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Chapter 110: Seventh World (14)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“You…” Liu Yun opened his mouth, but still didn’t know what to say. She had lived in a big city for so many years, and she was much more open-minded. Even if she was shocked by her brother’s love for men, she would not think that he was evil, sick or in a bad mood. And… In her current situation, she couldn’t reasonably show the attitude of an elder to scold the other, let alone as the Second Sister. Liu Yun glanced at Bai Duan and found that the boy, who was said to be the ‘Onmyoji’, was cold and dignified, obviously not raised by an ordinary family, so his morale became weak.

After a long time of hesitation, Liu Yun finally sighed and let go of her younger brother’s coming out, “Is there really… some filth on me?”

“Well, yes.” Bai Duan nodded softly. “It’s the shape of a baby. It’s a ghost baby.”

“Baby… Ghost baby…” Liu Yun’s face was more ugly. Her eyes were empty. If she had some understanding, she murmured, “No wonder, I often have terrible nightmares about babies. In the daytime, I often hear the crying of babies and see the phantom of babies. I thought… It was because I hurt the child. It’s hard to have a good conscience. It turned out that… ” After a pause, she laughed at herself and said, “Yes, where can a woman like me have a conscience?”

“Second Sister!” Liu Tao raised his voice, interrupted Liu Yun’s voice and reached out to hold her hand. “What’s going on? Can you tell me? My boyfriend and I will help you! “

Liu Yun looked at her brother, who was full of worries and concerns. Her eyes were red and tears came out, “Sorry, little brother, I can’t say, I can’t say! This kind of thing, I… Can’t say! It’s sister’s fault. It’s sister who has done something wrong. Deserve to be haunted by ghosts… “

Seeing that Liu Yun’s mood was out of control, Liu Tao frowned and showed a hint of mental comfort. It took a long time to find out the whole story from Liu Yun’s mouth.

The original’s Second Sister had a high spirit. The first salary she got when she came to a big city was used to clean up and dress herself up. She wanted to make herself more integrated into the life of the city and become as fashionable and beautiful as the city people and she did succeed.

Liu Yun, who was beautiful and exquisite in stature, and was able to dress up, soon showed her charm and was favored by the hotel owners who she worked for.

The boss was gentle and considerate to her, and generous. Liu Yun, who was not involved in the world, fell into the sweet trap of the other party without much struggle, and was fascinated by the other party’s money and care. Even though she knew that the boss was married, she still nodded her head when he put forward the bag. Finally, she became the lover the boss kept outside.

Liu Yun knew that this was wrong, but she still couldn’t persuade herself to leave the boss and go back to that kind of poor and hard work life. Even if her Third Sister persuaded her in all ways and left angrily at last, she didn’t change her mind.

In order to make her heart better, she began to send money home, send a lot of money, and was afraid that her family would know what she was doing, so she could only make up her own experience, trying to let everyone know that she had a good and successful life.

People’s habits were always strong, so before long, Liu Yun got used to this kind of life, and became more and more secure in front of her own feelings. She was addicted but sober. She knew that her birth can only be a play. So she never craved more. This clever gesture also made her boss love her more.

Liu Yun didn’t want to get rid of the boss’s wife, but her existence itself was a great stimulus and insult to the boss’s wife.

The boss’s wife and boss were close to each other. She came from a famous family, but she had no brothers and sisters and lacked the strength to run the company. After the death of her parents, her family’s industry was designed by her husband to nibble away a little, without any backing. As a housewife alone, she could not even take effective protest measures against her husband’s infidelity.

The boss’s wife was like a dodder attached to the boss. Naturally, she dared not quarrel with her husband, so all of her hatred was cast on Liu Yun who was her husband’s lover.

But Liu Yun, even if her heart was empty and uneasy, her pungent character also couldn’t allow the boss’ wife to bully, beat and scold her, so she naturally fought back, and the struggle between the two women quickly upgraded from just words to physical actions.

The boss’s wife was older, and she had always been well-off. How could she compare to Liu Yun who was only a prosperous rural girl who has been working in the fields since she was a child? One day during one of their struggles, Liu Yun pushed the boss’s wife to the ground, causing her to injure herself from the edge of the table

Liu Yun didn’t know that the boss’s wife was pregnant at all. After all, she had been pregnant for less than three months at that time, and the baby bump was not yet visible. Until the boss’s wife covered her stomach and cried, and blood spilled under her body, Liu Yun felt like she had been hit by lightning.

Liu Yun was shocked. Her first instinct was to call the boss and explain the situation in a trembling manner. Then she called an ambulance under the boss’s shrill scolding. But it was too late by then, and the child did not survive. The boss’s wife was a pregnant woman, and the more sensitive nerves after pregnancy were seriously stimulated by the news that her husband had a lover, affecting her physical state, and she would never be able to have another child.

The boss was naturally angry about it.

