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Chapter 114: Extra 11: ABO Parallel World Part 3

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is going to miss Gu YuMian and Shuo Han, and all the cubs :’(

“…” Gu YuMian himself may not have realised that he exuded a very…special scent.

It was very light, like bitter apricot mixed with the sea breeze in early summer. When his scent wafted over the tip of the nose, it was enough to make people itch.

Because it was blocked by inhibitors, it would only occasionally leak out a little sweet taste, lingering at the tip of the nose. The aggressive pheromones emitted by an alpha unconsciously were like the restless beasts in the transparent diaphragms. His patience was about to end.

“I’ll help you.” Shuo Han said.

His pulse and heart rate began to soar, and he didn’t know if it could be completely suppressed.

Gu YuMian subconsciously turned and took half a step back, leaning back against the refrigerator door, “…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

A glance at the alarm clock on the wall showed Gu YuMian that there was not much time and his heart began to palpitate. If Shuo Han really wanted to forcibly mark him, he didn’t know if having just awakened as an omega would affect his mental and combat power. Even if it didn’t, Gu YuMian wouldn’t be able to beat Shuo Han.

Royal blood was such a bully. When you saw the other at first sight, you would feel that even Gu YuMian, the first senior student in the First Military Academy all year round, had nothing on Shuo Han.

Their breaths sounded as one.

The little prince had a pair of beautiful eyes. He seemed arrogant and indifferent. In such a hazy light, he was half-restrained. He felt deeply moved.

But that feeling soon subsided into laziness.

Gu YuMian was almost submerged by the surging power of the pheromones that quickly overflowed.

“You are mine.” Shuo Han said every word in Gu YuMian’s ear.

Just like what happened more than an hour ago, the bad feeling came back, and the rapid warming of his blood vessels was almost painful. Gu YuMian’s skin was burning, but Shuo Han’s fingers were cold.

The touch of temperature difference made him want to shudder. 

Shuo Han’s hand lifted and gently stroked Gu YuMian’s cheek, then trailed down until the pad of his thumb stopped at the corner of his lip before trailing back to the base of his ear. This was the first time Shuo Han had directly spoken about their previous engagement.

Things seemed to have gone out of control.

“I…” Gu YuMian breathed, “I like girls.”

When Gu YuMian finally said this, Shuo Han stopped. He still had his head on his side and could kiss Gu YuMian if he moved a little further down. The two people were clearly close, but they did not kiss, and were just looking at each other in a silent confrontation.

Time seemed to be stagnating.

“You like girls?” At last, Gu YuMian saw Shuo Han pull at the corners of his mouth and ask in a slightly ironic tone, “You should think again.”

Three years ago, Gu YuMian personally wrote the line ‘no special feelings for Your Highness’ when he submitted the application for dissolution of their engagement.

‘No special feelings…’ These six words often appeared in Shuo Han’s dreams within the last three years. He had a little more influence on him than Shuo Han had previously predicted. And Gu YuMian’s answer was quite unexpected. He raised his eyes and looked straight into those gray-blue eyes, and his lips narrowed into a line.

“Yes. I —” If I want to marry someone, it can only be that person.

The second half of the sentence was too hurtful, he finally stopped. Gu YuMian usually didn’t lie.

It was the same now, so it was not like he was lying that he had someone he liked.

It all happened in a very short time.

Shuo Han looked at Gu YuMian. After realizing this fact, the pheromones surrounding Gu YuMian seemed to be enraged for a moment. The terribly strong mental power even made the indoor glass frost over in early summer.

The electric instrument panel started to flash wildly under the biological wave attack.

But soon they were all forced to recover.

The interior finally returned to silence.

Shuo Han let go. Gu YuMian finally breathe a sigh of relief, and walked to a safe distance.

“I’m sorry,” he said after a moment’s silence, “Your Highness, it’s almost time for the opening ceremony. Let me first…”

Shuo Han interrupted him, deadpan, “Wait, you come here.”

The two people looked at each other for two seconds, Gu YuMian compromised, walked over, and was suddenly dragged impatiently to the bed by his wrist. Gu YuMian’s heart tightened. However, Shuo Han pulled the portable needle that had an omega inhibitor out of his own suitcase.

The young prince, who had just become an adult, lowered his head with a low expression, disinfected the needle and injected Gu YuMian.

The technique was very skilled. It was obvious that it was an injection, but it didn’t hurt much. It was like he had practiced it many times.

“…” Gu YuMian felt extremely embarrassed for a while.

“Is this what you meant by ‘help?’”

