STSC Chapter 44

STSC Chapter 44

Chapter 44


Nans Ge Ers temporarily moved to Mo Shu, but Mo Shu changed his mind or took an impulse, doing something with her, “He has not yet been guaranteed by sacrificing his body. Therefore, after Mo Shu iterations, he went out to gather information. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

First, he was Lee. Even if his power as a prince was wasted, he left Bei June five or six years ago, but he still had the means to get information.

When Mo Shu woke up today, he heard that Nan Ge Er left. I’m not interested in doing something at the same time, he lay in bed all afternoon.

Of course, he did not want to restrict the movement of Nan Ge Er. When Nana Ge Er suddenly appeared, Nana Ge Er was usually just because he could not see whenever he wanted, It was unbearable and unpleasant.

In addition, they step forward. Why is Shao Nang coming out so early today? And without hesitation!

This conscience strengthened his soul.

At first, when I retired early in the morning, he could always see Maguela Naguela’s face. If he was happy he could touch him and kiss him.

In addition, he retires today.

After all, I did not see any soul returning to the room.

So glad he slept in bed, reaching Nan Ge Er.

Of course, even though Nan Ge Er left, he did not always have to worry about him, because he always had a report on the location of Nana Ge Er.

But knowing that it was a thing. His viewing in person was another thing.

In any case, Mo Shu just wanted to go and find him, he was distressed and angry throughout the room.

But he also saw that Nan Ge Er did not call him together, which, of course, meant that he had something he had to complete himself. So he’ll be Nan Ge Era’s Guide, not to go with him.

For this reason, he sat in a badly collapsed position, but he always kept in mind what Ge Ge did and whether he calmed down. When he heard that Nan Ge Er had gone without breakfast, he asked if he was eating anything nutritious.

All thoughts satisfied their heart. In any case, he was only worried and unconscious, even when another person came to talk about the problem with him.

As a result, everyone stopped crossing where they came to their conflict.

Mo Shu could not endure for a while, but after noon he had fallen off the bed of a stove and began to surround the house, he was really looking for him.

However, he did not want to make Nan Ge Ers uncomfortable, so he had to continue his attempt to curtail jealousy in his heart.

However, when it was vespermanĝanta, he reported, said that Nana Ge Er seems to have returned, because someone had hired a wagon and went in that direction, reported and met.

When he heard Mo Shu worked immediately and went outside knocking on the coat.

He stood at the door to wait for his arrival.

After a few hours, the horse stopped and the curtain rose. First came the nas Ge Era living room. Next, Nange El lifted his head, his body covered with thick skin.

It seems he was a little cold when he held his hand. He blew a hot air in his hand and knocked a wagon.

As soon as he came out, his arm immediately forced the opponent.

Blurred fever that was moved in this person’s hand.

He lifted his head, laughing Mo Shu, “Why did you leave?”

“I was waiting for you here.” Mo Shu replied with a smile again. He said: “make us crazy soon. It’s so cold,” focusing his forehead on the pale face of er Ge Nan while fruncis, he, he met the blow of the face to protect them, I brought him home with small people to would be coming from the wind

The cold is not cold, but the bonfire is illuminated about an hour in the room. Hot air waves with which they went came.

It gave a bit of a nuisance to Nan Ge Er, who was out today. With the juice began to gather his head. After instinctive cutting his body, he lift his hand and rub the temple.

Mo Shu delayed walking when he saw Nan Ge Er’s behavior. He also raised his hands to help him with a little inner energy.

With Mo Shu, Nan Ge Er felt better.

When they arrived in their room, Mo Shu, he poured the tea that was gluing into his hands and, before helping him recover the fever, Nan Ge Er was injected into the boot. As it is …

Finally, for a while, Mo Shu went to bed with Nan Ge Er.

He did not ask Nan Ge Er why he did not appear. He simply took his hand, looked for the usual question as if he were cold or hungry.

Nan Ge Er breathed in and shifted his face to Mo Shu.

“What are you?” Pointing out that Nan Ge Er had seen him, Mo Sue was asked.

