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Chapter 34: What Do You Like?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Lin Mo finally woke up, they got up to wash their teeth and faces. After breakfast, they locked the door and left. There were as many people going to the town in the morning as usual. When Cheng Yang and Lin Mo arrived at the village crossing, Lin Cheng was already there.

Lin Mo went over, and Lin Xing, who was standing beside their elder brother, saw his Fourth Brother coming. His calm appearance changed and he waved happily to his Fourth Brother, “Fourth Brother! Over here!”

Seeing his Fourth Brother walking so slowly, Lin Xing ran over by himself, then stopped beside him and followed him back. “Fourth Brother, are you going to town with Brother Cheng?”

“Mn.” Lin Mo reached for his head and answered.

Lin Xing and Lin Chen went to the town’s Academy in the morning to study and didn’t come back until the evening. Since Lin Mo got married, he had not seen Lin Xing and Lin Chen. To be honest, Lin Mo was not used to talking with his brother.

“Fourth Brother, A-Chen and I have good teachers.” Lin Xing looked at his Fourth Brother, with a face of wanting praise.

“Mn, keep it up.”

“What the teacher said is too simple. He asked us to memorize it. I recited it a few times. But A-Chen is a bit stupid and sleeps in class.”

“I did what the teacher said. It’s too difficult to understand. I will do better when Second Brother teaches me.” Hearing Lin Xing speak ill of him in front of his Fourth Brother, Lin Chen could not help but retort.

“Then you can understand? It’s just you…”

Before Lin Xing finished speaking, he was interrupted by Lin Mo. “Everyone has something he is good at. Don’t hold on to A-Chen’s short board. Since you are gifted at reading, try harder to see if you can be like Second Brother.”

“Ah? Fourth Brother, you said before that we only need to learn how to read Chinese characters. You didn’t want us to get the same reputation as Second Brother.” Lin Xing said this as if he was frightened. At the thought that he had to read every day like his second brother, his body shook again.

Lin Cheng stood by and listened to them without interrupting.

“I just want you to work hard, but I don’t want you to get lazy. Doesn’t it mean that what the teacher said is very simple? Why are you so scared?” Lin Mo glanced at him.

“I didn’t say I was scared… Mn, I’ll try. ” Lin Xing looked at his Fourth Brother’s eyes, and immediately changed what he said. His expression was downtrodden. 

“There are rewards for doing well.” Lin Mo finished, and Lin Xing was instantly resurrected with blood. The contrast between the former and the latter made the people nearby cover their mouths and laugh.

After listening to and guiding Lin Xing, Lin Mo went to Lin Chen. Lin Chen was the youngest of the brothers, but his character was the opposite of his age.

Lin Xing and Lin Chen were twins, but their characters were not similar. Generally speaking, Lin Xing was too outgoing and lacked consideration when doing things. He did things as soon as he thought of them, and didn’t think about the things after he finished them at all. Lin Chen was too reserved, but he knew what he wanted. The character of the two brothers was a complete copy of Lin Xiaoya and Lin Xiaonan.

“You think it’s boring to listen to the teacher’s lecture?” Lin Mo asked.

“It’s not… It’s boring.” Lin Chen faltered. He remembered not long ago, he told his Fourth Brother that he would study hard when he went to the Academy.

“What do you think of what you learned from big brother?” Lin Mo said nothing to his vagueness, and continued to ask.

“Very interesting!” Lin Chen’s expression changed from calm to excited and he looked at his Fourth Brother brightly.

“How are you doing with word recognition? Can you read a book easily?” Lin Mo continued.

“Not yet.” Lin Chen shook his head.

“When you recognize all the words, let me teach you more. In business, one also needs to understand account books. Eldest Brother is illiterate. You have to manage these later.” Lin Mo said.

“I see, Fourth Brother.” Lin Chen nodded and answered with some enthusiasm.

Lin Cheng, standing beside him, heard Mo’ger say that he was illiterate. His eyelids jumped and he wanted to refute. In his previous life, he was learning from his Second Brother while running a restaurant. How could he be illiterate? But when he thought that he was illiterate at this time, he shut up.

After Lin Mo finished the ideological work for the two younger brothers, villagers arrived one after another. When the number of people was enough, everyone got on the cart.

Cheng Yan and Lin Mo were sitting in the back again. When Cheng Yan thought of the accident that Lin Mo had in the donkey cart before, he was worried. Cheng Yan approached him and asked in a low voice, “Momo, can you stand it?” 

“It’s nothing. It was just an accident before.” Lin Mo shook his head so he didn’t have to worry.

Last time since he had been in town for a long time, he felt a little tired, and coupled with the three pressures of an empty stomach, too tight clothes, and mental tension, he ended up facing the accident. Now he didn’t have any of these three issues. Naturally, nothing would happen to him.

Hearing this, Cheng Yan was still worried. After a look at the people in the cart, he saw that they were talking with other people and didn’t notice them. Cheng Yan moved to Lin Mo’s side and approached him, lowly whispering, “Please tell me if you are uncomfortable.” 

“What’s the use of telling you?” Lin Mo looked up at him and said with a low smile. Whenever the wheel touched a small stone or there was a puddle in the road, and when the cart jolted, Lin Mo held Cheng Yan’s arm tightly.

“…”  Cheng Yan was stumped by his problem, which seemed to be useless.

