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Chapter 47: I’ll Protect You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Lin Mo woke up, there was a lot of activity in the palace. Butler Fu began to prepare all kinds of things for Lin Mo, such as Wang Fu’s clothes and accessories. The people around him also had things to prepare. Wang Fu had been sleeping for the past month, and the Lord didn’t have the heart to do it himself. Because the Lord had returned home just recently, Butler Fu was busy, forgetting this incident for a while, and just remembered it.

Lin Mo had been lying in bed for more than half a month. Just after waking up, he was powerless. Cheng Yan lifted him up and walked behind the screen.

“I’ve already asked people to cook porridge. Let’s take a bath first.” Cheng Yan murmured.

Lin Mo nodded and looked up at him, “Mn… What about Second Brother?” 

“Your Second Brother is still on his way. I’ve asked someone to protect him in the dark. He will arrive in half a month at normal speed.”

“Mn…” When Lin Mo got the answer, he stopped talking and leaned his head against Cheng Yan’s chest.

After walking, Cheng Yan tested the water, and the water temperature was suitable. He took off Lin Mo’s clothes and put him in the tub. After Lin Mo was seated, Cheng Yan quickly took off his clothes and raised his feet to step into the tub with his husband.

“What are you doing?” Lin Mo felt his husband sit in front of him, and then he was held.

“Bathing you.”

The tub was big enough and strong enough that the two of them could go in together without feeling crowded.

“Oh.” Lin Mo nodded. He was weak all over and it was hard to bathe himself.

Since Lin Mo just woke up and Cheng Yan didn’t dare to let him soak in the water for too long. After taking a bath quickly, he took him out of the tub.

“Cheng Yan… You put on your clothes first.” Lin Mo felt his heart jump to his throat. If anyone came in suddenly and saw the naked Prince…

Cheng Yan, aren’t you a prince?

“It’s okay. I’ll put it on for you first.” Cheng Yan helped him put on his clothes, and then helped the man to the bed before putting on his own clothes quickly. Cheng Yan sat on the bed and held the man in his arms. “You’ve lost weight. You have to make it up as soon as possible.” 

“Okay… Has your memory been restored?” Lin Mo asked, leaning against him with his eyes closed.

“Recovered.” The strength of holding him was tighter. Cheng Yan recalled the scene he never wanted to witness again and he was still scared. “Don’t ever do that again.”

Fortunately, Momo was okay now.

“… I’m sorry. I won’t.” Lin Mo was hugged tightly, his arm hurt a little, his brow was slightly wrinkled, and he didn’t say anything.

Lin Mo had lived for four more years after his previous world had faced the Apocalypse, but he did not have the strength matching the ability users or the ability to respond in the face of danger.

In the first year, Lin Mo was protected by his companions. Then they sold Lin Mo to the fanatical researchers of the Research Institute after they learned that all the people of the Lin family were dead. But Lin Mo was still well protected in the first year.

Lin Mo had no abilities, but before the end of the world, the Lin family was one of the four families in the North, and the Lin family’s eldest son was also the leader of special forces in the military. In order to enter the first base in the North, even if Lin Mo was a delicate young master who couldn’t resist and couldn’t breathe after a few steps, no one in the team wanted to leave him behind.

But when the news that everyone in the Lin family was dead, Lin Mo was of little value to the people in the team. In the end, Lin Mo was betrayed by his so-called companions and imprisoned in the Research Institute for two years.

In the third year of the end of the world, Lin Mo took advantage of the besiege of the zombie tide on the Research Institute, killed all the people in that room, then hid in his spiritual space, fell into the spiritual water and lost consciousness.

Until now, Lin Mo still didn’t know how those people died at that time. When he returned to his senses, he saw the room filled with bright red, and there was a strange excitement in addition to his fear. After that, Lin Mo escaped and began to search for his family for more than a year. 

But Lin Mo had been trapped in the Research Institute for the past two years, and he had been injected with many kinds of viruses. In those two years, he couldn’t enter the space, so he couldn’t use the spring water to detoxify his blood.

Even after desperately drinking spring water once he escaped, the unknown virus infected his bone marrow. The combination of the virus and the spring water changed his constitution. Because of the spiritual water, Lin Mo had a strong healing ability, and since many of the viruses in his body were extracted from the zombies, even if he was scratched by the zombies, he would not turn into one of them.

If these two abilities appeared on other ability users, they would be invincible. Unfortunately, it appeared in Lin Mo, whose body had been damaged by the virus.

At the beginning of the fourth year of the Apocalypse, the level of powers for the ability users had increased, and the zombies evolved several times. The zombies had powers, and their actions were no longer as rigid as they had been at the beginning. Lin Mo, who had no powers and whose actions were no longer as smooth as before, was naturally at the bottom of the food chain.

Lin Mo wanted to avoid it at first, but his speed was not worth mentioning in the eyes of the zombies. In the end, Lin Mo gave up hiding, and let the zombies tear his flesh with empty eyes. Anyway, the zombies would leave when they smelled his blood.

