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Chapter 115: Seventh World (19)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The people in the village were used to going to bed early and getting up early, not to mention that such a big event was still under pressure in their hearts. Just before dawn, the eldest aunt of Elder Sister Liu held her little son, who was still sleeping soundly, and guarded at the door of the Liu family house with her family, but did not dare to disturb ‘Master Bai’s’ rest.

Until dawn, the Liu family began to go out after breakfast, so they went into the yard to meet Bai Duan. Although it was only about one child, it involved three families. the Liu family, her husband’s family and her aunt’s husband’s family were all looking forward to their child’s recovery. In addition, other villagers with close relatives were basically concerned about this matter.

Even though Bai Duan has never demonstrated his Onmyoji method in front of so many people, he has no stage fright at all. Instead, due to the seriousness and pressure of the atmosphere, Bai Duan was more and more dedicated and focused. In the eyes of the villagers, they felt that although he was young, he was calm, sophisticated and extremely reliable.

Pulling the child to his side, Bai Duan used the method he learned from his notes to check the child’s soul this was actually a kind of use of mental power to check the child’s consciousness, the soul was complete at a glance.

Bai Duan didn’t understand the basic principles, but his body’s manipulation of the spiritual instinct made him enter a mysterious situation easily. Just as the initial exploration of Qi, he didn’t know how he did it, but he could do it. He used his mental power to turn around the child’s consciousness that lacked any protection. Bai Duan took back his mental power and nodded a little, “He does have a little soul missing, which will not affect his daily life, but it did have a great impact on his IQ.”

“Then, what should I do?” The child’s mother’s voice was eager and her eyes were fixed on Bai Duan.

Bai Duan frowned a little, “I haven’t found the part of the lost soul of the child. After all, time has passed. If the soul hasn’t found the right attachment, it should have been naturally disintegrated after all, with such soul fragments, even ghosts can’t be formed.”

Listening to Bai Duan’s frank talk about ghosts, the villagers were all a little consoled. The older people still put their hands together and recited the words of apology. After all, in the villagers’ consciousness, it was easy to say that it was easy for ghosts to recruit fellow ghosts.

“Then… is that impossible?” The eldest aunt’s expectant expression collapsed and her tone trembled.

“It depends on luck.” Bai Duan pondered for a moment. “I said just now that if you don’t find the attachment, you won’t find his lost soul. But everything has the instinct of self preservation, and his soul is no exception. Part of the possibility is that in order to prevent itself from being naturally broken down, it can find attached objects, so that it can be preserved for several years.”

In fact, in addition to this completely depending on luck, there was also a way to cut off the soul of other people. But such a method was very dangerous, which would lead to a reaction of rejection between souls and worse development. What’s more, it was also very vicious and cruel, extremely hurting the other. Even though Bai Duan knew it, he would never say it.

“Then… The attached object…” The eldest sister-in-law held her son tightly and her eyes were very bright.

“I think there are a lot of animals in the village. Most soul fragments will choose animals that do not produce strong self-consciousness as attachment objects.” Bai Duan touched his chin. “Did you find any strange animals? For example, a sudden personality change, or a very intelligent and understanding animal?”

“Our A-Hua is very understanding!” The eldest aunt’s mother-in-law quickly and loudly replied, “That little dog is different from other puppies in his litter since he was a puppy. He is very smart! What did he learn? He can feed chickens for us!”

“The black tiger cat at the head of the village is also possible! When I look at the cat, I think it’s like a person!” Another old man followed suit.

The villagers had a heated discussion, and listed several animals, but they were reluctant to let go of any difference.

Bai Duan had to raise his voice to stop them and ask them to bring suspected animals to him for examination. All the people obeyed Bai Duan’s request and moved quickly. It was so-called ‘more people, more power.’ Within an hour, there were many kinds of animals in Liu’s yard even a big cock. It was said that one day two years ago, the cock suddenly stopped fighting.

Looking at the chickens flying and dogs jumping in the yard, Bai Duan was helpless, but he had to bear to test the past with mental strength one by one. He didn’t know whether the environment with many animals in the village had created favorable conditions for the attachment of the soul, or whether the boy had great fortune. In a word, Bai Duan actually found a different breath from a spotted dog.

Picking the spotted dog up, Bai Duan rolled his head and looked up at the nervous looking aunt, “Your child’s soul should be on this little guy.”

