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Chapter 44

Although Nan Ge Er had temporarily dealt with Mo Shu by ‘sacrificing his body’, he still couldn’t guarantee when Mo Shu would change his mind, or get carried away by impulses and do something to him. Hence, after placating Mo Shu, he went outside to gather information.

After all, he was Prince Li previously. Even if his powers as a prince had been stripped bare, and he had left Bei Jun five to six years ago, he still naturally had the means to gather information.

Today, the moment Mo Shu woke up, he heard that Nan Ge Er had gone out. Becoming uninterested in doing anything at once, he spent the whole afternoon zoning out on the bed-stove.

Of course, he didn’t wish to restrict Nan Ge Er from moving around. It was simply because Nan Ge Er usually was someone he could get to see whenever he wanted, so he found it unbearable and uncomfortable when Nan Ge Er wasn’t in his sight all of a sudden.

Moreover, they had just moved a step forward yesterday, hadn’t they? Why can Xiao Nan just go out so quickly today? And without any reluctance at all!

This bit of awareness further dampened his mood.

Initially, when he returned from a stroll outside early in the morning, he would definitely be able to look at Nan Ge Er’s sleeping face. If he was lucky, he could touch or kiss him too.

Furthermore, he came back feeling jubilant today.

In the end, not a single soul could be seen when he returned to his room.

Thus, with his joy turned into gloom, he dazed on the bed-stove dumbly as he waited for Nan Ge Er’s return.

Actually, even if Nan Ge Er was out, reports of Nan Ge Er’s whereabouts still came to him unceasingly, so he wouldn’t really need to be deeply anxious for him.

Nonetheless, knowing was one matter; not personally seeing him was yet another matter.

Anyway, Mo Shu just felt uneasiness and discomfort all over in the room, wanting to simply get out and find him.

However, he also understood, since Nan Ge Er didn’t invite him along, it definitely meant that he had something he must finish up alone. Therefore, he would be a distraction to Nan Ge Er instead if he went with him.

Which was why he had no choice but to sit by idly, while making continual guesses in his heart about what exactly Nan Ge Er was doing, and if he got cold. He heard that Nan Ge Er went out without having his breakfast too, so he wondered if he had eaten anything nutritious outside.

All sorts of thoughts filled his mind. In any case, he was just preoccupied, remaining in his absent-minded state even when others came over to discuss matters with him.

Consequently, everyone stopped going over as well, leaving him to his conflicted self there.

Nevertheless, though Mo Shu was able to bear with it for a moment, once noon passed, he got down from the bed-stove and started circling the house—he really wanted to find him.

Still, he didn’t want to upset Nan Ge Er, so he could only keep on pacing around as an attempt to reduce the worries in his heart.

However, when it was nearing dinner time, someone came over to report, stating that Nan Ge Er seemed to be planning to return, as he had hired a carriage and was heading toward this direction.

After hearing that, Mo Shu became energetic in an instant, going out once he draped on a cloak.

He stood by the door to wait for his arrival.

In about an hour’s time, a horse carriage stopped over, and its curtain was lifted open. A few people from the residence who accompanied Nan Ge Er went out first. Following next, Nan Ge Er, with his body covered with a thick fur coat, poked his head out.

He seemed to feel a little cold as he clutched his own hands. He only got down the carriage after breathing out some hot air to his hands.

Once he got off, his hands were grabbed by someone else’s immediately.

Fuzzy warmth transferred over from that person’s hands.

He lifted his head, smiling at Mo Shu, “Why did you come out?”

“I was waiting for you here.” Mo Shu answered with a smile as well. Noticing Nan Ge Er’s pale face, he reached over to stroke on his face as he frowned, “It’s so cold; let’s get in quickly.” He escorted him back to the house while having quite a few people gathering by them, shielding them from the wind.

As Nan Ge Er wasn’t too fond of the cold, a fire was lit in their room at practically every single hour. A wave of warm air breezed by them once they got in.

This caused a slight discomfort to Nan Ge Er, who was outside the whole day. With a buzz, his head started aching up. He instinctively shrank his body, before raising his hand to rub his temple.

Mo Shu slowed his footsteps when he saw Nan Ge Er’s actions. Likewise, he lifted his hand to help him while using a little internal energy.

With the help of Mo Shu, Nan Ge Er felt much better.

When they entered their room, Mo Shu let Nan Ge Er get on the bed-stove, before helping him to wipe his hands, pour tea, and retrieve the heater…

Finally, after busying around for a moment, Mo Shu went on the bed-stove as well, accompanying Nan Ge Er.

He didn’t ask Nan Ge Er why he was out. He just grabbed onto his hands, asking usual questions like if he was cold or hungry.

Nan Ge Er sighed, shifting his face towards Mo Shu’s.

“What is it?” Noticing how Nan Ge Er was looking at him, Mo Shu asked.

