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Chapter 104: Seventh World (8)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After calling the police, giving the information about the case and the location, Liu Tao hung up the phone, went straight over to his lover who looked puzzled and shrugged his shoulders. “A dead person is a big deal, and since we are also involved in it, instead of being called by the police while they investigate, it’s better to be the first one to find out and get rid of the suspicion as soon as possible.” After a pause, he looked at Bai Duan and said with affection, “Of course, if you killed someone, I’m sure I’ll help you finish it up without saying a word and make sure the police won’t find the murderer for the rest of their lives. However, since this matter has nothing to do with us, we don’t have to do anything extra to prevent nothing from happening and becoming a back boiler man.”

If it was Bai Duan who didn’t think about it before, his flirtatious words may have caused him to get red ears, but now, his performance was much calmer.

Seeing Bai Duan nodding at will, Liu Tao was shocked. He frowned a little, and could not judge for a moment whether such a development was good or bad. The only thing he could be sure of was that he could not see Bai Duan’s shameful and embarrassed face. It was a pity.

Probably… Did he need a little more provocation?

Liu Tao began to think about how to ‘go further.’ Within minutes, a shrill siren came.

As a result of receiving the ‘murder’ report, the police rushed to the scene at a very fast speed. In a flash, a team of uniformed police with guns rushed up the stairs. The head officer’s eyes were sharp, and he quickly locked eyes with Bai Duan and Liu Tao standing at the door, “You are the ones who reported the crime?”

“It’s me.” Liu Tao nodded, raised his finger and pointed to the door. “The dead people should be inside.”

“…You didn’t even go in, yet you knew that there are dead people inside?” The police officer looked suspicious. He went to check the locked door and did not find any signs of damage. He turned around and glanced at Liu Tao.

“As for how we know it, we will explain it later. First of all, you should make sure that the people inside are dead. On this premise, we can have a good chat then, right?” Liu Tao opened his hand, with an attitude of neither high nor low, nor a little uneasy.

The officer seemed to see his attitude. Pondering for a moment, he quickly made a decision and looked at the policeman behind him.

Soon, two police officers completed the work of breaking through the door quickly. They rushed into the room first, and the rest of the police officers followed closely. They were trained to search and record the whole room.

As for the chief police officer, he stood with Bai Duan and Liu Tao and blocked their escape path. Bai Duan and Liu Tao saw this, but they were not unhappy after all, they were quite suspicious.

Soon, a police officer came to the other police officer and reported the situation in the room. There were indeed dead people in the room. There were three people in total and the whole room did not show signs of a break in. Moreover, the three dead people died in a strange way. They did not find the cause of death when they initially checked the body. But what else could they have fought against causing the room to be a mess and their faces grim and full of fear when they died?

After listening to the reports from his subordinates, the police officer took off his cap and turned to Bai Duan and Liu Tao, “Now, we need to have a good talk. How much do you know?”

Liu Tao didn’t answer the police officer’s questions. After all, it’s impossible to understand the identity and background of the original. Bai Duan immediately realized the problem, and immediately opened his mouth before Liu Tao, telling the officer how the students had brought disaster upon themselves by playing with pen fairy. One of them had even jumped from the building and ‘committed suicide’. Bai Duan was asked to solve the whole process in detail. 

Later, he added his own opinions on the death of Zhang Bin’s family, “I feel a light aura in the house. Maybe Zhang Bin’s parents heard that their son was haunted by evil spirits, and specially invited something to exorcise them. It did have some effect, but in the end, it didn’t kill the ghost. Instead, it infuriated the other side and probably hurt the other side. Therefore, the ghost did not only attack Zhang Bin, but also his family. After all, the ghost was injured and needed to devour more living people’s souls. It was impossible to let Zhang Bin’s parents go easily.”

The police officer was stunned and instinctively wanted to refuse his explanation, but Bai Duan’s tone and expression convinced him involuntarily and, of course, had a subtle influence on his mental strength. After all, the magnetic field in this world was different. The existence of ‘ghosts’ was not people’s imagination, but the truth. Since it existed, it would naturally leave traces. In fact, although it was not uncommon for ghosts to harm people, it did happen. It was not allowed to be rejected by others.

After a moment’s hesitation, the police officer said with a long breath and a frown, “If it’s a ‘haunting,’ it’s not within the scope we can deal with. It needs to be reported to the relevant departments specialized in handling the cases of miracles.”

“How long will it be before it is accepted if it is reported?” Liu Tao asked.

“First of all, we need to investigate and collect evidence. We can’t believe your words to determine the nature of things. After all, we’ve also dealt with cases of people harming people in the name of ghosts. When we judge that the incident really involves ghosts and gods, we will report it immediately the fastest will occur within a week,” the officer replied

“Fastest?” Liu Tao said coldly, “What’s the slowest?”

The officer didn’t answer and wore a slightly awkward expression.

Liu Tao spread out his hands and sneered, “Even if it is calculated according to the fastest speed, a week’s time is enough for the ghost to kill another. When the process is finished, the traces will be cold!”

Bai Duan stood aside and looked at Liu Tao’s speechless attitude towards the police officer. Suddenly, he felt it was a very familiar scene. Liu Tao felt the same way.

