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Chapter 88: The Line of Defense

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Gu Ting Yu stared at Mian; his breathing was a little rushed.

Mian was quietly looking at Gu Ting Yu as well; Gu Ting Yu was shocked that that person possessed such clear eyes, ones as clear as mirrors.

Even so, it was still the same expressionless face. Gu Ting Yu lowered his head to see the hand at his chest; Mian placed his hand on Gu Ting Yu lightly, feeling the warmth from a human being.

The memory of being touched by others had long faded along with time.

Taking in one big breath, Mian gazed up to the vast sky; maybe the sun was just too bright, and tears came out of Mian’s eyes as he was looking up.

Not a word came out of his choked-up throat.

“Umm… Xiao Yu…!” Nian Xing’s cry for help reached them; as Mian retracted his murderous intent, the fear that filled the sky also dissipated, but the soft tentacles were still holding onto Gu Ting Yu, preventing him from moving.

Gu Ting Yu asked Mian softly, “… Can you… maybe take those back?”

Mian hesitated for a while, but then nodded.

Back in the day, he only came to an agreement with the Evil Source because he wanted to gain control of his tentacles; what he wanted was nothing more than the body of a normal human being.

“Don’t look.” Mian who regained his consciousness suddenly realized the tentacles on his back had yet to return into his body, he looked at Gu Ting Yu frantically, eyes showing his emotions of not wanting to be abandoned.

The tentacles slowly slid back into Mian’s body, the soft tentacles were engulfed bit by bit into his body, emitting gross watery sounds along the way like a demon’s mouth at the center of his back. Seeing Gu Ting Yu opened his eyes wide, Mian couldn’t help but lower his head, averting his gaze.

Of course……

No one would be able to accept such an evil and ugly body.

When all the tentacles were inside his body, all that was left on his back was a hideous scar. Those intersecting black bulged lines showed the terrifying things that lay beneath his tender skin.

Mian pursed his lips while suddenly feeling the touch of something cold on his back. Mian raised his head up in shock to see a pair of concerned eyes.

Carefully patting the scars on his back, Gu Ting Yu asked, “Does it hurt?”

Mian felt like an explosion occurred in his head; to avoid letting the human know about his trembling body, Mian increased the strength in pursing his lips. He shook his head hard, trying his best to control his chaotic heart.

Mian moved his lips a little, wanting to say something, but Gu Ting Yu was snatched away by a pair of strong arms.

Seeing Gu Ting Yu taken away by a red-haired man, Mian sub-consciously reached out his hand, trying to catch him—but sensing Tong Ying’s strong hatred towards him, he stopped.

“Monster!!!” Tong Ying reverted to his human form; he had never forgotten what he saw inside of Gu Ting Yu’s consciousness before, so he hurriedly pulled Gu Ting Yu along, bring him steps and steps further from Mian.

Hearing the word “monster”, Mian’s face paled. He immediately froze up.

His faraway memories awakened. The hatred in Tong Ying’s eyes was so familiar.

“Wait!” Gu Ting Yu grabbed Tong Ying and not letting go stubbornly, he looked at Qing Que, Zhuo Ying, and Nian Xing one by one, then proceeded to explain in a rush, “He didn’t mean to attack people. Are…are you guys okay?”

Nian Xing pouted his chubby face and couldn’t help but start cursing, “I’m not even going to start at him attacking us, that’s fine, but the one this turtle egg tortured was you, Xiao Yu!”

“I… I’m fine.” Gu Ting Yu was between them, worriedly looking at the three of them and at the silent Mian on the other side.

Zhuo Ying rubbed his stomach which was in pain, staring at Mian in dismay, turning his gaze, he suddenly realized, why was Gu Ting Yu in the hands of that red fox…!?

How could this happen!! He just looked away for a second and his treasure was snatched away by someone else! Did this impolite fox even have any respect for him!?

For a moment, Gu Ting Yu’s world spun, and when he calmed down, the one beside him became Zhuo Ying instead.

Zhuo Ying hit Gu Ting Yu’s head lightly as punishment, he sighed and said intentionally, “Don’t go sticking around other people, especially those fussy weird guys.”

“You!!” The angry fox which had his fur all spiked up really do look like a cat.

Nian Xing didn’t want to miss out so he pounced over Gu Ting Yu and gave him a little kiss on the cheek, looking at Tong Ying provocatively. I dare you to come and join us, was written all over his face.

Tong Ying was so mad that he rolled his eyes at them furiously; after a while he decided to not even look their way, instead just staring at the floor blankly.

At the very least, Qing Que had a clear mind; he organized his thoughts and pondered seriously, looking at Mian who was sitting afar. Mian was strong. If he could join them, then their chances of winning would increase for sure.

“Would you be willing to betray the Evil Source and join us?”

Hearing Qing Que’s question, everyone became silent, and they all looked at Mian together.

As for Mian, he finally raised his head, his ocean blue hair danced in the wind, expression was a little sad and at the same time helpless. His gaze went across everyone, then finally fixed on Gu Ting Yu.

After a while, Mian said, “Wherever he goes, I go.”

The way Mian looked right now reminded Gu Ting Yu of a lost kindergarten child who wanted to cry for help but had no idea how to do it, so he could only stand in the same place in a daze.

Gu Ting Yu suddenly felt empathetic; he remembered how Mian sealed himself in fear from a young age and never had a real conversation with anyone in his life. Perhaps, Mian had the most sensitive and pure heart.

Gu Ting Yu walked over to him and said with a subconsciously soft voice, “It would be very dangerous if you followed me; I don’t have enough strength to fight against the Evil Source, so you might lose your life if you choose me… even so, would you still come with me?”

Mian lowered his gaze, then tucked Gu Ting Yu’s sleeve timidly, silently nodding his head.

Gu Ting Yu smiled, he patted Mian’s head and said, “Thank you.”

Mian’s head lowered even more, he didn’t even care if Gu Ting Yu could hear him, he just wanted to voice his thoughts out.

I have to thank you too, because you are in this world.

I have a last line of defense against the darkness.

At the foot of the hill, one side was filled with sweetness while the other with sourness and jealousy.

However, there was a sudden gush of powerful spirit power, making everyone nervous instantly. When they calmed down and tried searching for the source, they realized that the power was coming from the cave…

Gu Ting Yu and the others who were quite inactive were in a state of confusion, they still hadn’t had enough rest, but now they had to raise their spirit power and stare at the cave cautiously.

Footsteps came nearer and nearer…

Mian saw Gu Ting Yu’s grave face and determined that these people must be enemies. In his mind, anyone who could harm Gu Ting Yu, must be eliminated. His back was itching to attack, the expression of shyness and fear left his face without a trace; his eyes were filled with the intent to kill.

When they listened more carefully, they found that the footsteps didn’t belong to just one person. Just when everyone was ready to attack, the sound of Gu Ting Yu screaming in joy reached their ears.

The man who was usually calm and kind had never worn such an excited expression before; he sensed it, he sensed that familiar, warming presence…

He trembled uncontrollably, then ran straight towards the cave.

At the same time, a teenager walked out of the cave, and he also widened his eyes, extending his arm while crying his eyes out, hugging Gu Ting Yu tightly in his arms.

“Bai Zhi Ao!!!”

Gu Ting Yu’s voice was already hoarse from the screaming.

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Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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Qin La
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