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Chapter 112: Seventh World (16)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Due to the last ‘pen fairy’ incident, Xu Jiahong not only had a ‘shared friendship,’ with the two lovers, but also had some respect for Bai Duan. So instead of taking them to the police station for questioning, he invited them to the coffee shop near the corner of the street.

After sitting down, Liu Tao politely ordered tea and coffee according to Bai Duan’s preference, then looked up to Xu Jiahong and said, “Why do you think this matter has something to do with us?”

“At the beginning… probably intuition.”

Xu Jiahong hesitated to answer. He found that Bai Duan and Liu Tao had the same incredulous look in their eyes. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “I’m telling the truth, not perfunctory. When one handles a lot of cases, sometimes they will develop an intuition which is quite accurate. My intuition was that according to the habitual character of the wounded, it’s a bit abrupt to do such a thing of course, it can also be explained as a sudden burst of anger due to depression; besides, the wounded also said something in the mental hospital about ghosts. I have had the same experience before, so I am more sensitive now. There is no doubt that there is a third party involved in this as the catalysis.”

Looking at Liu Tao with a calm expression and Bai Duan with his head down quietly drinking coffee, Xu Jiahong sighed, “According to the consistent rules, I investigated the interpersonal relationship between the injured and the victim in recent period, and found a rather suspicious link, that is, Liu Yun, your Second Sister.” Xu Jiahong took a look at Liu Tao. “I’ve also learned about the hatred among the three of them. Then I found out that you have been in close contact with her recently. Finally… ” He shrugged. “I called up the video of the places where the wounded often went, and found that you often appeared in the same place at the same time, or even once passed by the wounded.”

With his fingers crossed and placed on the table, Xu Jiahong said in a serious voice, “So I think it’s very necessary for me to ask you about this.”

Liu Tao and Bai Duan had nothing to say about the ‘evidence’ presented by Xu Jiahong. If they were in Xu Jiahong’s position, they would think they were being particularly suspicious. It seemed that when they met last time, Xu Jiahong said that the police have a wide and precise intelligence network, and he was not exaggerating when he said they would be quick to arrest those who commit crimes.

With a glance at Liu Tao, Bai Duan nodded slightly. Bai Duan put down his coffee cup and talked about what happened during this period.

To be honest, they didn’t do any harm to the owner’s wife. She suffered from backfire due to her ghost baby. Bai Duan and Liu Tao did nothing wrong. Naturally, there was nothing to hide.

After hearing Bai Duan’s story, Xu Jiahong nodded, “I see.”

“Do you believe what we said?” Liu Tao raised his eyebrows.

“Personally, I am willing to believe it.” Xu Jiahong shrugged, “But as a public official, I can’t believe the same thing. I still need to investigate the truth according to your confession.”

“How are you going to investigate further?” Bai Duan was curious.

“Sorry, it’s confidential. I can’t tell you.” Xu Jiahong shook his head.

Bai Duan closed his mouth and didn’t go on asking.

“Besides, if what you said is true, how about the person you just mentioned who hurt people? The person who helped make the ghost babies will be investigated by our police.” After a pause, Xu Jiahong frowned, with a stern expression, “We will certainly not sit back and ignore those who spread evil and let them disturb public order.”

With one more helper, Bai Duan and Liu Tao, would not refuse. What’s more, they had broken the clues and had not paid much attention to the in-depth investigation.

After asking Xu Jiahong, a ‘full-time staff member,’ to investigate and deal with the matter, they left the matter behind. Liu Yun, who had been recuperating for some time and had finally recovered from her mental illness and improved in physical condition, was ready to leave the city which made her sad before she returned to her hometown.

Liu Yun didn’t want to sell the house and car that her boss gave her, so she just transferred it to her brother and Bai Duan.

Although the vocation of Onmyoji had declined, the real capable Onmyoji were still respected and awed by people. However, people like the original family came from remote rural families, and their way of thinking was still inclined to the old and conservative people who believed in ghosts, and they were more respectful to Onmyoji.

Even though she thought her brother was excellent, Liu Yun was still worried about seeing her brother and his boyfriend. She was afraid that her younger brother was not worthy of the other and finally suffered from emotional distress. What’s more, her own life was saved by the other side. Such kindness and great virtue couldn’t be rewarded. She could only present the most valuable house and car she owned, so as not to take advantage of the other too much, and make her younger brother unable to raise his head in front of his boyfriend and affect the relationship between the two people.

What’s more, it was not convenient for two boys to fall in love on campus after all. With a house, and being able to cohabitate would make their feelings more intimate, right?

For Liu Yun’s thanks, Bai Duan hesitated for a moment, and finally thanked her after being nudged by Liu Tao. Liu Yun also breathed a long sigh of relief, and completely drew a clear line with her disgraceful experience.

On the eve of packing and buying tickets to return home, Liu Yun was pulled aside by Liu Tao and a few ‘whispers’ were share between the brother and sister, “When you get home, can you talk about Little Duan with our parents, such as the identity of him being an Onmyoji and the experience of this exorcism?”