The eldest sister-in-law opened her mouth and burst into tears, holding her child in her arms and crying. Her mother-in-law clapped her thigh excitedly, “I know! Ah-Hua has been smart since he was a puppy! It’s different from other puppies!”

The eldest aunt’s husband calmed down a little and asked eagerly, “What’s next? Since we found that soul, my son will be back to normal?” 

“I’ll try my best to get that soul out of the puppy and into the child, but I can’t guarantee a hundred percent success rate.” Since Bai Duan was doing this for the first time, he couldn’t give any guarantee. “After all, it’s been too long. This soul is almost integrated with the dog…”

Bai Duan’s expression was rather difficult, but although the villagers were disappointed and worried, they didn’t dare to put too much pressure on him. They could only say “it doesn’t matter” and “just try your best”. Then they watched Bai Duan and Liu Tao lead the child and hug the dog, and closed the door inside the house.

Keeping everyone’s eyes away from the door, Bai Duan’s calm expression suddenly collapsed, frowning at the silly boy sitting on the chair.

“Do you know what to do?” Liu Tao raised his hand to Bai Duan’s shoulder and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. During the two days when he came back to his hometown, Liu Tao was very polite. He didn’t dare to step over the thunder pool, for fear that his family would see the clue and ruin his plan of going out of the closet.

Last night, Bai Duan and he slept in the same room, in the same single bed, with their bodies close together. He had the feeling of being completely out of control. However, Liu Tao knew how bad the sound insulation effect of his home was. He didn’t dare to kiss if he didn’t do anything he liked. Finally, he had to keep his eyes open, stiff, until dawn.

Since living with Bai Duan, he had never lived such a hard life!

Raising his hand and pulling his lover’s head to one side. Bai Duan was not in the mood to kiss Liu Tao now. He pursed his lips and tangled his expression, “After all, it’s soul splitting. I’m still doing this delicate work for the first time in case of carelessness…”

“Don’t worry.” Liu Tao chuckled. He held the spotted dog firmly in his arms and held Bai Duan’s hand against the dog’s forehead. “Follow me, I’ll teach you. As long as you are careful, it’s not difficult.”

Bai Duan nodded gently, letting Liu Tao explore his sea of knowledge without resistance. He didn’t think much about it, but when Liu Tao’s spiritual thread wrapped around his own spiritual power, he suddenly remembered that he had been invaded by the other party’s soul body. He couldn’t help but feel tight, and subconsciously rejected the other party’s spiritual power from his own sea of knowledge.

All of a sudden, Liu Tao was driven out of the sea by his lover. He was a little confused. However, when he saw Bai Duan whose face and ears were red, he immediately understood and smiled vaguely.

Bai Duan was more and more embarrassed by his smile. He couldn’t help but glare at him, but he couldn’t say anything. After all, it was his own thinking, which had nothing to do with Liu Tao.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Duan tried to get rid of the mess in his mind, “I just wasn’t ready. I’ll try again.”

“Good.” Liu Tao blinked gently, deliberately lowered his voice, gentle, “Are you ready now? Then I will come.”

Bai Duan, “…” 

It was hard not to be crooked, asshole!

Although Liu Tao’s mouth was full of flowers, he was quite reliable when he really had to do something. He didn’t take advantage of it. Bai Duan, led by Liu Tao, probed into the consciousness of the spotted dog, carefully touched the half integrated parts of the two souls, and slowly separated them.

It was not easy to split and merge, but it was extremely painful. The hound howled and struggled hard, but was tightly bound by Liu Tao, who had been prepared for a long time, and did not affect Bai Duan’s movements at all.

Thanks to Liu Tao’s help, Bai Duan’s first separation from the spirit went smoothly. It took more than an hour for him to finally separate the little fragment of human soul from the consciousness of the spotted dog and send it into the boy’s body.

The invasion of the ‘new’ soul also made the boy reject it. He screamed, grabbed his head and made a great effort, but was firmly held by Liu Tao, while Bai Duan took the opportunity to draw a mantra on the boy’s forehead, which bound the soul fragments in his body and made them integrate with the body.

The boy rolled on the ground several times with his head in his arms, and finally fell asleep under the spell. At this time, Bai Duan was also tired and sweaty, and his body was weak and far away.

After a quick examination of the comatose boy and the spotted dog to make sure they had no problems, Liu Tao reached out to Bai Duan and half hugged him and sat down carefully on the chair.

