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Chapter 7: Someone is Looking for a Pink Robed Mage

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


From afternoon to night, Myka received several more customers.

Some bought aphrodisiac with phantom effects, some bought simulation objects with constant magic, and some consulted the cost of door-to-door casting. Myka not only sold products, but also directly cast spells within the scope of service for customers, or went to a nearby place for door-to-door practice.

For example, a tavern owner paid Myka to perform regional magic, keeping her bedroom in a soothing and sweet hypnotic zone all night long, and she intended to seduce her increasingly cold husband; a farmer came to ask if magic could be used for animals, because his livestock could never give birth; the son of a squire, every other day or two, asked Myka to cast a ‘dream’ spell on him. It was a simple trick in pink magic and could make the other party have a beautiful and complete spring dream with real senses when they fell asleep.

At night, a man in leather knocked on Myka’s door. He was there to deliver goods and bring the materials Myka wanted to buy. Myka was holding a hideous simulation object, detecting and checking the additional magic… It made the delivery merchant blush, but Myka didn’t care.

No matter what kind of people they were in life, pink robed mages would not be shy when facing commodities and magic, just as how the Necromancers themselves had not died once, but were not afraid of skeletons and corpses.

Two years ago, Myka attended a little gathering for pink robed mages. Those people gathered in a basement late at night to exchange academic issues seriously. It was really serious. Just as mages studied magic and necromancers exchanged evil materials, they were also talking about magic and casting skills… However, perhaps due to the particularity of pink magic, their party needed to be more secretive than necromancers.

Since they would hold strange items to talk about how to keep different kinds of spells constant, call on evil and beautiful creatures in different worlds to observe them, let this creature have a relationship with voluntary subjects, and record the details of such calls… Occasionally, several female mages talked about ways to deal with stomach pain during special times.

In a word, their gathering would be full of weird groans and words that couldn’t be read out at will. If people who didn’t know about it walked in at this time, they would feel that pink mage’ gatherings were where they did dirty things.

In fact, mages didn’t have anything to do with each other at the gatherings. What they were interested in was how to improve magical objects, how to make a certain spell more effective, rather than other people’s bodies. This didn’t mean that they didn’t have lovers of their own, but they didn’t easily disrupt the research atmosphere.

Commodities were one thing, and lovers were another.

Myka began to test the magic box, which only made a gasp. The merchant waiting for the money finally couldn’t bear it. He decided to say something to ease the embarrassment, he said, “Have you heard that something happened to Mage Alva recently?”

“Alva?” Myka knew the name. This was a mage who invented many strange things.

“He was invited to a Necromancer’s house to practice. The evil guy said that he hoped Mage Alva would summon a slave with a sense of personality to entertain him for a few hours.” Merchants spread not only goods, but also the anecdotes and gossip from all over the place. “What do you think of the result? The necromancer was looking at Alva! You know, Alva is an elf. He’s beautiful.”

“And then?” Myka was concerned about this topic. In the past, there had been many cases of pink robed mage’s being harassed by customers during door-to-door services, especially female mages or beautiful mages. The cautious and gentle, not too glamorous type like Myka, were not bothered like this.

The merchant said vividly, “With attack magic, it seemed that the elf couldn’t compare with the necromancer, but the elf was ready! There was a knight following him outside! As soon as he sent the signal, the man rushed in to find him, but the necromancer didn’t take any advantage of him. Say, I met Mage Alva at your mage gathering. At that time, his lover was still a young elf, so he changed lovers quickly. Are you all good at this? I’m sure someone will say he used pink magic.”

“Don’t say that. It’s disrespectful to cast spells on people.”

“These are not attack spells anyway.”

“That’s not good,” Myka explained. “If you’re on your way, and a mage turns into a moth, or even a mist, follows you home, watches you eat, bathe, and sleep… He didn’t attack you either. Do you think that’s good?”

The merchant nodded, “Ah, I see. It’s really scary.”

He didn’t know Myka said what was in his heart using his lungs, because this mage was worrying all day.

After a while, the merchant urged, “Is that everything? Come on, I have to get out of town.” 

“Going out of town so late? I thought you were going to stay in the hotel for one night?” Myka questioned.

“I’m going to Berry Village to do something,” said the merchant, taking Myka’s money and packing up his backpack. “I can’t stop for a day.”

Myka knew that Berry Village was in the northwest corner of this city, and there were overlapping roads from here. If it was the past, this road would be very safe. There were no robbers or villains lusting for profit. But recently, there were goblins wandering outside the city. They couldn’t be caught or killed.

Myka told the merchant to be careful. He had better go to the pub and hire a bodyguard.

