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Chapter 111: Seventh World (15)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although knowing the real name of Liu Tao, Bai Duan remembered the name ‘Guan Wu’ in his mind to avoid suspicion, but still called him ‘Liu Tao’ in daily life.

Thanks to Liu Yun’s clues, Bai Duan and Liu Tao soon found the boss’s wife and left a surveillance charm on her while she was shopping one day. It was a pity that after several days of observation, there was no harvest.

Like other housewives, that woman went shopping, played cards and beautified herself along with her friends every day. The only unusual thing about her was that she was in a happy mood when her husband cheated and her child miscarried. It was very strange.

Such performance showed that her control over the ghost baby was not as strong as Bai Duan imagined. Even after the ghost baby was suppressed by Liu Tao, she didn’t know anything about it. She didn’t feel half distracted.

Bai Duan and Liu Tao feel quite complicated about such an excessively ‘stupid’ enemy. They thought the problem was too complicated. They wanted to find the ‘culprit’ who taught the boss’s wife how to raise the ghost baby, but they didn’t think the boss’s wife should be such a ‘pig teammate,’ and they couldn’t solve the problem at all.

This was not the way to drag on. After all, the ghost baby had been attached to the original’s Second Sister. Although it was temporarily suppressed, Liu Yun would be eroded by the Yin Qi after one more day. Her body was already affected by the ghost baby, and she was weak, so it could not be delayed any longer.

After discussion, Bai Duan and Liu Tao finally decided to completely solve the problem of the ghost baby and send it to reincarnate. Once the ghost baby disappears, the owner’s wife who controlled it was bound to react. If there was any backup, that backup would come out to rescue it although it would already be helpless to do so.

Because the owner’s wife was a complete layman, the ghost baby she made was not powerful. Bai Duan could handle it easily alone. As for Liu Tao, he chose to continue to monitor the boss’s wife to see how she would react when she realized that there was something wrong with the ghost baby. A task that seemed simple but was actually very risky. Compared with the ghost babies they already knew of, Liu Tao didn’t know what big boss would appear when the ghost baby disappeared. So of course, he didn’t dare to let his lover take such a risk.

Looking at Liu Tao, who patted his chest to make sure that he would never face a problem, Bai Duan meditated on the identity of the other party who was a ‘ghost king’, and finally chose to believe his promise.

After making arrangements, Bai Duan helped Liu Yun to go through the discharge formalities and then took her to the site that had been prepared.

Liu Yun was still pale and haggard, but her spirit was obviously much better. Her beautiful eyes also had some vivid colors. She followed Bai Duan and watched him make the final inspection and modification to the array painted with cinnabar on the ground. Her eyes were full of fear.

After confirming that there was no problem with the array he drew, Bai Duan, who was the first Onmyoji Liu Yun had met, helped her step into the middle of the array and sit on her knees.

“This… What is this for?” Liu Yun did according to Bai Duan’s request, but she was still in a panic and asked carefully with a trembling voice.

“Right now the demon baby is in your body, attached to your womb. This array weakens its Yin Qi and promotes your Yang Qi. When I launch the array, it will feel very uncomfortable and want to leave your body. As soon as it starts, I can catch it and make sure it never comes back.” Bai Duan explained the whole process, but found that Liu Yun’s expression grew even worse.

“It, it’s in my womb?” Liu Yun subconsciously covered her stomach and trembled slightly.

“Well, the baby, of course, is from the womb that gave birth to them.” Bai Duan nodded casually. “This kind of revenge is very vicious. First, it will harm innocent babies, and second, if it can’t be eliminated, it will cause endless troubles. When a ghost baby is attached to the body, it will first affect the spirit and health of the attached person that is, the situations you have encountered before. But if the victim is determined and not defeated by the ghost baby, the ghost baby will hibernate, making the victim think she has survived the disaster. However, the ghost baby will not leave, and will stay hidden in the victim’s womb. If the victim marries and gives birth to a child, the fetus would be occupied by the ghost baby, and the victim would treat the ghost baby as her own child without knowing that this is the so-called ‘ghost baby’.”

“… And then? ” Liu Yun swallowed her saliva, and her tone became more difficult. “After giving birth to the ghost baby… What will happen? “

Bai Duan glanced at her and smiled, “I don’t think you want to know.”

Liu Yun, “…”

Although full of curiosity, the Second Sister did not continue to ask, because she felt that it was more appropriate for her to follow her brother’s boyfriend’s ‘suggestions.’ After all, if she knew it, she would never be able to walk out of this shadow, or even face the children she might have in the future even now, when she thought of the ghost baby living in her own womb, she didn’t dare to think about pregnancy and childbirth any more.

“Next, I will launch the array.” Bai Duan saw Liu Yun calm down and turned the topic back to the right track. “You will feel a lot of pain, even worse than death, but you must bear with it only by bearing with it can you get rid of this ghost baby completely.”

Liu Yun nodded with a pale face and a heavy face. She watched Bai Duan clench his fingertips and drop his blood on the cinnabar.

In an instant, the original red cinnabar was more red and dazzling, as if it was blood flowing. Liu Yun only felt that she was warm all over, but the comfortable feeling had not yet risen when the tearing pain from the abdomen or from the womb.

Liu Yun almost fainted because of the sharp pain, but she clearly remembered Bai Duan’s advice. She clenched her teeth and clasped her fingers on the ground. Even though the ten fingernails were broken and bleeding, she didn’t waver or give up.

Even if she was not afraid of death, what couldn’t she hold on to?

Liu Yun’s eyes were wide open, and her beautiful face was distorted. She looked down at her abdomen, and felt like she saw a black wisp in her dizziness.

