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Chapter 46: Extra One; Hard Time for Two

Translated by Addsi of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Due to the bad spells left by Atan, the fighting capacity of the tundra barbarian tribes had been greatly reduced. In the next few months to a year or two, they would have a hard time. Since that large-scale field of sex, all creatures here – even not limited to human beings – were immersed in the atmosphere of love and color day and night, and always want to mate.

The spell resulted not only in a more chaotic tent, but also in the addition of a number of pregnant women to the tribe… And a number of men who were temporarily unable to resist the enemy due to problems between their legs.

Now that the spells had been removed, they could return to normal life. The barbarian pregnant women thought that more children represented a more powerful force, so they were still looking forward to the birth of these small lives, but some men affected by magic were suffering.

“The three gods…” In the tent where the guests lived, a mage from outside covered his forehead with pain. “I take care of those idiots every day! Those men go too far to close their legs! My spirit is under constant attack!”

Sylar raised the curtain and walked in, two daisies on his head. He just went to the woodland outside the tribe to communicate with wolverine, bear and Linhu nearby.

This tribe was very weak now and lacked fighting ability. In the future, a group of small life groups would face danger at all times when they were born. Sylar seldom interfered with the relationship between human settlements and wild animals, but considering that this situation was caused by Atan, he decided to make allies with the animals and let them take care of the people of the lower tribe in the future.

He came in and, as usual, picked one of the flowers from his head, trying to put it on Myka’s collar.

“No!” The Mage looked at him nervously. “Why don’t you give me a rose? I don’t want to see anything like a Chrysanthemum now!”

“You want roses?” The Druid was crooked.

“Just for example, I didn’t really want roses.” Myka explained. He knew that if he didn’t make it clear, Sylar would really look for roses.

Sylar finds Myka packing and disassembling small things for medicine. “Myka, don’t you need these?” he asked

“Yes, we can almost leave.”

“They… What will happen in the future?”

Myka made a ‘just a moment’ gesture, pasted it to the curtain of the door, saw that there was no barbarian outside, and then went back to Sylar and whispered, “They are fine. These pregnant women are discussing whose children can swing their hatchets in the future. The men… I mean those who are not in good health, they will be fine as long as they have a good rest, at least they have to abstain for several months.”

“I don’t think so,” said Sylar, shaking his head. “Atan’s spell has a hangover. During the affected period, many of them overused their bodies, and now they are a little addicted… “

“Yeah, they’re a little addicted,” Myka said, “so I put something in their food and water.”


“Eating something with GreTai fruit powder for three days in a row will lead to ‘impotence,’” the young pink robed mage pinched a chestnut like object, “The effect will last for about ten days, depending on the purity and dosage of the fruit powder. I also specially made the powder added with magic potion, which can further enhance the effect. In short, in this tribe, no matter whether men or women, will lose their sexual urge for half a year.”

Sylar stared at Myka in amazement, “Sometimes, pink magic is really terrible…”

“Yes, your teacher is terrible.” Myka shrunk, remembering the madman running around without clothes.

It was nearly evening, and they decided to leave the next morning. That night, the barbarians lit a campfire in the glade, singing and dancing in a circle. The elders blessed the pregnant women’s stomachs one by one… The two external mages rest in the tent, listening to the roaring songs from afar.

“Sylar, did you say something?” Myka held the book in front of the permanent lamp, and his brow slightly quivered. Behind him, the druid was putting his hands around Myka’s waist and chin on his shoulder.

When Sylar reached over, Myka didn’t respond at all. They were getting used to intimate little actions.

Sylar did not read the book in Myka’s hand, but rubbed Myka’s neck and shoulder with his chin, and brushed his earlobe with the tip of his nose. He sometimes tightened his arms, sometimes relaxed, feeling the body under the soft robe… From this point of view, Myka couldn’t see Sylar’s expression. In fact, Sylar’s face was as red as his hair now.

“…Did you want to say something?” Myka asked again.

Sylar liked to do something quietly, which was very disturbing.

“I want to kiss you.” Sylar said firmly.


“You asked me to say…” Sylar’s voice was muffled.

He has always been very bad at ‘asking’ people in language, so he followed Myka for a long time, rather than directly standing up to talk, so he would quietly take Myka from the hostel to the gekory tundra 800 miles away in the middle of the night.

