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Chapter 113: Seventh World (17)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the end, Bai Duan still failed to resist Liu Tao’s obsession perhaps moved by his persistence, perhaps unable to bear his coquetry and in short, he finally moved out of the school dormitory and started living with Liu Tao.

Liu Tao, who yearned to take his lover home, naturally liked to rush. He had been ready for all aspects, waiting for Bai Duan to move in with his bag. On the first night of cohabitation, he made a big meal for Bai Duan in the name of celebration, relying on his good skills learned in countless worlds.

The lure of food proved to be very effective for Bai Duan. Looking at a table full of color, fragrance and taste pleased Bai Duan.

During this meal, Bai Duan was extremely satisfied with his food, and his eyes on Liu Tao became softer and more pleasant. When he was happy, he took a few more drinks. When he was full of food and drink, Bai Duan became drunk. Although he could not say that he lost consciousness, he was completely free from the shackles of reason.

Naturally, Bai Duan, who liked to do what he wanted, didn’t have the usual high cold and self reserved appearance. He was red faced and drunk in Liu Tao’s arms. He naturally cradled his lover’s neck and was drowsy. His obedient appearance made Liu Tao fidgety and he couldn’t bear it.

With his head down, he gently sucked and licked his lover’s lips. Liu Tao’s movements were gentle and seductive. Soon, Bai Duan, who had already had his tofu eaten, was not satisfied with such a gentle touch. He directly hooked his arms around his lover’s neck, raised his head, and actively opened his mouth to make love with Liu Tao.

Liu Tao saw a sly smile in his eyes. He put his hand under his lover’s clothes, stroked the smooth and tight skin, kissed Bai Duan deeply, pecked at the corner of his lover’s mouth, and coaxed, “Do you want to do it?”

His body was sensitive after drinking. It was easy to be impulsive. How could he stand the provocation from Liu Tao? Bai Duan had been aroused by Liu Tao for a long time. When he wanted to make a big move, his instincts completely overwhelmed his reason. His heart was all about how to make himself comfortable. Seeing that Liu Tao still talked so much nonsense, he simply turned over and pressed the other on the broad sofa, and impatiently pulled the other’s T-shirt aside.

Liu Tao had a deeper smile on his lips. He indulged in his lover’s actions and quickly removed their clothes. Later, when Bai Duan was unprepared, he turned over and gathered his long coveted lover under him. Then, the spring in the night came naturally.

Because the last time he did it too hard with his soul, Bai Duan was left with a deep psychological shadow, which led him to have to pursue for so long before finally eating meat again. So this night, Liu Tao’s movements were extremely gentle, which was bound to let his lover know that, under normal physical conditions, he was not so ferocious.

After all, in the case of only the soul body, as long as the spirit was strong enough, there would be no feeling of fatigue, and the other’s body would not only feel tired, but he couldn’t stand the overload. He had to ‘relax and take care of his lover’ and ‘work and rest.’

In a word, the ‘movements’ of the night were very harmonious. After Bai Duan said enough, Liu Tao paid off. They took a sweet bath together and made a scene in the bathroom. Then they hugged and fell on the soft big bed. Their bodies and minds entered into the dream. Even in the dream, the corners of their mouths were raised happily.

After that night, the relationship between Bai Duan and Liu Tao changed significantly. They felt that they had quickly entered the harmonious and warm state of an old husband and wife, but in the eyes of outsiders, they were even more blind than before.

Lin Lin was worried about whether the two people of different origins and habits would have conflicts when they suddenly started living together, but after one or two visits, she never stepped in again, because every time she came to visit, she felt that she had gained several jins of hard weight it was too sweet.

Of course, after being sweetened several times, Lin Lin’s idea that Liu Tao didn’t deserve her cousin had gradually changed. Looking at Liu Tao’s care of her cousin, Lin Lin was envious. Once, she secretly said to Liu Tao that if she wanted to find a boyfriend in the future, she must also look according to Liu Tao’s treatment standard, and taste the feeling of being praised by her boyfriend as a god in the sky.

