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Chapter 46: Wang Fu Woke Up

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Cheng Yan sat at the edge of the bed, looked down at Lin Mo lying on the bed, and gently stroked his eyebrows and eyes with his fingertip. When the old butler knocked on the door again to remind him that he should enter the palace, Cheng Yan got up and left, “Shadow Seven, don’t let anyone in.”

“Yes, master.” The voice of Shadow Seven came from the dark.

Cheng Yan got up and closed the door, the mansion fell into silence. Lin Mo’s fingers, lying flat on the bed, suddenly trembled and then stopped. After changing clothes, Cheng Yan rode to the palace.

The people in the street heard the sound of horses’ hooves coming from not far away, so they hurriedly dodged around. After avoiding the danger, other people looked up, wanting to remember this person and report to the government that someone was running a horse in the street.

No one was allowed to ride horses in the streets in the Imperial City. Even the most powerful children would be punished if they were guilty. However, after seeing the iconic mask on the face of the person on the horse, the minds of those people were completely blank. Then they bowed their heads and went to work. No one talked about the event.

In the Yu Empire, in addition to the Emperor, the highest status was the God of War, Prince Cheng. Plus he was the Emperor’s younger brother, who had the courage to report him to the government? It was forbidden to be on the street with Prince Cheng.

Before long, Cheng Yan arrived at the palace. He led the horse to the eunuch who had been waiting at the gate of the palace for a long time. Cheng Yan stepped in.

The eunuch behind him gave the reins to the guards guarding the palace gate, and hurried to catch up. “Your Highness, Prince Cheng, His Majesty and His Highness, Jinyuan are waiting for you in the Qinghua Palace.” 


Before the palace guards could recover from the shock of seeing Prince Cheng with their own eyes, there were reins in their hands. The bodyguard looked up at the black horse standing by, shivered in his heart, hoping that the horse would not be as moody as its master.

Cheng Yan went all the way in without any obstacles. After the palace maids passing by saw His Royal Highness Cheng, they stopped to curtsey one after another, and they left after walking away. When he got to the gate of Qinghua Palace, Cheng Yan stopped and looked up at the plaque of the palace for a long time.

He was finally back.

“Your Highness, His Majesty is waiting for you inside.” Yu Gonggong, who was waiting in front of the door, said in a low voice.

“Mn.” Cheng Yan heard his voice and returned to his senses, and he took a deep breath. He raised his hand and knocked on the door. He pushed the door in without waiting for a response from the inside.

“Fifth Brother!” Before Cheng Yan could walk in, he heard his younger brother’s yell. An JinYuan got up and walked quickly, stopped a few steps away from his Fifth Elder Brother, his eyes red.

The Emperor, An ChengLin, Prince Cheng, An ChengYan, and the Seventh Prince, His Highness An JinYuan, were brothers from the same mother. Since Cheng Yan went to the border, An JinYuan rarely saw his Fifth Brother. A year ago, he learned from his Third Brother that his Fifth Brother was missing. Now that Fifth Elder Brother has come back safely, An JinYuan was naturally very excited.

“What? Did you forget about Fifth Brother?” Cheng Yan walked over, reached for his head, and slightly raised the corner of his mouth.

“No… It was just a pleasure to see Fifth Brother.” An JinYuan raised his hand to wipe away the tears and smiled with red eyes.

The Emperor, who sat down, drinking tea, put down his cup and said in a cold voice, “Mn, are you two going to stand and talk all day?” 

Cheng Yan looked at his older Brother sitting by and hesitated, “Imperial Brother…” 

“If I didn’t call you into the palace, when would you have come to see me?”

When Cheng Yan thought of Momo, who was still lying in his room, his original relaxed mood became heavier, “… In a while.” 

Lin Mo accompanied his elderly parents to bask in the garden. The warm sunshine on his body made him drowsy.

“Momo, you’re thirty years old. Aren’t you going to get married?” Mother Lin asked in a doting voice.