Liu Yun had been living in the city for so long. She knew what her brother was getting at. “Do you want our parents to accept him? It’s also… our parents are superstitious. If we let them know your boyfriend’s identity is so special, even if they are against it, they will dare not show it. They would be afraid to offend him.”

Liu Tao nodded, “Although this method is not very authentic, it is the most simple and effective. As for going back… If they meet with him, they will know that Little Duan is a good person.”

Liu Yun certainly wouldn’t say ‘no’ to her benefactor. She immediately promised that Bai Duan’s ability and means would be overhyped to their parents. Of course, she was also worried that if their family were too fierce against their relationship, it would break up the relationship, infuriate Bai Duan and lead to disaster.

She had really experienced the means of an Onmyoji. If an Onmyoji wanted you to die, you would probably die soon. After Liu Yun was sent away, the campus life of Bai Duan and Liu Tao was calm again, and Liu Tao finally changed his old love brain state and began to do something more.

After all, Liu Yun, the ‘God of Wealth’ who had been sending money to her family, was gone. Liu Tao had to bear the task of supporting his family. At least his college tuition and living expenses needed to be handled by himself, and he couldn’t burden his family.

The original’s specialty was software engineering, and Liu Tao’s own specialty was also here. With a system called cheating with golden fingers, it was easy to develop a high-quality software.

Considering that his current identity was only a sophomore, Liu Tao did not make a sophisticated software system to sell for a large price. Instead, he targeted the game market that had high interest, was simple to enter and had broad prospects.

When he accompanied Bai Duan to study in the library every day, Liu Tao would move his laptop to create and restore a well-known game he made in another world. Because of the template he had, no matter the game scenario, mode or debugging, everything was in place. In just a few weeks, the preliminary trial version was completed, and it was also translated into several well known languages.

Putting these trial versions on the Internet, and associating it with the crowdfunding page, Liu Tao was full of confidence in his game, and this game did not disappoint him, and also achieved success in this world.

Within a month, the trial version of the game became famous among the players, and Liu Tao’s crowdfunding page also had donations from enthusiastic players from various countries. Almost all the players who had played the game were looking forward to seeing the complete version of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Liu Tao, who had finished the complete version, was not at all moved by the wishes of the players. He just reported the so-called ‘game making progress’ on the webpage at regular intervals according to the speed of general game creators, so as to give the players the illusion that ‘I’m working hard to let you play.’

But the players who didn’t know anything about it thought that the game maker was really hardworking and the progress of the game’s production was very gratifying.

Putting his chin on his lover’s shoulder and watching him concentrate on controlling the game characters to fight against enemies, suddenly, Liu Tao’s eyes brightened. “Babe, would you like to dub this game for me?”

Bai Duan was a little distracted as he listened to Liu Tao’s words. His movements were slow for a second, and he watched as the enemy with a high AI and sent out a series of moves. 

In a hurry, he dodged left and right and ran away. He spent a long time trying to save his character from being in a bloodied state. Bai Duan pressed the pause key and turned to look at Liu Tao. His voice was a little upset because of the moment of shock, “I’m unworthy.”

“You match it. You match it~” Liu Tao rubbed his head on his lover’s neck. “Although there are only two important roles in this game, one is the main character, the other is the protagonist’s fairy in the bottle. The plot is quite brilliant. If we each dub one, the effect will be very good! ” After a pause, Liu Tao’s eyes flashed with a trace of fascination, stretched out his arms around Bai Duan’s waist, and held the other in his arms. “I also want to put my ‘fairy in the bottle’ in my pocket all the time like the protagonist, no matter when and how things happen, we will be inseparable.”

Bai Duan’s eyes slightly twitched, and he had goose bumps on his body. He didn’t know whether it was because of the coquettish appearance of the other party or the possessive desire laced throughout his tone.

“Well, I can only think about it.” Bai Duan bluntly said.

“Don’t you not want to? It doesn’t matter.” Liu Tao was splashed with cold water by his lover, but he was still smiling, “I can be your ‘fairy in the bottle’, you can take me with you anytime, anywhere…”

“… I’m sorry, I don’t want anything like you carried on me. ” Bai Duan’s expression was cold. “It’d be like carrying a bomb that might explode at any time.”

“Explode? To your bed? ” Liu Tao chuckleed, grabbed Bai Duan’s lips, and gave him a deep kiss. Looking at his lover who was breathing slightly harder and had ruddy lips, he licked his lips, and his voice was laced with feelings. “Then we won’t talk about the ‘fairy in the bottle’, it’s too unreliable. Let’s change it to a more practical one. Liu Yun’s house has been cleaned up, we… When will we move in together?”

Bai Duan’s head was dizzy when he was kissed by his lover. He was stunned when he heard the words. He was looking up at Liu Tao, whose eyes were full of deep desire and emotion. His face was red all over the place and his young body was also slightly hot and excited.

It was really true that all youngsters were impulsive, ah.

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Thanks for the chapter! Pretending to be hardworking while spending the time flirting… “shakes head”…ML is shameless…

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