Although he had no feelings for his wife, he was especially looking forward to having his own children. Unfortunately, he had been married for many years, but had nothing to offer. The boss was the breadwinner, raising the affection for his wife. First, he was greedy for flowers and lusted for the flesh and body of young girls. Second, he wanted to have more chances to have children. Now his wife could not get pregnant easily, but she was in love with him. She had miscarried, and was really repaid unfailingly.

The boss was angry that his wife was pregnant but she still ran around doing such dangerous things. She killed her only child without knowing what to do. He slapped Liu Yun to get rid of her and ended the relationship. Fortunately, Liu Yun didn’t give up. He not only let her keep her house and car, but also gave her a lot of money.

For such a result, Liu Yun had no resentment and took the money away. She thought it was over, but she didn’t think the nightmare was just beginning.

After a while, Liu Yun had a dream at night. She also had a vision of hearing and seeing. All she could not forget was the sight of the newly formed fetus in a pool of blood. Due to her poor food and sleep, she was rapidly emaciated and withered, and her body gradually collapsed. She was suffering from serious illnesses and minor illnesses, and never had a comfortable day.

She went to the hospital, and she went to the psychiatrist, but it didn’t work. She was afraid and scared, but no one in her family could talk to her, nor did she seek encouragement or comfort, not even daring to mention anything to her family because she knew how despicable and contemptible a woman was.

In this endless torment, Liu Yun soon collapsed she began to think about life.

This time, Liu Yun was preparing to die when she came to visit Liu Tao. She wanted to see her younger brother in the same city, who had a bright future and hopes for her family; she wanted to go to another city to see her younger sister who once lived with her in the big city, but later had a fierce quarrel and finally went off on her own; she wanted to go back to her hometown to see her parents and elder sister who she hasn’t seen for many years and when she finally said her goodbyes to her family, she was ready to end her absurdity. But even though the short life gets rid of the spirit and the flesh, the body would still be endlessly tormented.

However, she didn’t think that she would meet her younger brother’s boyfriend who was an Onmyoji in the first step before committing suicide. He saw the problem on her body at a glance, uncovered the gorgeous disguise of her body, and revealed the rotten and ugly inside.

After talking about her experiences in recent years, Liu Yun buried her face in her hands and wept. She didn’t dare to look up at her brother for fear of seeing disgust and rejection in his eyes.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. My boyfriend and I will solve the problem of the ghost baby.” Holding Liu Yun’s shoulder, Liu Tao’s tone was gentle, but his expression was particularly cold.

After so many lives, he had seen too many people, poor, hateful, pitiful. Although he also didn’t care about the practice of woman’s self indulgence, he thought that she was also suffering from herself, but Liu Tao couldn’t stand by coldly who made her one of the relatives in the original wish? His task was to make sure she would have a safe and prosperous life.

“When we solve this problem Second Sister, don’t spoil yourself like this again. Live a solid life…” He said softly.

Liu Yun nodded heavily and gave a clear sob. For the first time, she felt that her little brother had grown up and became a man she could rely on. Finally, Liu Yun was comforted and fell asleep again. Liu Tao and Bai Duan went out of the ward together and looked at each other.

“What do you think of the ghost baby?” Liu Tao asked.

“Don’t you know better?” Bai Duan sniffed, but he didn’t say it. He quickly explained his idea, “The fetus of more than three months had just formed, so it should not have had any self-awareness, and like this it can’t naturally turn into a ghost baby, so it must have been created by people. As a fetus, it’s only connection with the world is the mother who gave birth to it, and after the formation of the ghost baby, seeing how Liu Yun got entangled with it, there’s an eight out of ten chance that the ghost baby was created by its mother, the boss’s wife.” Bai Duan sneered and looked cold. “These two women are pitiful and hateful. Liu Tao’s Second Sister is in love. But she made someone miscarry and is now haunted by evil spirits. Her boss’s wife was the victim, but she turned her unborn child into a fierce ghost, and used it to ask for the life of her enemy. The only pitiful thing is that innocent child, who was killed by one person, and died without being born only to be ‘resurrected’ by another person. Life is not like death.”

“So, we did a good thing to send the child away.” Liu Tao shrugged and sighed, “What a mess.” After a pause, he talked again, “However, raising a ghost baby is not something ordinary people can do. We have to find out where the boss’s wife learned this skill, and then fundamentally solve the problem. I don’t want to solve this only to have another ghost appear and haunt the Second Sister all my life.”

Bai Duan nodded in agreement. He turned his head slightly and suddenly thought of another question, “Say, I always call you Liu Tao. What’s your real name?”

Liu Tao was stunned and his expression was slightly complicated, “Just call me Liu Tao, I’m quite used to it since it’s the name of this body. As for my real name, it hasn’t been used for a long time.” He raised his hand, grabbed Bai Duan’s hand and lowered his voice. “But since you want to know, I’m called Guan Wu. “

Guan Wu, what a name without existence. = w =

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