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Chapter 51: His Majesty, the Cold Iceberg Emperor?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“I’ll take you to the palace and meet my brother in a few days.”

“… Mn.” Lin Mo hesitated and nodded at last.

“What? Afraid?” Cheng Yan, hearing the uneasiness in his voice, looked down at him and asked.

“… A little bit.” Lin Mo thought there was nothing to hide, and nodded honestly.

Ancient Emperors were nothing to listen to, but they had to go to the palace and meet the Emperor. Although this was the elder brother of Cheng Yan, Lin Mo still had some weariness. He was the leader of a country after all. However, the timidity in Lin Mo’s heart was more about his psychological reaction before meeting his in-laws.

“Don’t take people’s comments of Imperial Brother seriously. That Imperial Brother is for the sake of the stability of the court. It’s just like the people’s evaluation of me. It’s an exaggeration.” Cheng Yan thought that Momo was afraid of his brother because of the rumors, and tried to explain.

He and his brother, for the sake of border stability, had shaped themselves into tyrannical and moody people with power. Only in order to defeat those enemies who wanted to invade the state of Yu, who wanted to take advantage of the fact that the state of Yu had a new Emperor and the court was not stable.

In order to consolidate the government quickly, they gave up running the country with benevolence, and eliminated some disasters in a short period of time by using methods that were extremely cruel in the eyes of others.

The three brothers were bullied by those in the imperial palace when their mother died of illness. Cheng Yan would never forget how his brother was punished by his father to kneel in the snow in order to protect him and A-Yuan.

At that time, Cheng Yan had the idea of going to the border and mastering military power. Although he didn’t know what his brother thought, Cheng Yan still felt that his brother’s original intention to fight for the throne was for him and A-Yuan.

The general of Zhenguo was the father of his mother and their grandfather. Long before the death of his mother, Cheng Yan and his brother knew that their father, the Emperor, had begun to fear their grandfather who had the power of war. Perhaps the death of their mother was not an accident. After all, their mother was in good health before she was pregnant with A-Yuan.

If his brother couldn’t win the throne, it was not only he and A-Yuan that would be in trouble, but maybe the general’s family would also meet a bad end. Since ancient times, the Emperor would always be suspicious, and their father, the Emperor, was still obsessed with the beauty of his descendants. There were so many brothers and siblings. In order to get to his position, Imperial Brother’s means were not cruel. Cheng Yan was afraid that before he came back from the border, Imperial Brother and A-Yuan would be in trouble.

Lin Mo looked up and wondered, “People’s evaluation of you? What do they say?” 

Su Qingran came here today and Lin Mo knew the rumors about Cheng Yan. However, Lin Mo didn’t believe those words, and Cheng Yan’s words were more authentic.

“Do you really want to know?” Cheng Yan laughed. He forgot that Mulin county was a remote place in the country. It was possible that these rumors didn’t reach there.

“I really want to know. Hurry up.” Lin Mo urged.

“Why does it feel like you’re going to listen to a play and let me talk about it?” Cheng Yan said. Finally, Cheng Yan told him some rumors that everyone knew. Before long, he looked down and saw that Momo was listening with interest. “That’s all.”

“Is that all?” Lin Mo was listening to him and heard Cheng Yan suddenly stop and say that he was done talking.

Cheng Yan touched his nose and chuckled, “What else do you want?” 

After hearing this, Lin Mo thought about it and stood up, and put his hands on Cheng Yan’s shoulders. Lin Mo gently pressed his forehead against Cheng Yan’s forehead, nose to nose… Well, his face was a little small, and he couldn’t place the tip of Cheng Yan’s nose to the tip of his nose. Lin Mo moved, adjusted his position, and then looked into Cheng Yan’s eyes without blinking.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Yan was distracted for a moment by Lin Mo’s eyes. He put his hand on Lin Mo’s waist and held him.

“Giving you encouragement.” Lin Mo mumbled.


“You are gentle and not cruel at all. They are talking nonsense.” Lin Mo whispered as he held Cheng Yan’s neck, his body softened and nestled in his arms. In Lin Mo’s heart, Cheng Yan was very gentle. In winter, he would warm his hands and feet and hold him. Where was this cruel God?

Cheng Yan hugged the man in his arms and gave a low reply, “Hm…” 

Was he gentle? No one had ever described him as gentle. What Cheng Yan was most called was moody and cruel. Only Momo and his brother thought that he was gentle.

“After so many days in the mansion, shall we go out tomorrow?”

“Okay!” Lin Mo’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard he could go out. Finally, he could go out and breathe. He had been in the palace for more than ten days and spent most of that time in bed. In addition, Cheng Yan was busy these days and he had no time to spend the whole day with him. Lin Mo felt that he was going to suffer from illness if he didn’t go out.

A few days later, Lin Mo finally arrived at the Imperial Palace. Although he was enlightened by Cheng Yan before, Lin Mo was nervous when he thought that he would see his in-laws later.

Lin Mo, who woke up early in the morning, pushed the man beside him, whispering, “Cheng Yan, do you think Imperial Brother will not like me?”