Mo Shu usually took an indifferent look, in fact, Mo Shu’s feelings can still determine his shade and the way he spoke, but recently Nan Ge Er, I pointed out. Mo Shu is getting a little worse now.

“Why did I go?” She cried, asked Nan Ge.

Mo Shu was a little surprised today before telling Nan Ge Er what he was doing. He asked later: “Is there no place where you went?”

Nan Ge did not plan to conceal it from Mo Shu. Moreover, it was not worth it at all. So when I heard Mo Shu tell him the place where he went to him, he could not find anything wrong. He nodded to his head. “Why do not you have to worry about what I went there for?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Mo Shu listened to Nan Ge Era and asked, “Why do you go there?

In his expression and position, his lack of interest was evident …

The black line fell to Nan Ge Er’s head. What is right for such a right?

“It’s curious to me that perhaps he underlined that Mo Sue realized that there was something wrong with Nan Ge Er’s statement.

Nangage pulled her hand further, and it worsened. “You do not have to press yourself something, then why would you do it in the world, as if you really wanted to do it?

Nan Ge Era made her a lover of Mo Shu. He said: “I’m cold outside of you, you care when you have a good lunch, compared to these trivial things.” Go out and scratch your head

“It’s not a pity, is it?” The Nan Ge Face has a black line – you’re totally focused on the mistake. “You are not afraid, will I do something harmful to Hiroshima? Are not afraid of abuse?”

Mo Shu smiled: “It’s not a problem.

… Is not that as important as my food? What do you think about the world?

Focusing on Ahn’s lips in Nana, Mo Shui did not have to express a desire to find out again: “Why did you come here?”

“I did not say that anymore!” Nangges also shook his head and looked.

He saw the expression of Nan Ge Ming Shu Er, the gradient of Shu, “Everything is fine. I have no question what you are doing that I do something wrong because I do not think so.” He whispered by assigning Nan Ge Er Er “My Shao Nang is a savage language, a golden heart, a sweet little child.” He continued after a break, “If something interrupts you, you do not have to worry – if things get sweet, I’ll install it no matter what”

I was a little proud of Mo’s tone, but I noticed that while doing Ge Er in the second half, I could not doubt what he said.

In fact, I explained well with the sentences. Before absolute force, is each strategy designed exclusively for paper tigers, right?

Nan Ge suddenly felt weak and weak

As I expected, I’m not at the same time with these people. Why am I confused with these people at all? I will only call to despise myself!

He’s a little sorrow when he just came back, it’s gone. Now Nan Ge Er has missed the stomach.

Shao Nang Mo Sue whispered with a bold voice, grasping the hairs. “So why did you say why you did not tell me?”

Nangu turned his head to see Mo Shu from time to time without speech.

“Huh?” Mo Shu did not find the answer from Nan Ge Er, so he bends his head.

The total number of hair after this movement reached Nan Ge Er’s cheek.

Nan Gale instinctively took his hand and threw his head in the air cool and cool. After a while, he has not yet returned to that side.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Shu does not hide his hair from Nan Ge Er’s hands. Moreover, the real desire to touch him was exactly what he wanted. Therefore, he only scratched Nan Ge Er’s face and almost got his head.

Mo Shu’s Nan Ge Er took his breath away. He saw Mo Shu and suddenly jumped before he tightened his hair on his hands: “You’re really a pig.”

“You did it?” Mo Shu was called many times without knowing why Nan Ge Er came to this conclusion.

He does not think what I do and I do not worry, I fully believe in myself if I hurt him. Instead, he will take care of me that he does not care about himself. If he does not have a pig that is still there except him?

However, Nan Ge Er only laughed as a response without explaining anything.

If you strike me with a sharp nail, I’ll definitely make it easy. If you find a heart to a lover, I can not keep it constant. Now I’m ready to believe what I’ve lost for a long time.

In this case, Prince Lee was released but this time Nangé would take over.

He finally released the thread of hair and fell safely after some time. He changed his head to Mo Shu: “Well, today I went out to find information about the king of Bei Jun” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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    1. I’m guessing it’s because people born under the year of the pig in the Chinese zodiac are considered loyal, generous, truthful, sincere, and understanding while also being naive, gullible, and self-indulgent. (≧▽≦)

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