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Chapter 60: Can I Confess Everything?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Zero One stood by and watched his little master crying. He was worried. But seeing that the time limit was coming to an end, Zero One decided to speak. “That… Little master, the isolation shield is about to fail in half an hour. What else does little master want to ask?”

“As you said before, your task is to find me and my two brothers from the end of the world. Why are you here now?” Lin Mo rubbed his red and swollen eyes with the palm of his hand, and his voice was hoarse.

“I don’t know. On the way through time and space, Zero One was in a dormant state, and only after arriving at the destination could it start to find the target person. But… The doctor said that he would change the crossing route according to the fluctuating position of the soul waves of the target character.” Zero One shook his head. 

“Soul waves…. Is the soul fluctuation of Eldest Brother and Second Brother better than mine? Why don’t you go to the end… “

Go to the end of the world, find Eldest Brother and Second Brother and change their families’ endings. Why was he here? What did he have to protect here?

“… Mandatory task: Lin Mo is the main task.” Zero One voiced.

“…” Lin Mo stooped to cover his face. The moisture in his eyes made his red and swollen eyes tingle.

“Are you okay, little master?” Zero One saw Lin Mo bending down in his chair and thought he was in a bad situation.

“When did you come?” Lin Mo put the emotion down, and spoke after a long time.

“Ah? This… It has been a year or two, or even three years. I can’t remember. In my records, I ran into a black hole on my way through time and space, and when I came here, most of my system functions were useless, and I was often forced to sleep because of insufficient energy…” Zero One felt like his heart was weak and felt useless. Was it an illusion?

“But when I came here, I didn’t feel the soul fluctuation of little master. I thought I would come to little master when I had enough energy. But this energy is too hard to collect. Fortunately, before long, I met someone with golden fingers… I’m going to continue,” he said.

“I’m so angry. That woman still wanted to use her Mary Sue halo to win a harem…” And she was even eyeing the person he was looking for! The system was very careful. He was pouring out his anger when he saw the little master stand up straight and glance at him. He immediately paused and then continued to explain things to him.

“Cough… That woman came from a different time and space. At the beginning, her Mary Sue halo was too strong. I had no way to face her as a system with grey skills. I had to wait. Then I found the little master. And I discovered that every time the woman met the little master, her Mary Sue aura would be weakened. But I was afraid that the little master would be countered by the halo, so I plundered her golden fingers not long ago. Then the little master knows what happened.”

“That woman… Is she Su Qingran?” Lin Mo asked.


“Can gold fingers be plundered?” Lin Mo’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. What about his spiritual space?

“It depends on the type. If it is a serious disturbance to the order of the world, it will not be a problem if Zero One takes it away.”

“The disturbance that the ancient plane can only accommodate is through rebirth, and some of the more powerful ones will be suppressed or weakened, just like Zero One’s system skills, some of which can’t be used at all.”

Once Zero One finished speaking, he looked at the little master who was silently thinking, and then secretly looked at the time. There were five minutes left.

“That, little master, can I go back to the palace with you and stay there?” Zero One asked carefully.

“Can you return back to the timeline of the end of the world?” Lin Mo returned to his senses and asked.

“No, the time travel button is broken.” Zero One shook his head.

“What are the consequences if you don’t complete the main task?”

“The consequences of the failure of not completing the main task will only affect me. If I don’t complete the main task, I will revert to a common system. Before I was transformed by the doctor, I was the federal brain. I was to be destroyed because I possessed human feelings. but I was stolen by the doctor. The doctor was worried that I would do something bad when left on my own after coming here, so he decided to give me a main task to complete. Then, Lin Xuanyan set the main task to: ‘Recognizing Lin Mo as the main task’.””My father used half of his mental power, in addition to acting as a medium for you to travel through time and space, does it do anything else? “

“It also allows me to sense where you are.”

“… Then you can stay with An Chenglin. I don’t think he would want you to come back to the palace with me. “

“Do I not get to have a say in this?” At first sight of his pale smile, he was at a loss.

Was the little master’s present behavior what human beings called selfish? For his own feelings, he would refuse to let Zero One recognize him as the main task.

“It’s none of your business…” It’s just that Lin Mo felt unworthy of his father’s expectations.

If there really was a parallel time and space, Lin Mo just wanted to pray that his family of that world would not be like now, and that they could all be living well.

“Little master, it’s time… Your eyes…” Zero One hesitated.

Lin Mo’s eyes were so red and swollen. If other people saw this, how could he explain it?

“I don’t need you to call me little master any more, just call me by my name.”

Lin Mo pressed his palm against his eyes to ease his headache. He would have to explain this problem to Cheng Yan later.