Myka also gradually learned that Sylar had been in the forest and wilderness for a long time and had unusual ideas.

When the mage tried to find a ‘handsome and mature looking’ answer, he was lifted up and Sylar asked him to sit on his knee without speaking again and raised his head to kiss his lips.

Sylar liked kissing, which made him feel very reassured. Not only that, he also liked Myka’s fingers. In the following nine years, every time he saw Myka casting, he was more attentive to observation, so now he also liked to hold Myka’s hand in his.

As soon as they fell on the cushions in the tent, their lips just parted and stuck together.

Sylar inadvertently recalled that he started to imagine the current scene in the first few years of tracking. Now he felt his heart beating fast, and he could even hear Myka ‘s at the same time. He couldn’t remember what year it was, except that every time he became a cat or guinea pig and secretly climbed on Myka’s pillow, he secretly thought about it.

Myka looked like he wanted to talk. Sylar decided not to give him the chance, because Sylar would be embarrassed when he talked.

At this time, a scream came from far away from the camp. Sylar and Myka sit up in surprise and hear the following:

“No! The pig is on fire! The grass is on fire!”

“Madame chief! The chief’s wife is on fire!”

“Jump into the river! Jump into the river!”

Sylar looked at the light outside the tent and quickly jumped up and ran to the place where the barbarians gathered. After Myka calmed down, he touched his face to see if he was too red and clumsy… Before his heartbeat calmed down, a more shrill cry came:

“Mage help! Mage, come and help! Alitos has a stomachache!”

Myka painfully wiped her face and muttered, “I’m almost becoming a priest of the temple of the day…” and hurried out.

The druid was good at saving woodland, but a mage was good at helping pregnant women. Fortunately, she was not giving birth but they were busy all night. At dawn, a tent was full of tired people lying inside and outside. Sylar and Myka also took the opportunity to sleep for a while and prepare to leave in the morning.

In the afternoon after leaving the barbarian settlement, Sylar and Myka walked in the woods. They were going to Fir town to buy some travel necessities.

When Myka agreed to travel together, Sylar was so excited that he forgot to wear flowers for several days, which was unusual for him. The excitement subsided, and now something new was in his mind – something that almost happened last night.

Although they were very busy later, the atmosphere before… Even if Sylar was no longer far away from ordinary society, he could see what the atmosphere was like. If it wasn’t for the barbarian bonfire rally, he and Myka might have…

Thinking of this, he looked up at the sunlight leaking from the cracks in the tree and asked gloomily, “Myka, do you think it’s good that Axtus is here?”

“What?” Myka looked at him strangely. Axtus, the bear ally, also looked askew at the Druid.

Myka thought for a moment, and said, “Axtus looks very intimidating, and will certainly keep other beasts away.”

Sylar nodded and said a few syllables to the bear. The bear ran away happily.

“What’s the matter?” Myka asked.

“You’re quite right,” said Sylar, wringing his fingers and looking shyly at Myka. “I told him to be on alert.”

“Alert?” Myka looked around and saw no danger.

When he looked back, he found that Sylar came over with a small, twisting step and hit him on the tree trunk with a strong body and an advantageous height.

“Damn it!” Myka whispered.

Sylar looked at him innocently, as if he was afraid of his unhappiness. “I’m just shocked,” Myka explained. “What you’re doing is like what I did in the magic box, but — “

However, in the magic box, the one who bumped people into trees or walls would not be so shy! You look so weird! Myka didn’t have time to say the second half.

As always, Sylar felt that closing his eyes and kissing would end his shyness, so he did it quickly.

Myka was heavier than he thought. At first, he thought that the youth wrapped in loose robes would be as light as a deer. Still, Sylar easily hugged Myka, picked him up, and leaned close to the trunk, supporting the mage’s weight with his legs and hips.

Between kisses, Myka secretly opened his eyes to look at Sylar, and whispered, “You know, you always look so shy that I’m embarrassed!”

“Embarrassed that I’m shy?” Sylar tilted his head. “It seems to be a contradiction… In fact, you should know what I mean, with your industry…”

“Industry belongs to industry! I’ve never been married!” Myka didn’t want to be too blunt.

