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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Since the last incident didn’t have a clear conclusion, for the sake of insurance and to prevent others from getting hurt, the General chose to give up in the end. Although he was very eager to find reasons to increase contact, which allowed Lin Han to have a short period of peace again.

Recently, the Empire had been fairly quiet, but the Institute couldn’t stop even for a moment.

Lin Han began to work with his colleagues to design and modify the latest batch of mecha ready for mass use in the military.

Although he couldn’t directly link to the mecha hub and turn it into a razor-sharp blade like an Alpha, Lin Han’s focus and design and manufacturing capabilities were beyond the reach of ordinary people.

He joined the Research Institute before graduating from his undergraduate degree at the Imperial Army University, and worked directly with his teacher to create the tenth generation of QT mecha, which was now used on a large scale on the front lines of imperial combat.

This mecha replaced the previous generation on a large scale after the army rolled it out, and its usefulness was fully demonstrated during an encounter with the Zerg a few years ago. It was able to withstand the highly corrosive venom of many Zerg, and could also withstand the sharp blades of most Zerg. Even if they couldn’t cope with the higher-tier Zerg, the internal automatic escape system of the pilot could also maximize the protection of human safety.

The battle had become unverifiable in the mouth of the public, maybe there were neighboring countries or Star Pirates to provoke them, but most people said that the Zerg nature was brutal, murderous and they’d take the initiative to provoke things. The Zerg leader didn’t act, but let a lot of low and medium Zerg wound the Empire’s civilians, and the Empire couldn’t tolerate each other causing provocation again and again, which started the battle of the year.

And there were two decisive factors that made that battle a resounding success.

One was the newly put into use 10th generation QT mecha, and the other, was the master commander He YunTing.

Many people were fond of that battle, He YunTing’s warship capacity was limited, the Zerg’s battle power was almost double his, and the final result was that, He YunTing handed a stunning answer to the entire Empire with an overwhelming victory.

The war ended faster than anyone could have imagined, the Zerg couldn’t bear the rapid blows for days, took the initiative to propose a truce, and in order to show sincerity also specially offered a lot of resources belonging to the Zerg Planet.

And if one looked at the interstellar, resources were the first element to fight for.

The Empire accepted the Zerg’s offer and won a great victory, Lin Han succeeded in elevating his status in the Institute because of the mecha, and the name He YunTing became a power and a symbol from then on.

Just thinking of him made the Empire invincible.

Everyone believed in this blindly and proudly.

It was also the battle that made the peacemakers and the radicals in the Empire even more incompatible.

The peacemakers believed that since the war had ended and the Zerg Planet had shown signs of goodwill, there were many rich resources that were suitable for diplomatic relations. They said there was no need to exterminate them, which would be a great disaster for the civilians of both systems. While the radicals, Roki, led a rebuke in the council, saying that this was a cowardly act and that the Empire’s military power was far superior to the Zerg Planet, there was no need to be so obsequious, and that it would be better to just take over a piece of Zerg Planet and expel the remaining Zerg to another system a billion light years away, so that they could truly rest easy.

The radicals said that if the soldiers led by He YunTing were so fearful, the sharp blade of the Empire wouldn’t have its proper shine. Some radicals even said that it was just a two-person mecha without a name, and that if another person drove it, they may not become He YunTing.

But those were just rumors.

Lin Han finished the coffee brought by his student trainee and finally took a break from his intense brain work. But he still had the drawing in his hand, and his mind kept running.

Shen XiuNan’s task this time was different from Lin Han’s. By the time he was done, Lin Han was still motionless in his seat.

Seeing that he had been working continuously for a long time, Shen XiuNan couldn’t stand it and came over to remind him, “Do you want to take a break? This design is not that urgent. You can wait for the next level mecha design and then come back to modify it. You’ll also save time and effort.”

Lin Han didn’t look up from the drawing and said, “I was thinking about adding the vortex magnet rail gun to this batch of mecha arms.”

Shen XiuNan almost thought he’d heard wrong, “Isn’t this a light mecha? It’s not heavy armor, it’s mass-produced, and if every single one of them has a vortex rail gun, it’s going to be heavier and more expensive…”

Lin Han pursed his lips and thought, “I’ll think about it.”