Before Shuo Han put him in the corner of the wall and asked him if he wanted help. He said, “I’ll help you.” Gu YuMian thought that he meant to mark him, but he didn’t expect this…

He felt a little bit of guilt.

“No,” Shuo Han said quietly, “I really want to sleep with you.”

Gu YuMian, “…”

Was this an illusion?

Gu YuMian looked at this terrifying little highness who was one year younger than himself, but who was much taller than him.

Shuo Han seemed to like him?

After Gu YuMian left, Shuo Han stayed alone in the dormitory. Instead of picking up his suitcase and sitting on the floor with his long legs, he brought out a picture frame wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap for protection from the suitcase and uncovered it.

In the picture frame was Gu YuMian, who was a child, about seven or eight years old. The round eyed boy leaned against the silver haired prince, who had a somewhat gloomy expression, and bent his eyes to the camera to smile.

He didn’t know why Gu YuMian suddenly had a ‘favorite girl’. Maybe he should call a subordinate to figure it out, but it didn’t seem necessary.

In the past ten years, Shuo Han had been confined in the palace. Every week, all the information and trends about Gu YuMian would be sent to him through the Star Network — Shuo Han had skipped the stalker’s work under the pretext of being engaged.

He had no close contact with any girl, and the closest relationship to a female was only being at the same table in middle school. It was a girl, an omega, who went into heat and soon found her favorite alpha.

Was it an online love? It couldn’t be like that.


I can’t take it.

Shuo Han looked down at the interlaced lines on his palms and thought, Gu YuMian came first, obviously.

It was true that there were people who liked it, and it was true that there were some who didn’t like this marriage custom.

Gu YuMian thought of the ‘girl’ he met when he was a child — she had a pair of grey-blue eyes very similar to Shuo Han, such that when Gu YuMian saw Shuo Han, he would go into a bit of a trance.

However, the girl was also a born aristocrat. It seemed that she was related to the royal family in marriage. It was understandable that she was similar to Shuo Han in appearance.

It was probably when Gu YuMian was eight years old. His father often went to the palace because of some government affairs, and Gu YuMian sometimes went with him. The servant took him to play elsewhere, and then he met the little girl. A little afraid of life, silver hair tied in a little braid, blue eyes that looked at him in panic, and then pretended to inadvertently open his eyes.

The girl seemed to be fostered in the imperial palace. She lived in a large room alone and had no company. No one even helped her comb her long hair, until later, Gu YuMian helped to comb and tie the little girl’s hair.

Besides, she didn’t speak much. She followed Gu YuMian all the time. To be honest, he felt a bit confused at the beginning, but he looked at the child more often and suddenly felt very sorry for her. When she stood alone in the shadow beside the wall and looked at him, there was a feeling that she was holding his heart.

At that age, Gu YuMian had never known love, but he was inexplicably eager to accompany her all the time. It was better to play with puzzles and toys together, even though he didn’t know her name.

Later, he couldn’t get in touch with her anymore. Gu YuMian asked a lot of people to inquire about it. They only knew that there were no girls in the royal family, but in the aristocrats who were related by marriage, girls of this age were basically engaged. Because the photos and personal information of unmarried noble girls couldn’t be transmitted outside easily, Gu YuMian tried hard to describe the girl’s appearance with the contact person. 

The other person’s answer was, “Oh… There seems to be a girl with blue eyes, right? The one with the surname of Blanco and was His Royal Highness, so he stayed in the palace at that time. She’s engaged to the Rhine star family. She’s not very well. When you are older, you will be married. Don’t think about it any more.”

Gu YuMian felt a bit empty, and two or three months later, he was also forced to make a marriage contract, which was proposed by the royal family, and he didn’t know what they were thinking. To find a suitable marriage partner for their little prince, there were many suitable girls, right?


Gu YuMian was completely distracted at the opening ceremony.

However, the silver hair and eyes of that color… It was really a bit too similar. But he really couldn’t think of the lovely and beautiful little girl when he was a child and the little highness… who couldn’t be…


Same evening.

Gu YuMian went to the human rights association after the opening ceremony in the afternoon. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get the result immediately and they asked him to come back after a day. Gu YuMian had been thinking about things and went back to the dormitory with an uneasy feeling.

Shuo Han’s luggage had been roughly sorted out. There was a picture frame on the table that was placed upside down. Gu YuMian subconsciously wanted to reach out and hold it up, but he still didn’t.

There was a clatter in the bathroom.


Gu YuMian turned on the light. He really wanted to ask Shuo Han something. While waiting for him to step out from the bathroom, he absentmindedly looked through the news.

[5% year-on-year increase in new energy price.] Skipped.