Hearing the praise of his ‘sister-in-law,’ Liu Tao didn’t say anything, just looked at her with sympathy.

Lin Lin, who was looked at inexplicably, “What do you mean by that look?”

Liu Tao raised his hand and clapped Lin Lin on the shoulder with a sigh, “It doesn’t matter. If you can’t find a boyfriend in your life, we will be responsible for raising you for the rest of your life.”

Lin Lin, “…”

How vicious! This bastard was so cheeky, how could she have never noticed before?! Was that shy and introverted look pretend?!

Lin Lin turned her head and told her cousin about the blackness. After Bai Duan listened, he couldn’t help but move his eyes away from the script. His tone was euphemistic, “I also think that if you want to find a boyfriend in the future, you can probably relax the standard properly.”

Lin Lin, with a shocked face, “!!!”

With his little cousin’s unbelievable eyes, Bai Duan’s eyes drifted slightly although this sentence sounded ‘hurtful’ indeed, it was Bai Duan’s sincere suggestion.

It was impossible for two people who just fell in love to know each other’s likes and personalities as soon as they started dating. They had to go through a period of running, or they were more considerate and determined towards each other, or they had worn down their feelings, and they had to go their separate ways. This understanding was the biggest difference between only talking about love for a lifetime and fate for a lifetime.

In Bai Duan’s eyes, Liu Tao knew his hobbies better than himself. With the other, he didn’t have to worry about anything at all. Before what he wanted or thought of doing, Liu Tao was properly prepared for him, and everything conformed to his mind. If his little cousin wanted to get a boyfriend according to the standard of Liu Tao, she would be alone for a lifetime

Seeing Bai Duan turn his eyes to the script again, Lin Lin’s face was filled with resentment, and finally gave up the topic, and looked curiously at the script in his hand, “What is this? Cousin, are you getting ready for a drama?”

“No, this is a dub for the characters in Liu Tao’s game.” Bai Duan shook his head.

“Brother-in-law’s game? Why didn’t I know?!” Lin Lin’s eyes brightened. “What kind of game is it? I’ll also download it to support it.”

Bai Duan said the name of the game and added, “The game is very interesting. You can try it. The easy difficulty is also very friendly for the disabled.”

Lin Lin, the disabled, “…”

Lin Lin almost wanted to kneel. She looked at Bai Duan and said in a quiet voice, “Cousin, you, don’t think you are recently getting more… vicious? Is this still my gentle and elegant cousin?”

Bai Duan gave a dry cough and raised his hand to touch the tip of his nose, “Ah, I’m sorry. I’m used to Liu Tao recently. I can’t help but…”

Looking at Bai Duan, Lin Lin, who looked embarrassed, chuckled, “Actually, my cousin is doing this now. It’s really good.”

Bai Duan used to be steady and reliable. He seemed to have his own plan at any time, with few mood swings. So Bai Duan’s grandfather and Lin Lin were often worried.

But after falling in love with Liu Tao, Lin Lin found that her cousin was obviously ‘lively,’ angry, mischievous, and learned to use his tongue to play tricks. Although the former cousin was gentle, he seldom laughed happily. Her cousin today, even if he was frowning and quarreling with Liu Tao, his eyes were still shining with a happy luster, and he was happy from the heart. As if he had been away from the world, he finally integrated into the world, becoming real and full of vitality.

Hearing this exclamation from his cousin, Bai Duan’s face softened and nodded softly, “Well, I think it’s very good.”

Although there were still doubts in his mind, and occasionally he would think about whether Liu Tao liked the him from the past or the him of today, Bai Duan had already recognized his heart and knew that he really liked Liu Tao. Maybe the love would also include the influence of his past life forgotten by him, but the love was real and unquestionable.

