, all kinds of claws and tails and the giant elephant beasts’ trunks rubbed towards him. For a moment his head was filled with all kinds of voices.

It was so loud for Xie Sen that his head got big. He rubbed the corner of his forehead, sat down among them so that each one could be next to him, and sorted out the mixed sounds he just heard before he spoke.

“You guys are saying that, when you saw someone live-streaming contract beasts to make money, and there were quite a few people rewarding them, so you thought it would be a good way to make money. Now you want to start a live-stream too?”

“Yes.” The straight-forward and unified eight voices.

The giant tiger beast’s healthy voice was particularly excited, “Anyway, it’s boring. If I make money, return the food money to you guys and still have leftovers, can I buy a big round ball for myself?”

The giant elephant beast said, “I want a big bath. I want to play in the water!”

The spotted leopard said softly, “I want a super big cushion to lie on and sunbathe.”

The black leopard said, “If you have money, you can do whatever you want, and you can have whatever you want, right? I want to make money!”

The rest of the contract beasts each explained what they wanted. Xie Sen’s face changed from shock to blank, while the corners of his mouth twitched. How long has it been since their demands on life had become so high?

“You guys…Why do you suddenly want these things?” Xie Sen couldn’t help but ask. He still remembered that when they were just placed there, They were satisfied, and didn’t ask for anything else at all.

The contract beasts answered back with one thing in mind. “Those low-level contract beasts are having fun in the live broadcast, and we want to play too.”

The giant tiger beast sighed. “I have never thought of it before, but you can still play like this!” A complete tone of a dirtbag who has seen the market.

Xie Sen, Live streaming makes the beast corrupt!

The giant rhinoceros beast said, “When we cannot earn money, we do not want anything. Now this is very good to earn money, A’Sen is our broker, so we’ll give you a share of the dividend.”

“Right!” the black giant leopard beast said. “No ability does not deserve a good life.”

Xie Sen rubbed the giant leopard beast hard. Before he felt that it was the domineering president model, and now he felt that it was more appropriate to add ‘douche’ in front of that. It was a beast, but it spoke in a twisted voice with a human tone. Didn’t that feel problematic? Xie Sen deeply suspected that what it said was copied from the lines of the TV show.

The spotted giant leopard beast, “Brother is so powerful! That’s exactly the same as what the man said on the TV we watched yesterday!”

Xie Sen looked at the projector and seriously wondered if it should be dismantled. He felt that if this continued, these contract beasts would become too elite. As he was thinking, various urgent voices came into his head, “Today is the live broadcast. A’Sen, help us get the machine, okay?”

The black giant leopard beast said, “Time is money. We can’t waste it. We have to fight for time!”

Xie Sen gave it another hard rub on the neck. “You didn’t come to the modern era to enjoy education. It’s really condescending!” As he glanced at the circle of bright eyes, he said, “Okay, okay. I’ll check what the live broadcast has to offer.”


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February 22, 2022 9:20 am

It looks like these super beasts will become completely independent of and almost equal to humans in terms of power, at this rate. That won’t go down well in many quarters.
At least Maine and Xie Sen are aware and prepared for, Julos’s anticipated move against them. I just hope they know he’ll be supported by Soria.
Tough times ahead, it seems.
Thanks for translating and editing.

February 22, 2022 9:43 am

Lol. This chapter is great.

February 22, 2022 12:02 pm

Hahaha, these giant beasts are so funny! 😄

February 22, 2022 8:12 pm

I’d watch a love stream of huge animals. Elephants would be awesome to watch.

Dam you again, Julos!! I don’t need Soria getting his drama queen self involved either.

p.s. Maine is really gonna wage some war on behalf of XS, isn’t he? I can just see it coming. Soriano half cooked scheme takes XS away, Maine and the S-ranked beasts attack.

February 23, 2022 3:24 am

Julos is spoiled rotten with no chance of fixing it. Picking a bone with Maine by trying to take Xie Sen away is the worst thing you can do, idiot!
Soria is also doomed and I bet his scheming will sooner or later bite him in the a*s.

Since they’ve became intimate, Maine is using every opportunity he can get, super clingy and a vinegar jar. Seriously, even over a little bird?
Luckily Xie Sen is understanding and can raign in Maine’s behaviour.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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August 12, 2022 10:25 pm

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October 25, 2022 12:37 am

The contract beasts are my favorite they’re so funny and clever lol

April 18, 2023 3:25 pm

Julos’ father is also demented. And dangerous. I can see a day when Meyer divorces his mate for leading the family into hell.

On the other hand, these beasts are becoming the best part of the story. Live streaming now. And then what? They’ll think of something.
June 23, 2023 7:00 am

Actually seeing the giant beasts kinda remind me of bunny the dog who use buttons to communicate, the more it enlightened the more it show depressed behavior like questioning who it was while looking at the mirror, I know this is a very over reacting type of thinking but just imagine right . Like the beasts in this story .. well they aren’t real, and bunny the dog is still fine so it’s end of the story for now 😅

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