Lin Mo saw him fall into thinking again, and the corners of his mouth lifted up slightly. Seeing that Cheng Yan was stumped by his problem, Lin Mo wanted to tease him again, but in order not to let him realize it, Lin Mo didn’t speak at last.

After a long time, the donkey cart finally arrived in the town. Cheng Yan got off first and helped Lin Mo down. Lin Mo’s hands were on Cheng Yan’s arms, and his body was a little stiff. This donkey cart made his ass numb.

In the future, if he often needed to get to town, he should buy a carriage, or buy a house in town after making money.

“Are you okay?” Cheng Yan held Lin Mo, feeling worried.

“I’m fine. I’ll have to buy a carriage or move to town later.” Lin Mo thought if he had to go through it every day, he might have to do something about it.

“Okay.” Cheng Yan held onto his arm and asked Lin Mo to lean on him as much as possible.

After saying goodbye to Elder Brother and Lin Xing, Cheng Yan and Lin Mo went to Zuiyun Plaza to find Yan Ningxi. They looked at the shop Yan Ningxi had found for them, and Cheng Yan didn’t give any comments. Anyway, he had an idea.

Lin Mo strolled around the shop, trying to think about what his Second Brother taught him in his previous life, and the decoration plan after the shop was bought was roughly shaped in his mind. Lin Mo saw that there was no big problem, so he took Cheng Yan to go to the owner of the original shop for the handover.

After everything was done, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan went to a special place to buy two people to work for him and came back. Then they began to clean up the shop. The back of the shop was connected with the courtyard and Lin Mo bought the courtyard behind it. There were several rooms in the courtyard, which was big enough to let the two people live.

“After finishing the shop, you can go to the back yard and choose your own room. I’ll be the second boss of this place. If you have something to do, you can go to Mingjiu Pavillion 1 on the right street. The boss inside is my elder brother. Please let him know if you have anything to do.” Lin Mo instructed.

Lin Mo had the deed of sale for the two and he didn’t worry that they would leave without permission. Moreover, Lin Mo chose honest people, and didn’t expect them to escape.

“We understand, Second Boss.” The two teenagers took a careful look at the big boss standing next to the Second Boss. When they saw him look at them coldly, they were afraid of him. They quickly hurried to answer.

“In the next few days, tidy up the shop, clean up the things I mentioned I don’t need, and wash the tables and chairs with water and dry them. Then I’ll come back in a few days.”

“Yes, Second Boss.” Two teenagers stood with serious faces to listen to Lin Mo’s orders.

“…” Did they have to call him second boss? After all that, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan left. The two teenagers saw that they were far away. One was a little stronger and began to work. The other was a little thin and came to him.

Chen Mu was close to his brother, and he still whispered, “Brother, do you think Second Boss and Big Boss are really a couple? Big bBss looks a little fierce and doesn’t match Second Boss…” 

Chen Qing patted him on the head and said seriously, “You can’t talk about the master’s house behind your back. Have you forgotten all this? Hurry up and pack up. ” 

“I see.” Chen Mu felt his head and went to clean it.

Before long, Chen Mu, who could not bear the dull atmosphere, began to talk again. “Elder Brother, I think it’s more appropriate to change our names. Chen Mu is more suitable for you. Why did they give me the name Chen Mu?” 

“Tell Dad if you want to change it.”

Chen Mu heard his brother’s words and was silent for a while. “That’s all right…” Their parents had been dead for two years. Tell Dad? It was scary to think about it.

After Lin Mo and Cheng Yan left, they went to the old carpenter’s place to get the customized furniture. After that, Lin Mo simply described to the old carpenter what he wanted to do. After getting the old carpenter’s affirmative answer, he paid the deposit and left.

Now that autumn was coming to an end, Lin Mo wanted to make something suitable for winter. Although it was easy to be imitated by others, Lin Mo only wanted to make a profit in winter. Moreover, even if it was imitated, Lin Mo could continue to launch new products. There were still many kinds of modern foods, and there was no case that it couldn’t earn money.

“Anything else to buy?” Cheng Yan held things in one hand and protected Lin Mo at the same time.

During the day, there were still many people in the town. The streets were not wide, and there were stalls on both sides. Some people were carrying things in the other direction. They had to avoid others from time to time.

“I want to buy some fresh meat, some oil, salt and sugar. The house is running out. We should also get some flour to make buns in the morning.” Lin Mo put his hands on Cheng Yan’s arm to avoid the people coming and going.

“Okay.” Cheng Yan nodded, regardless of the fact that his husband would stay in bed in the morning. He was preparing items for breakfast. Cheng Yan thought about it and asked, “Do you want some rouge?” 

Gers seemed to use them, but Cheng Yan only saw Lin Mo’s make-up on the day of their marriage. He hadn’t seen it at any other time.

Lin Mo heard this, and after a moment’s silence, he looked up at Cheng Yan. “… Do you like painted things?” 

“No, I thought all gers would want to buy some. Don’t you like it?” Cheng Yan asked.

“I don’t like it. It smells bad… But if you like, I can do it.” It was also possible to spray fruit perfume or fragrance perfume.

Cheng Yan hesitated for a moment and nodded, “… Mn.” 

“What are you thinking?” Lin Mo saw his reddish ears and pinched his hand. He felt that Cheng Yan had been thinking pervertedly recently.

Cheng Yan coughed softly and said seriously, “Cough… It’s nothing. Let’s go shopping.” 

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Translator Notes:

  1. 茗酒轩 = Chinese Tea (Thea sinensis) Wine Pavillion


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