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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han was close to smiling, and looked at the screen filled with He YunTing.

The color of the light screen was somewhat distorted, the other party’s handsome and peerless face remained expressionless, only the color of his hair was tinted a little golden after the information processing, and the color of his blue eyes deepened a little.

“Don’t make things difficult for Lieutenant Colonel Lu,” Lin Han said, “if his mecha needs an annual inspection, he can just send it to the Institute. Nothing is wrong with it, it doesn’t need to be fixed.”

Lu AnHe’s mood rose and fell in those few minutes, and quickly reviewed that he shouldn’t have laughed at his boss to his face, and praised Mr. Lin one more point. If He YunTing wasn’t still there, he would’ve wanted to hug his lap without any image and cry out his gratitude.

“Mn.” He YunTing responded briefly.

“Have Lieutenant Colonel Lu pass over the relevant documents that need to be handed over, I’ll contact the academy tomorrow, and the day after…”

“I’ll have Lu AnHe come over to pick you up.” He YunTing interrupted.

Lin Han didn’t understand, “Huh?”

“You don’t have to worry about the procedure.” He YunTing said.

Lu AnHe hurriedly added, “Yes, yes, Mr. Lin, I’ll take care of the formalities for you directly! Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll pick you up!”

“But your base is fully closed, right? Then should I go home and pack…”

“The base has special rooms with everything you need.” He YunTing continued to add coldly.

“…” Lu AnHe wanted to cover his face again.

You have just praised his beauty and want him to immediately appear in front of you without preparing anything. The words were too straight, too tactless, and quite aggressive. He didn’t know if Mr. Lin would be angry when he heard this.

But Lu AnHe was really afraid that he would make some mishaps, he just protected him again and He YunTing took a toss. Lu AnHe decided to continue to help He YunTing get his wife. “All right Mr. Lin, I will come over later to accompany you home to pack! Don’t worry, leave it all to me!”

Probably Lu AnHe’s sincere attitude infected Lin Han, and eventually the beautiful Mr. Lin still gave an “Oh”, and hung up the communication.

The command room returned to calm.

Lu AnHe put the key that he was about to swallow back into his pocket, gingerly went around to the door, opened it, and prepared to slip out silently.

“Wait.” He YunTing suddenly called out to stop him.

Lu AnHe’s back was cold, did he have any new tricks?

He YunTing was still staring at the group of recruits who were being tortured to death by the training, and he didn’t look back, “Use my ID to get a gun.”

Lu AnHe put away his joking expression and was stunned.

“The autopsy report hasn’t come back yet,” He YunTing eyes flashed with a frame in the surveillance, “While he’s here, there can’t be an accident.”

The news of Lin Han’s business trip to the base soon spread through the Institute.

After He YunTing personally came twice, even though everyone had nothing malicious, they still secretly speculated what relationship there was between Lin Han and He YunTing.

Some people said that the General was eagerly loving mecha, but some people immediately retorted that he came to pick him up in person even after it was repaired, obviously because he wanted to see Lin Han more.

Some people even heard the gossip that He YunTing also invited Lin Han to dance at the Prince’s dinner party. This, coupled with the fact that these days the Institute saw that an inside line was called by Lu AnHe from time to time, further confirmed to them that there must be a relationship between the two beyond that of strangers.

A top Alpha, and an excellent Omega with SSS mental strength, was simply a match made in heaven. No one had any objection to Lin Han going to the base this time, after all, the spot should’ve been given to him in previous years, but Lin Han himself didn’t want to go.

Even though the mecha he had designed and manufactured had made him famous, he was reluctant to attend various occasions because of his low profile and mind-reading skills, so gradually everyone only remembered that there was an excellent mecha master, but couldn’t even recall his name or gender.

That’s why Lin Han still wondered from time to time why he was invited to the celebration party, and then agreed to do it by accident.

The design of the new generation of mecha was still in preparation, and the drawings had been changed again and again. Lin Han decided to take the drawings of the main mecha with him after talking to his colleagues, and to use his communicator to contact him if he had any doubts about the rest of the details.

After the problem was finished, he was about to change his clothes and wait for Lu AnHe to come over, when a colleague called him.

The colleague had heard about the base and wondered, “But I heard that after the pilot selection begins, the mecha base is completely closed, so Lin Han, will your communicator not work when you get there?”

Lin Han froze for a moment, then recalled that just now when Lu AnHe contacted him, he used He YunTing’s interference-free intercom, “It seems so.”

The few people were silent for a while, Lin Han thought about it and hesitantly said, “If there’s a really urgent matter for me, you should be able to… contact General’s inside line. Just ask him to transfer it to me.”

The colleague nodded secretly in his heart: Is the rumor true?

As he handed the drawing to his colleague, Lin Han, who had just changed his clothes and taken off his gloves, touched his colleague’s hand.

【So Lin Han really has an unusual relationship with the General, right?】

Lin Han silently withdrew his hand, and the expression on his face was somewhat subtle. He thought about it and decided to dispel the rumor, “By the way, General and I really just have a simple social relationship, nothing more.”

Of course it remained to be seen what the General really thought of him.

The colleague thought Lin Han had heard this rumor elsewhere and explained it in passing, and quickly said, “Okay, okay, other people say this and mean nothing else, don’t take it to heart.”

Lin Han smiled at his colleague and didn’t pursue the matter.

When Lu AnHe came to pick him up and pack his things, Lin Han silently stuffed a few more pairs of gloves into his bag.


