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Chapter 48: The Prime Minister’s Daughter? A Woman Transmigator!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


There were no extra maids, servants and bodyguards in the palace. Because of Cheng Yan’s absence, there were not many maids and servants. Their previous work was mainly to take care of the Lord’s daily life. Although there was now an extra prince, there was no need to add more people to the house.

After Lin Mo woke up, there was no Cheng Yan beside him. Hearing the subtle movement in the room, the maid outside the door knocked on the door and called out softly. After receiving a response, she went in. Others also went in with warm water.

Lin Mo stood up and opened his hands to ask them to help put on his clothes, which were more complicated than the clothes he wore before. There were several layers inside and outside and the design was not the same. Lin Mo thought about it and let the maids serve him and dress him. He really couldn’t get used to this.

However, Lin Mo didn’t like strangers getting too close. Usually, Cheng Yan did these things for him.

Lin Mo put down his arms, lowered his head, straightened his cuffs and asked, “How about your Lord?” 

The maid standing by with his clothes in her hands answered softly, “Responding to Wang Fu, the Lord has entered the palace. The Lord asked you to eat at noon. You don’t have to wait for him as he will return to the mansion in the afternoon.” 

“Mn.” Lin Mo heard it and nodded after a few seconds of silence.

Several maids on the side bowed their heads slightly. They were not allowed to speak without permission. The room was quiet for a moment, only the slight rustling sound of putting on clothes. The two maids who served Wang Fu to help him put on his clothes accelerated the speed of their hands on the premise that they did not touch Wang Fu as much as possible. After getting dressed and combing his hair, Lin Mo simply washed and went out.

Lin Mo looked up and squinted at the sky, he estimated that it was about 10 o’clock now.

“Wang Fu, the Lord asked you to have some porridge when you wake up.” The maid whispered behind him.

“Mn, lead the way.” Lin Mo nodded and raised his chin slightly to show her to lead the way ahead.

The Prince’s mansion covered a large area, had many houses, and the paths were also interlaced. Lin Mo strolled around with Cheng Yan once or twice before, but he didn’t remember the way very well.

Before Cheng Yan left, he specially told Uncle Fu to cook some porridge for Lin Mo to nourish his stomach and blood, and put it in the pot to warm up until Lin Mo woke up and let him eat when he did. When Lin Mo came to the hall, the maid also brought the porridge. Lin Mo sat by and ate. When the food was almost gone, someone came to report that His Highness Jinyuan and the Prime Minister’s daughter had arrived to pay him a visit.

“Wang Fu, what’s the matter with you? Are you uncomfortable?” The maid who used to take care of the Lord, Ruoyan, was now the first maid beside Wang Fu. Seeing something wrong with Wang Fu’s expression at this time, she quickly asked.

“… It’s okay.” Lin Mo’s head was slightly lowered, and there was no emotion in his voice. But the fingers holding on to the spoon’s handle trembled slightly because of too much force, and his knuckles were white.

The Prime Minister’s daughter?! That woman!!

Did she come by herself? He didn’t need to find her himself. Didn’t he want to kill her earlier? No way! He had no hatred for that woman now. He couldn’t make trouble for Cheng Yan… Anyway, Cheng Yan was the Emperor’s brother. There wouldn’t be any trouble if the woman died. He should just get rid of her…

However, Cheng Yan was not around. He couldn’t move freely. How could he explain this to him?

Lin Mo’s crimson eyes showed a faint struggle. Pressing his left hand tightly against his leg, he tried to suppress his shaking body caused by his out of control emotions.

Wang Fu’s body trembled slightly and his knuckles were white. These reactions were naturally seen by Ruo Yan’s eyes. Ruo Yan glanced at another maid beside her and beckoned her to find Butler Fu.

Soon, Butler Fu came, “Wang Fu is not well? Do you want to go back to your room and rest?”

“I’m okay. My previous illness hasn’t completely gone away.” Lin Mo held down the hatred in his eyes and raised his head.

Butler Fu saw that Wang Fu’s face was pale without a trace of blood, and there was some sweat on his forehead. The old butler frowned slightly and worried a little. Wang Fu didn’t seem to be okay.

“His Highness Jinyuan came to visit today, probably to meet you. As for the Prime Minister’s legitimate daughter, her status is inferior to that of Wang Fu. If you are unwell, you do not have to meet her.”

“It’s nothing, His Highness Lord JinYuan is my husband’s younger brother. I should meet him personally when he comes to the palace.” Lin Mo shook his head and got up to let the butler lead the way.

Uncle Fu was right. His position was higher than that of the Prime Minister’s daughter. His position with that woman was not the same as that in his dream. There was a way to kill her quietly, and not rush to destroy his current life. He just didn’t know if the Prime Minister’s daughter had transmigrated yet.

Lin Mo followed the butler, walking slowly, and his brain was running fast. He had to find a solution before his Second Brother came to the imperial city and met the Prime Minister’s legitimate daughter. He could not let his Second Brother be confused by that woman any more.

After walking for a long time, Lin Mo looked at the two people in the pavilion not far away. Lin Mo stared at the gorgeous girl with no ripple of emotion in his eyes, like a dead pond. Walking through the corridor, Lin Mo walked slowly. After walking, Lin Mo was hugged by His Highness Jinyuan just when he wanted to salute.