After Zero One’s isolation shield disappeared, An Chenglin, who was standing outside the side hall, immediately noticed them.

An Chenglin was relieved. He didn’t know what Zero One had to say to Lin Mo, even creating a mysterious thing to keep others out. Fortunately, An Chenglin managed to distract his younger brother for a while

“I think they have talked about it. Let’s go in and have a look.” An Chenglin said.

“Mn.” Cheng Yan, standing on the other side of the corridor, agreed and walked over.

Just now, while chatting with Imperial Brother and A-Yuan, Cheng Yan suddenly felt flustered and felt that something bad was going to happen. Cheng Yan was worried about Lin Mo, so he wanted to quickly come over and have a look. As soon as he was about to push the door open, he was stopped by his brother.

At that moment, Cheng Yan immediately determined that something must have happened inside, otherwise, Imperial Brother would not find an excuse to block him.

Pushing the door open, Cheng Yan stepped in.

“Why? How did you get in?! ” As soon as Zero One felt the isolation shield disappear, he heard the sound of the door being opened. He turned sideways to look, and there was a moment of panic in his eyes.

How was he supposed to explain this? Would it be misunderstood that he had bullied the little master and made him cry?!

Cheng Yan saw that Momo didn’t respond when he came in. He was seated on the chair with his back to him and his head lowered. But Cheng Yan could feel that Momo was in a bad state and that his whole person had lost energy.

“Momo…”  Cheng Yan walked over and called out softly.

“… Mn. “

His voice was so low that one wouldn’t have heard it, but Cheng Yan still recognized the hoarseness in his voice.

Cheng Yan came over to him, and Lin Mo reached for his waist and put his head against his abdomen. I was already in a bad mood. After Cheng Yan appeared, I felt like crying.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Yan raised his hand, rubbed Momo’s head, and whispered.

“My eyes hurt… ” Lin Mo said in a hoarse voice, tightening his grasp around Cheng Yan’s waist.

“Eye pain? How can your eyes hurt? Let me see… ” Cheng Yan lowered his head, and reached for Momo’s chin, but when he saw his swollen eyes, he couldn’t speak.

Cheng Yan took a deep breath, pressed down the violence floating in his heart, pulled Lin Mo’s hands away., He crouched in front of him, and looked at him tenderly.

“Why are you crying? Please tell me.”

Lin Mo put his hands back on his leg, his eyelashes quivered, and tears flowed down his cheeks.

Tell you? No… I can’t tell you, if I really told you, I’m afraid that everything I have now will disappear again.

“Are you sleepy? If you’re sleepy, we can go back and rest.” Cheng Yan whispered.

The rejection in Lin Mo’s eyes was clearly seen by Cheng Yan. Momo still didn’t want to talk about it to him? Did he want to suffer and carry it in his heart forever?

When can you open up about everything to me?

“… Want to go back to the house. ” Lin Mo choked.

“Mn, let’s go back to the palace.” Cheng Yan wiped the tears off his face and got up to pick up his husband.

Lin Mo reached for Cheng Yan’s neck and buried his head on the crook of it.

“Imperial Brother, we will be taking our leave first.” Cheng Yan opened his mouth as he passed them and left without stopping.

An Chenglin stood still and the worry on his face disappeared after his brother left.

This was the first time Cheng Yan showed him his resolve and put himself in a position. An Chenglin could understand it. After all, Lin Mo had become like this after talking with Zero One.

“Zero One, what happened to Lin Mo?” An Chenglin had a headache.

“Little master couldn’t stand the news.” Zero One felt a little guilty.

“Wait! You say Lin Mo is the one you’re looking for? ” An Chenglin turned to him in shock and grabbed his arm.

“Yes.” Zero One moved his arm to loosen An Chenglin’s grip on it, and nodded in answer.

“You’re leaving?!” An Chenglin’s eyes were fierce, and he was afraid.

“No, I was told I don’t need to recognize him as my master.”

“That’s good…” After An Chenglin received his answer, he hugged Zero One and felt relieved

Apart from his brothers, he only cared about Zero One. He knew that Zero One would leave a few years ago, but he didn’t accept it. He even put Zero One in a position where he would always keep a watch over him

An Chenglin did not dare to relax at all ever since. He had just managed to turn Zero One into his own husband when Zero One said that he had found the person he was looking for. Fortunately, that man was Lin Mo, and he didn’t allow Zero One to recognize him as his master.

Cheng Yan took the cloak from the palace maid, placed it around Momo, and put on the hood. It was cold at night. Now that Lin Mo was in a bad condition, Cheng Yan was worried that he would have a serious illness again.

After that, Cheng Yan left with Momo in his arms and several bodyguards around them with lanterns.

The dim glow of the lanterns gradually faded into the night.

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