Bai Duan, who had been staring at the target, naturally saw it. He drenched the prepared rooster’s blood in his hand, and pinched it again. He attached a layer of mental power to his hand, and his hand seized the little black wisp quickly.

The spirit power could make Bai Duan really contact with ghosts, while the blood and Yang Qi of rooster was easy to obtain, which was most suitable for suppressing the Yin Qi on the ghost baby and weakening its strength. What’s more, it would not hurt the body of the ghost baby as much as the five Lei Fu. After all, Bai Duan had compassion for this innocent baby and wanted to send it to the Wheel of Reincarnation, not eliminate it.

The ghost baby was caught in Bai Duan’s hands and naturally realized that it was not good. It struggled to retract into the Second Sister’s body, but Bai Duan seized it and dragged it outwards. The Yin Qi that gave it strength was eroded by the blood of the rooster. Finally, it gave out an unwilling and frightened baby cry, and was completely pulled out of the body by Bai Duan.

As the ‘main battlefield’ of the battle between the two chambers, Liu Yun was almost killed by the struggling ghost baby. As soon as the ghost baby was out of her body, she fell to the ground powerless, her limbs were spasmodic, her nose and tears mixed into a mass, but for a moment she looked at the black fog that Bai Duan carried in his arms. Her eyes were full of fear, fear and guilt.

Bai Duan ignored Liu Yun’s situation and concentrated on keeping the ghost baby in his arms. He rubbed it again and again with his hands stained with rooster’s blood, making the ghost baby squeal and moan.

Generally speaking, if one wanted to dispel the Yin Qi and help the reincarnation of ghosts, most of them would fulfill the wishes of ghosts and lift them to the sky. But the ghost baby didn’t have a wish of its own at all, so he couldn’t act with common sense, only in such a direct and crude way.

Fortunately, Bai Duan had a strong mental power and the ghost baby was relatively weak. There was a strong contrast between the strong and the weak. This was a mistake. It didn’t cause any trouble.

After rubbing for several times, the ghost baby finally lost its black air and turned into a milky white mass again this was the pure and scale-free soul of a baby.

Silently reciting the prayer, Bai Duan dragged the baby’s weak soul with his hands, watching it slowly turn into a spot of light and dissipate in the air, and the corner of his mouth slightly rose up.

Even Liu Yun, who was watching, was fascinated by the quiet and warm scene. The panic and fear in her heart gradually subsided. She breathed a long breath, relaxed her body and allowed herself to lie on the ground, closing her eyes with relief.

Everything went well here for Bai Duan, but it happened to be the opposite for Liu Tao just that didn’t mean that he had found any tough enemies, but because the boss’s wife completely lost her mind and went straight mad.

When Bai Duan oversaw the ghost baby, the boss’s wife and boss had another conflict, and the reason was the same as before.

Since he learned that his wife could not bear children, the boss became colder and colder to her, and even soon found a new love that was obedient and clever. Staying at night with their lovers took up his efforts. And this kind of behavior of staying up all night, soon let the wife of the boss find out that her husband cheated on her again. Her nerves were sensitive, irritable because of long-term depression, and her Yin Qi, which was from the ghost baby, was out of control immediately.

She broke down and quarreled with the boss, spitting out vicious curses. The boss’s natural attitude was even worse, and he turned around when he didn’t agree. However, the wife who was affected by the Yin Qi and enlarged the hatred in her heart was no longer the dodder who had once been obedient to him.

Seeing that her husband was going to leave home to find his lover, the boss’s wife, with red eyes, directly picked up the fruit knife on the side table and stabbed at her husband.

The flowing blood dyed her vision red and aroused her ferocity even more. The only thing the boss’s wife thought of was to vent her anger and hatred. She cut off the evil root (penis) of the boss with her sharp hand.

The boss almost fainted because of the sharp pain, but looking at his crazy and ferocious wife, he did not dare to faint at all, because he realized that if he fainted, he would die in his wife’s hands. So, he endured a sharp pain, suddenly burst up, forced his wife down, knocked her unconscious, and then trembled to call an ambulance for himself, and stayed awake until the ambulance came

Liu Tao, who watched the tragedy in the distance, was almost stunned. He watched the ambulance pull the boss and his wife to leave, then took out his mobile phone and told Bai Duan what happened without expression.

The similarly stunned Bai Duan, “…”

The boss’s wife went mad and was sent to a mental hospital when she woke up from the hospital. As for the boss, he had been lying in the intensive care unit. Bai Duan and Liu Tao followed the boss’s wife for a few days, but they still didn’t see any suspicious objects, and there was no abnormality in the Second Sister. It almost seemed as if everything was settled.

They just wanted to know where the boss’s wife learned to make ghost babies. Why was it so difficult? Was it possible that… the situation was not so complicated, they just thought there was more to it out of habit?

Bai Duan and Liu Tao looked at each other, confused and speechless. Before they could find an answer, they had been found by others.

One day after school, Bai Duan and Liu Tao left the campus for dinner as usual, but they were stopped by a car just after leaving the school gate, and then an acquaintance got off the car.

“Officer Xu?” Liu Tao raised his eyebrows in surprise. “You came to us?”

“Not bad.” Xu Jiahong coughed, and looked embarrassed. “Not long ago, a wife attempted to kill her husband with a knife. I’d like to ask you to answer some questions about this.”

Bai Duan and Liu Tao, “….”

Is this the so-called ‘law net’ that was broad and lax?

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Thanks for the chapter! How depressing! At least the innocent child gets away from that mess. Hope his (fictional) next chance will be with decent human beings…

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That husband has cause this tragedy. Those poor women and baby. Thank you for the chapter

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Is it bad that I think the disgusting man deserves to have his pe*** chopped off? He can’t hurt multiple women any longer now..

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