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Chapter 6: Only by being injured can we know the good and bad.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

There were a lot of tourists in Xiangshan on Saturday. One couldn’t move ahead when they arrived at the foot of the mountain. They had to struggle up.

Wen Yu sat in the front passenger seat and paid in advance. After getting out of the car, there were various small stalls on both sides. Wen Yu was hungry. He smelled the fragrance and walked to the stall. Behind him, the elder brother and second elder brother followed with the little sister.

Eldest Brother turned to Wen Yu and said, “I want to eat a bowl of noodles with soup.” Then he asked everyone, “Do you want to eat?”

Elder brother and second elder brother sat down as they were, and the only girl was Wang Jing. They played together last time, otherwise, she would be a little embarrassed. Second elder brother said, “Do you want to eat?”

Wang Jing hesitated, second elder brother clapped him on the shoulder and said, “Three bowls of plain noodles in soup.” Wang Jing thanked him with a smile, also no longer feeling reserved about sitting down.

Wen Yu’s eyes were now full of delicious noodles. His eyes were stuck on Eldest brother’s hands and he said, “You didn’t eat them in the morning?”

“I played games last night, overslept in the morning, didn’t eat breakfast, hurriedly went to the girls’ building and waited for others -” Eldest brother began to say his grievances then stopped halfway. Wang Jing was still there, and he didn’t want to seem like he was complaining.

Wen Yu was so easy to sit with. When the food arrived, he would not talk.

There was not much flour on the noodles and the taste was good, but Wen Yu was really hungry and anxious. He ate his bowl clean and only felt comfortable.

After checking out the account, Gao Yang arrived and they walked up together.

Gao Yang didn’t eat in the morning either. He accompanied Ji TianTian to eat all the snacks and bought a ticket to enter the park at the entrance near the scenic spot.

At the end of November, the red leaves of the mountain were beautiful, but there were not too many people. The noise filled the head and ears and there were nothing but people in their field of vision. Wen Yu walked in front alone, and the others chatted and talked in groups. The more he climbed up, the fewer people there were around him. 

Then Ji Tian said, “Wen Yu, walk slower.”

Wen Yu looked back and saw the group of people having fun behind him. He thought that since he came out, he would not try to be antisocial, so he slowed down and waited for others to come up.

“It’s good for TianTian to ask. When she asks Wen Yu, he stops to wait for us.” Xu Wei slightly joked.

Ji TianTian’s cheeks were red, and she said, “Stop.”

Wen Yu put his hands in his pockets and heard nothing. Looking at Gao Yang, Gao Yang didn’t mind. He was talking to Ji Tiantian and made Ji Tiantian laugh. After that, the girls had to stop to take photos when they saw the beautiful scenery. Gao Yang helped them to find an angle to take photos. They were very busy.

“Wen Yu, it’s beautiful here. Shall we take a picture?” Xu Wei smiled and waved to Wen Yu.

Xu Wei was ready to take a selfie shot. This meaning was for taking a picture. Wen Yu thought about it and walked over. He took several pictures in a row. Either Ji TianTian said she didn’t take a good picture, or Xu Wei said she didn’t get her bangs right.

Wen Yu’s temper was starting to boil. He thought it was a pain to come out and play with girls, but seeing Gao Yang was happy, he didn’t want to ruin everyone’s fun. It was not until after one o’clock, in the middle of the day, that they arrived at the mountainside. The girls were tired and couldn’t walk. They knocked on their legs in the restaurant, but they were very interested. They chatted and flipped over their mobile phones to look at each other’s photos they had just taken.

Wen Yu ate with a relish. It was important to fill his stomach first. He lingered there until two o’clock. He settled his account and went out. Before reaching the top, the girls began to cry that they were tired and wanted to go back. Wen Yu looked at the top of the mountain and was disappointed. He wanted to continue, but Gao Yang had already negotiated with the girls that they would go down the mountain.

For him, the mountain climbing was totally not enjoyable. He had to go down with the army.

On the way, Ji TianTian suddenly said, “Ah, I remember. I just checked that there was an ancient tree here. It’s said that if you touch it, you can get what you want in the future. We just went around and didn’t see it coming up. It’s in the back.”

As soon as she said this, the three girls, who had just been lazy, were excited. They were no longer tired. They decided to touch the wish tree.

