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Chapter 3: Evil Black Dragon

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Myka wanted to curse, and not just because Sylar had become a giant crocodile.

Myka used to be a battlemage, so he knew a lot about all kinds of adventurers. He knew that druids could become wolves, leopards, and other things, and the more powerful ones could become bears and other things. Sylar could transform into a giant crocodile with a length of twenty feet.

This alone proved that he was actually a very high-leveled druid. There were limits to the ability of these sons of nature to transform, and very few could turn into such a huge creature.

He didn’t know if Morning Mist also knew this, Myka thought as he covered his mouth and opened his eyes to the ‘dragon’, who was adapting to the moving around.

The crocodile crawled forward slowly, and the pressure of this figure was not small. When the black thing lay in front of Myka, Myka almost instinctively wanted to escape. Fortunately, reason controlled his body in time, so he didn’t do such a shameful thing.

“This is… the dragon?” Myka stifled this sentence from his throat.

The crocodile nodded awkwardly…then he shook his head. 

“If the Elven King sees you, won’t he call us liars?”

The crocodile moved its thick legs and scrawled on the mud with the tips of its claws, [The Lansuo Elves have never seen a dragon.]

“Even if they haven’t seen dragons, haven’t they seen crocodiles?”

The crocodile claws continued to write, [Yes, they haven’t really seen them.]

Myka’s forehead and mouth were twitching. The crocodile was humming in place, throwing up its huge tail to its back. Although druids still had their own thinking after they became animals, they couldn’t speak. Because the new vocal cords couldn’t use a human voice.

After the crocodile repeated several movements and kept humming, Myka finally understood what he meant.

“Would you like me to climb up and ride you???”

The crocodile nodded with a grin.

Myka, who got the positive answer, leaned on the rock, covered his face with both hands, and felt grief.

An evil mage who lived in a warehouse and rode a giant crocodile… What was this?!

Myka thought sadly that his mage’s reputation was not so good. It would only get worse and worse…

Climbing up behind the giant crocodile, Myka was carried by the crocodile and ran to the deep forest. He held on to the back of the crocodile, with a face that said he had to die for money.

Myka had ridden a horse, so his skills were average, but after a long time, bumps would be a little uncomfortable. Myka also rode donkeys and cattle. The temporary tutor he met in his study seemed to have ridden a dragon, a real dragon. This was something Myka couldn’t even think of.

Now, pink robed mage Myka lay on the back of a giant crocodile, shuttling through the forest, and heard the sound of various animals howling in panic. He really wanted to laugh at his stupidity. When the elf woman explained this plan, he thought that maybe he had a chance to see a dragon. He never thought it would be this unrealistic fantasy! He thought this hatefully.

Okay… The results were not bad. Myka comforted himself that, in the future, he could say to others, ‘I have ridden a huge crocodile. What’s more, I… I’ve also ridden a druid.’

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, Myka thought of his own business in the city. He thought that people often used ‘riding’ to describe different behavior. He wanted to take a bite of himself and bury his face on the back of the crocodile with frustration and shame.

The crocodile had been galloping in the forest. Myka didn’t know if the animal instinct had taken over. He couldn’t figure out what made this druid willing to participate in such a vulgar deception, let alone what made him so excited.

That afternoon, at dusk. The shadow of the Lansuo Elves gradually disappeared in the forest, and the firefly like light gradually lit up the dark. The castle of the Elven king was a pale gold building surrounded by white poplars. In fact, it was just a small wooden castle, and the golden yellow was the color of the paint.

This castle was smaller than any other castle Myka had ever seen. Any smaller and it could only be called a villa. 

The elf princess often danced her own aerobics on the terrace after supper in the evening. She had been eager to have a moving dance, but no one praised her. The Elven King especially had the soldiers, who usually patrolled nearby, leave. Morning Mist and the two actors were ready for the ambush in the shadow of the trees and waited for the right opportunity.

Myka was very sad. He had only a few simple spells available and was worried that the low-level tricks would not work on the princess. After all, she was also an elf aristocrat, and he didn’t know how old she was. Moreover, if small spells were useless, he couldn’t prepare higher level spells now… because he brought the wrong spell notebook.

But his fears were superfluous.

When the horizon engulfed the sunset, the huge black crocodile carrying the ‘evil mage’ rushed out of the woods and galloped to the terrace where the princess was. The mage managed to bring the princess down with a sleeping spell and took a long time to drag her onto the crocodile.

When the Elven warrior Inkoso arrived, he only found a silk handkerchief left by the princess. Morning Mist and other elves told him that the princess was taken away by an evil mage and black dragon. The mage also said that if he wanted the princess, he needed to fight alone.

Back in the basement, Myka symbolically tied the princess’s wrists with a handkerchief.

“When do you think the soldier will come?” Myka asked the crocodile. The huge crocodile occupied most of the basement, and Myka and the fainted princess were squeezed against the wall.

The crocodile couldn’t speak, and Myka himself said, “This basement is less than a mile from the castle. I think he’ll be here soon.”

In order to create the image of an evil mage, Morning Mist prepared Myka a black robe made of coarse cloth, inlaid with useless fake stones, and stitched it with rough workmanship. Myka was wearing it, and saw his reflection in the eyes of the giant crocodile: black robe and black hair, pale skin and angry eyes. He really looked like an evil mage.

“I don’t know. With my understanding of druids, you shouldn’t be willing to participate in such a stupid thing,” Myka said, leaning against the wall while the crocodile couldn’t speak. “I heard that your kind are very disgusted with arcane mages, and you are not interested in secular people. Why are you so…”

Half-way through his words, the door of the warehouse was pushed open. The Elven warrior, in full armor, stood there panting.

Myka rubbed against the wall and hid behind the giant crocodile for fear that the soldier would charge directly at him.

“What’s the matter with her?” Inkoso asked, looking at Princess Hyacinth near the wall, whose eyes were closed.

Suddenly, Myka was frozen. He was not a bard nor was he that good at acting.

“She’s still alive. She’s just asleep. I…” Myka envied the druid as a crocodile, at least he didn’t have to speak. “Listen, I’m a black mage…”

But Inkoso didn’t seem to care about what he was and was only interested in the huge black crocodile in front of him. “What is this?”

“…An evil black dragon.” Myka replied firmly.

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July 26, 2020 3:48 pm


thank you for the chapter!

crocodiles are actually pretty fast (you can’t outrun them on earth) I thank my survivor guide book for this knowledge

July 27, 2020 3:17 am

I’m rofl-ing at how hilarious this is… and this soldier is more interested in the “evil dragon” than in the princess… XD XD XD

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 3, 2020 10:51 pm

That Inkoso is not that frightened…

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August 19, 2020 1:08 pm

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October 25, 2020 12:40 am

Okey..the embarrassment I felt while reading😂😂goodness

April 18, 2021 12:16 pm

Hilarious! I can see him riding the crocodile with the face he describes lol omg then the image of his business when people say riding lol all for the money lol loving it!

July 29, 2021 1:56 pm

Very funny. I think our Druid has an agenda of his own and my favourite part….
🐊🤠 😆
Thank you for translating.

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