Lu AnHe was very efficient, first receiving Lin Han from the base to his home, and then waiting for him to finish packing to drive to the base. Although the road was far, separated by two districts, the good thing was that He YunTing’s aircraft didn’t have to wait in line for the star path track. Half a day later, Lin Han came to the legendary mecha base.

The base was very large, divided into seven regions according to the type of mecha, He YunTing’s was the highest, in addition to the strict jurisdiction of each region, interrelated and different.

The first and second bases were the core of the seven regions, and this time the pilot selection was taking place at the first base.

After walking through the face recognition gate, there was a corridor, and after passing through the disciplinary mirror, there was a long row of merit walls, where all the troops who had contributed to the Empire were recorded. He YunTing’s profile was so conspicuous that Lin Han couldn’t help but slow down and take a look.

He YunTing’s ID photo was no different from his real face, with a cold and unapproachable look. The following was his current military rank, followed by a row of text listing his various merits.

Lin Han couldn’t finish reading all of them at once, and was too embarrassed to ask Lu AnHe to wait for him, so he could only look back twice before jogging to follow Lu AnHe.

Lu AnHe first took Lin Han to the long-arranged room, the Empire’s economic prosperity, after those hard times in the early years, Lin Han’s room had almost the best setup.He had everything and could even take care of the mecha division, but was also able to borrow a set of small detectors from the Institute to facilitate work.

Lin Han put his things away and took out a pair of gloves to put on, before asking Lu AnHe, “Where to now?”

He thought he would be taken directly to the training ground, or to He YunTing. As a result, Lu AnHe shook his head, squinted and smiled as he let Lin Han follow him, and walked for a while before the two arrived at their destination.

Lu AnHe pushed open the heavy door, “The General is waiting for you inside.”

Then he didn’t follow in himself, but withdrew and closed the door. He felt he was awesome. Lu AnHe alone knew that he should leave the two alone, but didn’t know that the image of his boss in the eyes of beautiful Mr. Lin collapsed to crumbs.


Lin Han didn’t expect that the first time he saw He YunTing at the base was actually in the shooting training room. He YunTing stood in front of him wearing a straight pale blue uniform, and when he saw Lin Han coming, he didn’t say much, just handed over something in his hand.

It was a miniature pistol.

Lin Han hesitantly took it, “…For me?”

“Mn.” He YunTing didn’t explain, “Can you use it?”

Lin Han thought for a moment, probably knew that He YunTing meant this for his own defense, observed the gun in his hand and shook his head, “Not really.”

He YunTing nodded, unsurprised, “This is a particle laser gun, the operation is easier than others.”

Lin Han tried fiddling with it for a while and said helplessly, “General, I don’t know how to use it.”

He YunTing pursed his lips for a moment, as if hesitating about something. He wasn’t close to Lin Han, and after handing the gun over, he took a step back himself.

Perhaps it was Lin Han’s inexplicable bad mood last time that made He YunTing a bit cautious, wanting to say something, but finally restrained from stepping forward and just took one of the same to teach Lin Han, so that he could at least learn the basic usage.

“Try it.” He YunTing picked up the gun in his own hand, barely aimed, lifted his hand, then bang, hit the bullseye cleanly.

Lin Han followed suit several times, but in the end, not even a single shot was fired.

He YunTing put down the gun and said, “Your hand’s not steady.” 

Lin Han himself knew that there were a bunch of problems, but the actual operation was really not easy, he tried again and still failed.

He YunTing looked at him for a long time, the corners of his cold hard lips pressed down, and then walked towards Lin Han.

“Do you mind?” He asked.

Lin Han didn’t say anything. He was thinking that it was good that he was wearing gloves. When He YunTing saw that he didn’t answer, he tentatively walked over, and the distance between them finally closed.

Lin Han usually didn’t like people getting too close to him, let alone the other side being such an absolutely oppressive Alpha, but now he was strangely not repelled too obviously.

He YunTing reached out his left hand and put it over Lin Han’s white glove.

“Hold on tight.” He said in a deep voice.

Lin Han then reluctantly settled, and listened to what He YunTing said, and took a deep breath.

“Don’t be afraid, follow the movement of my hand. Concentrate.”

Bang—!” A loud bang sounded, Lin Han’s brain was a little confused, and when he came back to his senses he saw the bullet hole that wasn’t far from the center of the circle.

“Continue.” He YunTing didn’t let go of his hand.

Lin Han’s mind was slightly scrambled, trying to try to keep up with the other party’s rhythm.

Suddenly, he smelled a very faint ebony fragrance. It was so faint that if he hadn’t dazed off, he wouldn’t have noticed it at all. But He YunTing’s expression remained serious, and Lin Han came to the conclusion that he was overthinking again.

He tried to fix his mind and resumed shooting.

Even if it was a miniature gun, practicing for a while was still a bit tiring for a novice.

When the two took a break, Lin Han put down his gun and walked up to He YunTing, who had been two steps away from him since the end of the training.

“General,” Lin Han’s forehead was a bit sweaty, his breath hadn’t slowed down yet, and he gasped a bit while speaking to He YunTing, “Thank you.”

The expression on He YunTing’s face had a slight fluctuation.

Soon, he opened his mouth.

“Lin Han,” every time He YunTing called his name, the last syllable that escaped from his throat was always pronounced only half, concise and short, with a low sensuality, as if born with a compulsive hoarseness, “When you call me in the future, you can speak to me informally.”

If you remained so formal, I won’t be able to stand it.


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