“How are you?” Wiping the sweat off Bai Duan’s forehead, Liu Tao looked at his pale lover, unable to hide his heartache.

“I’m okay. Just need to rest.” Bai Duan nodded, inquired about the child and the spotted dog, and finally sighed, “You can call in the family of the child.”

Liu Tao wanted Bai Duan to rest, but his lover was soft hearted and didn’t want the boy’s relatives to worry about him. He had to act according to his lover’s wishes.

When he got to the door, Liu Tao was almost knocked down by the aunt who was close to the door. Her expression was eager and worried, and she tightly grasped Liu Tao’s clothes, “How is he? I… I just heard the child’s cry…”

Liu Tao held her shoulder, stabilized her body, and comforted her with a smile, “The result is good, the child’s soul has returned.”

“Really, really…?” The eldest aunt turned her eyes to Bai Duan and saw that he nodded gently and smiled. Finally, a stone in her heart fell to the ground. She stepped back in a trance, then rushed to her sleeping son and held him in her arms.

Feeling that he was being held by others, the boy woke up slowly. His dull eyes finally brought up some spirituality. His head was askew with doubts, “Mother?”

The eldest aunt’s lips trembled, holding her child and crying loudly. She seemed to want to let out the fear, despair and heartache of the past three years.

Although the boy recovered his intelligence, he still couldn’t understand the current situation. He was just held by his mother and patted his mother’s shoulder carefully, but he felt comfort. The other side cried more and more.

The eldest sister-in-law wept bitterly. Soft hearted women like Mama Liu and the Liu sisters had to wipe a few tears of empathy. The boy’s relatives knelt down in front of Bai Duan with tears of gratitude. He jumped up and helped several old people.

“Neither the child nor the dog are in serious trouble, but they will be very weak. Let them rest and sleep more.” Bai Duan coughed softly, “As for the child… because a fragment of his soul has been in a dog for a long time, he will probably catch some of the dog’s temperament and habits, but it doesn’t matter. As long as you teach him more and correct them, he will soon get rid of these influences.”

For Bai Duan’s words, the child’s family had no doubt, and Bai Duan’s reputation had also reached the peak in the village through this matter. No matter who, they knew that the Liu family had a young but outstanding Onmyoji, who easily cured the village’s silly little fool.

In order to thank Bai Duan, Eldest Sister Liu’s husband’s family and his eldest aunt’s husband’s family sent a lot of the best food, and even sealed a big red envelope although Bai Duan refused. Other people in the village were more and more hospitable to Bai Duan’s hospitality. Each family sent gifts, and many people came to ask him questions about various mysterious events. Bai Duan also tried to respond to what he learned from the book. No matter what he said, the villagers were convinced and satisfied.

As for the Liu family who invited Bai Duan as a distinguished guest, their position in the village also rose with each passing day. No matter who they were, they would look up at them and let the Liu family stand erect no matter where they went. They also respected Bai Duan.

Bai Duan stayed in the village for ten days. Then he was sent to the long-distance station in the county town with a bag of things from the village. He said goodbye to Liu Fu and Liu Tao.

After sending Bai Duan away, the Liu family still talked about ‘Master Bai’ until they returned home and had dinner. They were embarrassed to say these words in front of Bai Duan. Now they had opened the conversation box. They only thought that ‘Master Bai’ was first-class in whatever he said and did. He was not only highly skilled but also approachable. Even in the face of these poor rural villagers, he was not the slightest contemptuous.

Liu Tao ate in silence while listening to his parents boasting about Bai Duan under the guidance of his second sister. When he had enough to eat and drink, he put down the dishes and chopsticks, and suddenly said, “Mom and Dad, I have something to tell you.”

Papa Liu and Mama Liu were shocked by their son’s serious tone, but before they could react, they saw Liu Tao stand up and kneel in front of them.

“You child! What are you doing?!” Papa Liu reached for Liu Tao’s arm. 

Before he could use his strength, he heard his son’s firm words, “Dad and mom, Bai Duan and I are not ordinary friends. We are happy and have been together I’m going to live with him my entire life!”

The action of grabbing his son froze, and an unbelievable expression graced Liu Fu’s face, “….”

The chopsticks in her hands fell, and Mama Liu, with a dull expression, “……”

The Second Sister of the Liu family, who turned her head and covered her face, “……”

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