The tree was outside the backyard wall of the ancient temple. After a circle along the path, Wen Yu finally saw the legendary wish tree.

It was a withered old locust tree. 1 Its trunk was inclined, half in the ditch and half on the ground. It was supported by steel rods. When Wen Yu saw this tree, he couldn’t believe that a wish would come true.

Ji TiaTian looked over at him, walked over, smiled, and said, “Weiwei, take a picture for me.” Looking at Wen Yu again she said coyly, “Wen Yu, let’s take a picture together.”

“I don’t believe in that. No more.” Wen Yu waved his hand, but he didn’t expect Ji Tiantian to take his hand and walk. He was stunned at the moment. When the reaction came, Ji Tiantian’s hand released his, and he stressed that it was unnecessary.

Ji Tiantian changed her posture. Suddenly, he slipped and fell down. He didn’t want to pull Ji TianTian down with him so he reeled sideways. He stumbled on the steel bar and fell into the ditch. Gao Yang hurried over. He called out, “Wen Yu? The ditch is a little deep. Elder brother, help me drag Wen Yu up.” 

“Be careful.”

Wen Yu sat on the ground, dirty all over, clutching his ankle, unable to move at all.

When Gao Yang came down, Wen Yu frowned in pain and whispered, “I hurt my ankle.”

“I’ll carry you up.” Gao Yang touched Wen Yu’s ankle. When Wen Yu shrunk back, he said, “Don’t try to be brave. This time it’s more serious than the last injury. We need to see a doctor.”

Wen Yu was not used to this, but he also compromised. However, the ditch was a little steep and it was not convenient to carry him up on his back. Finally, Eldest Brother took off his down jacket and dragged him up. When he got up, his ankle had swollen into a giant knot. He sat on the ground and untied his shoelaces, which was also painful.

“I, I didn’t mean to, Wen Yu, I, I’m sorry,” Ji Tiantian cried with red eyes beside him.

The three girls nearby advised Ji Tiantian he was going to be okay. Wen Yu won’t blame you. From the beginning to the end, Wen Yu didn’t speak, it was too painful. His face was white, and his forehead was already covered with cold sweat. 

When elder brother saw him, he said, “One of the guys will need to carry Wen Yu down on his back, and then we’ll find a car to drive us down.”

Gao Yang squatted down and took the lead in carrying Wen Yu.

When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, Gao Yang helped Wen Yu get down from the car. Second elder brother was about to hail a taxi when he saw a middle-aged man coming up. The man was wearing a traditional cotton-padded suit with short hair and a white face. He walked straight to Wen Yu and said respectfully, “Young master, sir sent me to pick you up.”

Everyone was stunned and looked at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu was now numb to the pain. Gao Yang hadn’t spoken yet. Seeing this middle-aged man trying to take Wen Yu, he used a lot of strength to support Wen Yu. He shouted out. 

Wen Yu’s voice was weak as he muttered, “It’s my uncle’s butler.”

Gao Yang then saw the butler helping Wen Yu into the car, the driver opened the door, and vaguely saw a man sitting in the back row, who looked incomplete. He suddenly shuddered and couldn’t look back.

The car was now far away.

Just now the silence of all the people burst. Ji TianTian asked, “Was that man Wen Yu’s uncle?”

“In what era are there butlers? It’s almost like a novel.”

“I didn’t expect Wen Yu’s family to be rich.”

Gao Yang didn’t speak. Looking at Ji Tiantian, his eyes were not as warm as before. Ji Tiantian was still immersed in the strange and mysterious car.


In the car, Zhao Zheng wanted to say something in a cold voice to educate Wen Yu, but after seeing his pale face and drooping hair on his head, Uncle Zhao’s voice was full of grievances, and he swallowed all his harsh words.

“Head to Ren Ai Hospital first.”

Wen Yu couldn’t bear the pain. He was glad to see Zhao Zheng again and it was hard to avoid being a little coquettish in front of his elders. He felt so much pain that he was lying on the back seat like a limp pile of bones. Zhao Zheng’s eyes moved to Wen Yu’s swollen foot and said, “Take off your shoes first.”

“It hurts.” Wen Yu was wearing high top leather boots. Although the shoelaces were open, his foot had swelled up again in a short time. His foot was stuck in there and hurt horribly. He just bent down and tried, and then was covered in sweat.

