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Chapter 67: Let Me Take Care Of You

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The atmosphere inside the lighthouse was extremely odd.

Gu Ting Yu was asleep inside the shell and Nian Xing was sitting next to it, staring at a fat, green-headed fish intently. Talk about bad luck; this poor fish was the daughter of the green-headed tribe’s leader, she’d swim freely in the vast sea every day, but today for some reason the sea was suddenly frozen in an instant. Just when the fish thought she was dead for sure, a flash of white light passed by, the ice then melted and just like that, her beautiful and tiny self was kidnapped.

Nian Xing held the fish up and slowly delivered it to his mouth.

The green-headed fish struggled fiercely, “Ahh… Goodbye my lovely ocean, goodbye my dear parents and relatives, goodbye the annual green-headed tribe beauty pageant. Ahh, I’m going to be eaten now…”

Nian Xing closed his eyes, the fish closed hers, and then—


Nian Xing kissed the green-headed fish.


The fish’s small cheeks turned red like those of a fish being roasted. At this moment, the green-headed fish understood. So… he fell in love with me. Ha, no wonder; I’m the green tribe’s most beautiful lady.

Nian Xing clicked his tongue, then held up the fish while maneuvering into a throwing stance and just like that the fish was thrown out of the window. The fish sighed as she was thrown back into the sea, “Seriously. Men today, why are they all so shy…”

Nian Xing turned his gaze back to Gu Ting Yu; he lifted his hand and placed his fingertip on Gu Ting Yu’s lips, then moved his finger on his own lips. Steam came out of Nian Xing’s ears the instant his finger came into contact with Gu Ting Yu’s lips, he felt as if his whole body was being cooked.

“Ah!” Nian Xing, who had only just learned how to walk, fell over, then secretly crawled behind the shell and hid himself.

Why did he feel like this? It was like this when he saved Xiao Yu; they just touched lips for a while, so why couldn’t he let go…? He caught a fish at random to conduct an experiment—he wanted to know whether kissing other creatures would make his heart jump and make himself heat up. The result was… he shivered when he thought about having kissed that fish.

Just kissing was fine because it was done to save Xiao Yu, but when he came to his senses, he had already lifted Gu Ting Yu’s slim, long and naked legs up, showing the private area in between. Even that place of Xiao Yu sparkled with bright colors, Nian Xing had forgotten what he should be doing, instead he just stared between Gu Ting Yu’s legs, not moving an inch…

So this was a human’s structure…

Nian Xing kept telling himself that he was just curious about the human body and nothing more. He wanted to know even more about humans, so before his brain made a conscious decision, he had already put his fingers into Gu Ting Yu’s behind.

Soft, wet and tight.

“Ahhh!!!” Nian Xing recalled what had happened up to that moment, and his member between his legs started to harden again. After becoming a human, Nian Xing only knew that it was the place for relieving himself; he had always wondered why it was so big if it was only for urination… Nian Xing lowered his head to look between his own legs. Suddenly, he thought of something and quickly stood up. The fish bones rattled as he did so.

Nian Xing picked up a thin long stick and walked towards Gu Ting Yu. He swallowed hard, then abruptly pulled the covers off Gu Ting Yu; said man was lying completely naked inside the ivory white shell, his forehead was pale and his nipples were tingling in the freezing cold.

The diameter of the stick was similar to that of the urethra… Nian Xing moved the stick towards Gu Ting Yu’s legs…

A few seconds later, Gu Ting Yu frowned unconsciously.

“Huh.” Nian Xing pulled the stick back, then moved it towards his own legs to measure his own sex organ. Then, he smiled brightly.

“I won! Mine is bigger!”

Nian Xing started dancing in circles in the room, flailing his arms… but he forgot to pull the blanket back onto Gu Ting Yu.

Gu Ting Yu’s face grew paler. He dreamed of someone throwing him to the wintery north pole; snow was falling heavily from the sky, and he was standing on ice, shivering in the freezing cold.

A chaotic day passed by quickly, then the evening finally came. The scared, freezing Gu Ting Yu was struggling to breathe, and he got a fever.

Nian Xing scratched his ginger hair as he stood beside the shell; he didn’t understand why Xiao Yu’s face was so red, his breathing became heavier and there were no signs of him waking up anytime soon.

“Xiao Yu? Wake up.”

A huge bead of sweat formed on Gu Ting Yu’s forehead; he seemed to be very hot. Nian Xing placed his cold fingers on Gu Ting Yu’s forehead, and noticed that Gu Ting Yu’s tense face relaxed as Nian Xing’s fingers came in contact with him.

Nian Xing hit his head, coming up with an idea, “Ah! Right.” If he could find Xiao Yu’s hottest parts and cool them down, maybe the human would recover.