Lin Mo was confused. “Uh… Get married? I am married, I don’t need to get married again…” 

“Married? Why didn’t you tell mom? Which girl is it?” Mother Lin said in surprise.

When Lin Mo heard the word ‘girl,’ his head cleared up immediately. The vague figure in his head gradually became clear.

“What’s the matter? Which girl is it? You didn’t even tell your parents when you got married.” Mother Lin laughed.

“… I’m sorry, mom. I’m married to a man… Besides, it’s time for me to go back…” Lin Mo finished, finally glanced at his father and mother, and left.

It was time for him to go back, or Cheng Yan would worry.

He had lived with his family in his dreams for more than ten years, and he was satisfied. With the appearance in Lin Mo’s mind, the surrounding scenes gradually dissipated, revealing the dark fog forest.

Lin Mo, lying on the bed with his eyes closed, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and then his eyebrows wrinkled slightly. Lin Mo opened his eyes and saw a vague scene.

Lin Mo frowned and closed his eyes again, then opened them again and repeated this action several times to see the scene in front of him. Above him was a dark curtain. Lin Mo moved his stiff neck and looked aside.

There was not much furnishing in the room, but the owner of the house was not poor. Lin Mo didn’t care about this at this time. The only thought in his mind was that Cheng Yan was not there with him.

“Cheng Yan…” Lin Mo’s throat was dry. He couldn’t make much noise, but only some breathy sounds. Lin Mo swallowed his saliva with difficulty, trying to eliminate the itch in his throat, but it didn’t seem to be very useful. “Cough…” 

Where was Cheng Yan?

Lin Mo turned over with difficulty, got up with his elbows propped up, opened the bed curtain and wanted to leave. Lin Mo’s arm was weak, his whole body fell on the bed, and there was cold sweat on his forehead.

“Cheng… Cough… Cough… ”  

When Lin Mo called out the name of his master, Shadow Seven knew he was awake and hurriedly went out to explain the situation to the other shadows, and then returned to the room. As soon as he walked in, he heard the muffled sound of the body falling on the bed, and Shadow Seven was awed in his heart.

“Wang Fu, are you okay?” Shadow Seven appeared at the bedside and spoke out.

“Cheng Yan… Cough… Cough…” Lin Mo was shocked to hear the sudden sound.

Shadow Seven knew of the importance of Wang Fu to his master, so he added, “Master is in the palace. I have sent someone to deliver the news that you are awake to Master.” 

“Cough… Is there any water?”

In the imperial study, Cheng Yan and the emperor were talking.

“You said you suspected it was Prince Jing’s doing?” The Emperor sat on the Dragon chair, his face heavy.

“Mn, and on my way back to the Imperial City, one of the three sets of assassins were sent by Uncle.” Cheng Yan nodded.

“And the other two?” Asked the Emperor.

“The prime minister.”

“I have only collected some evidence against the prime minister.” As for Prince Jing… The Emperor didn’t think that there would be Jing’s hand in it.

Before Cheng Yan could say anything else, the door of the royal study was knocked on, “Your Highness, Prince Cheng, the Royal Palace sent a message that Prince Cheng’s husband is awake.” The voice of Eunuch Yu sounded outside the door.

“!!! Imperial Brother, I’ll leave first. I’ll tell you more about it later.” Cheng Yan finished, turned around and left quickly.

As soon as Eunuch Yu, who was standing outside, finished speaking, the door of the royal study was thrown open. Before Eunuch Yu could react, His Highness Prince Cheng was far away. Eunuch Yu entered the royal study, “Your Majesty…”

An ChengLin looked at the door and asked, “Yu Ming, do you think A-Yan has been enlightened?” 

“I think that is why His Highness Cheng is in such a hurry.” Eunuch Yu went over and replied as he polished his ink.

Eunuch Yu was one of the people around Princess Kite. Like Butler Fu around Prince Cheng, he watched the three brothers grow up. Later, after the death of the Imperial Concubine Kite, one followed the Emperor and the other followed Prince Cheng.