“Huh? You are this Prince’s husband. Why do you want my brother to like you?” After being woken up, Cheng Yan, who was still a little bit confused, suddenly woke up to Momo’s words.

The next second, Cheng Yan turned over and pressed him against the bed gently. They were close to each other and there was a dangerous look in Cheng Yan’s eyes, and his voice was a little rough.

Lin Mo blushed a little. “I want to be liked by my brother-in-law, my husband and his family! What are you thinking of?” 

Cheng Yan took back the dangerous meaning in his eyes and said, “Mn… Don’t worry. Yesterday, the Emperor made a decree. If you don’t like me, we won’t be like this.” 

Lin Mo hesitated, “But I’m still a little nervous.” 

“Huh? Why nervous…” Cheng Yan thought.

Lin Mo thought he would say something to appease him, but he didn’t expect the man to kiss him suddenly. “Uh… What are you doing… “

“Doing something to make you… forget the tension.” Cheng Yan attached his lips to Lin Mo’s lips, then slowly descended lower, his voice blurring.

“Now it is… Uh… It’s morning, you…” Lin Mo quickly reached out to stop him from tearing off his clothes, blushing.

“Mn, I know.”

“Why are you still like this? We will enter the Imperial Palace soon. Don’t make trouble…” Lin Mo reached to push on Cheng Yan’s chest and didn’t let him move down.

“It’s okay. We can enter the Imperial Palace in the afternoon. Anyway, Imperial Brother won’t mind…”

The Emperor, who woke up early in order to meet his brother-in-law: …

In the afternoon, Cheng Yan took Lin Mo to the Imperial Palace in a carriage. After arriving at the palace, Cheng Yan got out of the carriage and turned to pick up his man.

Lin Mo stood still and let Cheng Yan tidy up his disorderly clothes for him. He looked up at the palace gate. Different from the palace museum he had seen before, the palace where the Emperor stayed was really dignified and solemn.

Cheng Yan was worried that Lin Mo would be nervous and took his hand, “Let’s go.”

Lin Mo nodded and went in with Cheng Yan.

The eunuch waiting by saw that His Highness and his Wang Fu had gone in, and followed them in. In his heart, he was a little surprised at the scene he just saw, but in front of His Highness, Prince Cheng, he dared not show any other expression.

His Royal Highness, Prince Cheng would officially marry his husband two months later. The people in the palace dared not talk in the open or in the dark because of the Emperor’s pressure. They could only gossip in their own hearts. Most of the palace maids and eunuchs thought that Prince Cheng’s Wang Fu would be strong and almost as tall as Prince Cheng, not a ger. After all, Wang Fu was brought back to the Imperial City by His Highness when he returned to the Imperial City, but they were all wrong.

His Royal Highness, Prince Cheng’s Wang Fu looked more delicate than the general ger. His little face was white and when he looked around, they felt a little hurt with him. They didn’t expect that His Highness would like such a ger, but it was also true that Wang Fu’s figure was twice smaller than that of His Highness. Such a ger could really make men feel the desire to protect.

Lin Mo didn’t know what the little eunuch behind them was thinking. Cheng Yan led Momo through the imperial garden to the side hall. Cheng Yan pushed the door open and walked in. Lin Mo raised his eyes and looked inside. Then he looked down and followed Cheng Yan. Just now Lin Mo gazed in and, in addition to An JinYuan, he saw the man in bright yellow clothes and knew he was Cheng Yan’s older brother.

With one glance, Lin Mo had his first impression of the young Emperor. As Cheng Yan said before, the temperament of this man was cold. In short, it was the cold man that modern girls often said was a tsundere.

Lin Mo followed Cheng Yan and was supported up by him as soon as he wanted to salute. Lin Mo looked at Cheng Yan with doubts in his eyes. It didn’t matter that An ChengLin was Cheng Yan’s brother, he was the Emperor of the state of Yu and Lin Mo needed to salute.

“It’s not a grand meeting. You don’t need to salute. Imperial Brother won’t mind.” Cheng Yan pulled Lin Mo to his position and sat down.

“…” Lin Mo opened his mouth to say something, but because the Emperor was sitting on the throne, Lin Mo was afraid to speak.

Lin Mo felt that Cheng Yan was doing this on purpose. He was even more flustered.

Sitting on the throne, An ChengLin glanced at his brother, snorted coldly, and took up his tea cup for a drink.

“Imperial Brother was waiting for you this morning. Who knew that you wouldn’t come until an hour later…” Seeing Lin Mo’s uneasy face, An JinYuan explained with a smile. But before he said more, he was stopped by his brother.

“A-Yuan…” An ChengLin’s face was cold. He glanced at him with a warning in his voice.

“Well, well, I won’t say more. Anyway, Fifth Brother and A-Mo understand…” An JinYuan waved and smiled helplessly. The last murmur was a little low, but everyone heard it.

Lin Mo heard An JinYuan’s explanation and glanced at the young Emperor. He wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t. So the EEmperor, who was waiting here early in the morning, and was pigeoned by his younger brother, was angry and frustrated? Lin Mo’s understanding of An JinYuan’s words was like this.

This was not consistent with his impression of the cold and inhumane His Majesty, the Emperor.

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