Recently, Nan Ge Er realized, although Mo Shu normally adopted an indifferent appearance, in truth, Mo Shu’s emotions could still be determined by his tone and the way he spoke. Currently, Mo Shu was slightly perplexed.

“Aren’t you curious about why I went out?” Nan Ge Er asked him while chuckling.

Mo Shu was surprised for a bit, before telling Nan Ge Er the information passed to him by his subordinates today. He queried after that, “Aren’t these the places you went?”

Nan Ge Er had no intentions of hiding it from Mo Shu either. Besides, there wasn’t anything worth hiding anyway. Thus, he didn’t find anything wrong when he heard Mo Shu telling him the locations he went. He nodded, “Aren’t you curious why I went there?”

Mo Shu was stunned briefly once he heard Nan Ge Er’s question, “Then, why did you go there?”

From his expression and tone, his total lack of curiosity was obvious…

Black lines fell on Nan Ge Er’s head. What is with that tactful tone of yours?!

“I am curious.” Perhaps Mo Shu realized something wrong with Nan Ge Er’s expression, so he emphasized.

Nan Ge Er got even more dispirited, as he waved his hands, “Whatever, you don’t have to force yourself.” Why in the world do you make it as if I have a strong desire to perform and tell it to you?!

Nan Ge Er’s expression amused Mo Shu. He reached out and rubbed his head, “As compared to those trivial matters, I’m more concerned about you getting cold outside and if you had a proper lunch.”

“It isn’t trivial at all, alright?” Nan Ge Er’s face had black lines plastered on it—You totally focused on the wrong things, ok? ”Aren’t you afraid I will do something harmful to Guang Tian? Aren’t you scared that I might harbor evil intentions?”

Mo Shu smiled, “That isn’t important.”

… Those aren’t as important as me having my meals? What in the world are you thinking?

Noting Nan Ge Er’s lips twitching, Mo Shu had no choice but to express his desire to know again, “Then, why did you go there?”

“I’m not telling anymore!” Nan Ge Er turned his head, giving a tsundere attitude.

Mo Shu chuckled as he looked at Nan Ge Er’s peeved expression, “Alright. I’m not curious about what you do outside because I don’t think you would do anything bad.” He cuddled Nan Ge Er’s shoulders, muttering, “Because my Xiao Nan is a well-behaved child, with a ferocious tongue but a heart of gold.” He continued after a pause, “You don’t have to be troubled if something is bothering you. Once things turn sour, I’ll settle it immediately. No matter what it is.”

Mo Shu tone was rather proud, but the thing that demoralized Nan Ge Er was, he realized he actually was unable to question what he said.

Indeed, a phrase describes this well. In front of absolute power, every strategy devised is all a mere paper tiger, isn’t it?

Nan Ge Er felt weaker and weaker all of a sudden

As expected, I’m not on the same level as these guys. Why exactly did I mingle with these people?! I’m just inviting contempt to myself by doing so!

The slight gloominess he felt when he just returned had already vanished far away. Now, only a stomach full of diss was inside Nan Ge Er.

“Xiao Nan.” Mo Shu stroked his hair, whispering in a seemingly coaxing tone, “Then, why not tell me why you went out?”

Nan Ge Er turned his head to look at Mo Shu, speechless for a while.

“Hm?” As Mo Shu didn’t detect any reply from Nan Ge Er, he tilted his head.

A tuft of hair, following his movements, landed on Nan Ge Er’s cheeks.

Nan Ge Er reached his hands out instinctively, clutching on that glossy, soft, raven hair. After musing for some time, he still didn’t return those strands to him.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Shu didn’t pull his hair away from Nan Ge Er’s hands. Besides, truthfully, Nan Ge Er’s willingness to touch him was precisely something he longed for. Hence, he simply lowered his head more, almost about to rub Nan Ge Er’s face.

Mo Shu’s breath on Nan Ge Er’s face dragged him back to his senses. He glanced at Mo Shu and let out a sudden chuckle, before pulling the springy hair in his hand, “You truly are a pig.”

“Huh?” Mo Shu was a little startled, having no idea why Nan Ge Er would come into such a conclusion.

He believes me wholeheartedly, without minding what I’ve done, or worried if I will harm him. Instead, he will worry about me not taking good care of myself. What else is he if he isn’t a pig?

However, Nan Ge Er only laughed as a reply, without giving any explanations.

If you attack me with your sharp claws, I will definitely handle it with ease; but if you reveal the softest heart to me, I’m unable to be unmoved. Now, I’m willing to believe a certain thing I’ve lost long ago again.

That thing Prince Li threw away will be picked up again by Nan Ge Er now.

He finally released those strands of hair he gripped tightly after a moment of chuckling. He turned his head to Mo Shu, “Well, I went outside to find out information about Bei Jun’s king today.”


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