So, since he liked him so much, why bother about the problems that were not necessary? In any case, it was impossible for his former self to suddenly jump out and rob him of his ownership.

Bai Duan’s thinking was always simple and straightforward. In other words, he didn’t have far-reaching vision and thought, and he didn’t think about the too unpredictable and far-reaching future and too deep and complex disputes. Instead of the troublesome question of ‘I love this life or I love my past life,’ he enjoyed the happy time now more, and didn’t want it to be broken or destroyed by anything even the doubts in his heart.

Maybe this idea was a bit of self deception, but Bai Duan was very calm. Even Liu Tao didn’t realize that his little lover had thought about such a ‘philosophical’ problem.

All in all, Bai Duan and Liu Tao had a happy school life, and soon after they lived together, the dubbing of the whole game was successfully completed.

Liu Tao couldn’t wait to add dubbing to the trial version, and then release it again. Soon, the dubbing of the game would be highly praised by the majority of players even if the players in other countries couldn’t understand these dialogues, they would also give a ‘pleasant and comfortable’ rating.

Bai Duan’s dubbing was a natural performance, cold and dignified, elegant and steady, while Liu Tao’s dubbing was full of aura, or bright sunshine, or firm and brave, without any stagnant craftsmanship.

Although the game was for all ages, the two protagonists were only friends who supported each other and did not have an ambiguous relationship, but it may be the reason that the voice actor was in the ‘hot love period,’ so the relationship between the protagonists of the game was a little mysterious. 

Straight men and straight women only saw the deep friendship between the protagonists and the passion of fighting side by side. Those who were not so straight or rotten cried out that the interaction between them was basic and sprouting. It was true, another sense of ‘blood boiling.’

Even though the released game was only a trial version, the online fan base had already spread so much that fans began to draw art for it. A small number of people who liked playing games and often listened to radio drama also quickly noticed the voice dubbing of the two characters.

Recently, the second radio drama had received even more enthusiastic responses than the first one, because the horror and drama elements of the previous issue of the radio series had deterred many timid audiences, the second issue involved love, with a more moderate and friendly tone and gained a wider natural audience.

The three CP pairs in the broadcast drama were all loved and praised by the audience, and the most concerned one was undoubtedly the Onmyoji uke and his loyal dog seme. After an H drama, the fame and fans of [White Ink] and [Ink Tao] had risen to another level. More troupes had proposed to invite [White Ink] to be part of their drama, but Lin Lin declined all of them, and said that [White Ink] was just for friendly performances.

For such a reply, both staff and fans who were looking forward to it were extremely disappointed, but it was the so-called ‘rare things are precious’ and [White Ink] was so cold that there were no friendly performances, which made his fans even more enthusiastic. Moreover, when asked about [White Ink], none of the CVs of [Ink Black Moon] said a bad word about him. He not only had a good voice to make other’s ears pregnant, but also had super beauty. He was also a top student, there was no imperfection.

Nonsense, he could scare the ghosts away and save their benefactor! Who dares to say that he was not good!

With the promotion of the members of [Ink Black Moon], Bai Duan had completely established the status of a God. Unfortunately, the God had no interest in internet matching, and fans who surrounded him could only wait for the next broadcast drama to be released, but unexpectedly, a pie fell from the sky, showing that the God did not help with a broadcast drama, but ran to dub a game and the uke was still played by the God. They were adoring the old CP [Ink TaoTao]. It was said that in the game, the dialogue between the two was also full of feelings.

Even the fans who didn’t play the game at ordinary times couldn’t bear the boiling wolf blood at this time. They ran to download the game one after another, which made the download volume of the trial version of the game climb a small peak but these chain reactions, Bai Duan and Liu Tao didn’t know about them. Because, at this moment, they had finished their one semester course and were ready to go home for the summer vacation. Bai Duan received the warm invitation from Liu Tao’s family, hoping that he could go to stay for a while, so that they could have a chance to thank him for his help with Liu Yun.

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