In the first life, when he met Bai Duan, this was the division of labor between them. Bai Duan was in charge of dealing with some “professional” problems unfathomably, while Liu Tao was in charge of the trivial affairs of interpersonal communication. Bai Duan was the good cop while he was the bad cop. 

He missed that time very much. Liu Tao looked back at Bai Duan. He looked at Bai Duan as if he was touched but dazed. The sarcastic expression on his face was soft.

However, the police officer did not notice the small interaction between the two, he sighed, “This kind of thing, we do not want it to happen, but what can we do? We have a lot of criminal investigation experts and intelligence networks all over the country. If it’s a man-made crime, we will surely catch the criminal soon. But ghosts are invisible and immaterial. Even in the crowd, they can easily harm people, which is far beyond our ability. In addition, there are only a few people who are really able to deal with ghosts in China. Most of them are not willing to be monitored and controlled by the state. For this, even the government is very powerless.”

The officer’s explanation was sincere, and Liu Tao and Bai Duan were not worried about the country or the people. The government’s weak ability to find murdered people by ghosts had nothing to do with them, and they didn’t want to talk much about it. Liu Tao just made a few satirical remarks in order to avoid the police officer from using his official status as a guide.

“Then, go ahead with your procedure, and we will deal with it in our own way.” Liu Tao shrugged and tried to pull Bai Duan away, but was stopped by the officer. Stopped, he raised eyebrows, with discontent, “What do you want? Are we still under suspicion and need to stay for investigation? We don’t have that much time to waste.”

“Not that.” The officer shook his head and looked at Bai Duan. “You just said, you made paper men for two other targets to lure the ghost?” He reached out his hand and said seriously, “It’s too dangerous. Give me these two paper people.”

Bai Duan frowned slightly, without any movement.

Aware of his resistance, the police officer sighed and said, “I know that you are very dissatisfied with the police’s action, but you are still students. You should not interfere in such dangerous things, go back to school and study hard, which is what you need to do. How sad would your family be if you were killed by ghosts?”

“… If I give you the paper men, what are you going to do with them? ” Bai Duan said slowly, calmly and realistically, “If you destroy the paper men, then the other two students will always be in danger. According to the speed of the ghost’s current crime, they will all die in less than a week; but if you don’t destroy them, the ghost will follow the aura to find them. Once you find yourself cheated, you will be more angry. If no one can subdue them, it will probably cause more serious casualties.”

The police officer could not refute Bai Duan’s reasoning at all. In fact, he didn’t know what to do with the two paper men, but his duty as a policeman still didn’t allow him to watch the two students risk their lives. After a moment of silence, his tone was determined, “I understand what you said. Don’t worry about giving them to me. I will have a way to deal with them.”

It was a pity that neither Bai Duan nor Liu Tao were normal young people to be fooled.

“If you can’t say what you will do, we won’t do what you want either.” Liu Tao narrowed his eyes slightly and took a tougher attitude than the police officer.

The two sides were locked in a stalemate, and no one could persuade the other. In the end, Bai Duan was reluctant to waste any more time, so he proposed to take a step back, “In this case, officer, you can join us. We will lead out the ghosts according to our own plan and try to expel or destroy them. If we fail, can the police officer use ‘your treatment method’ again?”

The officer recognized the irony of Bai Duan’s last words and nodded helplessly to be honest, he had no choice but to sacrifice himself.

If the two students in front of him couldn’t kill the ghosts, he would give them time to escape with his shield. And to be able to exchange their lives for the temporary safety of four children, it was part of the oath he took when he joined the police and donned the uniform.

With his mind set, the police officer smiled and extended his hand to Bai Duan and Liu Tao, “Well, we need to get along for a while. Let’s get to know each other. My name is Xu, Xu Jiahong. “

Bai Duan glanced at Liu Tao, introduced himself and shook hands with Xu Jiahong. Next, Xu Jiahong took them to the police station and made some task handover in a cursory manner, so as not to cause trouble to his colleagues due to the unfinished work after his death.

After dealing with the ‘aftermath,’ Xu Jiahong turned to Bai Duan and Liu Tao and said seriously, “If there is a danger that cannot be solved, you should run away and call the police immediately. Once I am really killed by ghosts, this case will not need to go through the investigation and evidence collection link, and can be directly reported to the relevant departments, and someone should come to deal with it soon.”

“Really?” Liu Tao raised his eyebrows and wondered, “What’s your identity? How could it be so quick?”

Xu Jiahong smiled bitterly, “It’s not me, it’s my family. They have the background.” When he mentioned his family, his expression was a little apologetic, “My parents and grandpa…they will not sit back and watch me die.”

Seeing that Xu Jiahong was so pessimistic and ready to die, Bai Duan and Liu Tao were helpless.

“… In fact, things are not so bad, and we will not risk our lives.” Bai Duan gave a light cough.

Liu Tao nodded with a delicate expression, “Well, it’s just a pen fairy. We are still sure of ourselves.”

Xu Jiahong, “…”

He felt that the tragic mood he just brewed out in a moment was cleaned away, it was a little…a little embarrassing?

Today’s children were so unlovable!

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