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Chapter 162: Tenth World (6)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Bai Duan was in a coma for five days. If not for the fact that Bai Duan’s state was stable in the contract, and the mink doctor repeatedly assured Bazel that he had no problems, Bazel would have probably gotten angry and done something unreasonable.

On this day, Bazel washed the skin and fed the nutritious chyme for his little lover as usual, and then went to bed with his sleeping lover who was like a small fire. Because of the constant attention paid to Bai Duan’s condition, Bazel did not dare to fall asleep. Half-asleep and half-awake, he felt the touch on his arms… something was not right.

Immediately awake, Bazel subconsciously tightened his arms and looked down at the body he had imprisoned. Then he was surprised and delighted to find that his lover had changed from a small fluffy creature to a delicate and young man.

Since it was the first time or whether unconsciously, Bai Duan still kept his tail and ears, and the clothes made of fur were loose and unshaped, making one almost feel a sense of shame.

Suddenly, Bazel’s nose was hot and his eyes were red. Subconsciously, he turned over and held him in his arms, completely covering Bai Duan in his shadow.

On the one hand, he was glad that his lover had finally passed the unstable transformation period, on the other hand, he was also lustful towards his lover’s appearance. The fire burned his body, and Bazel’s eyes were particularly attractive, which made Bai Duan, who was sleeping, move restlessly. His eyelashes trembled slightly, struggling to recover his consciousness.

Lifting up his eyes and facing Bazel’s red eyes full of ‘desire’. Bai Duan blinked in bewilderment. Before his brain was fully awake, he raised his hand and encircled Bazel’s neck with his arms. His voice was soft and confused, “Isn’t it just a short time after your last heat period? Why are you in heat again?” Then he realized that his voice was not right. He was stunned. He took Bazel’s hand from around his neck and looked at it, “Eh? I grew up?”

“Mmn, you grew up.” Bazel took Bai Duan’s curious hand, put it against his mouth and kissed him gently, “It’s my fault. I fed you too much zhu rongguo, which made you mature before your age.”

“That’s because I like to eat, and quarrel about what I wanted to eat. It has nothing to do with you.” Hearing the remorse implied in Bazel’s voice, Bai Duan raised his chin, imitated the way he comforted himself, and printed a kiss on Bazel’s cheek, “Besides, you see, I’m fine now?”

Gazing at the lovely appearance of his little lover, Bazel was full of satisfaction — it was true that he had raised him by himself. It was such a gentle and pleasant appearance. It was totally different from the arrogant and charming tongue of the previous world where he grew up. If he wants to be more intimate and sweet, he’d be more intimate and sweet. It was just like a little cotton padded jacket!

Bazel was full of tenderness in his heart. He leaned down and sucked on Bai Duan’s lips. Although his body wanted to explode, he still tried to resist his impulse. The feeling of touching his lover’s lips and the tip of his tongue was too beautiful. It was totally different from kissing a lump of fluff. The latter could only arouse Bazel’s love and doting, but the former made him feel like he was trembling with desire and satisfaction.

Bazel’s mood improved from kissing, and Bai Duan was relieved. He allowed the other party to invade his mouth and suck his lips and tongue until the root of his tongue was numb from the sucking, so he refused and let out a low sob.

Realizing that he was too excited and made his little lover uncomfortable, Bazel stopped and allowed Bai Duan to save his tongue.

With red and swollen lips, Bai Duan’s eyes were confused and calm, “Do you want to mate? Become partners?”

In his ‘sex enlightenment course’, the female and the male would hug and kiss like this before mating.

Hearing this ‘invitation’, Bazel’s muscles suddenly tensed, and his voice was hoarse and helpless. “Babe, don’t tease me. You just matured and can’t stand the twists and turns.”

Bai Duan’s face was innocent, “I didn’t tease you, it’s you…” As he said this, he glanced down and indicated to the big guy who was standing against him, warm and with a strong sense of existence, “who obviously wants to mate.”

The speechless Bazel, “……”

“How long did I sleep, anyway? Why did you go into a heat period all of a sudden?” Bai Duan blinked and asked foolishly and naively. But he didn’t know his innocent appearance was what caused the evil ‘changing state’ of his lover.

“You’ve only slept for five days, and I haven’t gotten my heat again.” Bazel’s eyes were even redder. He just felt that his reason would soon be unable to restrain his desire. He quickly turned over to leave his childhood sweetheart, so as not to do anything harmful to Bai Duan’s body. “As for why I didn’t go into heat, and why I look like this… You will understand later.” Bazel’s tone was meaningful. After a pause, he added, “And you will get used to it later.”