He also knew that general light armor shouldn’t use this. It was just that he had thought back to the injury on He YunTing’s shoulder and the strangers who had tried to hurt him one after another in the past two days.

He didn’t know if it was just him, but he felt like the peace was wonderful now… but too easy.

It wasn’t that he didn’t value peace, on the contrary, he felt that the current peace seemed fragile, even if it seemed calm, it was like they were all on a thin bridge on a fragile glass. As long as there was a small sharp tool, it would be able to poke this layer of goodness as much as possible.

The world knew that He YunTing had just returned from a triumphant harvest of Star Pirates, but no one knew that someone tried to blow up M2742 in a self-destructive way; the world knew that the Emperor held a celebration party for him, but no one knew that someone tried to fish in troubled waters and steal the spiritual power samples belonging to the General… 

As Lin Han was lost in his thoughts, his fingers holding the pen made a new mark on the drawing.

Did He YunTing find the murderer? Did he have a clue?

Although he said he could help, the two of them weren’t too close, and he may not be able to trust him. Lin Han had some mixed feelings.

In the past, he loathed his ability that suddenly appeared at some point, but now he hoped that this ability could help He YunTing in some way.

Under the light, the storm was brewing.

On He YunTing’s side, who was waiting for further test reports on the dead Omega, was also back on track for now. And it just so happened that it was the mecha base’s annual pilot selection camp.

In the mecha era, unlike the Earth century, when infantry and cavalry were needed, the Empire didn’t force conscription, because the mentality of the entire Empire was generally heavier, and many people had made it their goal to be a good pilot.

But being a pilot wasn’t easy at all, and it was even harder to get into He YunTing’s mecha base.

First of all, you couldn’t be an Omega; secondly, one’s physical score had to be at least A; and thirdly, the mental strength measurement cannot be too low.

Only after these three points were met, that was only what it took to get started, and the subsequent eye-poppingly intense testing and training one would face let them sift through batch after batch of people. With less than one in a thousand qualified soldiers eventually making it into the mecha base, everyone started as a basic mechanic.

“This is only the first round of screening and half of them are gone,” Lu AnHe said in a worried tone as he watched the video data sent to him in real time from the Unification Department, “It’s not likely even thirty of them will be chosen by the end.”

As the last link of this selection, He YunTing indifferently looked at the electronic screen at those who claimed to come to contribute to the Empire, but in the end, even mecha pilots couldn’t pass, so he frowned.

Lu AnHe knew that every year on this day was the time when He YunTing was most angry, “I let the two bases below keep a close eye on them, there are some competent newbies.”

He YunTing’s lips were flat and straight, and he didn’t deny it.

There weren’t many people left after passing two rounds of screening, and at that point they could let these newcomers try their hand at piloting a mecha. And at such times, to avoid accidents, one or two mecha masters were usually invited to come over for mecha debugging and repair to prevent any other losses.

Lu AnHe suddenly caught the blind spot.

In case, maybe, probably… 

“Mr. Lin has recently…”

“It’s time to find a debugger.”

He and He YunTing spoke at the same time.

It was obvious that He YunTing had also thought of this matter.

After a moment of silence, Lu AnHe silently picked up the communicator, “Got it, I’ll do it.”

He YunTing’s eyes finally looked at the clumsy recruits with a bit more kindness.

Lin Han had just finished using today’s nutrients when he received Lu AnHe’s communication.

After Lu AnHe finished his request, he waited patiently, “Mr. Lin can think about it, it won’t affect your other work and rest, the base also has nutrients, don’t worry.”

He had heard of this job before but staying in the Institute was easier, and it wouldn’t affect his normal work. The base would give him a special office, and he could let mecha division design and he only needed to debug and repair when he came out. And this job had very generous subsidies, so every year the Institute had people volunteer to apply, and then wait for the base screening decision.

He didn’t expect that this year it was actually the adjutant who took the initiative to throw in the olive branch.

Lin Han took a look at the drawing in his hand.

Some of his ideas had been stuck for days without a clue, and he didn’t know what the reason was. And now the base was using the tenth generation QT that he once participated in designing, so if he went, he may have new ideas.

Lin Han turned his pen and was about to reply when he thought of something and asked Lu AnHe on the other end, “Did the General ask me to come?”