“How can brother-in-law salute his own brother? I can’t stand it, or I’ll let the Fifth Brother know that he can’t talk to me again.” An JinYuan hurriedly came forward to help him up.

Lin Mo’s lips were slightly raised and he didn’t speak. Was this Cheng Yan’s brother? He also seemed to be a ger. Lin Mo had a good impression of An JinYuan.

“Fifth Brother-in-law can call me A-Yuan like Fifth Brother does.” An JinYuan took him to the stone table and sat down, smiling.

“Since that’s the case, A-Yuan has to change his name for me. Fifth Brother-in-law sounds strange.” Lin Mo laughed. Lin Mo talked with An JinYuan while sitting down. He did not even look at the girl sitting beside the other, as if he could not see her.

To Lin Mo’s surprise, An JinYuan didn’t say anything about it. He didn’t act as a middleman to make them talk but he didn’t seem to know the Prime Minister’s daughter very well.

“Are you Prince Cheng’s husband? I thought Prince Cheng’s husband would be as fierce as he was. I didn’t expect that it was a weak ger like you,” smiled the young girl in the huangfu, her tone seemed naive.

Lin Mo heard what she said, but his expression did not change. However, An JinYuan’s brow, slightly wrinkled, and he looked at her with some displeasure.

Lin Mo’s eyebrows were slightly raised, and he was sure that the girl had indeed transmigrated already! Daring to speak like this, in front of the Royal Highness An JinYuan, the original Prime Minister’s legitimate daughter would not have the courage.

Lin Mo glanced at her and asked, with no emotion in his eyes, “How do you know that Prince Cheng looks fierce? Have you met him?” 

The girl blinked at Lin Mo, wondering, “I’ve listened to what others say. Isn’t it said that Prince Cheng is cruel and moody?” 

If this woman was not really stupid, she was too resourceful and knew how to disguise herself with innocence. Perhaps, in his elder brother’s past life, this woman was just like this, and using her naive appearance, she would attract men to her side.

Lin Mo’s disgust for her grew a little more. Did she think that blinking and pretending to be innocent really made her a naive girl?

The smile on An JinYuan’s face suddenly faded, and his eyes gave her a cold look, saying to the guard who was watching. “Enough! Come, send the Prime Minister’s daughter back to the Prime Minister’s mansion!” 

“Yes, Your Highness.” Several bodyguards bowed their heads and answered respectfully. Then they went to the Prime Minister’s daughter.

“What’s up? Did I say something wrong?” The girl wondered.

“A little prime minister’s daughter dares to talk ill about the Fifth Prince, before his brother, in his own home, where do you think you are wrong?” An JinYuan looked at her coldly. It was the Prime Minister’s fault for not teaching her.

“I wasn’t the only one…”

But before she finished, she was taken away by the guard. The guards, maids and servants standing around the pavilion all looked up at her quietly, and then continued to look straight ahead and stay at the side.

The Prime Minister’s daughter hurt her head not long ago. Now, he realized it was true. How dare she talk ill about their Lord Prince Cheng in his mansion in front of His Highness Jinyuan. What’s more, a lady who didn’t know proper etiquette? She was almost like a common girl who couldn’t be shown to the public. Maybe Lin Mo knew etiquette better than her.

Out of the palace, and on the sedan chair, the girl’s face of innocence disappeared, and some disdain covered her eyes. Wasn’t it just that she was not as high as them? Wait, I’ll let you jump for a few more days. After my lord succeeds in usurping the throne, His Highness will be trampled on by me sooner or later.

After they left, An JinYuan’s face warmed up a little. “A-Mo, don’t go too close to the Prime Minister’s daughter. That woman is not normal.”

“Huh? Why do you say that?” Lin Mo returned to his mind and wondered.

“I heard that she hit her head not long ago, and became a little abnormal after waking up. Not only did she forget all the things she had learned before, but also she often goes out of the house and has close relationships with several men.”

Speaking of this, An JinYuan had some physiological aversion in his heart. The woman tangled with so many men, and even dared to dream of his brother. Recently, she often appeared next to Prince Jing.

Lin Mo listened and tightly clutched his hands into fists, thinking deeply. The woman transmigator has started her way to the harem. However, she didn’t hide her differences at all. Did she trust her protagonist’s aura, or did she think that the ancients were blind?

At the thought of that woman, An JinYuan also said that she thought ger were beneath her.She would gaze at them as though she was looking at the dead. If she didn’t have some use for Imperial Brother, she dared to question the existence of ger like this as though she had multiple lives.

“Let’s go to the garden. I haven’t been here for a long time since Fifth Brother went to the border. Fifth Brother has recently found some fruit trees to grow in the garden. What are they? When they bear fruit, Elder Brother and I will come and pick some.” An JinYuan said with a smile.

Lin Mo saw him stand up and walked with him. “He didn’t tell me about this.” Lin Mo shook his head.

“Fifth Brother just wanted to surprise you? But let me say it in advance, I don’t know how depressed Fifth Brother will be when he realizes you already know of it.” An JinYuan covered his mouth and chuckled.

Lin Mo thought about it and said, “It’s okay. I can pretend I don’t know.” 

An JinYuan heard him say this and the smile in his eyes was stronger, also filled with envy. Fifth Elder Brother and his husband have a good relationship. Before that, I thought that Fifth Elder Brother would have a hard time trying to find a person he liked.

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April 11, 2020 2:36 pm

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Sadie Woods
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