“I’ve never been married, either,” Sylar said seriously, “but I know when sexually mature male mammals get excited…”

“Shut up!”

Because he didn’t want to hear some disgusting metaphors, Myka took the initiative to hold Sylar’s face and kiss him. At first, Sylar was stiff. He didn’t know how determined Myka was to do it.

It was a great way to block one’s partner’s mouth with a kiss. They could not only listen to less blushing words, but also show ability.

Sylar himself didn’t wear any complicated clothes. When he untied Myka’s belt with one hand, a bunch of bags and bottles on the mage made a clanging sound. He carefully put these things aside and tore away the dark red robe.

Sylar instinctively sucked the mage’s neck and thought that if it was last night, after all, there were soft cushions and blankets in the tent… They turned around and fell on the dead leaves on the ground, just as they had seen the rainbow in the sewage after the debris flow. They couldn’t help laughing at the same time.

However, the next second their smile disappeared.

Fortunately, they left the trunk of the tree – Axtus howled and ran in at full speed, then rolled and got up again. Behind him was an angry female bear and two ungainly cubs who learned to roar.

The mother bear looked at the druid, and they seemed to be able to communicate with each other in a special language. She seemed to say, “It’s none of your business. Go on, I’m going to beat that bear!”

Then she continued ferociously at Axtus, who turned and ran. Dressed in a mess, Sylar and Myka scrambled to their feet, picking up things and chasing the two bears.

Axtus was chased all the way to the edge of the pool, and Sylar rushed to appease the female bear in time. It seemed that it was because Axtus broke into her territory and made her feel threatened with her cubs… Angry mothers were terrible.

When Sylar started to guide the bear mother and sons, Myka put on his clothes and sighed to caress and comfort Axtus. Now he has a good relationship with the bear. The bear didn’t reject his touch at all.

Finally, the female bear was ready to leave. Before leaving, she did not forget to roar at Axtus. He did not show weakness either. He raised his forelimbs and stood up to roar at her.

It ended with a tragic scene: Myka was frightened by the bear’s sudden action and wanted to retreat, but because the robe was half hung on his body, he accidentally stepped on the hem, stumbled to the ground – and then smoothly plopped down into the pool.

The bear and Sylar jumped down to catch him. Sylar quickly hugged Myka and grabbed the rock, while Axtus, the bear, happily caught a fish.

Since he didn’t finish what he wanted to do last night, Sylar was depressed, but he didn’t want to show it. He knew Myka was in a worse mood when he rolled into the pool.

“Myka, I want to ask you a question…” On the way to Fir Town, Sylar lowered his head again.

Because he often began with this sentence, Myka answered casually, “I know what you’re going to ask. I can accept you. I didn’t reject you. I don’t mind being scared into the water by the bear… “

“No, no, I don’t want to ask that.”

“What is that…?”

Sylar said solemnly, “Ao you know that spell, that is… A room formed by spells, with solid walls and secret locks, and magic alarms at the entrance and exit…”

“I know that spell,” Myka shook his head, “but I can’t cast it. Now I’m not a battle mage. I’ve been living in a safe place. I seldom study the things used for marching and fighting. Why do you ask?”

Sylar shrunk his neck and shook his head, saying it was nothing.

In the evening, because Sylar kept rubbing the corner of his cape, Myka looked at it and felt numb, so he reached for his hand. Myka felt the druid’s arm and said, “I’m really moved. I’m also a mage. Why is the son of nature so strong?”

He din’t know what’s wrong with this sentence. Sylar blushed and hugged Myka fiercely – a few minutes later, there was a fierce howl in the woods. Two people who were dizzy and turning to unbutton immediately woke up.

An owl came from the woods and circled anxiously.

The first time was a fire caused by the barbarians. The second time was that Axtus was chased by the female bear. Now it was the owl came to report that a boa constrictor tiger was suffering from dystocia, the ethnic group was in chaos, and there were a large number of orcs outside trying to find trouble for them… The druid didn’t have time to put on his clothes. He followed the owl with an oak stick and went into the forest at dusk.

For a high-level druid like Sylar, it didn’t take much time to deal with those troubles. After taking care of everything, he and Myka finally arrived in Fir town before midnight.

After the hotel checked them in, Sylar slipped out to settle things with his bear, Myka made a little move in the room.

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