[Omega Human Rights Association issued a statement again: Gender equality needs to work together.] Skipped.

[Bless you! The second daughter of the Blanco family married the eldest son of the richest man on the planet Rhine.] Wait.

The two daughters of the Blanco family, the eldest daughter, an alpha, had inherited the family business. If he remembered correctly, the youngest daughter was the ‘first love’ he once met in the palace…

Gu YuMian looked at the photos posted on the news, and the bride in the wedding dress and her blue eyes, smiling happily.

Gu YuMian’s eyes were fixed, and then his brows began to wrinkle.

Not quite right.

She wasn’t it.

The bride had beautiful long white hair, like the snow in winter, which gave people a beautiful and warm feeling. But it wasn’t silver, and if you looked at it carefully, even in the past few years, the profile of her appearance won’t change so much.

The little girl in his memory was clearly that delicate type, a little cold, not close to people

“What’s wrong?”

A warm water drop fell on the back of Gu YuMian’s hand. Gu YuMian suddenly drew his mind from his thoughts and turned to see Shuo Han.

Shuo Han, who had just come out of the bathroom, wiped his hair with one hand and put his hand on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, as if nothing had happened before. He casually looked at Gu YuMian’s light screen.

“Is that who you like?” Even though the sour bubbles in his stomach were spilling out of his throat, Shuo Han lazily commented, “She’s married. I advise Senior to —”

It suddenly stuck.

Gu YuMian suddenly stood up, stood in front of Shuo Han, frowned and looked at his features. Gu YuMian was slightly near-sighted and had not looked carefully before. The more he looked, the more the face in front of him coincided with the picture in his memory until…

Shuo Han was not sure why he let him look.

His hair was dripping with beads of water, and it down his neck, to his collarbone and abdominal muscles. He was a broad, powerful and slender figure. Because he was confused, Shuo Han showed a little different expression.

Gu YuMian, “May I touch your hair?”

Before Shuo Han answered, he touched it. Shuo Han’s hair was short and wet because he just took a bath. At this time, he could just fold his wet hair with his hand and make a small braid.

Ding Dong.

The contours were completely coincidental.

Gu YuMian’s heart was stormy, which could not be expressed in words. Shuo Han was pushed to the table by the steps he took forward, so the little prince reached for Gu YuMian’s back and let him stand in the embrace of his arms.

Shuo Han, “…?”

Gu YuMian took a deep breath, “You… did you have long hair as a child?” 

He vaguely remembered that the clothes style of royal children was more neutral, and there was no big difference between men and women. So what influenced Gu YuMian’s judgment on his gender was Shuo Han’s face and long hair. At first, it was pretty cute and short hair, but later he didn’t cut it either!

“Don’t you like it?” Shuo Han frowned.

The royal tutor was not strict. When Shuo Han was a child, he met Gu YuMian secretly every time. He had to get rid of all the servants and tutors who followed him.

Gu YuMian would braid his hair every day, and although Shuo Han thought it was a little bit impolite… When Gu YuMian did it, he liked it.

It was hard for him to tie a pigtail, take a photo, and then fight for a marriage with Gu YuMian at home. In the end, it was rejected. After three years of texting, he never replied to any of them.

He also stared at other people’s photos on the news with such enthusiasm.

The more Shuo Han thought about it, the more angry he was.


Gu YuMian was quiet for a while before he said, “Engagement…”

Shuo Han looked at him for a moment and called his name, “I didn’t sign your application for cancellation.” 

Gu YuMian, “What?”

The setting sun sprinkled on the ground through the French windows.

Their breaths and heartbeats slowed down to the same pace.

Suddenly, Shuo Han clasped Gu YuMian’s head and kissed him.


Everything after this was still unknown.

Two lovers were just starting out; many words had not been said and many things needed to be done together, but that did not matter.

The only certainty was that in the near future, the names ‘Gu YuMian’ and ‘Shuo Han’ would eventually appear on a wedding invitation together.

…No matter how many times.


The author has something to say:

The extras have finished and the story ends here. Let’s stop here. It’s very complete.

Thanks to everyone’s company, QAQ It still had many shortcomings. Without you, I couldn’t do it. Next, Meow will try to improve herself. I hope that when we meet next time, we can see my progress!

The translator has something to say:

Thank you all for reading this until the end! I know a lot of people were complaining that it had no plot and it was too much fluff, but I still hoped there were a few of you out there that liked it as much as I did! I hope up continue to read all of the novels that our group releases. The next novel that will be released starting Oct. 1st is called Interstellar’s Unmarried First Pregnancy.

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