Nian Xing happily climbed onto Gu Ting Yu’s body, pleased that he found a reason to touch Xiao Yu. He licked Gu Ting Yu’s dry lips, then slipped his own tongue in.

Umm… Xiao Yu’s tongue is very hot.

Umm… Xiao Yu’s smell is so nice.

This time Nian Xing kissed more intently, his hands lingered on Gu Ting Yu’s smooth skin without holding back. He lifted Gu Ting Yu’s butt cheeks up and rested them at his groin area; Gu Ting Yu’s legs were propped up against Nian Xing’s chest. Nian Xing felt that his chest was on fire, his member was hard and tight, it was very uncomfortable, he wanted to find a place that could take him in…

Exploring fingers reached Gu Ting Yu’s behind, that dark and tight place was deep and mysterious like a canyon to Nian Xing. He carefully squeezed his finger into the hole, and instantly he felt the warmth inside melting his finger.

The entrance was dry and tight, Nian Xing’s finger was stuck and couldn’t go in any further, nor pull out.

“Xiao Yu… Relax… Xiao Yu…” Nian Xing’s cheeks were all red, he was in a hurry but at the same time he didn’t know what to do. He wanted it, but he didn’t know what exactly “it” was…

Under Nian Xing’s finger’s continued stimulation, Gu Ting Yu’s face became even paler than before, he felt a familiar sense of humiliation, but he lacked the power to retaliate. His voice of protest was caught in his throat; Gu Ting Yu let out low moans.

Sounds of pleading snapped the senseless Nian Xing back to reality; he suddenly remembered that he almost caused Xiao Yu to die, and this was not the right time to be thinking about weird stuff like this…

Nian Xing took a deep refreshing breath. His fingertip was hot; he stopped in a daze for a while, putting the finger that was inside of Gu Ting Yu into his own mouth. Just a few moments later, Nian Xing’s head began to form steam again.

“Xiao… Xiao Yu, would you like some water…” Nian Xing tried to divert his attention to something else as he stared at Gu Ting Yu’s dry lips.

“Hmn…” Gu Ting Yu frowned and gave a meek response.

Nian Xing filled a deep green conch shell with sea water, then he held Gu Ting Yu up and delivered the shell to his mouth.

Gu Ting Yu had a fever and was semi-conscious; when he felt water flowing into his mouth, his hot and burning tongue reached out to take a big gulp of water, and then——

“Pffffffft!!!” Gu Ting Yu held onto the big shell and coughed; his head was numb from the impact of the salty and bitter sea water, the corners of his eyes were wet, he panted deeply while leaning onto the shell for support…

“Xiao Yu? Are you awake?? So drinking water really worked, hahaha.”

“Don’t look at me like that~~~Haha, I know you are really grateful right now but since I was the one who made you choke, you don’t have to thank me~~”

“Xiao Yu, hey say something~~~Oh, I know how to help you cool down—stuffing ice cubes into your behind might help, what do you think?”

Gu Ting Yu was so angry that he almost fainted again.

“Ah, okay, okay, I know that I am wrong. What, do you want me to be whale food?”

Gu Ting Yu kept his head down and stayed silent.

“Okay, okay, I will be whale food, but at least have something to eat, won’t you?”

Gu Ting Yu only noticed a pot of bubbling blackish-purple stew in the corner of the room when Nian Xing invited him to eat. Gu Ting Yu stared at the food and shivered from the depths of his heart while Nian Xing rubbed his hands together, then scooped a bowl of stew and gave it to Gu Ting Yu.

“Ahh~~Open your mouth.” Nian Xing squatted beside the shell, he picked up a spoon and delivered a spoonful of that stew towards Gu Ting Yu’s mouth.

Gu Ting Yu was already really mad that Nian Xing had let go of the rope so suddenly, and now, looking at the black matter in front of him, he was just afraid of being poisoned. Nian Xing didn’t give up, he kept holding the spoon and poked around Gu Ting Yu’s mouth.

Gu Ting Yu lifted his hand to block the spoon, but who would have thought that Nian Xing would fall over from the little push. Hot stew spilled onto Nian Xing’s knee and dripped down the fish bone-made prosthetic.

Gu Ting Yu stared blankly at Nian Xing, who was trying his best to stand back up, and he couldn’t say anything; only their heavy breaths were left to be heard in the room. After a while, Nian Xing finally got back up, then he walked back to the corner of the room and got another bowl of blackish-purple stew.

Raising the spoon, Nian Xing promised innocently, “It’s seaweed and it really doesn’t taste bad.”

Gu Ting Yu took a deep breath, gulped down the whole spoon of stew in one go, and he didn’t stop to chew, he just swallowed it. Lifting his head up, he saw a bright sunny smile with an orange aura like that after the rain.

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thank you for the chapter! i hope this one doesnt rape him…

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Naive and cute

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This one is too naive to the point of being a complete idiot 😅. BZA at least know “it” 😂.

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