When leaving the shop, the merchant turned around and asked, “Mage, you can close the shop now and go back. We can go the same way. If there are goblins, won’t you have spells that can scare them away?”

“No, I have a customer who asked me to do magic for him,” Myka said sadly. “Consider my advice and hire a bodyguard. It’s just a short walk so it won’t cost too much money. There are often people willing to take business in the two pubs in the city.”

The merchant lifted his mouth and didn’t say yes or no.

After sending him off, Myka took out his backpack, and put in the powder bottle that he would take home to handle slowly. After that, he left his backpack on one side of the chair, while waiting for the appointed customer.

The little grey mouse climbed up nimbly along the leg of the chair and crept into his backpack.

After a short wait, the customer arrived. After Myka finished casting for him, he arranged his belongings and left the shop. After the store was locked, he looked left and right at the entrance of the alley and saw that there were no birds or any small animals nearby, so he walked out at ease.

Due to the goblins, Myka was very careful today. Halfway through, Kokona came running… Well, the Druid said her name was Lucy, so Myka changed her name. The dog circled him a few times, barking and running forward and back again. Myka seemed to think she was worried, as if she was anxious to take him somewhere.

So he followed the dog and quickened his pace.

When he was about to go around the orchard, he heard a lot of noise and saw a fire in the small village. He was startled, and ran quickly. Suddenly, a man jumped out of the grass and threw Myka to the ground.

Myka almost recited a incantation. Fortunately, he saw who it was in time. It was Pilak, the village guard.

“Don’t go!” The young man was ashen and anxious.

“What’s the matter?” Myka was dragged by him to the grass.

Pilak looked back at the village and said sadly, “Mage, listen to me, there were more goblins than we thought.”


“Before, there were many goblins wandering around, but they were defeated by us every time. Moreover, they never dared to attack, only steal or rob the single travelers… It was just a cover!” Pilak said, “They… A large group of evil creatures have been stationed here for a long time. They sent some goblins to harass us every day, but they couldn’t even be considered a threat. I’m afraid they were trying to make us used to their existence and have us relax our vigilance! Today, the patrol team saw them on the road, but they did not expect… This time, a large number of ‘things’ lurked around the village, surrounded and attacked us…”

“Things? What things?” Myka looked at the village and seemed to hear some strange language shouting in the distance.

“I don’t know! In addition to goblins, there are orcs and, and there is a very tall, strong and terrible thing! I don’t know…” Pilak’s lips trembled as he spoke. He was just a young guard and had not seen many battles.

Myka guessed that the tall and strong things he mentioned might be ogres or trolls. But those things were usually driven away from human settlements. If they attacked a village, they would find a place where there could rob caravans all year round, which were easy targets.

“Myka, come with me,” Pilak said, cradling Myka’s arm and going in the opposite direction. “The captain set up a little trick to let me out. I have to go to the city and inform the Knights. Only they can deal with so many enemies.”

“Is anyone dead?” Myka asked.

Pilak’s expression twisted, “Several soldiers are injured… God, fortunately, they didn’t start to slaughter on a large scale.”

But Myka was confused. As far as he knew, those who were naturally evil would not feel pity and leave people unharmed.

“What do they want?” Myka asked, “Do they want this season’s food? Or gold?”

Pilak just grabbed Myka and walked on, not answering. Myka broke away from his grasp and repeatedly asked, “What are they going to do? Tell me, I might be able to figure something out. I used to be a battle mage!”

The young man shook his head and said, “Well… The monster’s leader said that their king wanted to find the village’s pink robed mage.”


The author has something to say:

Our Druid has to stay dormant for a while, I hope you don’t miss him too much… 

By the way, the goblins didn’t leave, and now they came out; so now it has to be said that the Elven village head in front of their home hasn’t left either… 

Myka is a little hard to describe… He is a very respectful and peaceful man, but he runs a very shameless business. The contrast is very difficult to make… 

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August 3, 2020 10:12 pm

Thank you for the chapter!!!
Bwahahahaha even evil creatures are looking for a pink robed mage… XD rofl! Well, Myka, what are you going to do? Oh I sooo want to read the next chapter!!!

August 3, 2020 11:29 pm

I wonder if Sylar took notice of Mika’s words about how scary is if someone is secretly watching you.
He went in Mika’s backpack, so I guess he didn’t get the hint.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 4, 2020 8:21 am

pink robed mages seems to be a popular job hm? (tho nobody wants to admit it)

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I wonder why they are looking for him! His friend is already in his backpack omg lol ready to help him I hope lol

July 29, 2021 3:27 pm

I wouldn’t call his business shameless; it fulfills needs and can bring happiness with his spells (like the cows).
This sounds bad… come back Druid, all is forgiven!
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