Bai Duan, “……”

He didn’t know why, suddenly, he didn’t want to understand. →_→

Having slept for five days in a row, Bai Duan was full of energy. He just felt that he was full of hot energy. He wished he could go to the mountains and have a run. However, he had to first learn how to put his ears and tail back into his body, how to make his clothes more tidy, and… how to walk and do things in human form.

Due to the use of humanoid limbs in the first few worlds, Bai Duan could learn faster and better than other newly formed minks. When it was bright outside, he was able to jump like other humanoids.

Later, he was forced by Bazel to go to the courtyard where the doctor lived, and the doctor checked whether he was okay.

Under the gaze of Bazel and the expectation of Bai Duan’s parents, brothers and sisters, the doctor examined Bai Duan carefully, up and down covered with a cold sweat, and finally came to the conclusion that Bai Duan had successfully passed the maturing period.

Bai Duan was surrounded by his family with a smile, and listened to their earnest admonition on all aspects that needed to be paid attention to after transformation. Bazel took the doctor who was drying his sweat to one side and gave a dry cough. He lowered his voice, trying not to panic the doctor. “Now that he has entered the mature period, can Little Duan mate?”

The doctor’s brain was not very frightened. He nodded subconsciously, “Of course, I just checked it. Little Duan is well-developed. Maybe next spring, he will have a nest of little minks!”

Hearing this, Bazel’s face turned black.

Bearing Bazel’s death glare, the doctor finally realized that he had said something wrong. Because the number of females in this world was generally less than that of males, a male beast, with powerful strength, could occupy several females at the same time and make several females pregnant. 

Many males could choose a temporary partner from the same sex when they couldn’t find a female to spend their heat with. Therefore, the doctor was not surprised by the love between male beast and male beast — it was just that it was not only a cross race, but also same-sex ‘partners’ who were in such a hurry. It was the first time for the doctor to meet them. It was really a first experience!

His beard slightly trembled. After deeply understanding the problem Bazel brought up, the doctor suddenly broke out in a sweat, and secretly scolded himself as ‘who can’t lift which pot?’ Looking at the posture of Lord purple golden eagle in front of him, he really wished he could eat him in a draught, but he still stood here, probably because he still had some use for him.

Out of fear of his own life, the doctor suddenly changed his words, “If it is to mate with him, you are different from Little Duan in race, body shape… Also, it won’t fit well… If it’s for little Duan’s sake, it’s still… It’s better to bear it, and wait for little Duan to grow up… “

Bazel frowned, obviously not very happy.

The doctor had been carefully observing his facial expression, and his heart also raised to his throat at the sight of this wrinkle. He quickly changed his voice, “Of course, if you really want to do it, there is no problem. Just be careful. I have some medicine that can be applied before and after… “

Bazel’s face moved slightly, wanting the medicine. The doctor understood and hurried into his home. After a while, he turned around like a thief holding several wooden boxes and handed them to Bazel respectfully.

When he tucked the wooden box into his arms, Bazel gave the doctor a look of appreciation, and considering that his beast type and his little lover’s really did not match, he shamelessly pushed forward. “These things, you should make more in the future, improve them as much as possible. If I need any medicine, I’ll let you know.”

Under the cover of his beard, the doctor took a sharp swipe at the corners of his mouth, but he was still in a panic.

Seeing Bazel walk back to Bai Duan contentedly, the possessive adult took the young person who had just transformed and held him childishly in his arms. The doctor sighed deeply with pity and guilt. Bai Duan had no consciousness of ‘feeding a bird of prey’, and even looked up and smiled happily, intimately and confidently towards the purple golden eagle, who held his shoulder. At last, the doctor couldn’t help but glance at him and silently light this ignorant little person a torch.

Bai Duan was the healthiest and most beautiful baby of the minks of the same year and even in previous years — although his excessive white hair color was not conducive to hiding his whereabouts in the wild — and he was also outstanding in human form.

His white hair was dazzling in the sun; the delicate features were flawless, and the minks were fascinated by every smile and frown. What’s more, Bai Duan’s body was not thin, but covered with a layer of tight muscles, which was very explosive at first sight, and let him adapt to the challenges of various environments, and able to hunt various kinds of flexible and quick prey.

Such an excellent male mink could certainly produce healthy and excellent offspring, and easily raise these cubs to be fat and strong. However, he was now occupied by a purple golden eagle. It was estimated that he would be kept in captivity for his lifetime, and even the small hand of a female mink couldn’t be touched. It was true… It was sad to think about it.

The doctor seemed to see a nest of healthy and lively mink babies grow wings and fly away, and his heart and intestines were all green! But he had no choice but to watch.

Seriously… How difficult things were, and how unpredictable fate was…

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