So, he didn’t need to dodge zombie attacks at all in the Apocalypse. What he needed was to hide in his space when those ability users came, and then come out when they left. Although he had been ambushed several times by the ability users in the dark, Lin Mo, who had his spiritual space, avoided their capture.

When he came to the ancient times, there was no threat of death. Lin Mo temporarily forgot his numbness to death. Fortunately, Cheng Yan’s people finally appeared.

The reflection of cold light on the sword of the man in black reminded Lin Mo of his fear of death at the beginning of the Apocalypse. It was not the same concept as a zombie scratch. And now since his body was not his original, his injuries would not automatically heal.

Fortunately, he was saved and he didn’t die in the end.

With his husband on his mind, Lin Mo was even more afraid of death.

He hadn’t avenged the Lin family in his previous life, solved the transmigration, or lived with Cheng Yan long enough. He dare not die…

Lin Mo looked up at him and asked, “Cheng Yan, can you teach me some martial arts?” 

In fact, Lin Mo wanted to find the subconscious avoidance behavior that ordinary people had in the face of danger. His current body and inherent thinking had excluded those actions. If there was another time, Lin Mo couldn’t guarantee that he could avoid them.

“No, you can’t learn.” Cheng Yan refused decisively. Although he didn’t know why Momo suddenly wanted to learn martial arts, he was really not suitable for martial arts. Not to mention physical problems, even his age was not suitable. However, seeing Momo’s lost expression after hearing it, Cheng Yan patiently explained to him. “This kind of thing will not happen again, even if it does, I will protect you, so don’t toss your body away.”

Lin Mo was a little reluctant, muttering in a low voice, “There will be times when you are not by my side, right?” 

Cheng Yan reached for his half dry hair and consoled, “Even if I’m not around you, I’ll have a shadow guard protect you in the dark. So, martial arts is not allowed to be mentioned again.” 

“Fine.” Lin Mo said.

“Momo, are you angry?” Cheng Yan asked nervously since he couldn’t hear the emotion in his voice.

“Why would I be angry? You are the Prince. Do you think I dare to be angry with a Prince?” Lin Mo whispered as he nestled in his arms and poked him in the chest.

“Momo…”  When Cheng Yan heard what he said, he was very worried.

“Ah, it’s just a joke.” Lin Mo heard Cheng Yan’s nervousness, looked up and kissed his chin, as he chuckled and soothed him.

Lin Mo did not know how much his pale face and smile hurt Cheng Yan.

Cheng Yan lowered his head and kissed the top of his hair, promising, “I won’t let you get hurt again.” 

“Mn.” Lin Mo buried his face in his arms and answered with a muffled voice.

I’ll try not to hurt myself or worry you.

There was a knock on the door, the maid outside the door said, “My Lord, the porridge is ready.” 

“Come in.”

Lin Mo heard Cheng Yan’s tone was different from that of talking with him. He was curious and looked up at him.

When the maid brought in the porridge and went out again, Cheng Yan looked down at him, “What’s the matter?” 

“Your voice is cold and there is no expression on your face. Are you like this to everyone else?” Lin Mo reached out and pinched his angular face, chuckling.

“Except for my elder brother and Seventh Brother.” Cheng Yan shook his head.

“I thought you only treated me special. There were other people.” Lin Mo rubbed his head against his shoulder, with a coquettish tone in his voice.

Lin Mo remembered that he used to like reading novels like this. Now it seemed that maybe he hoped someone could coddle him, and be the only one between lovers.

But it was not so bad now.

“I only smile for you.”

Since his mother left, Cheng Yan had never smiled again, even in front of his Imperial Brother and JinYuan. So, from then on to now, Cheng Yan only smiled for Lin Mo. In Cheng Yan’s mind, Momo was as important as his elder brother and younger brother.

“Mn, get up and have some porridge. After that, I’ll take you to the garden and let you breathe fresh air.” Cheng Yan reached for the bowl next to him.

“There’s no strength in my hand.” Lin Mo sat up straight, but stayed in Cheng Yan’s arms.

“I’ll feed you.” Cheng Yan said with a smile in his eyes.

Cheng Yan took the bowl and scooped a spoonful of the top layer of porridge. He fed it to Lin Mo’s mouth and he opened his mouth and tasted it. He didn’t think it was too hot and ate it.

 Lin Mo took a few bites, looked up at him and asked, “Is your name the same as before?”

“An ChengYan. It’s not the cheng in commitment (承诺).” Cheng Yan shook his head and continued to feed him porridge.

“And the characters used?”

“Don’t you already know?”

“Huh? So you’re still ChengYan (quiet order)? The same cheng in journey (路程)? Isn’t that name homophonic with a famous person?” Lin Mo opened his mouth and took another bite. His voice was a little vague.

“Who knows what my father was thinking?” Cheng Yan’s tone was the same as before, but his expression had become a lot colder and there was no emotion in his eyes. It was a pity Lin Mo didn’t look up, otherwise, he would see that Cheng Yan was in a bad mood at this time.

“It’s better to call you ChengYan. If I call you ChengCheng or YanYan… It feels strange.” Lin Mo thought about it, nodded and said.

Cheng Yan gave him a hand and continued to feed him porridge.

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