His voice was full of pitiful cries that he didn’t even know. Zhao Zheng felt a little softer after listening, but he didn’t care about it. He asked, “Is it fun to climb mountains?”

When it came to this, Wen Yu couldn’t hold it anymore. He said in a low voice, “It’s not fun at all. We didn’t climb to the top of the mountain. We were almost there then had to go back down again. They wanted to see a wish tree. But how could a wish come true if it’s withered…”

Zhao Zheng felt so soft that his coldness disappeared when he heard this. He didn’t climb to the top of the mountain. Would he be happy if he climbed up?

Wen Yu didn’t realize Zhao Zheng was angry, so he didn’t say he hurt.

Soon after arriving at the hospital, the butler borrowed a wheelchair and pushed Wen Yu in. Zhao Zheng walked beside him. As soon as he was checked over, they found he had a bone fracture, and he needed to take good care of it. He took a few drops of medicine and wanted to leave. Wen Yu didn’t like being in hospitals and Zhao Zheng didn’t want to let Wen Yu stay there. Everything was done and he was discharged directly.

By this time, it was dark and Wen Yu was hungry.

Back at the villa, the maid had cooked the meal. It was clear and tasteless. Wen Yu drank a bowl of porridge. The listless criminal was trapped in the chair. Zhao Zheng asked the butler, “Take Wen Yu back to the room.”

Wen Yu was still confused. He had been struggling all day and he was really sleepy. So he asked the butler to help him back to the bedroom.

Downstairs, the butler bowed respectfully and said, “The young master is asleep. Can you use some more?”

“No.” Zhao Zheng saw the butler had something to say and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The butler’s waist bent lower, and he carefully said, “Master, you can make the young master better…” his voice became lower and lower, and finally it was inaudible.

Zhao Zheng sneered, “Only by being injured can we know the good from bad.”

The butler didn’t dare to speak again, so he stepped down.


When Wen Yu woke up he had a sticky layer of sweat on his body. He lifted the quilt and filled a glass of water. His whole body was hot and sweaty and cold. It was even harder for him since his body was sticky and he wanted to scrub it again.

He quickly reached the bathroom with his foot, using the furniture to drag himself forward. He took off his loose pajamas. When he arrived at his underwear, he thought about whether he still needed to take them off. He reached for the bath and took off the hanging towel with his hands. As a result, he didn’t pull it well. He hit the nearby bottles and cans and they fell on the ground banging loudly.

Leaning against the bath, Wen Yu stooped to hook the towel with his hand and heard a knock on the door.

“Who?!” Wen Yu said in an instant.

The voice was very clear.

“It’s me.”

Uncle Zhao!!!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Black Locust Tree


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May 29, 2020 2:59 pm

Why do you go for a hike If you don’t get to the top of the Mountain? That’s ridiculous. I totally understand Wen Yu’s anger.

Aaaand it seems Gao Yang doesn’t like that girl anymore. She got his friend Hurt and even acted pitiful as Wen Yu was suffering. Ugh.

Thanks for the chapter!

May 29, 2020 3:48 pm

Does Zhao Zheng plan to keep Wen Yu at the villa until he gets better? And I wonder where the villa is – some sort of parallel world/space maybe?

Thank you for the chapter!

May 29, 2020 4:03 pm

Thank you for the translation,
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May 29, 2020 11:44 pm

So, was this girl’s reaction to an expensive car and Wen Yu’s supposedly rich uncle an eye-opener for Gao Yang? It would be good if it was so, I just hope he won’t take his irrational anger on Wen Yu, who got dragged into this. He even got injured and they wasted money not climbing to the top. I would also be good it the girl stopped chasing Wen Yu, but now I bet she’ll try to use guilt as a pretext to go see him. But he is now in his uncle’s care, let’s hope it would be tender… Read more »

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U know…… what is the worst part in all this? U have to wait patiently for the next updates…. 😔
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U know…… what’s the worst part in all this? U have to wait patiently for the next updates…. 😔
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Thank you for the chapter! Also, Tiantian, whatever u lil shit thinking, dont u dare. Leave Wen Yu alone

June 3, 2020 3:04 am

I don’t hate her. It’s brave to go after who you like, though it’s odd that she’s still going for it after being clearly rejected.
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