As for the character of the two brothers, Eunuch Yu knew more or less that His Majesty really cared about Prince Cheng.

“Mn, I’m relieved.” An ChengLin nodded and then continued to revise his memorial. Before this, An ChengLin was worried that Chang Yan would not find anyone he liked because of his reputation as a terrible man. And Cheng Yan’s temper was bad. He had no patience with other people. Fortunately, he came back with a ger.

“Your Majesty, His Highness has already found a Wang Fu. You should also find one. There are no concubines in the harem. The Minister of the court is sure to talk about it again.” He couldn’t help persuading the Emperor.

An ChengLin’s voice was cold. “Who dare say that? Do not mention it again.” 

“Yes, it was the old slave who overstepped.” Eunuch Yu knew that His Majesty was not angry with him, but he couldn’t help sighing. According to His Majesty, it was not possible to have a concubine in the harem.

His Majesty still couldn’t let it go.

On the other side, Cheng Yan was riding to his palace. At this time, Cheng Yan’s eyes were flaming and his heart was beating fast.

Momo was awake!

Cheng Yan rushed back to his palace, got off his horse and used his lightness skill to rush to his bedroom. The shadow in the dark caught his master’s mask and led the horse back to the special stable. However, when he got outside the door, Cheng Yan was afraid to push the door in. He was worried that the news he got was false. He was afraid his Momo would still be lying in bed with his eyes closed.

The nervous Cheng Yan didn’t think about it. Who would dare to cheat him?

In the room, Lin Mo lay on the head of the bed and was given water carefully by his maid.

“Cough Cough…” Lin Mo drank a little fast and accidentally choked.

“Wang Fu, please drink slowly.” The maid heard Wang Fu’s cough, and had a tight heart, some tension on her face. These days they had seen how bad Wang Fu was.

“Wang…” As soon as the maidservant had finished speaking, she felt a gust of wind blow by. Then she saw the Lord appear in the room and sit by the bed.

Cheng Yan sat next to Lin Mo, held the man in his arms, and took the bowl from his maid’s hand, “Get out.”

“Yes.” The maid’s face was a little white, but she still pretended to be calm and respectful. Then she walked away quickly.

“Cheng… Cough Cheng Yan?” Lin Mo looked up, and coughed hard, his eyes were a little red.

“Mn, I’m here. Do you want water? Are you hungry? I’ll make some porridge.”

“Mn, hungry.” After giving the answer, Lin Mo’s body softened, he held Cheng Yan’s waist, and buried his head in his chest.

“Momo, don’t sleep so long, will you?” Cheng Yan whispered as he put the cup down, tightened his arms and held the man in his arms.


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April 9, 2020 1:25 pm

I’m sad that it was so painful for Cheng Yan, but I’m grateful that Lin Mo got to relieve his heart and spend time with his first family.

The part with the brothers was funny.


April 9, 2020 1:29 pm

I’m so glad he woke up. Thank you for the chapter

April 9, 2020 1:50 pm

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Thanks for the chapter! It looks like Lin Mo was able to lay to rest his regrets from his previous life. It also looks like the Prime Minister and his evil daughter may have their conspiracies nipped in the bud?

Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods
April 9, 2020 8:34 pm

Either there’s going to be way more to this extended dream or it’s just Lin Mo’s thoroughly traumatized mind finally working through his previous life’s pain. I’m glad he has closure though! Now he can look forward and live in the present with hope for the future.

Not gonna lie- I saw the title and wanted to just rush to the reunion. Must protect this lovely couple!

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I like this couple (LinYan couple) second only to HuaLian couple, we love healthy relationships in this household. Finally no more of those toxic abusive relationships. Anyways, can someone recommend stories with relationships same as the couples mentioned above? Like the wholesome, light hearted stories with beautiful healthy relationships? I need them to warm my heart ♥ thanks.

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