Lu AnHe turned on the speaker and seriously stated next to He YunTing, “No, no, it’s a sincere invitation from all of our base staff.”

He YunTing, “……”

“Oh,” Lin Han said, “let me think.”

Lu AnHe was physically and mentally exhausted and felt really stuck, “Mr. Lin…”

“Is the General next to you?” Lin Han asked Lu AnHe.

Lu AnHe said squarely, “No.”

Lin Han believed it and sighed with relief, and asked Lu AnHe in detail if it would affect his current design, and nodded after receiving a satisfactory answer, “Okay, then I will talk to management tomorrow.”

Lu AnHe thought he had seen the light of victory and said, “Yes, thank you, Mr. Lin!”

“By the way,” Lin Han was about to hang up the communication, and then he remembered that He YunTing wasn’t around now, “I would like to ask Lieutenant Colonel Lu a question personally.”

“Mr. Lin, say it.”

Lin Han’s fingers twirled the pen and asked softly, “I’m still curious about how the General actually sees me. Lieutenant colonel Lu, tell me, I won’t tell the General.”

Lu AnHe glanced despairingly at He YunTing, who was ‘not around’ the entire time, “This…”

He began to wink at He YunTing, meaning, Boss, how do I explain? He YunTing was also a bit confused, but quickly reacted and took two steps closer to Lu AnHe.

He simply wanted to find a pen and paper and write the answer for Lu AnHe.

As a result, when he just walked over, Lu AnHe accidentally tapped his finger to the video button on the communicator in order to avoid it.

“Crap—” Lu AnHe couldn’t withdraw it in time, the request had already been sent.

“Lieutenant Colonel Lu?”

With a sudden flash, Lin Han’s communicator popped up a video request, he didn’t know why Lu AnHe suddenly decided to say it in this way, but he clicked yes anyway, the communicator lit up and a virtual light screen popped up.

Lin Han then saw He YunTing, who was ‘not around’ as Lu AnHe said, on the opposite side of the screen.




Instant silence.

Lu AnHe, who was hit in the face for a second, was full of pathos, while He YunTing was staring at the light screen with Lin Han.

The air was filled with the air of ‘awkward.’

Luckily Lin Han reacted quickly, “Since General wants to speak for himself, that’s fine.”

“What exactly do you think of me?” Lin Han said leisurely to the video screen thousands of miles away.

One second, two seconds, three seconds.

When Lin Han thought He YunTing wouldn’t answer this question and intended to skip it. He YunTing, who had been keeping a stern face, finally opened his mouth, “Mr. Lin… is beautiful.”

He YunTing really didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to make Lin Han wait too long to blurt it out.

“……” Before Lin Han could have any reaction on the other side of the line, Lieutenant Colonel Lu, who witnessed the entire process from the corner of the Unified War Department, had a wooden face and was holding his forehead in despair.

…This was not as good as not saying anything!

Lin Han first froze for a moment, then hooked his lips at the other end of the view screen.

He YunTing looked at the youth on the electronic screen, who should still be in the Institute, behind a pile of dense and complex electronic boards, and he curved the corners of his mouth over this cold data, looking more and more vivid.

The youth’s eyes were bright, as if he was thinking about something, “So General asked me to do mecha debugging just because I’m pretty?”

“Of course not.” He YunTing’s face was taut, and this time the answer was swift.

“Then why?”

He YunTing glanced at Lu AnHe who was located in the corner.

Due to his position, Lu AnHe was outside the range of Lin Han’s view screen, Lin Han’s side could only see He YunTing’s face, and couldn’t see Lieutenant Colonel Lu who was holding his face to the side until he had a rich expression and wanted to make fun of his boss but didn’t dare to laugh too much.

He YunTing took his eyes back, and his expression got colder again.

Lu AnHe felt bad at this moment.

He wouldn’t do it again…?

“It’s because,” He YunTing said icily, “Lu AnHe’s mecha is broken.”

“—This time it’s really broken.”

Lu AnHe finally couldn’t hold it in this time and burst out laughing on the video screen.

He YunTing, male Alpha, twenty-nine years old, in the midst of a great crisis of trying to praise someone. He couldn’t find any better way to ask Mr. Lin to come to the base for mecha repair and debugging, other than dismantling his lieutenant’s mecha with his bare hands.


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